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2013-06-29 07:08 pm
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Timelines on the SuperWiki


I have just spent the past two weeks updating all the timelines on the SuperWiki!

The wiki only had Preseries, S1-S2, and the Mythology Timeline before - and most of those were inaccurate to the point where I couldn't look at them without becoming enraged. So, I got permission to create new pages and change the wrong things and now EVERYTHING IS GLORIOUS (and accurate).

Actually, in the process of updating the SuperWiki, I realized that I could actually figure out a few dates that I had marked down as "Unknown" before! So, temporarily, the SuperWiki timelines are now MORE accurate than the versions that I have on this LJ. That'll change in the next few days, though, as I update things over here to match.

The SuperWiki's Mythology Timeline still only goes up until the end of S5, but I am TIRED, guys... so updating it past then will have to wait for another time... or possibly someone else to do it. In the meantime, if you want to figure out when a particular even in the myth-arc takes place, you can just go to the timeline for the appropriate season. I also left the table that the SuperWiki had for the pre-series timeline, because I liked the way it colour-coded certain information, and I just added events that were missing... though, not all of them, because I learned that editing tables on Wikis is really really annoying, so I just did what I thought were the necessary additions.

Anyway, ENJOY!
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2011-08-29 09:45 pm
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Official Timeline Continuity-Error Answer from 1st AD Kevin Parks

While at VanCon this weekend, [livejournal.com profile] borgmama1of5 was kind enough to corner 1st AD Kevin Parks, who is the Supernatural-continuity expert on the Supernatural set, and ask him about the missing year between S5 and S6.

His answer, as told to me by [livejournal.com profile] borgmama1of5 is as follows:

They decided to do "soap opera time", because they didn't want to have to push the year forward for the rest of the show's run. So, just like in soap operas when people's kids are toddlers and then suddenly teenagers, so too can Sam and Dean spend a year apart while no time has actually passed in reality.

So, it sounds like it was indeed a conscious decision, though, he could just be good at covering their tracks. On the location tour today, Russ Hamilton was saying how the crew are always really impressed by our attention to detail. He said he was talking to Guy Bee about our indepth questions. (On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] ratherastory asked Guy Bee the question about the timeline for me during his panel, he did not have an answer). Russ joked that people will get fired for their lack of knowledge, saying "How we didn't know that a year after 2010 is 2011, I don't know."

Either way, what's done is done. I'lll continue to push all my fics forward a year, but I'll keep the timeline true to the show.
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2011-05-28 03:16 pm
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Timeline now includes S6

I have posted the Season 6 timeline!

I only really briefly went through the last three episodes, so if anyone has any quibbles about my statements on those, let me know! Actually, if anyone has any quibbles about anything let me know - I'm an imperfect being after all, so I may have missed something or made a false logical leap somewhere. This is the first year I haven't waited for the DVDs as well, so usually I have more time to painstakingly comb through the episode and take screen caps and whatnot - so, yeah, everything is subject to change, I guess.

The preseries timeline has a new date at the very beginning. S1-S5 timeline remains unchanged.

The Great Continuity Mistake of 2010/2011 - after my last poll about the continuity mistake the writers and art department had made regarding the year, a good many of you suggested I take a baseball-card approach to recording dates. 
And I have - all dates are as they appear on show. Meaning, that if you want to be logical, you should ADD a year to all dates in the S6 timeline. Those dates marked with an * are from "the year that wasn't" - meaning they are events that occurred during the 2010/2011 year that Sam spent in the cage, as opposed to the second 2010/2011 year in which S6 took place.
My favourite explanation for this is by [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe , who suggested: “The brothers have messed up fate and destiny and now time itself. They've traveled to so many pasts that they have caused a paradox. This mixed with angel mojo (which reacts oddly when in such close proximity to Sam's demon blood) has caused time to fold in on itself.”)

That being said, I may still write that Doctor Who crack-crossover fic.... ;)
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2011-05-22 01:58 pm
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Timeline: S6

Mainly, my goals for this timeline were: 
1)Finding dates using only information provided by the episodes. Priority of information sources: A)Dialog, B)Art Department, C)Other Official Sources, D)Conjecture.
2)Keep track of how many days the boys spend in each episode.

As I worked on it, two lesser goals occurred as well:
1)Figure out where they are - mainly for the purposes of estimating driving time.
2)Try to work the episode title into a sentence - because it's fun!

Supernatural Timeline
-Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
-Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
-Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)



DISCLAIMERSadly, the writers/props department at Supernatural is continuing its tradition of dating things for the estimated release time of the episode, not realizing that, because Dean lived with Lisa for a whole year between the end of S5 and the beginning of S6, S6 should therefore start in 2011, not 2010. As always, my order of priority for gathering time-lining information remains 1)Writing, 2)Art/props department, 3)Other official sources, 4)Conjecture. 

So, what happens when the writers make a continuity mistake? – The months/dates will remain consistent with the show, with all events taking place during “The Year That Wasn’t” indicated with an asterisk: *.

If you want the timeline to be LOGICAL, just add one year to all unasterisked dates (ex: Exile on Main St. takes place in Spring/Summer 2011, not 2010). In some cases, the TRUE date actually makes more sense than the continuity-mistake date (such as in The Man Who Knew Too Much, in which we see an eclipse that could only possibly occur in 2012, not 2011.)

UPDATE: According to 1st AD Kevin Parks: 

They decided to do "soap opera time", because they didn't want to have to push the year forward for the rest of the show's run. So, just like in soap operas when people's kids are toddlers and then suddenly teenagers, so too can Sam and Dean spend a year apart while no time has actually passed in reality. (source)

Winter 2010* – Sam and Samuel hunt an Arachne in Bristol, Rhode Island. (Unforgiven)

Fall 2010* - Castiel refuses to follow Raphael’s orders and restart the apocalypse, leading to a civil war in heaven. Castiel makes an unholy alliance in order to be powerful enough to oppose Raphael. (The Man Who Would Be King)
-Season based on the fact that Dean is raking leaves when Castiel almost goes to him for help. 

Spring 2011* - Sam and Samuel shoot a werewolf on the half-moon. (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Unknown (possibly Spring/Summer) 2010 – Dean is in Exile On Main St. when things start getting strange in Cicero, Indiana, and he discovers that his brother has been alive for a while and everyone knew but him. We spend approx. 3 days with Dean, only one 24 hour period is spent with Sam, in which the two of them travel to Bobby’s place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and back again.
-It’s been one year since Sam fell into the pit. It is unspecified exactly how long Sam has been back, but it has been “close to” a year as well.

Unknown 2010 – Sam calls Dean for help on a case, when he has to deal with an unfamiliar situation involving Shapshifters and babies. Meanwhile, Lisa and Ben unpack in the new house, while the Two and a Half Men are off Hunting. We see approximately 3 days. Sam starts the episode in Lansing, Michigan, and Dean in Battle Creek, Michigan (see notes). During the episode, they also travel to the Campbell Compound, which is in an unknown location.
-No dates are given, but we can guess that there has actually been quite a bit of time passed between this episode andExile on Main St. It’s takes time to move house after all, and in this episode Dean and Lisa have already packed up their old house, and rented a new house, and are moving in. The quickest one could do that (in my opinion) is probably a month. Not only that, but based on information in Appointment in Samarra we know that they moved from Cicero, Indiana, to Battle Creek, Michigan. It would probably take even longer to move between states to a brand new city.

Unknown (possibly a day and a half since Two and a Half Men) 2010 – Dean joins Sam in Easter, PA, where they discover a plague, and The Third Man to Team Free Will shows up with news from heaven. We spend at least 2 days, more likely 3, in this episode.
-We don’t know where Dean was calling from when Sam told him to come to Pennsylvania instead – only that he obviously wasn’t in Pennsylvania, because of this, we also don’t know how long it took Dean to get to Pennsylvania.
-Sam says “Easter, PA” but there’s no such town (according to Google Maps), so we’ll have to assume it’s fictitious.
-Dean says it’s been a day in a half since Sam was at the Campbell compound – either this means it’s been a day and a half since the events of Two and a Half Men, or it means it’s been a day and a half since Dean called Sam and told him that he was going to join him, and presumably Sam told him to meet him at the Campbell compound.

Unknown (possibly Fall), 2010– We spend a Weekend at Bobby’s and a working week as well, when Bobby tries to get his soul back from Crowley with a little help from his friends. The episode takes place over at least 6 days. Sam and Dean are hunting a Lamia in Kenosha, Wisconsin, until the evening of the 4th day, when Bobby asks them to go to Scotland.
- I've always flown from the Americas to Europe in the evening, if Sam and Dean did the same then the earliest they could have left the country is the evening of the fifth day, arriving in the UK on the sixth day. However, apparently there are also flights to Europe during the day, so it is also possible they left the morning of the 5th day. I’m assuming they knew exactly where they were going and were able to get there and dig up Fergus MacLeod’s grave (probably) on the sixth day, with their conversation with Bobby at the end of the episode taking place the evening of the sixth day for them (and the afternoon of the sixth day for Bobby). However, it could be that they needed an extra day to get from the airport to the graveyard, in which case the episode would be 7 days.
-Other information gained: Crowley (Fergus MacLeod), was born in 1661. 1723-Gavin MacLeod dies. 1981-Wreck of Gavin MacLeod’s ship found and his signet ring recovered.
-When Sam and Dean are driving at night in Scotland, it is very dark. This would actually mean that it cannot be summer, as it does not get that dark at night in Scotland in the summer time. That’s extremely nitpicky, but, hey, when you have nothing else to base something on...

~October 17th, 2010 – Dean gets turned into a vampire when he and Sam investigate a rash of missing person’s cases in Limestone, Illinois. We spend 3 days with the Winchesters. (Live Free or Twi Hard).
-The girls’ missing person notices are dated between October 8 and 15, 2010 (see disclaimer).

October 2010 - You Can’t Handle the Truth when Dean and Sam travel to Calumet, Illinois, to investigate a series of suspicious suicides. They spend 3 days in the episode.
-The first victim’s cat calendar is open to October 2010 (see disclaimer).
-It’s 4:12pm when Dean gets off the phone with Bobby the second time and attempts to call Lisa, but hangs up.
-When Sam is reading a webpage on ancient rituals, the sidebar list the days as “Yesterday, Wednesday, Tuesday...etc.” making the day Sam is reading a Friday. This occurs on the second day, but does not mesh well with the timing of the next episode.
-The boys are somewhere called Springfield when Sam finds the news article about the case. The closest Springfield to Calumet, Illinois, is Springfield, Illinois, which is approx. a 3-hour drive away.

~October, 2010, Unknown-Unknown Friday – Family Matters when Dean discovers that Sam came back from Hell without his soul. They head over to see their grandfather and end up hunting the Alpha Vampire. This episode picks up the same night that the previous episode ended, and the boys are still in Calumet, IL. They spend 3 or possibly 4 days in the episode, arriving at the Campbells’ compound either at dawn or dusk of the second day (I’m going with Dusk). The location the Campbells’ compound, the Alpha Vampire’s house, and the place where they kept the Alpha Vampire are unknown.
-When Crowley shows up, he says “what is it today, Friday?” Again, this is Supernatural’s continuing practice of mentioning the day the show airs in the episode, but it has to be taken as canon.
-When Christian confronts Dean in the hallway outside Grandpa’s office, he mentions the Hunt “tomorrow” – it is nighttime then, so either Dean and Sam waited a whole day to try to sneak into Grandpa’s office, or they only waited a little bit and arrived the night before the Campbell’s were set to leave on the hunt. If that sounds confusing, it’s just me trying to explain why the day count is hard to pin down.

Unknown (Not close to a full moon, possibly last week of October) 2010 – Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, when Sam and Dean have to take out a sleeper-cell of Skinwalkers in Buffalo, NY. We spend at least 6 days with them.
-Sam also mentions that 6 months ago he and Samuel Campbell killed a werewolf on the half-moon.
-In 2010, there is a full moon on October 23rd and November 21st.
-In 2011, the there is a full moon on November 10th, so the first attack has to occur well before that, or well after. There is a New Moon on October 26th, so that would be a good reason for Dean to be so abrupt with his statement that the lunar cycle isn’t right for a werewolf. 

Unknown, 2010 – You can Clap If You Believe all you want, but it’s not going to bring back Tinkerbell this time. Sam and Dean find themselves fighting fairies in Elwood, Indiana. Although the fairies have been around for 2 months, it only takes Sam and Dean 4 days to find them and vanquish them. 
-Dean returns from being abducted at 4:07am on the second day, which is possibly a Friday (the Supernatural crew seem to have any online archive the Winchesters search permanently set to appear as though they are searching it on a Friday.)

Unknown – Sam and Dean finally have enough of being Crowley’s errand boys, and track him down to somewhere near Evergreen, Missouri. We spend somewhere around 12 to 18 hours with the boys as they drive around the country (for the sake of the timeline, the Campbell base-camp, the abandoned house where the boys are staying, and Crowley’s prison, all have to be pretty close to each other). (Caged Heat)
-We find out that the boys have been working for Crowley for “months”, which to me indicates that considerable time has passed between this episode and All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Unknown – Dean has an Appointment in Samarra when he tries to contact Death for help. Dean begins the episode at 230 Keefer St, in an unnamed city, he then drives back to Bobby’s. He begins his 24 hours as Death at sunrise the next day, but fails the wager before the sun rises again.
-Bobby tells Sam that he “woke up and you were gone”, given that Bobby keeps more of a regular schedule than the Winchesters, we can assume that he wasn’t napping, but rather sleeping during the night like a normal person. This would make the low-lighting when Dean starts his 24 hours as death sunrise instead of sunset – though, if you wanted to argue that Bobby was indeed napping, then this episode could have possibly taken place in one day instead of two.

Unknown (~10 days after Appointment in Samarra) late 2010 or Early 2011 – Sam is Like a Virgin, when he wakes up at Bobby’s with no memories from the past year and a half. While Dean tries to protect Sam’s innocence, they drive to Portland, OR, to slay some dragons. Dean takes a side trip to San Francisco, CA, in order to quite dramatically pull a sword from a stone. The episode takes place over roughly 10 days.
-They spend about one or two days at Bobby’s at the beginning of the episode. The drive to Portland is a 25 hour trip, so probably takes them two days. They spend a day and a half in Portland before Dean has to take a side trip to San Francisco (about an 11 hour drive, so probably takes him at least a day and a half to do). Then they have to drive back to Bobby’s. So, over all, the episode takes place over roughly 10 days. 
-Bobby says that Sam went “straight up Menendez on me not ten days ago” – which means it’s been about 10 days since the previous episode.
-Dean tells Sam that he had been in hell for a year and a half, which places this episode in late 2011 or very early 2012, assuming that Sam went to hell in the spring of 2010*(see disclaimer) and that Dean is not speaking in exact terms (there is no way this episode takes place in October).

Winter, 2011 (Possibly February – see Mannequin 3: The Reckoning notes) – Sam finds that a lot of what he did the previous year will remain Unforgiven, after Sam and Dean travel to Bristol, Rhode Island, to investigate a series of disappearances, only to discover that Sam had been there once before. They spend about 4 days in this episode.
-Season based solely on the amount of snow on the ground. Year is really a guess based on how many episodes have passed since it was October, 2010/2011.
- Missing person’s report on one of the females lists the last time she was seen as 11/09/12. The women apparently disappeared in the last week. It was October, 2010/2011, about 6 episodes ago, yet in Caged Heat (3 episodes ago), they say they’ve been working for Crowley for “months” – indicating that a lot of time had passed between All Dogs Go To Heaven and Caged Heat. I doubt “months” means a whole year though...which means that either “months” is incorrect and the date here is December 09, 2011 (which completely goes against US date-writing customs)...or we just have to disregard this date entirely for being completely unbelievable. I’m going with the latter option. Furthermore, the date on the missing person’s report from “a year ago” has a last seen date of “November 2, 2009” which is NOT a year ago and would have been mid season 5. Therefore, I think I’m justified in throwing out all date from the art/props department that appear in this episode.

Winter, 2011 (Possibly February- see notes) (Immediately following Unforgiven) – Sam and Dean investigate a series of deaths that occur near mannequins and dummies, when they travel to Paterson and then Passaic, NJ. Dean gets a call from Ben 3 days into the case that has him driving to Battle Creek, MI, while Sam continues with the case on his own. Finally, at the end of the episode, the boys take the Impala back to Bobby’s in Sioux Falls, SD, for repairs for a total of 7 days spent in the episode. (Mannequin 3: The Reckoning)
-It’s 10 hours driving between Passaic, NJ, and Battle Creek, MI. Dean does it as a 24 hour turn-around trip. It’s 22 hours driving from Passaic, NJ, to Sioux Falls, SD, we do not know if the Impala was operational for the trip or whether it had to be towed. 
-Dean once again asks Sam to be his Valentine and presents him with an model of a human heart – he did the same thing during My Bloody Valentine in S5, an episode that took place close to Valentine’s day. It could be that this episode is also occurring close to Valentine’s Day, hence Dean’s reuse of the joke.

