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2011-09-01 04:07 pm

VanCon2011: Monday Location Tour


Behind the cut for length )

And thus endeth my VanCon reports.
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2011-08-31 12:31 pm
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VanCon2011: Day 3 - Men who wear make-up can still be dangerous!

Finally, we come to day 3...

In which I hug my Helen of Troy and Jensen kills a duck )

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2011-08-29 06:40 pm
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Breaking News

Russ Hamilton (the Location Manager for Supernatural) has that music that plays during gunfights in westerns as his ringtone. You know: doalualu do do do do dualualu do do do do.

And that's all you need to know for this scene from today:

I'm on the Official Location Tour, and Russ pauses next to my seat on the bus to answer his phone, which has just rung. I smile at the ringtone.

Russ: Yes? ...It's on fire now? 

And he says it in a voice where I'm not sure if he was perhaps expecting something to be on fire...but I'm not sure, so...

Me: That can't be good.

And Russ looks me dead in the eye, and mouths: THE BACKLOT IS ON FIRE.

I believe I gave him an expression similar to the one Dean is wearing in my icon.

Sure enough, when we were in sight of Burnaby, you could see a large plume of smoke...and when we got to the closest intersection, you could see the extent of the fire. Russ thinks they lost their favourite bar to film in, and the pizzaria that Dean met Death in, and a lot of the brownstones that looked like New York as well. 

Supernatual WASN'T filming there at the time. It was a small production Bollywood film.

Pictures )

I should add that although Supernatural has invested a half a million into the backlot (according to Russ), it does not belong to them.  They are just one of many productions that use it. Though according to Russ, not all productions look after it like Supernatural does. The person who is really screwed is Michael Buble, because apparently he was supposed to be filming a music video there tomorrow or the next day. Supernatural is supposed to film there next week, and may still be able to, but Russ already has his scouts looking for alternative locations just in case.


No one was hurt when a warehouse being used by film crews caught fire Monday afternoon in Burnaby.

Flames were spotted shortly before 2pm on the northeast corner of Byrne Road at Marine Drive.

Burnaby RCMP Inspector Tim Shields says it appears a couple of welders working on some scrap metal sparked an explosion when they tore into a gas line.

Traffic had to be re-routed, but the fire is now under control. (source)

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2011-08-28 04:40 pm
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Sexuality confirmed...also: Bueller?

Does nobody care about Vancon Day 1, or did something happen with my update and it didn't appear on anyone's flists...because I posted it last night and I haven't gotten any comments. Not that I need comments for validation or anything, I'm just honestly curious as to whether or not people can actually SEE the report.


Also, Saturday and Sunday reports I'll try to get done on Monday night. Then a the location tour report will be typed up on Tuesday.

FYI: Jensen apparently carries a very large knife around with him for no apparent reason. I am not asking questions, but I would recommend NEVER MESSING WITH JENSEN. 

And...Jared is still beautiful, and I got a hug! YAY!  I am very happy.
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2011-08-27 09:54 am
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VanCon 2011 Reports to Come!

Just a quick note! I will have reports for the Con up as soon as I can - but I have less time this year than last. So, you'll have to be patient with me! I have mostly all of Friday typed up, but now I've gotta go have a Saturday. 

For those that don't know: I sprained my ankle first thing Friday morning. It's not so bad though. I also got my Jared Photo-Op, so YAY! :)
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2011-08-25 10:25 pm
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Basket spilled, eggs everywhere...

You TRY to save money...

After spending a great day with [livejournal.com profile] borgmama1of5, [livejournal.com profile] sandymg, and [livejournal.com profile] metallidean_grl and then meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] ratherastory and [livejournal.com profile] elsewhere_kels and some other girls that I did not get the LJ handles of. I stopped in at London Drugs to buy my photo paper! Success!

Only, I got home, printed the first two off-centre, but then I figured out the settings! And then...I ran out of ink.

So, yeah. not much I can do at this point. I don't have time to get new ink. I'll just get them to sign the mis-alligned ones, I guess. Or the ones that printed too dark at Staples. Or...or...I'll go to London Drugs and spend $6 a pop to get them printed right. Thus having wasted tons of money in an effort to save money. 


I really hope there is a Jared photo-op still available tomorrow morning, because I need a hug, and I'm willing to wait until Sunday to get it if it's from the right person.... 

ETA: Ok, I shouldn't be so negative. I really did have a great day! We went on a mini-location tour and saw "Chicago", Madison's house, Truman High, Rufus's House, Chuck's House, Nick(Lucifer)'s house (Chuck and Nick live on the same street), the Lulu Island Trestle Bridge, and we did a driveby of the studio. ..then capped it off by driving back into Downtown over the Cambie bridge (as seen in the French Mistake).

And then we had a great dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Gastown...which was delicious.
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2011-08-25 10:02 am
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Apparently there are still Jared photo-ops available at VanCon. I...I kinda want to get one. They are $99 though, and I am unemployed. Also, I would probably not like the picture anyway, because I'd end up looking like a smiling-too-wide-dork in it. Also, I'd be nervous.

