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Hello! Okay! Later than usual, but before I watched tonight's episode, I went out and saw a Canadian (Vancouver) movie called Doppelganger Paul, which was adorable, hilarious, and awesomely weird. Right now it's only being released in Canada, but they're apparently in talks with US and European distributors...so, yeah, if you can find it, I recommend it.

Anyway, on with the episode...

It had been so long since the last episode, I had actually forgotten about the cliffy...some Sam!girl I am. Well, technically, I'm a bi-bro Jared!girl, but really, I don't like labels...

Yeah, I'm off track already. I liked the opening teaser death...and then we get extremely sleepy Sam...and Dean in snowy Fort Langley. Actually, for those of you who like location info - the majority of this episode was filmed in Fort Langley. Whenever I need to get away from the city for a bit, I either drive the Sea-to-Sky up to Whistler, or I drive to Fort Langley...it depends how much time I have (and how much gas is in the car.)

Oh man, yes...off track.

I like the fact that Sam is being completely honest with Dean about how bad things are for him...I mean, you can't really hide not-sleeping, but besides that, he's letting Dean know that Lucifer is there 24/7 now. I think that's healthy. I also think Dean's "did you try the hand thing?" was worthy of a "are you a complete idiot" glare, but you know, that's me. :P

And we actually see Frank instead of just having him on the phone!!  But...yeah....

Then it's off to investigate a dead ballerina...and they wear the FBI suits with the trench coats and I LOVE THEM. HOLY CRAP THEY LOOK SO GOOD. Also, I like Sam's sleepy voice. I must say though, that watching someone act tired when it's late at night ad you've already watched a movie, a sitcom, and part of another drama (my friend showed me Jay Baruchel's scenes in this past week's Being Human) makes it VERY hard to resist sleepyness yourself.

(Also - Asian Cop! Woo! Diversity!)

I was surprised when they got their hands on the shoes so quickly...(you gotta love convenient plot points of it being Bring-Your-Daughter-To-The-Evidence-Locker Day)....I loved the poor girl kicking Dean in the face and saying "sorry!" so many times.

But yeah, once they got the shoes, I was wondering where the story would go. They know how to destroy (or trap) a cursed object by now....

But I loved the fact that Dean touched them and we got to joke around about that. I'm actually glad that they didn't go the route of actually having Dean dance - I mean geez, the man has to preserve some dignity, and they already made him where those plum smugglers in S4.

Anyway, I've gotten distracted again....

I thought it was an interesting idea for the set up - what happens to a hunter's curse box stash when they die? It's also interesting that Scott's mother worked out of an antique shop her whole life and Scott just thought she was a cook. It goes to show that there are varying degrees of being a "hunter" where you can have a somewhat normal life...I saw "somewhat normal" because she DID end up getting killed by a leviathan, but then, so did a lot of people who weren't hunters at all.

Whenever I watch shows, I always see something like the real estate lady talking to the cigar smoking man and I think "that's going to be important later!" and then I promptly forget all about it. :P

I couldn't watch the tea-kettle death.

Also, um, antique shops, in my experience, do not keep records of customer addresses....so, yeah...is that a US thing or is that just convenient writing?

Vintage Gentleman's Magazine sold to Mr. Yankit on Johnson St? S7 is the season of dick-jokes. 

I love how Sam just storms into the house and takes their gramophone, and the mother doesn't even say anything...big attractive man in suit can take gramophone, whatever.

And how far out of town did those guys live! SAM, DO NOT DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPY!

Seriously, I was cringing when Sam was falling asleep at the wheel....it's the most horrible thing. I've actually done it once myself, thankfully I drifted right and the rumble-strip woke me up...but geez, it's an easy way to die and take people along with you.

I kind of think Dean should have been more freaked out about how sleepy Sam sounded on the phone. If any of my friends or family called me and sounded that sleepy and I knew they were just outside of town, I would be like "Pull over! I will come meet you!" and then I would pay a taxi to take me to them or something.

But Dean has stumbled onto Leviathans...so, I guess he's distracted too.

The real-estate lady was really good! She looked very familiar (as did Scott). But yeah, I really liked that actress...and poor George, who is the first Leviathan that I've actually felt somewhat sorry for...but we'll get to him.

And the Leviathans all know what Sam and Dean Winchester look like...I suppose that isn't surprising, but given how many Leviathans there seem to be, I'm surprised they haven't run into more of them.

I did my Admiral Ackbar "It's a trap!" when Scott called about the mirror....but Sam and Dean did not listen to me. They went in without borax.

Oh also, technically, that coat of Dean's was ruined in S6. Once again, the Winchesters turn out to be amazing tailors.

But then GEORGE! He HELPS them. I did not see that coming, though I suppose I should have...there's always a lesson about not treating your employees like shit. If I were them, I would have let George eat the real-estate-lady Leviathan to make sure she was dead, and THEN I would have killed George....

The real question though is: What are the Leviathans up to? Curing cancer? I'm with Dean, I find it creepy. My friend was guessing "less disease, more food?" ...I mean, we are like cattle to them right?

And then...FRANK! Oh man...we get the adorable line of Dean telling us that Sam always falls asleep to the soft rock stations...and then as soon as Bad Moon Rising came on, I was like "oh no...something bad is about to happen" ...even though on the outside I was all :D *sings along* :D

And they pulled up to Frank's and my friend was like "Maybe he left?" and I was like "No, he's dead." And geez............I hate being right. Well, technically there wasn't a body, but really...

That being said, the Leviathans could have REALLY messed up the Winchesters if they had killed Frank and then REPLACED him.

So, what do you think the Leviathans are up to?

In other news: I have friends coming to visit next week (they arrive Wednesday). I do not know how long they are staying, but we might be going away for the weekend...which means that I'll probably be missing next week's Supernatural. I know - I'm missing like THE EPISODE NOT TO MISS...but, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Anyway, if I can watch it, I will, but if I'm not around next Friday, that's why. I'll of course watch the episode as soon as I can and post something, but I can make no guarantees about when that will happen.

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