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I've started working again. Same job I had before, sadly...which means that I get to research former abuse victims all day. It is both depressing and boring. The only two good things about it is 1)It pays well when it pays, and 2)I can work from home.

Gordon Walker

Yesterday, my sister came home around 3pm and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. So, I blew off work and watched Our Idiot Brother starring Paul Rudd. My sister and I both really like Paul Rudd, just so you know. The movie looked stupid, and it was a little, but it was also hilarious. The ending was especially fantastic.  

And guess who was in the movie?! Gordon Walker! Otherwise known as Sterling K. Brown. He played a parole officer. He was very good...it was funny seeing him in something where he wasn't trying to kill Sam.

Sherlock Holmes

Because my job is boring, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I do it. Today, I started listening to A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....because I had never read it before.* And, also, because I'm super excited about Sherlock series 2 starting on January 1st. It's cool. I've only listened to the first chapter or so, but it's really interesting seeing how it was adapted for the TV series. There's some dialogue that is word for word from the text, while other dialogue is modified, while some is cut completely or new. 

It's cool to see what conversations from the 1800s can be transported to the present day without anyone batting an eye-lash.

I like the TV version of character of Sherlock better than the book so far - he's too arrogant and talkative in the book, which is saying something, because bbc's Sherlock is pretty damn arrogant and talkative as it is. I also like the TV version of John better too...John in the book is a little uptight - though, I suppose that's unfair, given that he is a Victorian gentleman. Again, I've only read the first bit of the story, so this could change - but so far John lacks that undercurrent of hardened soldier that Martin Freeman pulls off so brilliantly in the show. I REALLY like that dynamic to John. In the book (so far), he's all doctor-y, and "of all the unmitigated gall!"

*I'm supposed to be reading another book-book called Beatrice and Virgil for a bookclub thing, but I haven't even started it yet. I'm also supposed to be reading a book that a friend of mine just wrote and published, but I have only read until Chapter 4 and that was a week ago. I am a bad book reader, because I get distracted by books.

Sam's Plaid Shirts

I was doing up some pie charts of Sam's shirts, but I've run into a little methodology quandary...so, you might not see them for a day or so until I sort it out. Basically, I was trying to do charts by season of Sam's frequency of plaid...but the problem is how to count. I was counting how many plaid shirts he wore vs other types of shirts - but then it occurred to me that the way I was counting, if he wore plaid shirt A 3 times, and striped shirt B once, it would both count as once - because I simply didn't record how OFTEN Sam wears his shirts. I just counted whether they appeared in the season or not. 

So, my first option would be to count how often he wears each shirt - but my god, that would be too tedious even for me....and it would take far too long. So, now I'm thinking that I'll just count the shirts that he BUYS each season. So, it'll be a measure of "What sorts of shirts does Sam purchase most frequently?" Does that sound good?

You probably don't care.

Anyway..um, yeah, that's it for me.

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