So, no, I won't get it. That would be a stupid thing to do. (*keeps repeating that to myself*)

In other news, I tried to wake up bright and early so that I could go down the road and buy photo-paper for my printer...and I did! (It was easy to wake up early, because I'm still on Ontario time)...but sadly, the photo-paper place doesn't open until not-bright-and-early. So, I'll be pretty much putting all my eggs into the "I can print good quality photos at home" basket, because I won't have time to run out to London Drugs or Kinkos or wherever if this doesn't work.

All this, and I don't even know what I'm wearing to this Shindig. Maybe I'll wear my Singer Salvage shirt tomorrow...I wonder how many other people will be wearing one though...sigh. Maybe I'll just wear what I'd normally wear and be done with it.
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2011-08-18 01:56 pm
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A Supernatural Trip to Staples

I went to Staples to print possible autograph-pics for VanCon. The manager was the one assisting me. As soon as she opened my jumpdrive, she said "I know him! I watched a soap opera just for him!" then she got embarrassed, and added in a small voice, "he was Eric."

During the course of us printing the pictures, I found out that she had tried to watch Supernatural when it first came out, but that she sadly hadn't liked it. I kept my initial reaction (aghast) to myself, and just shrugged and said, "that's too bad, it's a really good show."

Then we got to the picture from On The Head of a Pin, (after several other ladies who worked there walked by and drooled over either Jensen or Jared or both), and she said, "I'm thinking I'm going to have to give this show another chance." So I smiled, and told her that if she starts at the beginning, she should at least give it until episode 9. :)

For $8, here is my bounty:

Now, the problem was that Staples couldn't print on photo paper - so she printed on cardstock. They still look pretty good though. The ones of Alona are the best. Staples also cropped some of them - so the On The Head of the Pin print cuts off the back of Jensen's head...it also came out a bit dark (the curse of everything Supernatural related). So, I might wait until I'm back in Vancouver and print that one off again at the place near me that prints on photo-paper for $1.

I love the black&whites of Jared and Jensen - but Jensen came out a little bit pixely, even with him scaled down. Jared came out a little bit yellow for some reason. But I think both of them would look better if they were on photo-paper. Mind you, I'm still thinking I'll get Jared to sign the poster I got of him last year, so maybe I'll just get Jensen redone in Vancouver.

I think the pic for Guy Bee turned out pretty good (again, a bit dark, but *shrug*). The picture of Jensen in the moonshirt came out WAY too pixely, so that's out. And the one of him from Frontierland is nice, but I'm really digging the black and white now that I see them printed.

Does anyone know who originally took that picture of Jensen? Maybe there's a higher quality version of it somewhere.

I think I'm just going to buy something for Steven Williams, Corin Nemec, Chad, and Colin Lawrence...just because it's so hard to find quality pictures on the internet (or at least it is for me, because I do not have very much time these days.)
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2011-08-16 10:53 pm
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VanCon Preparations Continued...

This is mainly for my own reference, but if any of you want to help out, that'd be great too.

I've got something for Jared to sign, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] msninacat  I now probably have a Jensen picture (or two) that will work. And today I was able to track down an awesome Chris Heyerdahl pic from OTHOAP using my own google-fu.

So, I still need:  Jensen, Misha, Richard, Alona, Chad, Steven Williams, Matt Cohen, Corin Nemec, Sebastian Roche, Colin Lawrence, Chris Heyerdahl.

I'm thinking that I'll find (or make...or have SOMEONE make *hopeful eyes*) a composite of the Angels - so, Richard, Sebastian and Misha all in one? Maybe Matt Cohen as Michael too? Maybe just Richard, Sebastian and Matt, and I'll do Misha separately? Thoughts?

I actually had to look up who Colin Lawrence was...man, Free To Be You And Me, and it wasn't even that huge of a part. Still, seems like a nice dude, and if I remember correctly, he's friends with Colin Ford too. I remember one of the Hunters in FTBYAM was a friend of Colin Ford's....anyway, off track here. He was also in Stonehenge Apocalypse - small world. Also Stargate, which I never watched. Still off track.

The main problem I have with this project is that I have absolutely no photo-editing software (because Paint really doesn't count)...so, again, if anyone can help me out, let me know.

In other news, I went swimming today and now I'm EXHAUSTED - but guys, I love fresh water lakes - so it was worth it. 
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2011-08-14 09:06 pm
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Preparations for VanCon and other projects that I don't have time for...

VanCon is in less than 2 weeks. This year, I was going to find photos on the internet, print them out, and get those signed - rather than rely on whatever Creation is offering (and spend $6 each on whatever measly offerings they do have). The problem is that finding good pictures on the internet is a time-consuming endeavour and I have not done it yet!


Uh, the upshot of having already seen Jared in person in my life: I have a lot of pictures of Jared. Mind  you, I still have to decide what I want to get him to sign...maybe the poster that I got last year.