Unknown, 2011 – Sam and Dean are researching at Bobby’s when Balthazar shows up and flings them into a parallel universe where they exist as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They spend 3 days in the parallel universe, but they return on the same night that they left. (The French Mistake).

Unknown, 2011 (most likely following shortly after the previous episode, see notes) – There were allies and enemies, And Then There Were None, as Bobby, Sam, and Dean, spend 3 days together when they travel to Sandusky, Ohio, on the trail of Eve and a new type of monster.
-The boys are still at Bobby’s (where they finished the previous episode). Bobby informs them that “all week” there has been increased monster activity along the I-80. This either means that the boys have been hanging out at Bobby’s for a while, or the monster activity started before the events of The French Mistake. Bobby’s window has been repaired – so my guess is that the boys have been at Bobby’s for a while, possibly repairing the damage to his house.

Possibly after April 29th, 2011 (possibly a week after previous episode, see notes) – We find ourselves in an alternate universe where no one has ever heard “My Heart Will Go On”, because the Titanic never sank. We spend at least 3 days in the alternative timeline, but it is unclear how much time has passed really once everything has been restored. During the three days, the boys drive from Bobby’s house to Chester, Pennsylvania (a 22 hour trip). 
-Bobby “hasn’t slept in days”, and later, when he’s sleeping, Dean says that it’s probably “the best he’s felt all week”. To me, this indicates that it’s probably been a week since Rufus died.
-The newspaper clipping Sam shows Dean is from a weekly newspaper that is dated with “week ending Friday the 29th, 2011” – This is most likely in reference to April 29th, 2011 (as the other option is July and the weather doesn’t suit).

Unknown Sunday-Monday (Possibly May 30, 2011) (sometime after My Heart Will Go On) 2011 or March 3rd – 5th, 2011– Sam and Dean travel back to Frontierland in order to hunt a Phoenix. They spend 24 hours in 1861 and we spend 48 hours in 2011. The only traveling done is between Bobby’s and the Campbell compound (which remains in an unknown location).
-A subtitle informs us that present day is 150 years after March 5th, 1861, which if you take it exactly, means that this episode could actually take place before My Heart Will Go On instead of after it (as it aired). I prefer to take the aired episode order as chronological though, and assume that the “150 years” is approximate and it could in fact be a month or two more than 150 years.
-Sam tells Samuel Colt that he is a “from the year 2011” (see disclaimer). 
-Sam’s watch says that it’s Sunday at 1:16pm when Castiel transports them back in time. Castiel transports them back at noon. This fits in with the hour listed on Sam’s watch, since Wyoming and South Dakota are in neighbouring time zones. It doesn’t fit in with the minutes on Sam’s watch, but maybe Sam’s watch is set 16 minutes ahead, or Castiel just transported them to arrive on the hour to make things easier. 
-When Sam starts the countdown on his fancy watch, the time display briefly changes to say “5 30” which may be the date...except that May 30, 2011, is a Monday, not a Sunday. (And a Wednesday in 2012)

Unknown, 2011 – Sam and Dean meet Mommy Dearest, when with the help of Castiel, they instantly travel from Bobby’s place in Sioux Falls, SD, to Grant’s Pass, Oregon. This episode appears to take place during only one day (excluding the opening teaser, of course).
-Ed Bright is said to be 25 years old by Dr. Silver in his report to the CDC. We see on his driver’s license that he was born on Dec. 16, 1985 – placing this episode sometime in 2011 (before December).

Unknown, 2011 – Castiel and Crowley, each of them The Man Who Would Be King of their respective realms. We explore what they’ve both been up to for the past two years. Because “time is fluid” it is hard to tell how many days take place in the present – but I estimate that Winchester parts of the episode take place over at least 2 days.

Unknown, 2011 (Immediately follows The Man Who Would Be King) – Dean and Sam have to rescue Lisa and Ben from demons when Crowley tries to divert their attention. Meanwhile, Bobby takes up the task of trying to stop Castiel. The episode takes place over at least one 24 hour period. (Let It Bleed)
-This episode starts the morning after the final scene of The Man Who Would Be King.

Unknown, 2011 (Possibly June 15, 2011 or June 4, 2012*) – We spend 16 hours with Dean and Bobby, while Sam plays The Man Who Knew Too Much inside his own head, after Castiel destroys the Great Wall of Sam, in a final attempt to get Dean to stop trying to stop him from opening the door to Purgatory. Dean and Bobby travel from Sioux Falls, SD to the fictional town of Bootback, Kansas, with Sam following on their heels once he’s able to fight his way back to consciousness. (~7 hour drive)
-Bobby says they have 16 hours to find Castiel when he’s trying to get Dean to pull himself together.
-The ritual takes place during a lunar eclipse. (Dean tells Cas that they have to diffuse him before the eclipse ends). In 2011, there is a lunar eclipse on June 15 that is visible in Africa and East Asia. In 2012, there is a partial lunar eclipse on June 4 that is visible in Asia and the Americas (For those of you sticking with logical time, June 4 would be the one I’d use.)

S7 to come in summer 2012 (unless I die or something). Let me know if you disagree with any of the above, or if you find more dates in episodes than I currently have. I don't claim to be perfect and may have missed something (especially in the last three episodes, which I went through very fast in order to timeline).
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2010-02-05 09:34 pm
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Random Timeline Trivia!

Here's some random meaningless timeline trivia for you:

The Song Remains The Same (5x13) is the only Supernatural episode where the characters experience only one night in the episode! The episode What Is And What Should Never Be (2x20) took place during one night, but Dean experienced several days in the alternate reality - a pattern that was repeated with Dean's former time-travel episodes In The Beginning (4x03) and The End (5x04). The majority of Ghostfacers (3x13) took place during one night, but the closing scene was set days after the fact  - this was probably also the case with On The Head Of A Pin (4x16). There have also been episodes that span 24 hours: Devil's Trap (1x22), All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 (2x21), and Jus In Bello (3x12). However, TSRTS (5x13) remains the first episode to take place both in one night in the present and one night in the past! (if we ignore the very last scene with Mary being heavily pregnant.....)

Usually the boys tend to spend between 2 to 5 days in each episode, with some episodes spanning over week  (No Exit and Heaven and Hell).

I know no one cares about this but me...but I think it's neat when they break up the pattern of the episodes.

Also, I absolutely love the fact that the PROMO clip for next week gives me a date! S5 has so far been the absolute hardest season to timeline. Seriously, it's all a bunch of  unknowns really - I practically wept for joy when Dean confirmed it was 2010 last week - at least then I knew what year they were in!
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2010-02-02 07:27 pm

Season 2 Companion thoughts and misc. stuff

My S2 Companion book arrived in the mail today, so I blew off work for the afternoon and read it - probably not a wise move job-wise, but I have little to no will power and I hate my job, so yeah, it wasn't all that surprising a thing for me to do.

So, as most of you know, I'm quite proud of my TIMELINE - (which is suffering greatly in S5, damn you Kripke) - I base all my timeline info on the episodes themselves whenever possible (sometimes I use DVD extras too), but if something in the episode isn't logical when taken in sequence with information from rest of the season then I disregard it. I always invite people to disagree with me though, as long as they can cite a source for the information.

So, someone told me that in the Supernatural Season 2 Official Companion, Kripke said that Sam was resurrected on his birthday...this was basically the driving force in making me buy the books, because the person who told me this could not give me an exact quote. And that's because...

It's not Kripke that says it! It's in one of those little "Did You Know?" boxes at the side of the page that usually contain information on past projects that the guest-star of the episode worked on. Now, since it is in the "Official" companion book, I guess I still have to use it for the timeline, so fair enough.

I've read some stories that have Sam's dates as May 2, 1983 - May 2, 2007...but technically that's wrong, because Dean let him lie there for two days. So, if Sam ever had a gravestone, it would actually read:

Samuel Winchester
"He's really sorry"
May 2, 1983 - April 30, 2007
May 2, 2007 - (unknown)

Other S2 Companion Tidbits
The S2 companion was nice..there wasn't too much in there that I didn't already know. It was funny to read Kripke's take on how he doesn't think there are angels in the Supernatural universe, though he won't discount them. Unlike the S3 Companion, there was barely anything from Jared or Jensen in there - in the S3 Companion, the author actually successfully records about three pages of Jared rambling. This one, Jared speaks even less than Jensen.

There's a funny quote from JDM though, where he says that he thinks Dean was more messed up about John's death because "Jensen loves me more than Jared does" Hahaha....I know there's a video out there of Jared glomping JDM in an interview line and telling the reporters that he's his boyfriend, so I really don't think that's true. About a paragraph after that JDM also says that he's gone online and argued with fans who think John was a horrible father.  God, you just have to love that man.
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2009-10-14 05:33 pm
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Timelining S5: A week and a half or 3 months?

Ok, so I'm doing things differently this year and I've decided to timeline the show as we go, rather than waiting on the DVDs. So, I've come to my first conundrum! How long was the Winchester Schism of 2009?

So, what do you guys think? Fallen Idol tells us nothing (that I've found so far) besides that it takes place 3 weeks after The End.

I won't be adding this to my master-timeline until after the season is over, but if any of you have any question about the dates so far, you can always ask and I'll tell you what I've figured out.

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2009-10-11 09:51 pm
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Timeline stuff

Thank goodness for other people's ability to cap episodes...according to this post by [profile] muridae_x Free to Be You and Me takes place during the week of August 23rd. I'm not sure how that meshes with the Captions...but that would indicate that Sam and Dean actually spend 3 months apart, and Fallen Idol actually brought them into September, rather than my original calculation of July.

Interesting...part of me really wants to timeline this season as it happens...because sometimes dates on laptops (or x-rays, as the linked post points out) can just be flat wrong.


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2009-09-22 07:53 pm

Timeline: S1-S5

I decided to make my own timeline for Supernatural. Here it is in all it's glory. If anyone thinks I've gotten something wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Mainly, my goals for this timeline were:
1)Finding dates using only information provided by the episodes. Priority of information sources: A)Dialog, B)Art Department, C)Other Official Sources, D)Conjecture.
2)Keep track of how many days the boys spend in each episode.

As I worked on it, two lesser goals occurred as well:
1)Figure out where they are -mainly for the purposes of estimating driving time.
2)Try to work the episode title into a sentence - because it's fun!

Supernatural Timeline S1-S5
-Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
-Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
-Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)

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---SEASON 1 ---

October 31st/November 1st, 2005 - Dean arrives in Palo Alto - quite late at night. The boys spend 2 days investigating a Woman in White in Jericho, California. (Pilot)

November 2nd/3rd 2005 (2:50-3am) - Jessica dies. Sam and Dean hit the road.
-Time taken from unaired Pilot scene.

~November 10th 2005 - Sam and Dean arrive in Lost Creek, Colorado, and spend 4 days hunting a Wendigo.
-Dean says they spent one week in Palo Alto after Jess's death.

Unknown, 2005 - Sam and Dean spend 5 days investigating Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin, where people keep ending up Dead in the Water.

~December 2nd-5th, 2005 - Sam and Dean spend ~4 days investigating the Phantom Traveler at various airports.
-A archived newspaper article in the Djinn-Wish'Verse in S2's What Is And What Should Never Be about Britannia Flight 424 is dated Dec. 5th, 2005.

December 5th 2005 - College friend Rebecca sends Sam an email about her brother being falsely arrested. (Skin)

Unknown - Sam and Dean spend 5-7 days investigating Bloody Mary in Toledo, Ohio - with a side trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana.
- 21st of November according to another Supernatural Timeline, but implausable considering the time spent on the other cases and the known dates. Plus, the paper says "a short service will be held on ...ber 31st at 2pm" meaning, either October -before the series even starts -or December - but I doubt anyone would hold a funeral service on New Years Eve.

February 28th- March 7th, 2006 - Sam reads the email from Rebecca, while a day's travel from Bisbee, Arizona. St. Louis is said to be 400 miles behind them. Sam and Dean spend 8 days hunting a Shapeshifter in St. Louis, Missouri (two days spent driving there).
-Shapeshifter!Dean is killed on March 7th (according to information in later episode The Benders), making Dean Winchester officially dead according to the authorities. (Skin)

Between March 8th - March 22nd, 2006 - Dean and Sam hunt the Hookman in Ankeny Iowa for 5-6 days.

Friday, March 20th, 2006 - A guy is killed by Bugs in Oklahoma.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2006 - Dean and Sam spend 4-5 days investigating Bugs in Oklahoma
-Presumably the scene in which they hear about the death is on the Monday, which adds an extra *day* to the episode, so the Winchester part of the episode takes place over 5 days.

Unknown, 2006 - Sam and Dean head Home to Lawrence Kansas for 4 days (assuming one day driving time to get there) and try to get rid of a poltergeist.

First week of April, 2006 - Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned Asylum in Rockford, Illinois, for approx. 6 days.
-We know the date because of Sam's exclamation that they are "no closer to finding Dad than we were 6 months ago", plus the next episode picks up directly after this one and we know it takes place the second week of April

Between April 8th and April 15, 2006 - Dean discovers a fugly Scarecrow in Bukitsville, Indiana, and spends 4 days there.
-Most likely leaving on the 15th or 16th, as the night before is mentioned to be the "7th night of the cycle"- if we assume the "cycle" takes place over a calendar week. Or it could be that he leaves on the 13th or 14th, if we assume that the "cycle" ends with the full moon - the full moon was on Wednesday, April 13th in 2006.

End of April, 2006 - Dean gets electrocuted on a hunt somewhere (that is not Nebraska) and Sam takes him to Nebraska to see a Faith healer. The episode spans 7 days, with Dean being healed on the fourth day at 4:17pm. Although the sign outside the tent says that services are Sunday 11am and 2pm, it appears that the healing services happen much more frequently.

Early May, 2006 - Dean gets a call from former girlfriend Cassie, and him and Sam spend 5 days in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to investigate a series of road accidents . (Route 666)
-We know from Sam and Dean’s research that the first killing took place on the 4th of “last month”. We do not know how much time passed between the first death and Cassie’s father’s death...but my guess is not very much. The first killing was probably April 4th, and it is early May when the Winchester’s arrive.
-Dean and Sam are on their way to Pennsylvania for some reason at the beginning of the episode when Cassie calls. The service station informs us that they are in Bismarck, Kentucky, so they are taking a very odd route between Nebraska and Pennsylvania.

Unknown date in May, 2006 - Sam has a Nightmare that leads him and Dean to Saginaw, Michigan, where they spend approx. 5 days getting acquainted with Max Miller.
-Sam says that his abilities started "6-7 months ago", given the time spent on the previous two cases, it's safe to assume that Sam means 7 months ago.
-The boys were only a couple of hours away from Saginaw Michigan at the beginning of the episode, so there is no day added for travel; however, usually people don't have the wake/funeral/death-party-thing the day after the death, so I've added two days to the day count, and have assumed that the boys spent those two days buying priest outfits and cleaning their guns.

Unknown, 2006 - Sam gets kidnapped by The Benders in Hibbing, Minnesota. The boys end up spending 3 days there (Sam is missing for two).

End of May, 2006 - Sam and Dean discover that someone is summoning a Shadow demon in Chicago, Illinois, and they meet up with their Dad. We see the boys for at least 3 days.
- Multiple reasons for time: 1)Sam says he met Meg "weeks ago" and there has been at least 20 days since then shown in episodes, 20 days after April 15th is May 5th, but there are always numerous missing days between episodes while the boys drive, since this is the 5th episode since Sam met Meg, if say there are at least 3 days between episodes, we can say that AT LEAST 35 days has passed since Sam met Meg, which brings us to the end of May. 2)Also, Sam says that the lunar cycle wasn't right for a werewolf, which means that the murder took place between May 13th and June 11th exclusive and in SPN-verse werewolves turn every night during the week leading up to the full moon (Heart), which is another reason this episode would have taken place before June 3rd. 3)The next episode starts as early as June 3rd.

~June 6th/7th – June 13/14th, 2006 - On their way through Richardson, Texas, Sam and Dean spend 7 or 8 days investigating Hell House, which Sam reads about on a website. An update, dated June 10th, 2006, is made to the website on either their fourth or fifth day there. They leave on either June 13th or June 14th.
-We'll have to ignore the fact that the boys' faces are miraculously healed after Chicago...Sam and Dean obviously have super-healing-powers.

Unknown, 2006 - Sam and Dean are sent to Fitchburg, Wisconson, by their Dad, because Something Wicked is attacking children. They spend at least 3 days there (it's harder to count in this episode). Since they were in Texas previously, we can probably assume at least 2 days travel between the last episode and this one.

Unknown 2006 - Sam and Dean find a painting with some interesting Provenance in upstate New York. They spend 6 days there.

Probably July 10th or July 27th, 2006 (see In My Time of Dying notes) - Sam and Dean travel to Manning, Colorado, where they find a nest of vampires, their father, and a need for Dead Man's Blood. The part of the episode with the boys spans 3 days.
-They are in Nebraska at the beginning of the episode, interestingly, heading east. That means that since the previous episode, they have travelled west of Nebraska for some reason. So, a considerable amount of time has passed between the previous episode and this one (they could have even worked a simple case somewhere on the west coast, for all we know). I did not add a day of travel to the day count for this episode, because they are so close to Colorado at the beginning of the episode that they can make it there by nightfall.

