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I've complete updating If Clothes Could Talk with the clothes worn in S7!

Which means that it's time for this years crop of charts and graphs!

These charts and graphs have a margin of error of +-1, because I don't feel like triple-checking my work. Also, I gave Dean the benefit of the doubt and marked one of his shirts as new even though it's the same shirt that was ripped apart by hell-hounds. I didn't give it a second entry though - I might change that in the future.

So, let's see what we have for S7!

First, the pointless chart in all these because it never changes from season to season...
How many clothes do Sam and Dean have compared to each other:

The second pointless chart because it's the same every season...
How do Sam and Dean's clothes compare by type:

Dean is still loving the coats. Sam still has far too many shirts. The hoodie, I should say, isn't listed in the hoodie catagory, because it's part of Sam's running outfit. So you'll find it under "Other" in the master list, because I don't expect to ever see it again unless we see Sam jogging again.

I guess the one thing that's changed over the years is that graphic/unique T-shirts have gone from something that Sam indulges in to something that Dean indulges in. It should be noted that this really only started after Dean's time with Lisa between S5 and S6. Dean now wears graphic Ts when he's working on the Impala. Whereas Sam's graphic Ts were a product of his time at Stanford and slowly disappeared over the years since. Unique T-shirts have really become a sign of domesticity in the show, in my opinion. Though, this trend doesn't always hold, since I don't believe we've seen any graphic/unique Ts in S8 so far, despite Sam's brief sojourn with domesticity.

How many of the clothes they wore were new and how many old:

Pretty much on par with S6 here. 

Of the clothes they wore, how many originated from each season:

Again, pretty much on par with previous seasons. Most of Dean's clothes are clothes he's worn since S1 (which, FYI makes them 8+ years old in S7). Sam predominately wears new clothes. Sam's only got one shirt from S1 that is hanging in there with much tenacity. Interesting to note: S7 is the first season that Sam DID NOT wear his Superhero Hoodie at all. Sad times. This season also saw a slight resurgence in Sam's S3 clothes. Maybe the boys hit up a storage locker that they hadn't been to in 4+ years. :P

What kind of new shirts are they buying?
If you'll remember back to S4, Sam suddenly veered from his plaid ways and started buying mostly "other" shirts. This was a sure sign that something was wrong with our Sammy...so, with the Wall crumbled and Sam going crazy, what happened?

It seems that Sam was able to hold steady enough to continue buying mostly plaid shirts. Good for you, Sam. Obviously, you really weren't as bad off as we all thought.

But how about Dean? Usually Dean tends to buy shirts out of four different catagories: Blue/Black, Green/Beige, Plaid, and Other...with Blue/Black and Green/Beige being his absolute favourites. But what happened in S7?

Uh oh. Did you know that the last season that Dean bought a lot of plaid shirts was S3 when he was destined for Hell? Coincidence?!? (Probably....it's hard to claim any sort of "trend" when the man only buys 3-4 new shirts. :P )

Now, every once in a while I like to try out a new chart or graph. This year someone questioned (paraphrased): "What is up with Sam and all these one-time use shirts?" So, I thought I'd do a little calculation and comparison between the brothers:

Now, if you keep in mind that the One-Time Use catagory is a LITTLE unfair when it comes to the clothes introduced in S7 (they all were only used once in S7, but may very well turn up in S8) and if you keep in mind that Sam always buys a lot more new clothes than Dean...well, percentage wise, the brothers aren't actually that different when it comes to how often they only wear a piece of clothing once. 

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this year's addition of Clothing Charts and Graphs Time!
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