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Hello! Back after another long hiatus, yay! I have a friend visiting this week, so no ipod music for cut-text, instead I'm going to use a song from the show...and no, not that one...

So, show starts off with a drinking Bobby....
No, wait, that's not right...it starts off with a very elaborate death, wherein as soon as I see that guy prop his garage door open with a steel pipe, I knew that thing was going to come down on his neck SOMEHOW...it was comical and cringe-worthy. 
Then, we get Bobby drinking...I love the boys argument about who should say something :) And then they rock paper scissors and Sam chooses PAPER?! My reaction: "Sam forgot?!" I immediately started worrying that something was wrong with Sam! Of course, what this actually is our first clue that something is rotten in the state of Denmark South Dakota well, the state of everything.

The first time it REALLY hits though, is after Bobby kicks the boys out of the house and they head out to the scrap yard and climb into their '65 Ford Mustang!?!?!  THAT'S when I realized that we were in another AU...It's a Terrible Life on a global scale.(Trivia point: The '65 Mustang was what Kripke originally thought Sam and Dean would drive, until he ran it by his car-enthusiast neighbour and they recommended the Impala instead.)
The boys head off to investigate headless garage guy. Sam finds a GOLD THREAD! Which he can tell is cold by rubbing it on a clay pot? I did not know you could do this with gold....
They split up to go to the library and talk to another cousin of the dudes that had been killed. Dean sort of botches that interview...comically so. Also, it's kind of funny to see a short guy try to be intimating when Dean is towering over him....who was the director on this? Phil? I've never seen Jensen look so tall....besides when I saw him in RL.
In the meantime, death #2 happens. This time, we see time stop, as our "villain" shows up and plants that which will kill our victim. Choked by a copier. I love the signs in her office: "Cuba: America's #1 Holiday Destination" and "Win a Trip to Visit Detroit! Voted America's Top City!" Cuba might be Canada's #1 Holiday Destination...we like the novelty of going someplace where there aren't any Americans. (Sadly, all that happens is that we realize that Canadians have just as much capacity to be completely obnoxious...I don't know why Cubans put up with us...oh right, money.)

That's when Ellen...oh, did I not mention Ellen?! Because guys, ELLEN IS ALIVE! So is Jo! Ellen is looking after Bobby, because...dun dun dun...she's his WIFE! She also has brown hair. Anyway, Ellen puts it together that all these people's families came over to the states on the same boat...some boat called THE TITANIC! In no time, Sam has magically tracked down the history of the titanic, including the first-mate I.P. Freely...who looks remarkably like Balthazar. 
Dean summons Balthazar and we find out that Balthazar and I have something in common. We both hated that movie - and the Celine Dion song that went with it. 
(Also, nicer hotels in AU!)
"Who's Celine Dion?" "Some destitute lounge singer somewhere in Quebec, and let's keep it that way." -> Awesome.
The boys also find out that if Balthazar goes back to sink the boat, Ellen and Jo die....again. :( So, instead they go try to find and stop fate....who Bobby figures is trying to clean up the mess.
Oh, also, I love Balthazar saying "I think you're confusing me with the angel that wears a trench coat and is in love with you"...and I don't even like shipping in this fandom.
The boys start stalking the dude that Dean unsuccessfully interviewed, but he ends up getting hit by a bus in front of them...I love Sam's face when it happens.
Sam then sees Fate through a dirty window. "What'd she look like?" "She kinda looked like a librarian." "You're kind of librarian or my kind of librarian?" "Well, she was wearing clothes, if that's what you mean." 
She turns on all the gas and tries to kill them! (Gas must not smell like rotten eggs in the AU). Luckily, Cas transports them to "White Russia" - which, I believe is SUPPOSED to go by the name of Belarus in reality.  He tells them that Fate hates them because they stopped the apocalypse, and that they need to kill her.

So, the boys go back to "tempt fate" - which is an hilarious sequence of them coming across many potentially deadly situations and trying to remain calm. I love Sam running through the juggling with his eyes closed.
Finally, as an air conditioner starts to fall on their heads, time stops and Fate and Castiel talk...and here's where the truth comes out. Balthazar didn't hate the movie - he was acting on Castiel's orders. Castiel needs more human souls for some reason...there's been hints all season that human souls are very important in what is going on...(remember Death's hint to Dean that it was "about the souls"). I'm really interested to see how this all comes together.
But anyway, this is where I really started to like Fate. She's not a villain. She's like Death. She's part of the natural order, and the natural orde has gotten disturbed...and not so much because of the apocalypse being thwarted, but also because of the chaos in Heaven. More than that though, Fate is correct - you can't just mint more money when your country is going bankrupts (because it will lead to hyperinflation). I love the fact that we have another non-evil entity, and not only that, but someone who obviously knows more about what Castiel is doing, and what kinds of "regrettable things" he's been up to. I have a feeling Castiel is messing up majorly. He won't tell the boys what's happening, because he knows THEY'LL take him to task...but Balthazar has loose morals to begin with. I have a feeling that Dean telling Castiel that he needs better friends might be right on the money.
So, Castiel sees the error of his ways and sinks the boat. Dean and Sam wake up in the Impala...and awww...Sam is sleeping. So cute. I love it when they sleep....uh, *ah hem* sorry...
I love Dean's line of "what are you doing dreaming my dreams?" or whatever he says...basically, they both had "this crazy dream"...Castiel shows up and tells them that it was all real...and that he wanted them to remember. I'm not sure what his end-game is here. Does he want them to think that he did it for them? Does he subconsciously want them to take him to task and is hoping to have his shenanigans called out?
It's also interesting that they kept repeating the sentiment that it "dying is different than never being born." - this was first introduced in The Song Remains the Sam, and I wonder if it has any significance beyond the obvious....
The boys head into Bobby's to find him sleeping on the couch. They decide never to tell him about the AU. Dean then goes and does the cute "cover your loved one with a blanket when they fall asleep on the couch" thing.
Then I think the episode ends.
So, yeah, they're definitely leading up to some major angel-storyline for the final episodes, I think. And something about the souls...here, they were related to currency, and before they've been related to power....money and power? money IS power....the plot thickens.
Until next week (for which I am already a little spoiled...but don't spoil anything in the comments, in case someone else out there isn't...)
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