July 13th or July 30th, 2006 (see In My Time of Dying notes) - The Winchesters take off from Manning, Colorado, and travel to Salvation, Iowa, to hunt the elusive demon. This episode only spans 2 days.

July 15/16 or August 1st/2nd, 2006 (see In My Time of Dying notes) - Sam and Dean travel from Iowa to Bobby's house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and use a Devil's Trap to find out where their father is, then they drive to Jefferson City, Missouri, and launch a rescue effort. It appears this episode takes place over a 24 hour period and the boys don't sleep.

---SEASON 2---

July 16th-19th or August 2nd-5th, 2006 - John Winchester dies. In My Time of Dying takes place over 4 days, assuming that Sam has a day of rest in a hospital bed, before we see him check up on Dean and John. They are in Missouri (from Devil's Road Map on S2 DVD).
-The second to last day of the episode is could be August 4th, 2006. We see this by looking at Dean's heart monitor when they restabalize him.
-There is a conflict in the monitors on this show, as John's monitor says that it is July 19th 2006, when they declare him to be dead (at 10:41am); however, if you listen to the DVD commentary, you find out that this episode was filmed the week of July 19th - which means that John's monitor reflects the day of filming, rather than Dean's monitor that reflects an unrelated day. (As episodes are usually put together during an 8 day period, it's unlikely that they were still filming this episode on August 4th). So, originally I took August 4th as the date for the timeline; however, information given in S4 seems to indicate that John may have died in July (see S4 On The Head of A Pin notes).

Early or Mid August (after, but close to, the 12th), 2006 - The boys have been at Bobby's for a week, when Sam finds an old message on John's phone, which in turn leads them to the Harvelle's Roadhouse. They spend 4 days (including the day Sam finds the message) working at jobs at a carnival in Medford Wisconsin, where Everybody Loves a Clown except for Sam.

Unknown, 2006 - Sam and Dean spend 3 days exploring a possible hunt in Red Lodge, Montana, where they meet Gordon, a hunter with a particular Bloodlust for vampires.
-The Impala is fully repaired, so we can assume that this episode takes place a considerable amount of time after the previous one, however, given that the next episode takes place at the very end of August, we'll have to assume that Dean got the impala all fixed up in only two weeks - apparently the car has the same magic healing powers as the boys do - and that the next episode follows closely on the heels of this one.

~August 29th, 2006 - The Winchesters head to Illinois (oddly, according to The Devil's Road Map on the S2 DVD, Mary Winchester's grave is in Illinois and not in Lawrence, Kansas), where they spend 4 days teaching us that Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Sam breaks his wrist.
- Angela Mason dies on August 22nd - date on her cellphone; the boys arrive in town a week later - Sam says she "died last week", and four days after her funeral - Dean says "she was buried four days ago".
- Special note: The temporary gravestone marker also has dates on it, however they are out of sync with both the date on Angela's cellphone when she dies, and also with what year it is, so they are disregarded for the purposes of this timeline).

September 2006 - A vision leads Sam and Dean to travel to Guthrie, Oklahoma (and two stops at The Roadhouse). They spend 3 days (2 days and 1 night) in this episode, and only one day and a morning in Guthrie. In Guthrie, they meet Andy, who has abilities like Sam. (Simon Said).
-Sam says his abilities started "about a year ago," which can be interpreted as meaning a little under a year.

September, before the 28th, 2006 - Following immediately after the previous episode, Jo sends Sam and Dean on a hunt to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for 8 or 9 days. (No Exit)
-The invitation one of the victims gets in the mail is for a party on Thursday Sept. 28th, this happens on the fourth day of the episode.
-Note: 2 days have been added to the count, as it's nearly a 24 hour drive between Nebraska, the presumed location of the Roadhouse, and Philadelphia.

Unknown - October most likely - Sam and Dean spend 4 days in Baltimore, Maryland, where they become The Usual Suspects in a series of murders. One day to hear about the job and go to Baltimore, 24 hours in police custody, one day is experienced through flashbacks, and then one day is presumably spent getting the Impala back once they escape.

November 2006 - Sam and Dean track some bizarre deaths in Greenwood, Mississippi, for about 5 days, and encounter a Crossroads Demon. (Crossroad Blues)

Late November 2006 - Sam has a vision that leads him and Dean to River Grove, Oregan, for 3 days (one driving day) where they find the word Croatoan craved into a tree and discover that the town is infected with a demonic virus. (See Hunted notes for details on date)

Late November/Early December 2006 - Immediately following the events of Croatoan, Sam strikes out on his own, stops at the Roadhouse, and then heads to Lafayette, Indiana, only to end up Hunted by Gordon. The episode spans at least 6 days, 4 of which we see, at least 2 of which are spent driving.
-The dead guy's prescription bottles read 23/10/06 and are nearly full. It is said that he was killed "about a month ago" and Ava says her abilities started "about a year ago".

January 2007 - Sam and Dean stay at an Inn in Cornwall, Connecticut, that is filled with interesting Playthings. The episode takes place over 4 days (1 added for travel from Peoria, IL to location).
-Sam says that they've been looking for Ava for a month, which means that a month has passed since the previous episode and this one.
-This is the last episode in which Sam has a cast.

Unknown, 2007 - The boys run into trouble with the law again, when they are trapped in a hostage situation with a shapeshifter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The episode takes place over exactly 3 days, because the boys are already in Milwaukee at the beginning of the episode. (Nightshifter)
-In S3 episode Jus in Bello we see security camera photos of the bank heist that are dated 09/10/06, however, given that the next episode references this one has happening recently, we'll have to disregard the date on the photos in S3.

Unknown (mid-January*), 2007 - The boys investigate Houses of the Holy in Providence, Rhode Island, where they debate the existence of angels. The episode takes place over exactly 2 days, as the boys are already mid-investigation when it begins.
-*Fr. Gregory's tombstone says 2007, and the other priest says that he died 2 months ago...but we know that Roadkill takes place on February 22nd, yet the two episodes between this one and Roadkill consume nearly a month's worth of days, which would mean that this episode would have to take place before January 22nd in order for the numbers to work out. So, either this takes place in mid-January and the tombstone is wrong, or events in the series are shown out of order and Houses of the Holy takes place AFTER Roadkill, I suppose the choice is yours, but personally I prefer to keep things in episodic order - so I believe this episode takes place mid-January and the tombstone date should be ignored.

Unknown, 2007 - Poor Sam was Born Under a Bad Sign and goes missing for "over a week" (departing from West Texas) and eventually leads Dean on a 3 day chase (assuming it takes within one day for Dean to reach Sam when he calls at the beginning of the episode) that goes through Duluth, Minnisota, and ends in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
-This means that by the end of the episode, at least 17 days have passed, since the last episode left the boys in Rhode Island, yet Sam disappeared from West Texas...that's AT LEAST 4 days of travel, I think, if not more.

Unknown, 2007 - The boys tell Bobby some Tall Tales when they encounter a Trickster in Springfield, Ohio. Bobby helps them for either 1 or 2 days, and there are 4 days worth of flashbacks (excluding the flashbacks that happen on the day Bobby arrives), which brings us to a total of 5 or 6 days.
-We know it's only been a short time since the boys left Bobby's, since he says "it's nice to see you again so soon."

February 22nd, 2007 - Sam and Dean spend a night with Molly in Nevada (or Western California - according to The Devil's Road Map on the S2 DVD) trying to find the grave of a farmer who ended up as Roadkill. The events of the episode take place over only one night, but through flashbacks we can guess that the boys probably spent at least 3 days researching the case beforehand.

~ March 3rd, 2007 - Dean's happy to discover a werewolf in San Francisco, California, until it spends 4 days ripping Sam's Heart out metaphorically.
-If we assume that the boys went to San Francisco directly after the events of Roadkill, then the first full moon would have been on March 3rd.

Unknown, 2007 - Still in California, the boys head down to Los Angeles to check out a haunted movie set for at least 5 days, possibly a full week. (Hollywood Babylon)

Unknown (End of March beginning of April possibly) 2007 - Sam and Dean are arrested in Arkansas, in order to check out a haunting at a local prison. The episode takes place over at least a week, and the boys are incarcerated at the prison for at least 4 days. (Folsom Prison Blues).
-Due to the complexity of the set up, and the fact that the boys were called there on a favour, we can guess that there would have been a substantial number of days of research and planning before the beginning of the episode.

Unknown, 2007 - Dean learns What Is And What Should Never Be one night, when he encounters a Djinn in Joliet, Illinois. (Although Dean experiences several days inside his wish, in reality it's only a few hours.) The boys are still freaked out by cop cars, so we can guess that this may be their first stop since escaping prison in Arkansas.

Late April/Early May, 2007 (Possibly April 29th to May 2nd - based on S2 Companion Book info, Possibly ending on May 18th - based on S4 facts) - All Hell Breaks Loose (I&II) when Sam disappears from a roadside cafe and ends up in Cold Oak, South Dakota. Dean takes 24 hours to find him, but by then the damage is done. Part II picks up an estimated 24-48 hours later and spans 2 days. In total, including the missing estimated 24-48 hours, the two parts span 3 to 4 days.
-According to the Season Two Companion Book (but NOT accredited to Kripke or anyone specific), Sam was resurrected on his birthday May 2nd...this can only be confirmed partially using information in the episodes: the episodes do occur in early May - Sam tells Eva that she's been missing for 5 months, and asked the others if they are also 23 (not 24, as Sam would be if it were after his birthday) - so it's possible, but a horrible Birthday for Sam IMO. Also note: In S3 episode Ghostfacers, Sam mentions that Dean's deal comes due in 2 months. We know Ghostfacers occurs on February 28/29th, so that also supports the May date for the deal. This would make Sam’s life read as “May 2nd 1983 - April 30th 2007; May 2, 2007 - ??” – many people write it as though he died on May 2nd, but Dean waits 2 days before he resurrects Sam, so Sam actually dies at the end of April.) Regarding the Possible May 18th date, please see S4 notes.
-Sam dies at night, Bobby goes out to buy chicken and then leaves during the day, Dean makes the deal at night, Dean rejoins Sam during the day. We do not know whether we come in during the first 24 hours of Sam's death or the second. Given that Bobby is pushing for burial, I'm more willing to believe that a Dean makes the deal a full 48 hours after Sam dies.

---SEASON 3---

May, 2007 - Bobby and the boys spend 4 days fighting The Magnificent Seven deadly sins in Lincoln, Nebraska.
-They say it's been 5 days since the Devil's Gate was opened.

Unknown, 2007 - Sam and Dean head to Cicero, Indiana, so that Dean can catch up with an old flame named Lisa Braeden. He also meets her son Ben and discovers that some of The Kids Are Alright, and some of them aren't. They spend 2 or 3 days there.
-The boys never change outfits in this episode, but I highly doubt that the whole thing happens over just one day.

Unknown, 2007 (shortly after previous episode, based on subject matter of first conversation) - The boys get a call on their Dad's cell phone informing them of a break-in at a storage locker. Sam ends up having A Bad Day At Black Rock, NY (near Buffalo), where they spend 3 or 4 days (depending on distance from Buffalo at time of call) trying to track down what was stolen.

Early July, 2007 - Sam and Dean leave Bobby's house and head to Elizabethville, Ohio, spending 5 days trying to figure out what has turned the once quiet town into Sin City. (Given the starting point of Bobby's place, I've added 2 extra days for travel).
- The boys confirm that it has been two months since they opened the Devil's Gate.

October 24-26th, 2007 - Sam and Dean head to Maple Springs, NY, for 3 days, where they run into a spirit obsessed with Bedtime Stories. The episode opens on the evening of Wednesday, Oct 24th.
-When the boys think it's a werewolf, Sam says that the full moon is on Friday, and Dean says that gives them two days - there was a full moon on October 26th, 2007. We know it is October, because when they see the pumpkin, Dean says that it is close to Halloween.

Unknown, 2007 - Dean and Sam spend 5 days on the coast of Massachusetts investigating a ghost ship. (Red Sky At Morning).
-By the conversation between the brothers in the first Winchester scene, we can assume that not that much time has passed since the last episode

Unknown, 2007 - Dean and Sam hunt a vampire in search of Fresh Blood for his family, meanwhile Gordon renews his hunt for Sam.The episode covers 4 days, with the first scene with Gordan taking place the same night as the first scene with the Winchesters.
-Gordon tells Bela that he knows she was just in Masschusetts with the Winchesters - of course, that doesn't tell us how much time has passed since then, but it has probably not been that much.

Dec 22nd, 2007 - Dec 25th, 2007 - The boys enjoy A Very Supernatural Christmas in Yypsilanti, Michigan. We spend 4 days with them.
-The first scene has a woman telling them that it is 3 days until Christmas, arguably, we don't know if she means exclusively or inclusively, but let's not be nitpicky.

Unknown, 2008 - Dean and Sam spend 2 days tracking down a coven of witches. (Malleus Maleficarum)

Unknown, 2008 - The boys come to Bobby's aid, when he falls victim to a dreamwalker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They spend 6 days in this episode. (Dream A Little Dream Of Me)

Unknown Tuesday, 2008 - Sam gets trapped in a time loop while checking out the Mystery Spot in Broward, Florida. Only 2 days pass for Dean, but Sam experiences over 100 Tuesdays, plus an extra 6 months, before he returns to Dean's Wednesday.

Unknown, 2008 - Sam and Dean are arrested in Monument, Colorado. They spend the next 24 hours in jail, trying to defend themselves and Agent Hendriksen from a demon siege. (Jus in Bello)

February 28th, 2008 - Dean and Sam run into the Ghostfacers when they hunt a leap-year ghost at Morten House in an unknown town (not in Texas). They spend only one night at Morton House, but they don't leave town until after the Ghostfacers have edited together the video footage. So, they are probably there 2 or 3 days.

Unknown, 2008 - The boys spend 3 days in Milan, Ohio, where people are receiving a Long-Distance Call from the dead.

April 2008 - Sam cannot say "Time Is On My Side", when, with only three weeks to go until Dean's deal is up, he seeks out an immortal organ harvester near Erie, Pennsylvania. This episode spans around 3 days, give or take.

Late April/Early May, 2008 (Possibly May 2nd, based on S2 Companion Book facts or Possibly May 18th - based on S4 facts) - With just 30 hours left until Dean's deal comes due, the boys and Bobby work around the clock in a last ditch effort to save him. There is No Rest For The Wicked, as the boys drive to New Harmony, Indiana.

---SEASON 4---

Sometimes between May and September 2008 - Jimmy Novak becomes a vessel. (See The Rapture notes)

~June, 2008 – Sam develops a severe drinking problem. He attempts to make a deal, but is unsuccessful. Ruby reappears. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

~July, 2008 – Sam attempt a suicide mission to kill Lilith or die trying, Ruby saves him. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

September 18-20th, 2008 - Dean is our very own Lazarus Rising, when he awakens in a coffin, in Pontiac, Illinois, after four months in hell. (Dean reads the date on a newspaper, and later Bobby tells us that Dean was buried for 4 months.) The boys spend 3 days in this episode. The first day, Dean drives from Pontiac to Bobby's house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (9 hours). On the second day (Sept 19th), Dean and Bobby drive BACK to Pontiac, Illinois, to find Sam. Then on the third day (Sept 20th), Dean finally finds out who raised him from perdition.

September 21st-23rd, 2008 - We join Dean and Sam at Bobby's in Sioux Falls, where Bobby is yet unaware that a Hunter friend of his died two days ago. Dean has got questions, primarily: "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester," but there is little time for religious contemplation as the Winchesters spend 2 days battling the familiar ghosts after the Rising of the Witnesses. Dean awakens from his conversation with Castiel on the 3rd day of the episode.
-Castiel informs us that "three days ago" Dean didn't believe in angels. We also know that Bobby has been trying to get in touch with Olivia for three days.

Unknown night, between September 25th and 30th, 2008 - Castiel sends Dean back in time to Lawrence, Kansas, in order to see what happened In The Beginning. Although Dean spends 3 days in the past (April 30th - May 2nd, 1973), no time passes in the present.
-Dean reads the date on a newspaper. Mary makes her deal 10 years before Sam is born.
-Interesting sidenote: Dean's cellphone tells him that it's 5:12pm, when he wakes up in Lawrence.

Unknown, between September 25th and 30th, 2008 (following directly after In The Beginning) - In the middle of Dean yelling at him about using his powers, Sam gets a call from a fellow Hunter, who tells the boys to go to Carthage, Missouri, and deal with a guy undergoing a Metamorphosis. The boys spend 3 days (including the night shared with the previous episode) dealing with a Rugaru.

October 3rd to 6th, 2008 - The boys find themselves in a makeshift Monster Movie, during Oktoberfest in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. They spend 4 days there.
-It appears most places in Pennsylvania hold Oktoberfest on the first weekend of October.

