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What? You want me to say more?


Okay, let's start at the beginning. We begin with Sam making more dick jokes - and then being smug about it again. "So we got dick on dick?" "that's a vivid way of putting it"

Then it's off to Kansas to investigate freaky octopus death! Or is it a Vamptopuss? Octovamp? Seriously, some really great lines in this episode. I wish I could remember them all - Dabb and Loflin are really becoming some of my absolute favourite writers on this show, right up there with Edlund.

Sidenote: When I was a kid, I was afraid that octopuses and jellyfish would come up through the drain of the bathtub and kill me while I took a bath (this was made even more irrationally by the fact that I lived more than a day's drive away from any ocean.) I was also afraid of aliens. The only irrational fear that has stuck with me is my fear of spiders though.

I'm just going to go ahead and skip to Jared being awesome here...forgive me...but Jared is awesome. I love the way he plays Sam's irrational clown-phobia. Clorophobia? I love the phone call with Dean, where Dean orders him to go to Plucky Pennywhistle and Sam tries to pretend that the very idea doesn't freak him out...I also love that as soon as Dean hears that note of terror in his voice, he calls him Sammy - even if it's not tender, but teasing, it still points out that this is something from when Sam was little. 

On that note: I also love how we got a bit of back story, with Sam mentioning how Dean used to dump him at Plucky's when they were young so Dean could go hit on girls. Oh Dean...it's nice to know that you were a jerk older brother just as much as you were surely also an awesome one.

Eurasian woman! Yay for diversity!

The recreation of the shark attack from Jaws in the ball pit was awesome. 

Also, Dean's love for Shark Week was awesome.

I loved Sam playing bad cop...I was unsure why Dean discounted the happy-smiling dude. I mean, if anyone dinged any potential-serial-killer bells, it was that dude.

I absolutely love Dean becoming obsessed with the giant slinky. I also absolutely loved slickys as a kid. I also loved his comment wondering how he was supposed to hang out at a Plucky's without being conspicuous...seems he did a pretty good job! Even when he sat down with a random kid and told him to mind his mother and then ate his pizza...which was hilarious. I never went to those play-land places very often as a kid, but I went a couple of times when my little sister was a kid, and I remember the pizza being absolutely revolting too, as it has been sitting out under heat-lamps all day.

Okay, so, I know I haven't talked about the one thing you guys probably expected me to talk about: THE CLOCK! Hahaha...I loved it. It doesn't give me a date, but it DOES give me almost the exact length of the episode, which makes my timelining job a heck of a lot easier, since I don't have to guess on days or guess at driving times. I also love how they kept cutting back and forth to poor Sam being attacked by clowns. 

I saw a funny thing on tumblr the other day, where someone took a screen shot of Sam fighting leviathans (cool, calm) and then a screen shot of Sam fighting these clowns (terrified) and compared them....it was hilarious. But yeah, did I mention how awesome Jared is at playing Sam's fear of clowns? I love him repeating "if it bleeds, you can kill it" over and over...and I love that find out it's something Dean told him right before they parted ways...and, quite horribly, I also love how they DON'T bleed and he CAN'T kill them.

Also, I love the RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW caption. Oh Supernatural, I love you so friggin' much.

I also love how in the end it's Hoodoo! We've had a lot of references to hoodoo existing in the Supernatural universe (Beginning in the pilot, Dean says he was in New Orleans for some voodoo thing)...and sometimes it's references and bad, and sometimes as good, and I liked that ambiguity to it. That DEAN of all people saw it as a tool as much as he saw it as something that you had to watch out for. 

I love Dean's comment of "Yeah, that's completely normal" when he sees the hoodoo stuff in the basement. 

I, of course, also love the fact that when Happy Smiley tells him that he's gone after Sam with clowns, you can SEE Dean get really concerned even though his face barely changes. It's amazing what Jensen can do very subtly.

I also love how Dean knows enough about hoodoo that he talks the guy into explaining the spell components and then turns the thing on him.

I'm not sure if it's of not that the dude was afraid of his dead brother and drowning...seemingly both blaming his parents and himself for his brother's death.

I think my ABSOLUTE favourite part of the episode though was Dean laughing at Sam....and I'm saying that because it wasn't a snarky laugh or a grudging laugh, it was a full joyous "I love life" laugh...and man, I'm not sure we've seen one of those since S5, and even that one was short lived. And Sam really did look like he had been attacked by strippers on PCP.

Also, I absolutely love that Sam GAVE DEAN A GIANT SLINKY...and Dean wasn't embarrassed about wanting a giant slinky, he was like :D YAY GIANT SLINKY! THANK YOU SAMMY! :D

And then for all Sam's talk about surviving the clown attack being therapeutic, he still tensed up when Dean teased him with the clown doll. Some things never change.

In conclusion: As much as I was hoping that this episode would be the episode where Sam's clownphobia reveals all the difficulty he's been having fighting off Lucifer, and then the stress of clowns BREAKS HIS BRAIN AGAIN...I'm really happy with what actually happened. It was just to hilarious to be mad at, even though I really don't buy that Sam has been having THAT easy a time with the Hell-wall down.

And, random side note: Did Sam just ditch that stolen jeep in front of the Plucky's? Interesting. I mean, at least park it properly in a space or something, Sam...geez...though, I guess this way it'll get towed and returned to the proper owners. Also, was Sam driving that jeep from the very beginning of the episode? I wonder why they were in separate cars...maybe they had both been driving the jeep and Dean had just stolen the yellow car? Am I thinking too much about a tiny detail again?

Okay, so what did I miss that you want to talk about?

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