My New Car

Oct. 1st, 2008 05:13 pm
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To make up for the laziness of my last post, here is a picture of my new car:

It is rad.

I have filled it up once since I got it...after driving nearly 700km. Not too shabby, considering the speeds I drive. You can see the van in the background. I was going to write an Ode to The Van - but, it sounds ridiculous even in my head. I think my car is the same colour as my soon-to-be sister-in-law's car. (It is also the same make).

Let's see...what else is new...Gabe is still alive. They didn't know what was wrong with him, but whatever it was seems to be getting better. I still worry, but that is nothing new.

I've felt like writing recently, but I don't know what. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Oh, check out my sneakers in the photo! Aren't they cool?...I know you can hardly see them, but man, I really like my new sneakers. I bought them because I figured I needed good shoes for my trip to China - then I realized that I am going to China in February and my sneakers are summer-sneakers that are mostly made up of thick now I'm worried that my feet will be freezing. That being said, I am also going to Singapore, and I don't think it gets cold in the winter, so I might need sneakers there...same with Vancouver. So, maybe sneakers are best anyway.

I have about a third of the money I need for China saved up.

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