~October 13th or 20th, 2008 - Dean gets infected by a ghost sickness, perhaps called Yellow Fever, in Rock Ridge, Colorado, and Sam has 48 hours to find a cure. The episode takes place over a 48 period that spans 3 calendar days, beginning on a Monday. Oddly enough, the end scene could possibly take place on a 4th day, as all characters have changed clothes.
-Sam tells us that the autopsy occurred on a Monday morning, given the number of days spent in the episode, it is unlikely to be the 27th.

October 29th - November 1st, 2008 - A witch must make 3 blood sacrifices in order to to raise Samhain, while the Winchesters spend 4 days trying to track her down and talking to angels about unnescessary smiting. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

~November 5th, 2008 - The Winchesters head to Concrete, Washington, to save some women in showers, but discover that it was all just Wishful Thinking. They spend at least 3 days in the episode.
-Given the conversation at the beginning of the episode, it's a fair to say that it isn't long after the previous episode, as I doubt Sam would wait that long to confront Dean about what Uriel told him - however, that's the only bases I have for the date, so take it with a grain of salt.
-Dean tells Wes that on Thursdays, they're Teddy Bear doctors. By my estimation they were Teddy Bear doctors on the second day of the episode. It was really hard to count the days though.

~November 7th to 19th, 2008 - The Winchester meet Anna Milton and try to keep her safe from both angels and demons. This two part episode spans 12 days (9 in the first ep, 5 in the last ep - excluding shared night), from the time Anna escapes from the mental instution, to the conversation between Sam and Dean at the side of the road at the end of the second episode, during that time they drive 3 days to find Anna, then to Bobby's house, then Dean drives to Pamela's house twice. Then they drive to Kentucky. (I Know What You Did Last Summer - Heaven & Hell)
-Dean tells Sam that the hospital is a three day drive from where they are when Ruby informs them of Anna's escape. In the second part of the episode, Dean both drives Pamela from and to her home, which is at least 5 hours away from Bobby's, as we know from the fact given in Lazarus Rising that she lives 4 hours outside of Pontiac Illinois. We know it is mid November, because 1)the doctor at the hospital tells us that Anna was perfectly healthy 2 months ago, and we know from Anna that she didn't start hearing voices until Sept. 18th. 2)Anna's psych evaluation states that she was admitted on 09/10/08, which we'll have to assume is day/month/year, since she was still angel-free on Sept. 10th. 3)The flashbacks of Sam say 'Six Months Earlier' which place them in mid-late May, just after Dean's death.

~December 2nd, 2008 (Or ~Mid/Late December, 2008) - The Winchesters spend 3 days finding some interesting Family Remains in Nebraska.
-See Death Takes a Holiday notes for reasoning behind date. Personally though, I prefer the first option, since I highly doubt a family would move that close to Christmas.
- Sam says they've been chasing cases for a month since Dean told him about hell, however, in order for Death Takes a Holiday to take place on a solstice, we have to assume that Sam is exaggerating, and it's really only been about two weeks...it just feels like a month.

~December 5th, 2008 (Or ~December 28th, 2008) - We see 5 days of magic week in Sioux City, Iowa, where everyone agrees that Criss Angel is a Douche Bag.
-Date based on Death Takes a Holiday.
-Sidenote: we learn that 34 seals have been broken by this point.

~December 10th, 2008 (Or ~January 2nd, 2009) - The Winchesters spend at least 5 days at Truman High in Fairfax, Indiana, investigating an odd series of possessions and reflecting on their own high school experience. (After School Special)
-Date based on Death Takes a Holiday

~December 15th, 2008 (Or ~January 7th, 2009) - The boys head to Bedford, Iowa, where there is plenty of Sex and Violence. They spend at least 4 days hunting a Siren
-Please note, it is very hard to count days in this episode. Also note that if we want to go for believable, there is no way that the end scene is still in Iowa, no place in Iowa has Vancouver-like bridges or shipyards.
-Date based on
Death Takes a Holiday

December 19th-Dec 22nd, 2008 (Or ~January 11th-14th, 2009 – see notes) - Sam and Dean get a call and find out that even Death Takes a Holiday sometimes, because no one has died in Greybull, Wyoming, for the last 10 days. They spend at least 4 days trying to figure out why.
-Sam tells Dean, on the estimated second day of the episode, that the reapers have to be killed under the solstice moon, which is 'tomorrow night'.
-Ok, this episode is extremely problematic. Solstices are either in December or June, and there is no possible way that this could take place in June, given the weather and the fact that there is snow in the episode after it. Therefore, it HAS to take place in December. That means that all episodes between Family Remains and this one have to occur back-to-back, and the Winchesters can't spend more than a day getting to places, and Sam had to have been exaggerating when he said it had been a month since the roadside confession in Heaven and Hell. It's the only way to get to this episode in time for the solstice.
-That being said, Cole Griffith died “10 days ago” and his death was announced on January 2nd, 2009 (as seen on Dean’s computer). His gravestone also reads 2009, which probably means that he died January 1st, 2009 - which would place this episode in January, well after the solstice. Personally, I’d prefer basing the timeline around the solstice date and not the split-second glimpse of obituaries on a computer screen. However, if we were to base it off the computer screen, then this episode would take place around January 12, 2009. Adjusting the episodes backwards, we could say that Sam WASN’T exaggerating when he indicated that a month had passed between Heaven and Hell and Family Remains).

-Also, going off the solstice date makes much more sense for episodes like After School Special, which could not take place over Christmas. It’s either that, or you could take a combination of the two optional timelines. You could claim that Sam was exaggerating and that Family Remains took place only two weeks after Heaven and Hell, and that After School Special took place December 10th, but then there was a greater gap between After School Special and Sex and Violence, or a greater gap between Sex and Violence and Death Takes a Holiday.

End of December, 2008 (Or Mid January) - Angels may dance On The Head Of A Pin, but they apparently can't torture demons without Dean Winchester's help. We spend at least 3 days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (days may not be consecutive)(Dean is only conscious for the first night, the rest of the time he's recovering and Castiel is trying to figure out what went wrong). The boys have just come from Pamela's funeral, so we can assume that this episode takes place at most 3 or 4 days after the last episode.
-See Death Takes a Holiday notes for details on date.
-Another important thing we learn in this episode is the fact that John Winchester was in hell for "close to a century (in hell years)"...this fits in well with the July 19th death-date that I have listed for John in S2.

~March 1st, 2009 - Dean Smith and Sam Wesson both start new jobs at Sandover Bridge and Iron Inc.
-In It's a Terrible Life, Dean and Sam both say that they started working at the company 3 weeks ago. The fact that they both started at the same time, to me, indicates that they actually HAVE been working there the full 3 weeks before meeting up, and the only false memories in their heads are the ones from before their starting date.

~March 24th, 2009 - Dean and Sam discover It's a Terrible Life in corporate America, when, over the course of 5 days, a ghost starts picking off their co-workers, and they both begin to feel like they were meant for other things.
-Paul Dunbar, the first dude to commit suicide, was set to retire in 2 weeks, on April 14, 2009, according to Dean's computer.

Unknown, 2009 - While investigating a haunting, the Winchesters discover a book series about their lives. They spend 3 days tracking down the author, Carver Edlund aka Chuck Shirley, to try to find out who The Monster At The End Of This Book is.

~April 17th, 2009 - After answering a call on their dad's old cell phone, Dean and Sam drive to Windom, Minnesota, where they discover that they have a half-brother named Adam Milligan. There are 3 days between Kate Milligan's death and Dean and Sam's arrival in Windom. Dean and Sam spend at least 2 days getting to know Adam, so in total this episode spans a total of 5 days (Jump the Shark).
-Date based off information in When The Levee Breaks

~May 3rd, 2009 - Sam and Dean find out all about The Rapture of Jimmy Novak, when they go to meet Castiel and discover that he's been dragged out of his vessel and back to heaven. The boys spend 3 days trying to protect Jimmy's family from demons. They travel from their undisclosed first location to Pontiac, Illinois, and then at the end to Bobby's house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
- NOTE: according to a network treatment of the script (http://anteka.livejournal.com/666729.html) Jimmy is first contacted by Castiel on Christmas eve 2007, is tested with the boiling water in March 2008, and accepts possession in September 2008.

~May 8th 2009 - We find out what happens When the Levee Breaks, as Dean tries to force Sam into detox and the gulf between the brothers grows. It's hard to tell how many days Sam spends in the panic room, but by my estimate the episode covers about 5 days. We spend most of the episode at Bobby's in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but once Sam breaks lose he travels to James Town, North Dakota, and then on to Elk River and Cold Spring, Unknown state.
-Sam askes Ruby where she's been for the past 3 weeks - here we will have to assume that it was after the blood-letting in Jump the Shark that Sam first failed to get a hold of Ruby for a fresh dose.

Wednesday May 13th- Thursday 14th, 2009 - The boys fail to prevent Lucifer Rising. We pick up the day after the ending of the previous episode and spend 2 days with the boys. Sam kidnaps a nurse from an undisclosed location the first night and travels to Ilchester, Maryland, to kill Lilith the second night.
-When Sam checks his cellphone and sees that he has a message from Dean, the display states the date. It also says that the time is 7:13pm.

---SEASON 5-----

Thursday May 14th - ~Sunday May 17, 2009 - There is little Sympathy For The Devil as the Winchesters begin to regroup after Lucifer's rising. They spend approx. 3 to 4 days traveling from Ilchester, Maryland, to Baltimore (by plane), to Chuck's house, and, presumably, a city close to Chuck's house.
-The clock on the car radio in the rental says 11:58 (pm, assumed, given that it’s night time). Sam had to kill Lilith at midnight, so the time on the clock could very well be a full 24 hours after Lucifer rose. This would account for the time it would take to get off the airplane and rent a car. Either that, or the clock is simply wrong. Day count includes the 14th.

Unknown between May 27th and May 31st, 2009 - Good God Y'All, after a phone call from Rufus, the boys leave their unknown city in the east and drive to River Pass, Colorado, where it's War. Estimated at least a 1 day trip to get to Colorado from where they were, means that they spend around 4 or 5 days in this episode. (2 days are spent in River Pass, the conversation at the end could take place on a 3rd day, based solely on Sam changing his shirt, the choice is yours).
-Dean says at the beginning that Bobby hasn't spoken in 3 days, which would put this episode between ~May 20th - 25th. However, we do not know whether he stopped talking immediately after the last episode or not, so unfortunarely that tells us nothing. We learn from the citizens of River Pass though, that War showed up "last wednesday". If we assume that Bobby fell silent immediately after the last episode, that would mean that War showed up the day after Rufus put in his distress call...which doesn’t make sense. People don't usually say "last wednesday" unless it is, or is after, another wednesday. War couldn’t have shown up BEFORE Lucifer rose, so, it's more likely that there's been a little more time between episodes. Since the boys are still hanging around the hospital though, it probably hasn't been too long, at most a week, I'd say.
-Dean’s X-ray has a date of “...4-09-2009” as it cannot be April or September already, this date has been disregarded.

June to August 25nd, 2009 OR The first-second week of June, 2009 (see notes) - Dean and Sam are Free to be You and Me, when they spend an unspecified time apart. We follow a 3 (or 4) day storyline for each Winchester. Sam's takes place in Garber, Oklahoma. Dean hunts vampires in Greeley, Pennsylvania, and then heads to Maine with Castiel.
-There are two ways to interpret the timing of this episode:
1. The boys spend a week apart - Dean hunts a vampire and Sam gets a job - before the events of the episode take place.
2. The boys have spent nearly 3 months apart: The date spotted on Sam's laptop on the second day of his storyline - 08/23/09, 3:38pm - would mean that the boys have actually spent almost 3 months apart.
Let's look at the supporting evidence for both:
- Lindsey tells Sam that he blew into town "last week" - this would support the one week theory; though, one could also argue that Sam may not have given up the normadic lifestyle, and this might not be his first stop since leaving Dean.
- I find it doubtful that Cas would go almost three months without contacting Dean; however, the two storylines we are seeing may NOT actually be happening simultaneously. It is possible that we are seeing Dean in June and Sam in August.
-The next episode - The End - may also take place in August. Given that Sam calls Dean with the news from Lucifer at the beginning of that episode, it is likely that it follows shortly after this one, as I doubt Sam would keep the information from his brother for long. That being said, The End might not actually take place in August either - see The End notes.

3. The Third Option: Both storylines take place in August, after an unseen two months apart
-In Supernatural The Official Companion Season 5, there is a mock up of a tabloid article about the Gas Station fire that Dean and Cas investigate in order to find Raphael. The tabloid is dated August 21st, 2010...now, the problem with this is that it’s not 2010 yet (however, it was 2010 when they were putting together the Official Companion).

~August 25th, 2009 OR Mid June, 2009 - Dean finds out what happens in The End, when Zachariah transports him 5 years into the future to August 2014. At the beginning of the episode, Dean has just driven "16 hours" to Kansas City. He spends 3 days in the future, but only 4 hours pass in 2009. Dean then meets back up with Sam either that same day or after traveling to the meeting point.
-Dean is transported to August 2014 – the Newspaper Zach shows him says August 4th, the City-sign says August 1st - either he was transported there because that is when the final show down with Lucifer takes place, or he was transported there because it happens to be EXACTLY 5 years in the future. However...
-Dean says that he is from the "tail-end" of 2009 - which would support the August, 2009 date more than the June date.
-Another interesting thing to note is that Dean said he drove "16 hours" to get to Kansas City - we last saw him in Maine, which is considerably further than a 16 hour drive. This could support the idea that the storylines we see in Free to Be You and Me are actually not occuring simultaneously...if we believe that Sam would have called Dean immediately after his visit from Lucifer, which I personally do.

Saturday – Wednesday, Mid September OR Early July, 2009 (3 weeks after The End) - Dean and Sam encounter many a Fallen Idol as famous people begin to kill their super-fans in Canton, Ohio. We spend 5 days with the Winchesters as they hunt Leshi, the forest god.
-Dean says they've spent 3 weeks looking for the Colt.
-Sam is researching Leschii on the fourth day of the episode, and the website he’s on informs us that it’s a Tuesday.
-On the third day, Sam and Dean go to the Wax Museum at 4:30pm. It is a Monday.

Unknown, 2009 - "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" is something Sam might have said, as he and Dean drove from Alliance to Elk Creek, Nebraska, and then back again, when the Winchesters meet Jesse - the most adorable Anti-Christ ever. They spend at least 3 days in this episode.
-It's 9 hours driving time between Alliance and Elk Creek - I'm assuming that Dean and Sam drive all night to get to Elk Creek on the evening of the second day - meet Jesse's mother in the morning of the third day, and then drive back to Alliance - arriving in the evening of the third day

November, 2009 - It's The Curious Case of Dean Winchester, after Bobby leads the boys into a dangerous high-stakes poker game in an unknown location (though relatively close to Bobby's house). The Winchester part of the episode takes place over 3 days.
-The missing person, Cliff, gets an hourly rate at a motel every Tuesday. Dean finds an old receipt in a jacket pocket at his house. Dean's thumb covers the date on the receipt, but you can see what looks like "Tues. 11/-" which would make it November. (Americans write their dates MM/DD/YY)
- In my opinion, this supports the hypothesis that the Winchester's were separated for 3 months between Good God Y'all and Free To Be You And Me, instead of one week, and that the two separate storylines of Free To Be You And Me did not occur simultaneously.

Unknown Friday - We discover that Dean is a closet Dr. Sexy MD fan when Sam catches him not Changing Channels when the show comes on. The brothers then get trapped in TVland for at least 2 days in Wellington, Ohio.
-Dean looks up the article on the victim on a Friday ("Guardian Archives" list days in descending order as "yesterday, wednesday, tuesday, monday, etc...)
-Castiel tells the brothers that they've been missing "for days" when he runs onto the set of the game show. We do not know the last time that Dean contacted Castiel, but we do know that the sitcom (which came after the game show) was only two days after the day they started investigating the Hulk case. So, either Dean forgot to check in with Castiel before they got trapped by the Trickster, or Castiel is exaggerating a little bit.

Unknown - Sam and Dean drive all night to see Chuck at an unknown location, only to discover they've been duped into attending the first ever Supernatural convention. They spend 2 days finding out who The Real Ghostbusters are.
-The actress at the convention works at a Hooters in Toledo, Ohio. In my opinion, this episode must take place somewhere close to there, as I doubt she’d go very far afield for this type of gig.

Unknown - Unknown Friday - It might be time to Abandon All Hope, when the Hunters all get together to try to kill Lucifer in Carthage, Missouri. The meeting with Crowley and everything that follows all happens within the span of one week, but it is impossible to give an accurate day-count. We know that the events in Cathage occur on a Thursday. We witness approx. 3 days during the episode, but there is no way to tell how much time passes between the events that we see. (ie: between Castiel tracking down Crowley, and Jo’s ruse to get inside the mansion, or between getting the Colt and the party the night before Carthage, or between Carthage and the “funeral” for Ellen and Jo).
-Crowley says that Lucifer will be in Carthage on Thursday. I’ve assumed, for the sake of the timeline, that the “Funeral” for Ellen and Jo is held by Bobby and the boys on the Friday. That being said, Bobby technically needed time to get that picture developed...unless he has a dark room we don’t know about. So some lee-way could be taken with the amount of time between Carthage and the “funeral.”