But I still need: Jensen, Misha, Richard, Alona, Chad, Steven Williams, Matt Cohen, Corin Nemec, Sebastian Roche, Colin Lawrence, Chris Heyerdahl.

I have something for Guy Bee to sign, thanks to you guys who tracked it down for me. :)

I think I want to find a good screencap (/fanarted-screencap) of Matt Cohen as Michael from Song Remains The Same for him to sign - because he seriously kicked ass in that scene. And likewise, I'd love to find a good Chris Heyerdahl as Alistair screencap/fanart.

I really like my Misha autograph from last year, so I don't necessarily need his to be super awesome this year - maybe I could work it out and combine his signature with someone elses - like if I found him and Sebastian together...or him and Richard. Though, I guess him and Richard were never in the same scene together. But you know, I could do all the angels on one thing maybe? Thoughts?

And of course, I'd prefer the pictures to look good as 8x10s.

In other news, while I was driving back to Ontario from Granby, Quebec, this morning. I thought of an AWESOME idea for a Supernatural vid. The only problem is that for the life of me I don't know how to make vids. This needs to be remedied at some point, methinks. Sadly though, I have enough on my plate as it is...so maybe I'll looking into viding after I find a job. In the meantime, if any of you vid and want to recommend software - that'd be cool.

I'd tell you what the vid idea WAS or ask someone else to do it...but it's such a delicate subject matter (and close to my heart), that I really think its something only I could pull off to my liking. 
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2011-08-09 02:14 pm
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Divine: The Series to Premier at VanCon


They are premiering Episode 1 of Divine: The Series at VanCon, with a panel discussion afterward! That's super cool!

I can't wait to see what it's like. 

For those that don't know Divine is headed up by Ivan Hayden, whose the FX guy on Supernatural.
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2011-05-10 07:40 pm
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VanCon 2011 - GOLD!


So, I did a flocked post about this a week or so ago, but now that all transactions are complete, I thought I would make an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:



I'll be way over at the side - basically next to the line up for microphones - but I'll only be 3 rows from the front! Or possibly 2...it depends how the number rows. Anyway, I'll be in Row B. 

What this REALLY means though, is that I'll also get to go for the J2 Breakfast! Yay! Also, other stuff that Gold people do that I don't know about yet!
This means that my comprehensive convention reports, (which are so comprehensive they took me about 2-3 hours to type up at the end of each day last year), will be EVEN MORE COMPREHENSIVE!

I've found someone to buy my Silver ticket off of me already, so I'm not taking too much of a financial hit with this purchase. 



Ok, so, the girl who was selling her gold ticket, also had a Monday Location Tour ticket available. I bought it. I actually have some friends who are going on the Monday location tour...however, although I DO WANT TO GO, I am also offering my location tour for sale if anybody wants it. Best offer. If no one wants it, then I'll use it myself and be quite pleased - but if someone wants to buy it off me, then I'll use the money to buy food and be quite pleased. So, it's a win-win situation for me either way.
Life in General:
...is not so good, thanks for asking. I abruptly lost my job, which is fine, because I hated it...but is not fine, because I already booked a month-long trip home in August (obviously returning in time for VanCon). I really don't want to cancel my trip, because I miss home, and my brother just had a baby, and I want to visit my friends and loved ones...but the odds of me finding a job that doesn't mind me taking off for an entire month right after they hire me is pretty goddamn slim. 
So, yeah, if anyone wants to pay me to do something, let me know. I will do it. I'm very pretty. I can edit and stuff...or um...enter data into your database? I can also crochet. 
ANYWAY...closer to VanCon, I will put up a post about maybe meeting up with those of you who are going...I have several hats that will make me recognizable in a public place.
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2011-02-15 06:08 pm
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Things like THIS make me depressed because they are true.

Which is why I really want my friend to come with me to VanCon this year, so that she can hopefully ask one non-vapid question...even if no one knows how to answer it. (My friend is hella smart, folks, and ponders things like constructions of masculinity.) (Do people say "hella" anymore, or was that an early 2000s thing that only I still do?)

In other related news - and because I had a great time at last year's con - I broke down and just went ahead and bought a silver ticket and even some photo-ops. Because I am crazy like that. 

Now I just need to figure out how to make more money...while still quitting my good-paying job (because it may be good-paying, but I'd gladly sacrifice that money not to have my soul sucked out of me. I'm sure Sam and Dean would agree that soul-sucking should be avoided at all costs.)

Anyway, yeah, the game might be crooked, but it's the only game in town, so you might as well smile while you play...
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2010-09-09 12:31 am
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VanCon 2011

The gold tickets and photo-ops are on sale now for VanCon 2011.

Sadly, even finding my Helen of Troy does not change the fact that I'm broke. If I got a gold ticket and a photo-op, it would run me around $700 (and that's probably USD). So, I think I'll be waiting around to see if someone has a spare ticket they are desperate to get rid of at the last minute again. (and I'll probably have to forget about the photo-op, unless someone needs to get rid of one of those at the last minute too).

So, if you liked reading my reports and want to live vicariously through me again...do me a favour and cross your fingers for me!