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(LJ was down last night when I got home - so I typed up the post and saved it. This way, you still get my slightly-tipsy ramblings...)

Well, I failed my dex roll on the way home  (D&D jokes? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and fell and skinned both my knees...but besides that little hiccup, the rest of the evening was great!

Let's talk about the episode...

I liked it.

I like how the teaser is actually Sam and Dean...and then we get the "two days" earlier, and we get to see how they ended up like that.

Sheriff Mills!! I love "Sheriff" (as Sam calls her - and I love the fact that Sam calls her that.) So, someone told the Jodie Mills that Bobby was dead at some point, because she already knows. She already knows and she's SAD about it...and she's also calling the "boys" with a possible Hunt, because Sheriff Mills is AWESOME. (I really like Sheriff Mills, you guys...I really don't want anything bad to ever happen to her.) 

Also, Sam's line "..or are you strictly into Dick now?" is pretty goddamn awesome. God bless Supernatural for finding ways to be tell dirty jokes and still get passed the censors.

So, Sam and Dean take off to Canton, Ohio...and haven't they hunted in Canton a lot? I'm pretty sure they've been there a good number of times now. I guess this is what happens after 7 seasons.

And they do rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to sleep in the bedroom, and DEAN CHOOSES ROCK!! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!? Not only does DEAN choose ROCK, but SAM CHOOSES PAPER! This is the way I picture it happening:

They both throw down rock - Dean's change-up takes Sam by surprise, but Sam is quick on his feet. He knows his brother. If Dean's chosen a new weapon, he'll likely choose it a second time as well...given his previous love of scissors. So, Sam takes the gamble, and on their second throw-down, Sam chooses paper. It's a gamble that pays off, as Dean does indeed, trust that rock will still do the trick.

Now that all being said, I don't know why both boys couldn't sleep in the bedroom - I mean, they're used to sharing hotel rooms...but whatever.

We finally see the teaser happen - and then Dean ends up in November 1944. Which, is just awesome.

You really have to hand it to the production crew - which changes both the sets, costumes, and lighting on a very limited budget - and gives us a 1940s cinema feel (only in colour).And you have gorgous old cars, and men dressed up like my grandfather. (Seriously, my grandfather was a dapper (grand)motherfucker.)

I did chuckle at the fact that the police station was like a brick basement...but it added to the feel, so who cares....and we meet Elliot Ness! (Now, FYI the only thing I know about Elliot Ness is that he brought down Al Capone). Ness gets the Supernatural-rewrite and we find out that like Samual Colt, Ness is secretly a Hunter.

I did get a laugh at the slang not matching up - Ness being confused by Dean's slang, and Dean (and myself) not understanding what the hell Ness was saying. 

Ezra seemed like the 1940s version of Bobby, only also a seamstress. I don't know who taught Dean to comb his hair like that (must have been either Ness or Ezra, because I don't see Dean taking that initiative himself), but the hairstyle actually reminded me a little of Jensen.

And he looked GOOD. I love a good suit and a nice long coat....and a fedora.

I have a picture of myself in a fedora somewhere...hmmm...

There we go.

Now that I fit in, let's get back to talking about the episode...

Meanwhile! Sam is TRAPPED IN THE PRESENT. No wait, that's not right...Sam is PROPERLY in the present, while Dean is TRAPPED IN THE PAST! (DUN DUN DUN!)

I liked the fact that Sheriff Mills comes to help, when she calls and realizes that the Dean's been trapped in the past and Sam's all alone. I also like the fact that Sam's like "it happens." Haha, oh boys.

And she goes and clears out one of Bobby's storage lockers - and, man, I wonder just how many storage lockers Dean and Sam have inherited now. John's, Rufus', Bobby's...their own...

Also, Sheriff Mills is a damn fine looking woman. I'm just saying. I was totally shipping her and Bobby, but now that Bobby's gone...I find myself shipping her and Sam. Hahaha...Jodie Mills/Everyone (I don't know what I'm talking about really, I don't even read het...this is obviously the booze talking.)

Dean talks about his problems with Elliot Ness - because, you know, sometimes it's easier to confide in a stranger than your partially insane brother. I liked the fact that we finally have a Hunter who isn't a Hunter because of personal tragedy, but rather because he discovered the truth and wanted to help other people. It's an interesting different angle. It's also interesting that Dean says that at first he did it because that's what he was raised to do - without mention of the whole mother-dying thing. Though, it's true that back in S1, Dean was probably in favour of continuing hunting even after they killed yellow-eyes. Though, that was before John died....so, yeah...anyway, what was my point? Oh yeah - Elliot Ness was interesting.

Also, favourite Dean line of the episode: "Sweet Merciful Awesome!" 

Dean realizes that if he kills Chronos, he'll be trapped in the past - and Sam realizes that he needs to know the exact time and date that Dean meets up with Chronos, so that he can save him.

I loved Dean's solution of "Back to the Future 3" (oh, I also loved him finding Chronos' race-track book and saying that the guy is "using the Biff-strategy"). The note to Sam was cute, because he called him Sammy not once, but TWICE! And Sam even let Sheriff Mills read it out loud. Haha...the carved "Sam" in the baseboard was funny though, especially because my friend's husband said "I would have sanded that." - communication FAILED due to handy-husband). 

I like Jason Dohring. I first saw him on Veronica Mars (though I only watched 2 seasons). We don't see much of him in this episode, but what we do see, he does really well. I felt SO BAD for Chronos...yes, he was killing people, because gods in Supernatural need human-sacrifices to live...but, man, he could give Sam a run for his money on the puppy-eyes. 

But I also like the idea of Chronos as a reluctant time-traveler....like the Time-Traveler in The Time Traveler's Wife, it seems he's sucked against his will through time, unless he has enough power to control it. That's gotta suck.

I really liked the way they did the red-energy. And the slow death, with the ominous words about the Winchester's future being covered in black goo was... well, ominous and horrible. 

All in all, a DAMN FINE episode...or should I say "dapper."
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