Unknown - a “few weeks” after Abandon All Hope – The boys spend 3 days in Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital in Ketchum, Oklahoma, where they promptly go crazy trying to hunt a Wraith. (Sam, Interrupted)
-There IS a date in this episode of 09/11/09 (on the Winchesters’ psychiatric report), which by American dating standards would be September 9th, 2009. There is a problem with using this date though: 1. It’s the same date that appears on the first victim’s psychiatric report as the date she was admitted – even though we know she has been there far longer than they have. 2. The psychiatric report about Sam and Dean (or “Alex and Edward”) already has the results of the meeting they are in typed out on the report. 3. As much as I have very little to base the other dates so far this season on, I highly doubt they’d only be in September – Supernatural has a tendency to follow the year as we watch. So, in conclusion, I’m ignoring the dates on the report – you can disagree if you want though. If it IS September, that doesn’t support the 3 month separation theory.

Unknown (mid-week) – Dean and Sam spend 2 days in Housatonic, Massachusetts, when an amateur warlock finds a way to Swap Meat-suits with Sam. Gary spends approx. 24 hours in Sam’s body.
-A booklet in Gary’s locker says “Advanced Placement Physics – Notice of Exam – Dec. 11th”; however, this is a kid’s locker, there’s no telling how long that booklet has been in there for.

Unknown, 2010 – The Winchesters spend one night in 1978’s Lawrence, Kansas, trying to save their parents, but sadly The Song Remains The Same. Their location in the present is unknown. In the present, they change clothes before Cas comes back, so there’s no real way of knowing how much time passes between the Winchester’s return to the present and Castiel’s return.
-Dean informs Mary that they are from 2010.
-We do not know how long Castiel stayed in 1978 before returning.

February 14th – 17th, 2010 – It’s one big My Bloody Valentine when Famine rolls into an unnamed town and starts causing people to kill themselves and each other in the throes of hunger. Sam, Dean, and Castiel, spend 4 days on the case, and then head to Bobby’s in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
-Sam says that it’s Valentine’s Day just after he returns from interviewing the friend of the opening victim.
-According to the container holding the heart of one of the double suicide victims, the autopsy was performed on 02/15/10 at 10:24 – which means that the guy was working on Valentine’s Day! It also means that the restaurant that Dean, Sam, and Castiel go to in order to find Cupid is late taking down its Valentine’s Day decorations.
-The dead Coroner’s toe-tag is dated 02/17. He died that morning, and Dean and Castiel follow his soul to the final showdown with Famine.
-It is unclear whether they are close enough to make it to Bobby’s on the same night, or if the final scene takes place a day or more later – if it is a day later, then the day could would be 5, and the date the episode ended would be the 18th.

Either February 24-26th or March 3rd-5th, 2010 – We discover that Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, when the dead start rising near Bobby’s house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We spend 3 days with the boys, but the dead began to rise 4 days before the episode began.
-Bobby says that the thunderstorms aren’t that unusual for South Dakota in February.
-Clay came back from the dead 3 days before the Winchesters break into his house (which they do the evening of the first day they are in town).
-Dean says “Another Horseman, great, must be Thursday”, while this line is really a breaking-the-fourth-wall joke, canon-Dean does not know he’s on a TV show that airs on Thursday – so we have to assume that he chose to say Thursday because it actually is Thursday. He says this line on the second day, so therefore the episode actually starts on a Wednesday.
-We know the boys have been away from Bobby’s house before the episode begins, or else Bobby’s wife wouldn’t have come as a surprise. So, your take on when the episode takes place, depends on how long you think it took Sam to detox. Personally, I see the episode occurring in the first week of March, with the thunderstorms the boys are referring to having been the week before (in February).

Unknown, 2010 – Sam and Dean are shot and killed by two Hunters. They are only dead for a few hours presumably, and they most likely leave shortly after being resurrected. Their location is unknown. (Dark Side of the Moon)

Unknown (possibly mid to late March), 2010 – Sam and Dean have 99 Problems when they find the Whore of Babylon in Blue Earth, Minnesota. They spend at least 3 days in Blue Earth, and Dean’s final scene is on a 4th day in Cicero, Indiana.
-Dean says that the world is going to end in a month or two – I can only assume he is choosing the foretold event in Detroit as “the end.” If we assume Abandon All Hope took place in November, than that would make Detroit take place in May (which is consistent with how the show usually makes their season finale match up with the date it airs), which would in turn put this episode sometime in March.
-Interesting fact: Blue Earth is also where Pastor Jim lived and was killed back in S1.

Unknown (possibly mid to late March) (the same day, or the day after the final scene of 99 Problems), 2010 – The boys reach the Point of No Return after Sam tracks Dean down in Cicero, Indiana, and gets him back to Bobby’s in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They spend one day at Bobby’s, and then one day getting Castiel to zap them to Van Nuys, California, in order to rescue Adam.
-After Castiel disappears, they steal a truck to presumably get back to Bobby’s for their car, so no travel time needs to be added for the trip from South Dakota to California, but travel needs to be taken into account between this episode and the next one.

Unknown, 2010 (possibly only a day or two after the events of Point of No Return, based on general location) – Dean and Sam find themselves corralled into a swanky roadside hotel, which just so happens to be playing host to a conference of Pagan gods. The episode takes place probably within the span of 12 hours, but covering 2 calendar days. (Hammer of the Gods).
-The Winchesters were travelling down the I-90 when they were forced to take a detour, this would place them in the northern US, perhaps just traveling away from Bobby’s house, where they would have gone to pick up the Impala after the events of Point of No Return.
-Dean is concerned because Sam hasn’t slept much the past week – whether he hasn’t slept because this is shortly after the events of Point of No Return, no one says. Nor is it mentioned how long Castiel and Adam have been missing.The cuts on Dean’s face have healed, but on Supernatural, that means very little.

Unknown, 2010 (a few days after Hammer of the Gods) – Crowley introduces Sam to The Devil You Know, when the boys take two days to track down and destroy the Horsemans’ stable boy, in West Nevada. We spend at least 2 days with the Winchesters, and then a third day with Bobby.
-When Crowley is giving Dean directions, he talks about the intersection of 50 and 93 North, this would place them somewhere around Ely, Nevada.
-They’ve already tracked Pestilence through 4 towns. It’s also been and a half since “those statues started crying.” These are our only clues as to how much time has passed between episodes. That being said, Brady lifts up the same Weekend Edition of the paper that we saw in the final scene of the previous episode – which suggests that it has perhaps only been a few days.

Unknown Sunday-Thursday, 2010It’s Two Minutes to Midnight as the apocalypse looms and Sam and Dean are running out of time to prevent the end of life as they know it. The boys travel between Bobby’s place in Souix Falls, South Dakota; Davenport, Iowa; Chicago, Illinois; and an unnamed location (possibly Nevada) where the Niveus plant is located. We spend at least 5 days in this episode.
-The Niveus shipment is set to be distributed on Wednesday according to the article that Crowley shows Sam. When Bobby, Sam, and Cas go to prevent the shipment, it is on the day that it is being shipped.
-It’s 9 hours driving time between Sioux Falls and Chicago, but it seems that Dean drives to Chicago the night before, foregoing sleep in order to get there the next day.

Unknown, 2010 – We watch Sam’s Swan Song, as the boys decide to go through with Sam’s plan of saying yes to Lucifer in order to trap him in the whole. Including estimated driving times, we spend at least 3 days with the boys: One day preparing, one day for the showdown, and one day with Dean dealing with the immediate aftermath. They travel from Sioux Falls, SD, to Detroit, MI, to Lawrence, KS, and then Dean drives back to Sioux Falls before heading on to Cicero, Indiana. The final scene, in which Dean eats dinner with Lisa and Ben, happens on an unspecified date sometime after the events of the episode.
-The season finales are usually set in May. So, if you are in dire need of an approx. date for this episode, May would be your best bet.

Unknown (A week after Swan Song), 2010 – Bobby hunts a Rugaru outside of Dayton, Ohio.


SEASON 6 TIMELINE (<---Click it! It's a link to the S6 timeline!)
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2009-09-22 11:49 am
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Pre-Series Timeline


March 4-5, 1861 – Two very clean strangers show up in Sunrise Wyoming looking for Samuel Colt. (Frontierland)

– John Winchester is born. (What Is And What Should Never Be)

December 4, 1954 – Mary Winchester (Nee Campbell) is born. (year - Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, date – What Is And What Should Never Be)
-The article on the plane crash in the DjinnWish-verse in WIAWSNB is dated December 5th, Newspaper report on events the day AFTER they happen, which means that the plane crash actually occurred on December 4th, therefore when Dean watches (I’m assuming the 11 o’clock) news after celebrating Mary’s birthday in the DjinnWish-verse and they say that it is one year anniversary of the crash, it would mean that it is December 4th

April 24, 1967 – The Impala rolls off the assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin. (Swan Song)

October 1972 - 8 Nuns are disemboweled at St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland. (Lucifer Rising)
-The newspaper Sam reads this from is dated October 16th, 1972.

April 30th, 1973 - John Winchester buys a 1967 Impala on the recommendation of a stranger. (In The Beginning)

May 2nd, 1973 - John Winchester proposes to Mary Campbell (In The Beginning)
- Samuel and Deanna Campbell are murdered (In The Beginning)

One night around April/May 1978 – Anna attempts to kill John and Mary Winchester. They end up with no memories of the encounter or the two Hunters that helped them. At this time, John and Mary live at the address 485 Robintree, Lawrence, Kansas. It is not the same house as the Sam and Dean’s childhood home. (The Song Remains The Same)
-Mary is pregnant with Dean, but it is still very early in the pregnancy.

January 24th 1979 - Dean is born

May 2nd, 1983 - Sam is born

Between May and November 1983 – John and Mary have a fight and John leaves home for a few days. (Dark Side of the Moon)

November 2nd 1983 - Mary Dies

1985/1986 – John takes Dean shooting for the first time.

April 7th, 1985 - Jo Harvelle is born (Hunters Log - S2 DVD special features)

March 1985 - a meteor is seen over Kentucky. (Heaven and Hell)

December 1985 - Anna Milton is born. (Heaven and Hell)

~1989/1990 - A Shtriga almost kills Sam in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin (Something Wicked)
-(I've also seen this year referenced as 1988 with a citation to John Winchester's Journal)

January 1990 - John Winchester investigates a series of grave robbings in Windom, Minnesota. (Jump the Shark)

September 29th, 1990 - Adam Milligan is born. (Jump the Shark)

December 25, 1991 - Sam and Dean spend Christmas alone in Broken Bow, Nebraska, while John is on a hunt. (A Very Supernatural Christmas)

Summer 1994 – Sam and Dean spend a portion of the summer being looked after by Donna, a babysitter (and maid at the Mayflower) in Housatonic, Massachusetts, while their father hunts. On one occasion, John is gone for two weeks. It is the summer before Sam enters 6th grade, and he assigns himself a summer reading list. Dean possibly has a crush on Donna. (Swap Meat)
-Year estimated by assuming Sam was 11 when he entered 6th grade.

Unknown – One or both boys go to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on a field trip. (Dark Side of the Moon)

November 24th, 1994 (Thanksgiving) – Sam has his first traditional Thanksgiving dinner at his friend Stephanie’s house. He has been attending a school called McKinley for two weeks. (Dark Side of the Moon)

1995 - Sam wins a division championship soccer trophy (Bad Day at Black Rock)
- While Sam waits in the car, Dean kills something (most likely a werewolf) with a silver-arrow to the heart while on a hunt with his father and "embraces the life" of a hunter.(Bloodlust)

May 16th, 1995 - William (Bill) Anthony Harvelle is killed while on a hunt with John.(Hunters Log - S2 DVD special features)

July 4th, 1996 – Sam and Dean “burned down that field” when they set off their own fireworks display. (Dark Side of the Moon)

Unknown (presumably when Sam is a teenager) – Sam runs away for two weeks and lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. He befriends a dog, who he names Bones. Dean fears he is dead and gets in trouble for Sam leaving “on his watch.” (Dark Side of the Moon).

~1996/1997 - at the age of 13, Sam experiences a brief phase where he wants to be a magician. (Chriss Angel Is A Douchebag)

Summer 1997 - The Winchesters hunt a werewolf (After School Special).
-There is an inconsistency in After School Special, because it informs us that it is 1997, and Sam says it's November, but in the High School there are "class of 97" banners everywhere, which would indicate that the graduating class is going to graduate in June 1997, which would make it November 1996. That being said, the caption on the episode itself informs us that it is 1997.

November 1997 - Sam and Dean attend Truman High in Fairfax, Indiana, for 3 or 4 weeks, while John is on a hunt that was originally supposed to be 2 weeks but ended up taking longer than expected. (Dean is in 12th Grade. It is the third school they have attended since September.) (After School Special)
-There is an inconsistency in After School Special, because it informs us that it is 1997, and Sam says it's November, but in the High School there are "class of 97" banners everywhere, which would indicate that the graduating class is going to graduate in June 1997.That being said, the caption on the episode itself informs us that it is 1997.

~1998 - Sam is a mathlete (Metamorphosis).

~September 1998 - Dean takes a roadtrip alone, while Sam and John are in Orlando, Florida, hunting a banshee. He meets Lisa Braeden. (The Kids Are Alright)

Late May or Early June, 1999 – Ben Braeden is born. (The Kids Are Alright)

2002 - Sam leaves for Stanford.

2002/2003 - Adam Milligan meets John Winchester. (Adam states that he is 12 at the time) (Jump the Shark).

Thanksgiving 2003 - Sam's friend Brady returns from holiday and begins to get into drugs. Sam attempts to help. (The Devil You Know).

A Spring either in 2003 or 2004 - Dean dates Cassie Robinson in Athens, Ohio, for a few weeks, while she finishes up her senior year of college (at Ohio University). Personal Opinion - Spring 2003. (Route 666)

Sometime in early 2004 - Sam begins dating Jessica, after being introduced by his friend Brady. (Route 666 - Sam said he dated Jessica for a year and a half) (The Devil You Know - Sam tells us that Brady introduced him to Jess.)

Summer 2005 - John teaches Adam Milligan to drive using the Impala. (Jump the Shark)
- Adam claims he was 15 when John taught him to drive in the Impala, but that's impossible given that Dean had sole possession of the car while Adam was 15. So, John must have taught him the summer he was 14.
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Timelining even when I didn't mean to be...

So, since it was 2am and I hadn't accomplished anything yet today, I figured "Why start now!" and I loaded up youtube and decided to find an episode of Supernatural in German...because that is what I do sometimes. The voices might be lame, but it's a fun way for me not to forget how to understand German.

I found What Is And What Should Never Be (Wie es ist und wie es niemals sein sollte).

And I got to part 3 of 5, when Dean is scanning through the internet discovering all the people who died because him and Sam weren't hunting evil...and there, right on screen, was a DATE.

Short story shorter: I can now accurately, (with an error margin of +-1day), place a date on Phantom Traveler.

So, my AWESOME TIMELINE has been updated. It is now AWESOMER.

This Timeline update brought to you by: German, YouTube, and the number 5.

ALSO!! In this episode Bitch/Jerk is translated as Mistkerl/Idiot (Shithead?- literally "manure guy"/Idiot is pretty obvious). I asked a SPN community months ago what the German translation was, and as I recall, no one could tell me definitively. So, I'm happy I finally found an episode that had it.

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Timeline: Season 2

I didn't have time to watch any episodes today, so I don't have any new reviews to post this evening. So, instead...

...*drum roll even though you have already read the subject line*....

Timeline: Season 2 )


Just to reiterate:

Mainly, my goals for this timeline were:
1)Finding dates using only information provided by the episodes.
2)Keep track of how many days the boys spend in each episode.

As I worked on it, two lesser goals occurred as well:
1)Figure out where they are -mainly for the purposes of estimating driving time.
2)Try to work the episode title into a sentence - because it's fun!
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Timeline: Season 1 (+2x01)

Ok, so I figured I would go ahead and post my Timeline for Season 1. I was going to try to make it fancier before I posted it, but quite frankly I can't really be bothered! Plus, it's mostly for my own personal reference - but just in case others were interested, or wanted to offer feedback, I figured I would post it.

It does differ slightly form the other timeline's I've found. Mostly it agrees with the Winchester-Journals' Timeline, but there are a few points where we differ.

I didn't bother putting all the pre-story facts in like Winchester-Journals so kindly does, mainly because that's an awful lot of work. There are a few, but only dates relating to the Winchesters.

Mainly, my goals for this timeline were:
1)Finding dates using only information provided by the episodes.
2)Keep track of how many days the boys spend in each episode.

As I worked on it, two lesser goals occured as well:
1)Figure out where they are -mainly for the purposes of estimating driving time.
2)Try to work the episode title into a sentence - because it's fun!


S1 Timeline +2x01 )


Feedback is appreciated!
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Supernatural Timeline: Master Post

The most accurate Supernatural Timeline on the Internet!


My goals for this timeline were:
1) Finding dates using only information provided by the episodes. Priority of information sources: A)Dialog, B)Art Department, C)Other Official Sources, D)Conjecture.
2) Keep track of how many days the boys spend in each episode.

