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1. Demented'verse - I'm working on it! I'm really annoyed with how long it's taking me to finish Part 2 of the latest story. I used to write this 'verse so efficiently. Anyway, I've been away a lot in March and today I woke up with some sort of illness, so ugh. If I don't get it betaed, I could start posting it immediately, but I kind of wanted to get it betaed, ya know? Anyway, if anyone wants to volunteer for betaing, let me know.

2. Clothing Catalogue - again, I was away a lot in March, but last night I finally started the slow process of getting If Clothes Could Talk updated for Season 9. So, yay!

3. Timeline - I'm so behind on the timeline. I know you guys never see it until the season is over anyway, but I really need to get working if I'm planning to post it after the finale.

4. Novels - So, for those of you who took part in the Novel project - you may know that two years ago or so, I attempted to write an original novel. Some of you read it as I went, other's just served as a deadline enforcer. For those who read it, you'll probably remember that it didn't really work out that great - I mean, I finished the draft, but the plot was weak and the resolution was unsatisfying. Anyway, after talking with a writer friend of mine, I've managed to possibly think of a solution, so I'm currently working on a second draft of that novel... wherein it will hopefully be far better, and more the kind of book that I originally intended. Hopefully, hopefully... I've been having fun working on that at least once a week. Besides the second draft of that quasi-urban fantasy novel, I'm also working on the first draft of a high fantasy novel, and I've got an outline for a sort of YA queer urban fantasy story too.
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