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2009-01-07 02:57 am
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Rewatch S2: DVD Special Features Edition

Since I stayed up so late last night, I slept in...which means I am not tired tonight...which means that I watched all the Special Features on the Season 2 DVD. No easter eggs this time :-( 

Special Features Review )
Thar be my review o' Special Features. I am now done with my S2 DVDs! Now it is time to move on to S3! Will I fit them all in before my six week disappearance into the world?! THE SUSPENSE!
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2009-01-07 12:05 am
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Rewatch S2: Ep 21 & 22

I sucked it up and watched the two episodes! Yay! Now, I have a question: Can anyone tell me why Winchester-Journal's Timeline has the date for these episodes as May 2nd? Because I couldn't find any evidence for it, and that's one hellava sucky birthday for our youngest Winchester!

All Hell Breaks Loose I & II )


S2 DVD special features review will be a separate post.

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2009-01-06 03:24 am
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Rewatch S2: Ep 19 & 20

Oh man...ok, I really should have put Folsom Prison Blues(Ep 19) in with my early post, because there was commentary on What Is And What Should Never Be (Ep20), so I go on FOREVER about it. Plus, I shouldn't have tried to watch Ep 20 and the commentary tonight and written it up, because now it is 3:30am and I am friggin' exhausted.

Anyway, here goes:


Folsom Prison Blues and What Is And What Should Never Be )


And I'm done! Holy carp. Now it is nearly 4am. I am an idiot. I'm pretty sure that my review goes downhill intellectually towards the end, and that there is probably a lot of stuff I will kick myself for not including tomorrow...but man, I be sleepy.
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2009-01-05 05:49 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 17 & 18

I accidentally skipped over Hollywood Babylon and watched Folsom Prison Blues (Ep19)...so I actually have three episodes typed up, but I like just posting two episodes at a time, so I'll wait until I was Ep 20, before I post Ep 19.

All I did today was watch Supernatural. No hours at work...and I just realized that I forgot to tell them that I'm going away for 6 weeks...hahaha...oops.

Anyway...TIME FOR TEARS (and fun!):

Heart and Hollywood Babylon )

Until next time, which may very well be sooner rather than later...
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2009-01-05 01:14 am
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Rewatch S2: Ep 15 & 16

I realized today while reading episode descriptions on my DVD case, that I've been spelling Hendricksen's name wrong. My apologies - I didn't know he was Danish.

Tonight I watched Tall Tales and Roadkill. I didn't actually have that much to say about them! I have a nice even number of episodes left, so I'm thinking I'll keep with the two episodes per post pattern. Though, when when I get to the final disc there are numerous commentaries, so I might want to split those up...we'll see.


Tall Tales and Roadkill )


Moodtheme animation is episode specific! (Plus, I actually am hungry)

I also just noticed that there's a tiny "CityTV" logo in the bottom of my moodtheme animation...yay Canadian TV channels.

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2009-01-04 01:34 am
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Rewatch S2: Ep 13 & 14

Tonight I give you Houses of the Holy and Born Under a Bad Sign. Both excellent episodes. I actually swiped another laptop (not permanently of course) and took my notes during BUABS instead of jotting down random words on a post-it to remind myself what to talk about...so, if you see a difference in reflections between the two episodes, that's why. You probably won't notice though, I'm pretty consistent.

My own laptop has started to hang more and more when I try to watch DVDs, so it's put a little hamper in my SPN watching.

To the episodes...

Houses of the Holy and Born Under a Bad Sign )

PS: I must say, LOVE my moodtheme animation tonight....
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2009-01-02 07:26 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 11 & 12

Fun times! I like both these episodes. Also, these bring us into January 2006 in my timeline...which is coming along quite nicely.

Playthings and Nightshifter )

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2008-12-31 12:54 am
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Rewatch S2: Ep 09 & 10

Icon matches the episodes!

And I forgot to say on my last rewatch post that I LOVE the use of Wayward Son at the beginning...it's so excellent, there aren't words.

I had a lovely visit with my brother and tomorrow I'm taking off for the New Years weekend. I also posted my Bobby POV fic, which means I have posted one fic from each main characters' POV. So, what next?

On to the episodes...


Croatoan and Hunted )


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2008-12-26 09:47 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 07 & 08

Crossroad Blues tears up my heart so much that I can't even think of general comments to make before I launch into the episodes. Seriously, why am I rewatching these episodes that make me so sad...I must be some kind of masochist.

So, episodes...

The Usual Suspects and Crossroad Blues )

Alright, I should go try to find something more productive to do with my life...
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2008-12-25 05:54 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 05 & 06

While waiting for my turkey to cook, and stuffing my face with red and green bell peppers, I watched two more episodes of S2.

I hope everyone is having a nice day.

Simon Said and No Exit )

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2008-12-24 03:55 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 04

One today, because that's all I have time for.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things )

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas is having a nice Christmas Eve, and I hope that everyone who doesn't is having a nice normal day!

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2008-12-23 04:43 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 02 & 03

S2 is a very slow build. I remember that about it now. Everybody Loves a Clown and Bloodlust have sort of secondary plot-lines, mainly because the main plot-line is the boys being horribly broken...that being said, Bloodlust does introduce the theme of the season, or the theme of the next three seasons, which is "everything is a shade of gray." I think that's why I like this show so much...I mean, yeah, for the most part the monsters the boy's kill are evil, no question, but I like that everything in their personal lives is a shade of gray - who they can trust, if their Dad was a good father, if they themselves are good people....

So, let's discuss some episodes:

Everybody Loves a Clown and Bloodlust )

Now, I have to quickly finish making two scarves before Christmas Day...and tomorrow I'm going to my Dad's for dinner (save me please), so yeah...might watch two more episodes later tonight, might not, we'll just see.
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2008-12-22 12:57 pm
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Rewatch S2: Ep 01

I know I said that I should slow these down, but I honestly don't have much to do these days. I should write more, I know. I'm thinking of stuff, I just have to figure out where it's going. I'm not sure how often one can write about other people's messed up childhoods, before everyone starts thinking you have an unhealthy fixation :-P

In My Time of Dying - I think it's my favorite SPN episode title ever. I am unsure why, it just sounds so beautiful and heartbreaking.

In My Time of Dying )