As I worked on it, two lesser goals occurred as well:
1) Record locations - mainly for the purposes of estimating driving time.
2) Try to work the episode title into a sentence - because it's fun!

-Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
-Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
-Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)
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Timeline: S10 - S11

Season 10

NOTE: In S6 and S8 there are one year time jumps. However, the Supernatural team did not actually skip a year chronologically. I've listed the dates below as they appear in the narrative, but you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed below. See note before the S6-S7 timeline for details.

Mid-Late June 2014 – At some point, Sam and Cas go on a hunt together to try to find Dean. Possibly due to Cas’ failing health, Sam ends up having his shoulder injured by a demon. (Black)

~ End of June – July 29-31, 2014 – Sam searches for any sign of his missing brother over the course of 4 weeks. Then, we spend 3 calendar days with Dean and his new Black eyes in Beulah, ND. Sam eventually finds and follows clues from the Bunker to Portage, WI, and then towards Beulah, ND, though he never quite makes it there. Meanwhile, we spend an unknown amount of time (possibly only a day) with Cas and Hannah, as they try to track down a pair of angels who refuse to return to Heaven.
- While Sam is looking at Crop reports on the computer, we see that he’s looking at the reports for May 2014. It seems that perhaps the props/art department decided that the S9 finale must have happened in May – however, I like keeping my dates, so I’m going to assume that Sam was looking at May in order to compare them to June.
- Dean says that he got the memo about the turning into a demon “six weeks ago” – which to me is a reference to the S9 finale.
- Crowley says that everything he’s done for Dean “in the past 6 months, since the Mark...” has been a favour. If Dean got the Mark six months ago, that would put this episode in June, not July – and that doesn’t work with the dates in the S9 finale as I have them... so, you could either push the dates back, or you could believe that Crowley was speaking imprecisely.
- We spend 4 weeks with Sam, but only two 24 hours periods with Dean. Dean starts the episode on Karaoke night at the bar and also ends the episode on a Karaoke night at the bar. We can see by the advertisements in the bar that Karaoke nights are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Having the episode span Tuesday-Thursday night works well for the amount of time that we see pass for Dean and Crowley.
- It’s a 10 hour drive from Lebanon, KS, to Portage, WI, and also a 10 hour drive from Portage, WI, to Beulah, ND. It’s hard to determine whether the phone call between Sam and Crowley happened on Wednesday or Thursday, but my guess would be Thursday, given that Crowley tells Dean to take the night to “think about it” – so he had to have been confident that Sam wouldn’t reach them too quickly.

August 1 – August 2, 2014 – Sam continues to hunt down Dean. Castiel and Hannah try to join, but Cas’ illness gets them into a car accident and they spend a night at a mechanic’s house instead, and then Hannah makes a detour in order to talk to Metatron about Castiel’s missing grace. We spend approx. 2 days in this episode, mostly either at undisclosed locations on the road to or in Beulah, ND. (Reichenbach)
- Cole’s father dies on June 21, 2003.
August 2 – August 3, 2014 – As the Soul Survivor (in human form) of the Winchester family, Sam spends an unknown number of hours (over two calendar days) trying to un-demonize Dean in the Bunker, in Lebanon, KS. Meanwhile, Cas and Hannah continue their journey to meet up with Sam, getting waylaid by rogue angels and Crowley along the way.
- It’s an 11 hour drive from Beulah, ND to Lebanon, KS, which means that Sam and Dean probably arrived at the Bunker in the evening of August 2nd. Sam then went out to acquire blessed-blood before starting the ritual.

Unknown, 2014 – Sam and Dean try to take a vacation by driving up to Washington state, but quickly decide to take care of whatever is causing some local “animal attacks” first. The episode takes place over 2 days near Durham, WA, and the brothers only seem to travel within the state. (Paper Moon)
- I’m assuming the brothers were close to Durham when they decided to take the case, so no extra time has been added to the day count for travel.

Fall 2014 – The boys discover Supernatural Fan Fiction in the form of a high school musical, when they investigate the disappearance of a teacher in Flint, MI. We spend at least 2 days in this episode, but it is most likely more (see notes).
- It’s two days between when Sam and Dean hear about the case and when they realize that the musical has to be performed in order for them to save the missing people. However, it is an unknown length of time between that realization and the night of the performance.
- I’m assuming that since Dean read about the disappearance in a newspaper, they are relatively close to Flint, MI, at the beginning of the episode – as a disappearance would probably only be local or state news, rather than national.
- According to the newspaper, the teacher was kidnapped on Wednesday evening and has been missing three days. This would mean that the newspaper is a Sunday edition, which means that Sam and Dean may arrive at the school on the Monday, with Maggie’s disappearance occurring Monday night, and the discussion about Calliope happening on Tuesday. It’s unknown when performance night was.
- School is in session, which means that it must, at the very least, be September.

Unknown 2014 – Dean finds one of Bobby’s old cellphones and discovers that he’s been named in the will of a deceased heiress. Sam and Dean travel to New Canaan, CT, to collect, only to stumble into a murder mystery, where the easiest way to solve it might be to Ask Jeeves. We spend only one day in this episode.
- Although I usually add a day for traveling when the boys are shown to be somewhere in the opening scene, I’ve decided that since it was shown to be the morning, and the boys never change clothes, that they probably were only a few hours away at most when Dean discovered the cell message.

Unknown 2014 (shortly after previous episode) – A brothel run by demons leaves Dean and Sam chasing down a witch, who seems to also be interested in acquiring some Girls, Girls, Girls. Meanwhile, Hannah has a crisis of morals while out with Castiel. We spend 2 days with the boys somewhere in or near Missouri. Castiel and Hannah travel from unknown locations to unknown locations in an unknown amount of time.
- Dean tells Sam that their stopping for lunch at the Steakhouse because it’s the best/cheapest steak between Connecticut and the Bunker, which implies that they’re on their way home after the previous episode.
- Dean is meeting a girl from a dating site that lists her home state as Missouri, so it’s a safe bet that he is probably meeting her in Missouri, which means that the steakhouse is in Missouri.
- Sam tells us that they had to detour 8 hours in order to go to the steakhouse – from what I can tell, a trip to Missouri would only add another 4 hours at most to a trip from New Canaan, CT, to Lebanon, KS – so, either Sam and Dean ran into a lot of construction or traffic, or they decided to take the scenic route.

Unknown Friday and Saturday 2014 – Jody enters the Hibbing 911 zone to attend a Sheriff’s retreat, where she meets Sheriff Donna Hascum and finds a nest of vampires. This episode takes place over two days (assuming that Jody arrives early Friday morning) and has Sam and Dean traveling up from the Bunker to join the hunt on the second day.
- Sam and Dean still have the “night lighting” on in the Bunker, even though Jody calls them shortly after 9am on Friday. It’s possible that Dean has been awake all night.
- It’s about a 12 hour drive from Lebanon, KS, to Hibbing, MN. So that works with the timeframe of Sam and Dean leaving Friday morning and seeing Jody until Saturday morning.
- We know the retreat starts on a Friday because of the schedule posted in the lobby that Donna reads. The welcome speech by Sheriff Len is listed as occurring at 9am on Friday morning. The speech was very short and I’m assuming that Donna and Jody were reading the schedule soon after which was where they were told about the animal attack that prompted Jody to immediately call Sam and Dean.

Unknown 2014 – When Castiel starts thinking about The Things We Left Behind, it leads him back to Pontiac, IL, to find Claire Novak. We spent approx. 3 days in this episode, with Sam and Dean joining Cas on the third day.
- It takes around 10 hours to drive to Pontiac, IL, from Lebanon, KS, so Sam and Dean most likely drove all night as soon as Castiel called them.
- We find out that Claire was abandoned by her mother only a few months after their encounter with the demons and Castiel in S4. Claire’s grandmother eventually died, causing Claire to put into the foster-care system. We also learn that Jimmy Novak died when Castiel was “ripped apart on the subatomic level by an archangel”, which, arguably, first happened in 4x22 Lucifer Rising.

Unknown 2014 (shortly after previous episode) – The boys deal with the fallout of Dean’s massacre. Cas continues to try to reach out to Claire, while also getting Metatron from Heaven so that Sam and Dean can interrogate him for knowledge of the Mark of Cain. There are at least 2 days in this episode, but it’s extremely hard to count. Cas travels to several unknown locations, including the doorway to Heaven with Sam. (The Hunter Games)
- Sam refers the events of the previous episode as “that night”, so it occurred more than one day ago.

Unknown – Charlie decides that There’s No Place Like Home and returns from Oz, only she returns with her good and bad sides divided. Sam and Dean spent at least 24 hours trying to reunite Charlie with herself, while preventing Dark!Charlie from murdering the man who killed her parents. They travel between the Bunker, Topeka, and Junction City, Kansas. Charlie then spends 2 days recuperating before leaving, making the episode span AT LEAST 4 days.

Unknown (at least a week after the previous episode) – The boys travel to Pendelton, OR, where we find out About A Boy, when Dean ends up fourteen again. The opening montage of Dean researching takes place over 5-7 days, but the case takes place over only 4 days, at least 2 of which are spent driving between the Bunker and Pendelton.
- The teaser death (JP) happens on a Sunday
- Sam informs us that Dean hasn’t left the Bunker “in a week”, we can probably safely assume that he hasn’t been out of the Bunker since the events of the previous episode. In the last scene of the previous episode, Charlie tells us that she had already been back in the Bunker for 2 days before she left. If those add to the count of Dean’s “week” in the Bunker, than the opening montage takes place over 5 days.

Mid or Late March, 2015 – Sam and Dean track a ghost who died in a car accident that caused them to Halt and Catch Fire. They drive from the Bunker to Spencer, IO. We spent 4 days in his episode.
- The episode takes place at a college, where we’re told both that finals are coming up and also that “most of the students have already left on Spring Break.” Finals are usually in April, but Spring Break is usually in March for most university and colleges and in America. So, this college is either having early finals or a late spring break, or both – whichever the case, it’s probably safe to place this episode in mid to late March.

Late March or Early April, 2015 (a week after the previous episode) – When Cain starts a killing spree, it’s an Executioner’s Song, as Dean, Sam, and Cas, prepare to take on the Father of Murder. This episode takes place over at least 4 days, with the boys travelling from West Livingston, TX, to the Bunker, to Ohio, and then home again. Cas travels from Illinois to the Bunker, and then to Ohio with Sam and Dean, and then back to the Bunker again (with a detour to hide the First Blade somewhere.)
- Dean reference a conversation from the previous episode as happening “last week.”
- It takes 12 hours to drive from West Livingston, TX, to the Bunker. And 14 hours to drive from the Bunker to Ohio.

Unknown 2015 – Sam and Dean hunt a former soldier and discover The Things They Carried back from Iraq. The episode takes place over at last 3 days, with two of those days being devoted to getting from the Bunker to Fayetteville, NC. The hunt itself only takes one day. They have a very long night which might take them to a fourth day, but possibly not.
- The article about the death, and Cole’s emails, are all dated for January 8, 2015, but as that doesn’t fit into the timing for the rest of the episodes, I’m disregarding it. The production often uses the dates of filming in things like that, rather than dates that make sense for the story.

Unknown 2015 – The boys head to Worcester, MA, when there is a case of serial suicides connected by a catholic church. Meanwhile, in hell, Rowena finally convinces Crowley to help her get her revenge on the Grand Coven by capturing their leader. This episode takes place over at least 3 days. The boys are already on their way to MA when the episode begins. (Paint It Black)
- The ghost’s back-story takes place in 1520 in Florence, Italy.

Unknown 2015 – Sam and Cas use their Inside Man in Heaven to bust Metatron out in the hopes that he’ll be able to help Dean. Meanwhile, Dean hustles some pool and has a confrontation with Rowena. The episode takes place over 2 days. Sam and Cas travel from the Bunker to the unknown location of Heaven’s door, to another (local) unknown location of a psychic.
- The psychic has to live close to wherever the door to Heaven is, otherwise Sam and Cas would not be able to travel between the door and the psychic and back again in the same night.
- Also, the door to Heaven has to be within a day’s drive of Lebanon, KS, because Sam only told Dean that he’d be gone for one night.
- We’re told that Sam wakes up to Dean having a nightmare exactly 24 hours before Sam and Cas go to the psychic.

Unknown 2015 – Charlie returns with the Book of the Damned, only she’s followed by a mysterious occult family with ties to the book. Sam and Dean travel from the Bunker to meet up with her at one of Bobby’s cabins near Des Moines, IO. Meanwhile, Metatron leads Castiel to his grace. The bulk of the episode takes place over at least 3 days, with Sam meeting Rowena on a fourth day which is not consecutive.
- In the months since we’ve last seen Charlie, she has been to Russia and Alaska, according to Jacob Styne who followed her through those areas. Since her hunt for the book started in Italy, I’m thinking that her escape back to America might have been by traveling east, over the Bering Strait, rather than west over the Atlantic
- It only takes around 5 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Des Moines, Iowa.

Unknown 2015 (the month after Inside Man) – In order to translate the book of the damned, Sam has to figure out how to beat The Werther Project, a magic safe that was buried in a basement in St. Louis, Missouri. This episode takes place over 3 days, which may or may not be consecutive. The first day is the same as the last day of the previous episode (but that was also a non consecutive day.)
- We find out that Cuthbert Sinclair (Magnus) was expulsed from the Men of Letters on May 16th 1956.
- We know Inside Man and this episode take place in different months, because Rowena tells Sam that she tried to kill his brother “as recently as last month.”

Unknown 2015 – Castiel tries to do right by his Angel Heart and look after Claire, when she gets knocked out while investigating her mother’s disappearance. Sam and Dean are called in for back-up. The episode takes place over 3 days in Tulsa, OK, with Sam, Dean, and Cas, arriving the morning of the second day.
- It is Claire’s 18th Birthday on the second day.
- Amelia went missing 2 years ago.

Unknown 2015 (not long after The Werther Project and “a couple of weeks” since Book of the Damned) – Sam and Dean uncover the Dark Dynasty of the House of Frankenstein when the Styne family comes calling looking for revenge and the book of the damned. Charlie and Rowena work to understand the codex, while Crowley gathers intel on his mother. The episode takes place over approx. 3 days, with Sam and Dean traveling from the Bunker to Omaha, NE and back, while Sam travels numerous times to the abandoned distillery where he is keeping Rowena.
- We know it’s been “days” since Sam gave Rowena the codex
- Dean tells us that Sam has been running off on his own a lot “these past couple of weeks”, which, if taken literally, might mean that it’s been approx. two weeks since Book of the Damned.
- It’s only a 3.5 hour drive between the Bunker and Omaha, which means that after investigating the murder in the morning, Sam and Dean would have been home in time for supper that same day.
- Because Sam (and Dean) can travel between the distillery and the Bunker, and the Bunker and Charlie’s motel, fairly quickly, I think it’s safe to assume that the distillery is somewhere close to the Bunker.

Possibly Late May/Early June, 2015 (see notes) (morning after previous episode) – Dean goes on a revenge killing spree, while Sam tries to fulfill his end of the bargain with Rowena. This episode takes place over 3 days, with Dean traveling an somewhere near the Bunker, to Shreveport, LA, and then back to the Bunker. Sam, meanwhile, travels from the distillery (somewhere near the Bunker) to Concordia KS. (The Prisoner)
- Shreveport is an 11 hour drive from the Bunker. For some reason, although we only see Sam travel as far as Concordia, KS, which is only an hour away from the Bunker, Cas STILL makes it to the Bunker to confront Dean before Sam does.
- Also, apparently after failing to kill Crowley, Sam just hung out on the floor of that abandoned warehouse all night, because we see him leaving and calling Rowena the next morning.
- We see Cyrus Styne leaving school at the beginning of the episode, which means that school is still in session so it cannot be any later than early June. Given the number of episodes between the episode places in late March/early April and this one, I’m placing this one in late May/early June (assuming 5 weeks between Executioner’s Song and Book of the Damned, and two weeks between Book of the Damned and Dark Dynasty.)

Possibly Late May/Early June, 2015 (day after previous episode) – The Winchesters are both their Brother’s Keeper when Sam tries to save Dean and Dean summons Death in an attempt to kill himself, only to be told that he must kill Sam instead. The episode takes place over two days. Sam travels from the Bunker, to the distillery, to Superior, NE, to Tulsa, OK, and finally to an unknown location to meet with Dean. Dean travels from Tulsa, OK, and Superior NE, and back again, and then to an unknown location to summon Death.
- I’ve put the Tulsa, OK, location in the list, because that appears to be where Dean’s motel is. It’s 6 hours away from Superior NE.
- Superior, NE, is only an hour away from the Bunker (and therefore probably also the distillery.)


Possibly Late May/Early June, 2015 (immediately following previous episode) – It’s Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, when Sam and Dean wake up a couple hours after releasing the Darkness onto the world. They follow a path of destruction into Superior, NE. We spend 2 days in this episode.
- Mike says that the attack on the hospital was “3- 4 hours ago” - which to me indicates that it’s been that long since the Darkness was unleashed, and Sam and Dean weren’t unconscious for more than an hour or two at most.

