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On Monday morning I leave on my journey west! We are taking a few days in Northern Ontario (which, actually, is something you sort of HAVE to do, because Northern Ontario is freakin' huge), and then it's the prairies (with a brief stop in Winnipeg to see a friend) and the mountains (with possible detour to Jasper), the Okanagan Valley (because I have wanted to go there since I was a kid), and then finally Vancouver!

Susie assures me that we are living in the future, and that probably most of the places we are staying along the way will have wireless, but I remain doubtful. I mean, sure the Winchesters seem to have wireless in their cheap motels, but that's television (and also the US). Anyway, we will see!  If there is wireless, I will attempt to post my locations so that anyone who is interested can follow my (not so) little journey on Google Maps.

For now - August 17th, depart from just outside of Ottawa - my beautiful nation's capital. 

Dear Ottawa,
I will miss your river and your parliament buildings. I will your year-round Beavertail stand, and that mad jazzy dijiridoo player that busks in the market on sunny days. I will miss my swamps, and that lone dead tree that stands in the middle of the one down the road...a bird house nailed to it, though I don't know who would wade through the swamp to do that. I will miss your snow and your thunderstorms. I will miss my cottage, and the satisfaction I always got from spending my summers fixing it up. I will miss the beach near my cottage - with it's perfect Group-of-Seven pine-treed island. I will miss your colours in the fall.

There are many things that I will NOT miss, but let's keep this positive ;-)

And now...to the West!
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