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Every Monday I feel like I should be posting something on here, as though maintaining this LJ were my job instead of my actual job being my job. (Wouldn't the world rule if it were? Vile Violent Vacations would be done by now, for one.)

I spent yesterday driving up the Sea to Sky to Whistler and back, in order to experience the remnants of autumn in the mountains and enjoy what will no doubt be one of our last sunny days around here...which means I don't have a rewatch to post. After walking around lakes and down mountain streams all day (plus the 4 hours of driving), I was quite exhausted last night, and couldn't fathom taking the 2+ hours it takes me to go through an episode and type up my thoughts.

So, instead: Enjoy this song that my sister introduced me to on our trip - JOSH RITTER "Girl in the War":

It makes me wish Sam were a girl, because it'd make an awesome Supernatural vid if the dude was singing about a guy.

I guess I'll see you Wednesday...or whenever I can squeeze in another S5 rewatch episode.
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