Possibly Late May/Early June, 2015 (immediately following previous episode) – We explore the Form and Void of the Darkness, as Sam and Dean continue on their separate jobs. We spend 2 days in Superior, Nebraska, and wherever Dean has driven to, as Sam tries to cure the mysterious illness and Dean tries to figure out what to do with a possessed baby.

Early-Mid June, 2015 (immediately following previous episode) – Cas has a Bad Seed of a spell inside him that the Winchesters must cure as soon as possible. They go on a hunt for Rowena, taking them from the Bunker in Lebanon KS, to Denver CO, and back again, and then head to Topeka. Meanwhile, Crowley gets to know Amara and Amara gets to know the world. This episode takes place over 4 days.
- If we assume that the events of this episode happen in the order shown, then Sam and Dean spend a two days sitting in the library researching nearly non-stop, discovering the article about the events in Denver, at the earliest, the morning of the second day.

Late June/Early July, 2015 – Dean and Sam take Baby on a road-trip to Oregon on a hunt. The episode takes place over 3 calendar days and a little over 48 hours. The boys travel from the Bunker to Quaker Valley, Oregon. They spend two nights on the road on their way there, all the events in Quaker Valley happen on the same day.
- The alpha monster tells Dean that in the “last month” he’s recruited 16 people in order to be better prepared for The Darkness, indicating that it’s been a month since the Darkness has been released (if we assume that the monster knew right away.)
-Dean’s face is also mostly healed from the beating he took the previous episode, indicating that there’s been time between episodes.
-The Quaker Valley police report Sam looks at has the date as “9.12.15” but that doesn’t work with the timing of events at the end of S10 (in that, school was in session in 10x22, so it couldn’t have been during the summer.)

Unknown, 2015 – Sam and Dean travel to Fall River, MA, to investigate a murder at the Thin Lizzie Borden residence. We spend at least 3 days with the boys.
- It takes 25 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Fall River, MA – I’ve divided this into two days of driving, assuming the brothers hear about the case the morning of the first day, leave right away, and arrive the evening of the second day.
-Once Sam and Dean get to Fall River, the episode takes place over one very long night and into the next day.
- The Impala is completely repaired after the events of Baby, so there has been an unknown amount of time between the episodes, but it’s been long enough for Dean to repair the car. One fan estimated that it would take Dean a month and a half to acquire the parts necessary and to fix the car.

Unknown, 2015 (shortly after previous episode) – Sam and Dean are still in Fall River, MA, exploring Our Little World and trying to find Amara. At the end of the episode, they travel back to the Bunker. Cas, meanwhile, travels from the Bunker to Omaha, NE, to track down Metatron. We spend 2 full days in Fall River, and then it’s a 25 hour drive back to the Bunker, so in total, we spend at least 4 days in this episode.
-Sam says that they’ve been trying to track down more missing souls “since Monday” without any luck. So, they’ve been in Fall River for at least a few days before the episode starts.

Unknown, 2015 – Donna calls the boys with an odd case involving a Plush bunny head and they drive from the Bunker to Cottage Grove, MN, to investigate. We spend 3 days in this episode.
- It takes 9 hours to drive from Lebanon, KS, to Cottage Grove, MN.
-On Sam and Dean’s first day in Cottage Grove, Mike’s girlfriend tells them that Mike was “weird yesterday”, meaning that the murder had only taken place the night before. I have a feeling that Donna called them right away and they drove overnight, without sleep, since otherwise they would not have been there during daylight hours so soon after the murder.

Unknown, 2015 – Although my imaginary friend is Just My Imagination, Sam’s is very much real and in need of help. The boys travel from the bunker to Menomonie, WI, to help Sully find the person murdering the Zanna. We spent at least two days with the boys in this episode.
- Sam wakes up at 6:30am and finds Sully right away, if they leave immediately after their morning conversation, then they could be in Menomonie by 4-5pm. (It’s a 10 hour trip), which makes the most sense for the timing of events in the episode.

Unknown, 2015 – Sam and Dean will both end up asking “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” when they get split up in this episode. Sam travels to Hell to speak with Lucifer, while Dean tries to track down Amara. We spend at least two day in this episode at several unknown locations and the Bunker.

Unknown, 2015 (immediately following previous episode)The Devil in the Details trip our heroes up, when Dean and Cas journey to Hell to save Sam. Dean drives from an unknown location to the Bunker, and then to Kenesaw, NE. Cas’ travels are predominately by teleportation. The episode appears to take place over the course of one afternoon and evening. And it is the same afternoon that the previous episode ended on.
- Kenesaw, NE, is only an hour north of the Bunker.

UnknownThings go Into the Mystic, when Sam and Dean find a banshee hunt in their backyard. They meet a fellow hunter named Eileen, while Lucifer routes through the Bunker. We spend 3 days in this episode, only 15 minutes away from the Bunker.

Unknown, 2016 – Claire’s passion for Hunting may have uncovered a monster in Sioux Falls, prompting Sam and Dean to come in to consult. Turns out, someone from Alex’s past wants to tell her “Don’t You Forget About Me.” The boys spend 3 days visiting with Jody and the two teens.
- The seniors are already talking about Prom kings and queens, which prompts me to think that this must be after New Years.
- It’s about a 6 hour drive from the Bunker to Sioux Falls. Sam and Dean arrive just after school lets out, and I’m assuming they left right away after Claire’s call – which would mean that Claire must have called them in the morning.

Monday, February 15th – Thursday, February 18th, 2016 – The boys find out that Love Hurts, when a series of murders and stolen hearts have them hunting in Hudson, OH, for 4 days.
- The teaser death happens on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and we pick up with the boys the very next morning. So, the episode itself spans 5 days, but we only spend 4 days with the boys.
- It’s a 15 hour drive from the Bunker to Hudson, OH – when the boys arrive at the scene of the crime, it’s clearly the morning (they’re able to visit the husband at his office that very same day), which means that they most likely spent all of Feb 15th driving and then started their investigation on the 16th.

- If you’re not skipping years like the show does, and want to place this episode in 2018, then it would be Thursday Feb 15- Sunday Feb 18, 2018.

~February 20th, 2016 – Dean travels back in time to WWII submarine, because The Vessel is carrying a powerful artifact that they hope to use to defeat Amara. Meanwhile, Lucifer reveals his identity to Sam. We spend, seemingly, only one day in this episode and, outside of time-travel, the boys do not leave the Bunker.
- Dean travels to January 1943.
- While Lucifer must travel from Crowley’s headquarters to the Bunker, I’m going to assume that he teleported there (and made up some story for arriving so quickly for Sam and Dean). Otherwise, we’d have at least a day’s wait between when Dean gets the idea to ask Cas to help, and when Lucifer arrives, which would bump the day count up.
- All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~February 27-28th, 2016 – The boys head to Brimson, MI, to investigate what happens Beyond the Mat when pro-wrestlers start dying. We spend approx. 2 days in this episode.
- It appears to be morning at the start of the episode and Dean informs Sam that the wake is “less than a day’s drive” and he is already packed, I’ve taken this to suggests that they attended the wake that same day, since Brimson is only about a 5 hour drive from the Bunker.
- Likewise, the events with Gunner Lawless all happen over the span of one night, before dawn, and then the boys would have probably driven straight home, arriving back at the Bunker on the second day.
-Dean says they’ve done “nothing but mainline lore for a week” when the episode begins.
- All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~March 5-9th, 2016 – Sam and Dean have to make a Safe House in Grand Rapids, MI, when an old temporary fix from a hunt of Bobby & Rufus’ stops working. We spend approx. 4 days in this episode with Sam and Dean and roughly two days with Bobby and Rufus sometime during what was S4.
-We do not know where the boys are when the episode opens, so I’m assuming a day’s travel to get to Grand Rapids.
-Bobby knows about the apocalypse and can walk, also Lilith is still alive, so Bobby can only be in S4.
- When Dean calls Bobby at the end of the episode, he says he and Sam are in Reno. Sam and Dean have never worked a case in Reno that we’ve seen, so whatever hunt they are on had to have happened between episodes – therefore, I’d put this in the latter half of S4 – based on my timeline for S4 and the fact there are greater amounts of time gaps between episodes in the latter half of the season.
- Dean says it’s been “two weeks of squat” when Sam tries to remind him to stay optimistic about Cas. I’m taking this to mean that it’s been two weeks since they lost saw Cas, as in the previous episode, Dean also complained about them doing nothing but reading lore for A week. Therefore, it’s just been another week on top of that.
- All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~March 10-15th, 2016 – Sam and Dean nearly get turned into just hunks of Red Meat, when a werewolf hunt goes wrong in Grangeville, Idaho. We spent approx. 5 days in the episode. 48 hours (over 3 calendar days) to drive from the Bunker to Grangeville and get Sam shot, and then at least another day or two to deal with the aftermath.
- I’m saying 5 days, because I think that with a gunshot wound and that much blood loss, they would have kept Sam at the Urgent Care overnight, AT LEAST.
- Sam spends one night and the better part of a day slowly bleeding to death.
- It’s a 20 hour drive from Grangeville, ID, back to the Bunker, and I think after getting shot in the stomach, Sam would take a couple days off before their next hunt.
- All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

~March 18-19, 2016 – Sam and Dean get a call from Crowley with a proposition. Meanwhile, Lucifer travels to Heaven to see if he can form a team of Hell’s Angels to help him take down the Darkness. This episode takes place over approx. 2 days, with the boys traveling from the Bunker to St. Louis, Missouri.
- The days were hard to count in this episode, so it’s a rough estimate only.
- All the episodes between 11.13 Love Hurts and 11.19 The Chitters have to take place between February 18th and March 22nd.

March 20-22, 2016 – Sam and Dean discover The Chitters when they encounter a monster they’ve never seen before in Gunnison, CO. Luckily, two other Hunters are there to give them a hand. The boys drive from the Bunker to Gunnison, CO. The episode takes place over 3 days.
- The episode starts in the morning at the Bunker, but it’s a 9 hour drive to Gunnison, so my guess is that they drove there and got a motel and then started investigating the next day. All the hunting action takes place, seemingly, on one day, with the goodbye scene the morning after.
- The Cicada-Monsters come out every 27 years on the Spring Equinox, the Spring Equinox is on March 20th, which Sam and Dean tell us was “Yesterday” when they are doing their investigations on the second day of the episode.

Unknown 2016 (Possibly a Thursday – Saturday) – Chuck might not say “Don’t Call Me Shurley” but he has to come clean about his true identity when the Darkness strikes Hope Springs, ID, Sam and Dean are doomed, and Metatron is urges him to intervene. We spend 3 days with the boys in this episode, they travel from the Bunker to Hope Springs, ID.
- It’s a 17 hour trip from the Bunker to Idaho (Hope Springs appears to be a fictional town.)
- See All in the Family notes for days of the week explanation.)

Unknown 2016 (immediately following the previous episode) (possibly Saturday to Wednesday) – Sam and Dean slowly discover the nuances that are All in the Family of the Judeo-Christian God, when they bring Chuck back to the Bunker and start working on what’s going to happen next. We spend at least 5 days in this episode, assuming they’re consecutive. The boys drive from the Bunker to Lewis, OK, and back again, and also to several unknown locations.
- When Sam reads the article about Lewis, OK, it says the fog occurred on Saturday. When Metatron watches the news report, it says “Last night” and when he calls Sam and Dean, they’re already on their way to Lewis to interview the survivor, meaning that it must be Sunday evening. Sam and Dean then interview the professor on a Monday, drive him back to the Bunker, then drive to meet Metatron in the same night. On Tuesday, Dean meets with God in the park. Late that evening, Metatron joins them in the bunker after circling the building “all night” sending Dean texts (I’m guessing Dean didn’t literally mean ALL night, but rather all evening.) And then on Wednesday they put their plan into action. This is, of course, assuming all events after the Sunday occurred on consecutive days – and that Chuck had only been at the bunker for one day before we see the fog event.

Unknown 2016 (Still Wednesday?) We Happy Few get to watch a plan come together, as Team God try to take down Amara. This episode appears to possibly take place all in one day.
- All travel is done by divine zapping, so travel time does not matter.
- Sam and Dean do not change outfits
- The prophet tells Amara that he has only been a prophet for 3 days. If he became a prophet Saturday night, then those days would have been Sunday, Monday, Tuesday OR, since he didn’t find out he was a prophet until Monday, he means Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Either way, I think this episode is supposed to be one 24 hour period.

Unknown 2016 (Wednesday-Thursday) – We explore the dualistic universe, when Sam and Dean have to save the world from the sibling relationship between Chuck and Amara, the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to Gods. We spend one to two days in this episode (see notes), with the Winchesters getting zapped around the world by God when they need to travel, except that they drive to Mary’s grave (see notes) and to the bar, and then back to the Bunker again after. They also might drive to Waverly Hills, in Louisville, Kentucky.
- The exception to getting zapped around is that they drive the car to Mary’s gravestone, which is in Illinois, according to the S2 DVD extra-feature map, but the show might not have realized this weird fact and placed it back in Lawrence, Kansas. We don’t know. Sam also probably drives everyone to the bar to wait out the end/saving of the world, but that is most likely local.
- Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, is a 12 hour drive from the Bunker, this could add another whole day to the day count (to get there and back again), or you could believe that they didn’t drive the whole way and were instead zapped there.
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Timeline: Season 12 - Season 13

NOTE: In S6 and S8 there are one year time jumps. However, the Supernatural team did not actually skip a year chronologically. I've listed the dates below as they appear in the narrative, but you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed below. See note before the S6-S7 timeline for details.


Unknown 2016 (Friday) – We pick up where we left off. Mary has to Keep Calm and Carry On when she finds out that she’s been resurrected after a 33 year absence. Meanwhile, Sam has been kidnapped by some British people. We travel from where Dean found Mary (which must have been relatively close to the Bunker) to the Bunker, and then to several unknown locations. Sam is also taken to an unknown location. We spend roughly 24 hours in the episode. Dean doesn’t sleep.
- We find out that Sam was taken at 2:12am. Cas is told that he was banished roughly 3 hours away from the Bunker, but it must have been more, because the sun is well risen before he gets back.

Unknown 2016 (Possibly Friday – Sunday) – We pick up shortly after we left off. Sam’s still being tortured, Mary, Dean, and Cas are still looking for him. Cas finally finds a lead in an heavily warded farmhouse. Meanwhile, Crowley tries to send Lucifer back to the cage, just after Lucifer finds a new suitable vessel. This episode takes place over 3 days. Dean and Mary travel from the Bunker to Aldrich MO and then back again with Sam. Cas spends the whole episode in Aldrich and then we don’t know where he goes. (Momma Mia)
- Slightly weird timing in this episode. Cas calls Dean to tell him about the farm just after Mary has woken up on the second day. Aldrich is only 6 hours away from the Bunker, but when Dean and Mary are driving there, its dark... which means Mary either slept really late, or they took a really long time leaving the Bunker. They then rescue Sam on the third day. In my opinion, it would have made more sense for the episode to take place over only two days, with Mary and Dean successfully rescuing Sam the same day that Cas figured out where he was – in which case, the car scene being shot at night was a continuity mistake in production.

Unknown 2016 (Possibly Sunday – Wednesday) – There’s a good possibility that we pick up where we left off again with Mary reading John’s journal at night, but the next morning, Mary as found a hunt in St. Paul, MN, and the Winchesters make the trip. Meanwhile, Cas gets a lead on Lucifer and starts tracking him down, Crowley tagging along beside him. The boys travel from the Bunker to St. Paul and then back again, over 4 days. (The Foundry)
-We don’t know what time Mary and Cas talk in the opening scene – if it’s past midnight then this episode takes place over 3 days starting on the Monday in the wee hours of the morning.
- It’s an 8 hour trip from Lebanon, KS, to St. Paul, MN. So, conceivably, the Winchesters could have made the trip in one day, and dialogue supports this, so no extra days were added for travel time.
- Mary is up late reading John’s journal, which we saw Sam give her at the end of the previous episode – also at night – so it’s relatively safe to assume that this is the same night. Further evidence – the fact that Sam didn’t know Dean had gotten Mary newspapers to read, also suggests that we’re still following close on the heels of the previous episode, since Sam was not around the Bunker in those episodes, and therefore could not have seen Dean get or give Mary the newspapers. If we ARE following directly from the previous episode, then the final moments of this episode marks only 5 days since Mary was resurrected.

Unknown 2016 – Sam and Dean find a family living the American Nightmare when they investigate an odd stigmata death. We spend 3 days with the boys in Mason City, Iowa.

Unknown 2016 - It's The One You've Been Waiting For, when Sam and Dean investigate a case of spontaneous combustion, only for it to lead them to the Thule, and an opportunity to do something that everyone, at one pont or another, has thought of doing. The boys spend 4 days in this episode, and drive from the Bunker to Columbus, OH.

Unknown 2016 – Sam and Dean drop by to see Jody, when she gets a phone call about a friend’s death. They travel with her to the Wake, which is Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, in Emerson, Manitoba. We spend only 2 days with the boys, driving from Sioux Falls, SD, to Emerson, Man, Canada.
- Just as Jody says, it’s at least a 5 hour trip from Sioux Falls to Emerson.
- The boys “just finished a hunt in Brookings”, SD, just north of Sioux Falls. We didn’t see this Hunt, so time has passed between episodes.
- Dean accuses Mary of only sending them a text “once a week maybe” – which means that several weeks must have passed between her leaving and now for there to be an established trend in communication.

Unknown 2016 – Team Free Will track down Lucifer, when he decides to take advantage of his current vessel, because Rock Never Dies. We spend at least 4 days with the boys, as Sam and Dean drive from the Bunker to Los Angeles.
- It’s a 20 hour drive from Lebanon KS to the Los Angeles CA.
- Cas complains that “it’s been weeks” hanging out with Crowley, which confirms that several weeks have gone by since 12x03 - Usually, people only say “it’s been weeks” if it’s been at least 3 weeks.
- Sam says that Mary “didn’t know what a cell phone was a month ago” – either Sam is exaggerating for effect, or it’s only been a month since the season opener and Mary’s return, both are possible.

Early December 2016 – Lucifer becomes “LOTUS” when he possesses the President of the United States, causing Sam and Dean to embark on a dangerous plan to exorcise him and send him back to the cage with Rowena’s help. The episode takes place over at least 4 days (but most likely more). The boys travel from an unknown location, to the Bunker, to a monastery in St. Louis, and then finally to where the President is staying outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.
- In 12.19 The Future Sam say that Kelly became pregnant “sometime in early December”, while we don’t know how long Lucifer was POTUS, if we assume that the episode shows us events chronologically, then it would be at the time of this episode.

Late January or Early February 2017 – Sam and Dean spend between 45 and 60 days in solitary confinement in Colorado, until they draw First Blood in a successful escape attempt. Meanwhile, Mary and Castiel try to deal with their absence. Castiel tries to hunt Vampires in Missouri but fails. Mary takes on several hunts, helping Alicia Banes and her brother in Louisiana, and also making a second attempt in Missouri after Cas confesses his failure there. Eventually, they meet up with the boys in Colorado. At the beginning of the episode, Mary is in Lawrence, Kansas.
-The last time we see Dean’s tally marks on the wall, they indicate that he’s been in confinement for roughly 43 days. In a scene shortly after, when Mary and Cas meet up in the bar, Cas tells Mary that it’s been “6 weeks 2 days and 10 hours” since Sam and Dean were taken. Once Sam and Dean escape, one of the men imprisoning tells us that he’s been doing it his supervisor’s way for “the last 2 months”, so either he’s rounding up, or more days have passed since Castiel spoke to Mary.

February 2017Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets, but not enough regrets to stop her from causing problems for one of Cas’ old flights, prompting Cas to try to help long-lost comrades, while Dean and Sam do their best to help. This episode takes place over 2 days. The team drive from the Bunker, to an unknown location, and then back to the Bunker again.
-Dated by having to take place between First Blood and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
-Events in Cas’ past take place in Orono, Maine, in 1901.

February 2017 – Dean gets hit with an unknown curse, and soon it’s apparent that Dean is slowly forgetting everything Regarding Dean. This episode takes place over 4 days. The boys are in Carroll County, AR, and during the episode travel to an unknown town near the Mississippi Delta, LA.
-Dated by having to take place between First Blood and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

~Late February to Early March 2017 – The entire family tries to take down a demon, only to discover that he’s no ordinary demon. Soon, they all end up in a nearby barn, Castiel is dying, and they’re all Stuck in The Middle (With You). This episode takes place over the course of 1 day in an unknown location.
-They’re ordering their food at the diner at 5:20pm. They infiltrate and prepare to attack the demon after 8pm and before 8:45pm. After the fight, Mary exchanges texts on her phone at 9:03pm. Sam and Dean arrive at the barn at 9:05pm. Crowley arrives at 9:07pm. Crowley tries to talk Ramiel out of attacking at 9:12pm. (Double check this before publishing)
-Dated by having to take place between First Blood and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
-We find out that “6 years ago” Crowley gave the Colt to Ramiel – this, by the show’s counting, would be after the events of Swan Song in S5 and before S6. (which, if you don’t skip years when counting, would actually be 8 years ago, not 6.)

~Early-Mid March 2017 - Sam and Dean stir up a Family Feud in the MacLeod’s when they’re solution for solving a ghost hunt is to send Gavin MacLeod back in time where he belongs. The boys drive from the Bunker, to Des Moines, IO, to Ohio, and then back to the Bunker again. The episode takes place over at least 5 days.
- See Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell notes for date
- Mary says that she’s still recovering from the Ramiel incident, which suggests that not much time has passed since it happened, although she’s in a different town than the boys now.

~Mid-March 2017 – Sam and Mary must survive The Raid, as well as Winchester family strife in the aftermath of Mary’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Ketch tries to woo Dean to their cause. Sam travels from the Bunker to an unknown location somewhere relatively close to Wichita, KS. Dean travels from the Bunker to Wichita, and then to Sam and Mary’s location. We spend 5 days in this episode, skipping over 3 of them, and sharing the first with the previous episode.
- Immediately following Family Feud
- see Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell notes for date
- Sam tells Mick that he ran into the Alpha Vampire “5 years ago in Hoople, North Dakota” – this is a reference to There Will Be Blood, which took place in May 2012. (In chronological time, it would have been 6 years ago in 2013, and the show would be in 2019.)

~Late March/April 2017 – Sam and Dean hunt a Hell Hound in the Sheridan County, Nebraska, which is in fact Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. Cas, meanwhile, tries to track down Kelly Kline in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. The boys travel from the Bunker to Sheridan Country, and back again. Over a period of at least two days.
- Gwen has gotten her acceptance letter to a veterinary college. College acceptance letters usually go out either in the last two weeks of March or in early April, according to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_admissions_in_the_United_States)
- Sam confesses at the end of the episode that the hunts they’ve been doing for the last “two weeks” have all been BMoL assignments – which tells us that it’s been at least two weeks since The Raid.
- At the beginning of the episode, we know that Dean hasn’t changed his underwear in four days – which means that they haven’t been at the Bunker for at least that long, but probably longer, as they’ve hunted Ghouls, Wraiths, and a Siren “back to back.”
- It’s 5-6 hour drive from Lebanon, KS, to Sheridan County, NE – usually I’d add a day, but Sam and Dean’s conversation seems to suggest that they planed to leave as soon as Dean took a shower, and it could be that they got home fairly early in the morning and then drove directly to the crime scene (given that the police were still there.)

~Early April 2017 – Sam and Dean try to give Mick some hunting experience, when there’s a possible werewolf attack near a bar in Wisconsin, that I’m sure advertises that Ladies Drink Free. We spend 4 days with the boys, as they drive from BMoL HQ to Wisconsin.

~Early-Mid April 2017 – It might be a second go around for The British Invasion when the British Men of Letters starts putting pressure on Mick to step up his game. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean, with the help of Eileen Leahy, track down Kelly and Dagon at an unknown location. We spend at least five days in this episode, but most likely more.
-Two days pass between Renny’s death and Dr. Hess coming to town. Also, seemingly, between Renny’s death and Eileen leaving the Bunker, though that’s not explicitly stated.

~Mid-Late April 2017 – Sam and Dean travel to Tomahawk, WI, where The Memory Remains of a series of disappearances over the years. We spend 4 days in this episode with Sam and Dean traveling from the Bunker to Tomahawk, WI, and back again.

After April 18, 2017 – We’re not sure what The Future might bring, as Cas returns and everyone tries to track down Kelly and her Nephilim baby. We travel from the Bunker to an unknown location, and then to the unknown location of Heaven’s gate. The episode takes place over at least two days.
-When Sam say that Kelly’s baby is due May 18th, Dean says that gives them less than a month to find her.

Late April/Early May 2017 – Sam and Dean join Alicia and Max Banes in a hunt for their mother, and they discover Twigs, Twine, and Tasha Banes in Rock River, Wyoming. The episode takes place over the course of one day even with the drive from the Bunker to Rock River.
- It takes 8 hours to get from Lebanon KS to Rock River. If the Banes children called in the morning, then Sam and Dean could have made it there by the evening (which they seemed to, as it was dark by the time Sam got back with the take-away for supper with the Banes.)

Early Mary 2017 – Sam and Dean try to track down mom, while also getting suspicious at a recent spate of Hunter deaths. Meanwhile, There’s Something About Mary that is very much off. We spent at least five days in this episode.
- Sam says that Mary was working a case with Ketch “four days ago”, which is likely the last time they spoke to her in person.
- This likely takes place directly after the previous episode, as Dean would have gone directly to Mary’s last known location as soon as he became worried about her.
- Eileen dies in South Carolina, where they view the body – the drive from South Carolina back to the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, is over 18 hours, which extends the episode timing.

May 2017 – Sam takes the fight to the British Men of Letters, while Dean rescues Mary. The boys travel from the Bunker, to Sioux Falls, SD – and then Sam travels to the unknown location of the BMoL HQ while Dean travels back to the Bunker. We spent approx. 3 days in this episode, because that’s Who We Are.
- It’s only a 5 hour drive from the Bunker to Sioux Falls, so I did not add another day for travel. I DID add a day for the other hunters to arrive at Jody’s house, however. So, if you wanted to believe that those were just the hunters in the area and they got their quicker, then you can subtract a day from the count.

Mid-May 2017 – Sam, Dean, Mary, and Crowley, race to protect Cas from Lucifer, meanwhile, the Nephilim decides it’s time to be born. The boys drive from the Bunker to North Cove, WA. We spent at least two days in this episode. (All Along the Watchtower)
- I’m assuming that Kelly gives birth around when Sam predicted she would “May 18th”
- It’s nearly a 24 hour drive from Lebanon, KS, to North Cove, WA. I’m assuming the boys drove straight there, switching out drivers when they needed to rather than stopping anywhere overnight.


Mid-May 2017 – Dean and Sam cope with the aftermath of their latest battle with Lucifer, while Jack explores the world, and we find out what has been Lost and Found, in North Cove, WA. This episode takes place over two days, one of which is the same day as the previous episode. 
Mid-May 2017 – Dean and Sam argue about the Rising Son, as they transport Jack back to the Bunker, getting waylaid momentarily in Wyoming. This episode takes place over two days, one of which is the same day as the previous episode.
- Jack tells us that he’s been alive for 3 days, 17 hours, and 24 minutes, on the first day of the episode.

~Mid-Late May 2017 – Dean hunts a wraith with Jody and meets Patience, while Sam stays home with Jack. Dean travels from the bunker, to Omaha, NE, to Buckhead, GA, and then back to the bunker (probably stopping in Omaha on the way to drop Jody back off.). The episode takes place over 3-4 days.
-Sam says that Jack hasn’t been out of his room since they got in – which means that it’s probably been less than a day, or just a night, rather than longer – because the kid needs to eat. So this episode must pick up, at most, only a day after the last one ended.
-Missouri dies at 9pm on the first day of the episode.
-Dean and Jody arrive in Buckhead on the second day.
-It’s a 14 hour drive between Omaha and Buckhead.
-It’s unclear whether Dean drove back to the Bunker in 14+hours straight or if he may have split up the trip home to actually get decent sleep, hence the possible 4th day on the episode count.

~Late May 2017 – We explore The Big Empty with Cas, while Sam, Dean and Jack travel to Madison Wisconsin on a case. We spend 3 days in this episode, traveling from the Bunker, to Madison, and then back again.
-Jack confronts Sam about the fight in the previous episode, which means it’s unlikely that too many days have gone past since it happened.
-It’s a 9-10 hour drive to Madison.
-Dean tells Jack “you did good today” at the end of the episode, meaning that the confrontation with Buddy happened since the last time they slept – most likely in the small hours of the morning, and then they drove home.

~Late May/Early June 2017 – Dean gets a crash course in Advanced Thanatology when he gets a little reckless on a ghost hunt with Sam and encounters Billie the Reaper. Meanwhile, Cas argues his way out of the Empty. The boys travel from the Bunker to Grand Junction, CO. We spend 3 days in the episode.
- The 9-10 drive to Grand Junction was most likely done on the same day as breakfast, seeing as how all they did when they got there was interview one witness and then check-in to a motel.

~Early June 2017 – Immediately following the previous episode, Sam, Dean and Cas, reunite with Jack at the Bunker, and then travel to Dodge City, KS, to investigate a disturbed Tombstone. The episode takes place over 3 days.
- Dodge City, KS is only a 3 hour drive from the Bunker.

~June 2017 – It’s a War of the Worlds as different factions try to hunt down Jack, only to find that the Winchesters and Castiel no longer know where he is. Meanwhile, Lucifer escapes the Alternative Universe and finds his way back with a warning. This episode takes place over approx. 4 days, though it’s hard to tell. Sam and Dean travel back and forth between the Bunker and several unknown locations.
- I’m assuming that Sam and Dean would be looking for Jack right away and so little time has passed between episodes.

(Most likely) June 2017 – We get contemporary tale of The Scorpion and the Frog when a demon asks Sam and Dean for help with a heist. We spend at least 2 days in this episode with the boys traveling from the Bunker, to an unknown location, and back again.
-Bart asks them to meet him at the “Smile Diner” but doesn’t specify a city, they’re wearing the same shirts when they get there, so I’m guessing it’s somewhere in or close to Lebanon KS and the demons just know they live around there.
-We do not know where Luther Strike lived.

Unknown 2017 – Sam and Dean end up in The Bad Place when they finally find Jack, only to discover that he’s been working with Dreamwalkers in the hopes of rescuing Mary. The episode takes place over around 3-4 days, with the Winchesters traveling from the Bunker, to Bismarck, ND, and then on to an unknown location, before ending up in a parallel universe.
- It takes roughly 10 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to Bismarck ND.

Unknown 2017 – Sam and Dean spend three days trapped in an alternate universe, while the Wayward Sisters work together to find and rescue them. Sam and Dean travel from a shipyard on Route 14 to Sioux Falls at the end of the episode. The episode covers 3-4 days.

Unknown 2017 (at least 2 weeks after the previous episode) – Donna calls Sam and Dean for help when her niece goes missing after having a Breakdown near Oshkosh, NE. Sam and Dean drive from the Bunker, to various places in Nebraska. We may spend 1-2 days in this episode.
- Dean tells Sam he’s making pancakes at 8:22 am.
- Donna calls Sam at 10am.
- It takes 4.5 hours to drive from Lebanon to Oshkosh, NE.
- Doug asked Dean if he was at the Hanscum “family reunion in Sioux Falls” “a couple of weeks ago” – this is more than likely letting the audience know the excuse Donna used to help Jody last episode.

Unknown 2017 – Dean goes for a beer and ends up meeting Various and Sundry Villains in the supermarket parking lot, leading the boys heading to Stillwater, OK. We spend 2 days with the boys hunting witches.
- It’s only about a 4-5 hour drive to Stillwater, however, a night passes between the witches stealing the book and the Winchesters retrieving it. 

Unknown 2017 – When a fallen angel makes a Devil’s Bargain, Sam, Dean, and Cas are able to track Lucifer down to Monroe City, MO, and an unknown location beyond. Once Cas joins the Winchesters, we spend approx. 4 days with them.
- Cas starts the episode in Fall River, MA. He does not say how he gets to Lebanon, KS. But if he drove straight there, the journey would have taken him 25 hours.

~Mid-October, 2017 – Sam, Dean, and Cas have Good Intentions while they continue to rely on Donatello to find the spell that will open a rift to the other world. Meanwhile, Jack and Mary meet. This episode takes place over at least 1 day, but probably more. Dean and Cas travel from the Bunker to an unknown, most likely nearby, location.
-Mary tells Jack that he should be around 6 months old. Jack confirms that he is – we know that Jack was born on or around May 18th 2017, so this places this episode around Mid-October.
-The episode starts with Breakfast at 9:15 (according to the kitchen clock) but it is unclear how much time passes after that.

Unknown, 2017 – Sam and Dean try to track down blood from A Most Holy Man. They travel from the Bunker, to San Francisco, to Seattle, and home again, over the course of approx. 6 days, ~3 of which are purely travel days.
- It takes 23 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to San Francisco, and 12 hours to drive from San Francisco to Seattle, and then 26 hours to drive from Seattle to Lebanon KS.
- Cas has travelled (or is traveling) to Syria during the break between this episode and the previous one. So, some time has passed, but we don’t know how much – it could be only a day or so at the least.

Unknown – Sam and Dean have a very ScoobyNatural evening, when after encountering a suspicious cursed object, they are sucked into an episode of Scoobydoo. We spend approx. one evening in this episode. Meanwhile, Cas returns from Syria.

Unknown – While on the hunt for spell ingredients, Sam and Dean drive to a MoL Chapter House in Portsmouth, RI, and end up finding just The Thing they need. We spend approx. 4-5 days in this episode (see notes.)
- It takes 25 hours to drive from Lebanon KS to Portsmouth RI. I’m assuming that Sam and Dean broke up the journey into 2 days both ways, but even without that, the episode would cover at least 3 days.
- Sandy Porter was born in 1903 and was killed in 1925 (opening scene.)

Unknown – Dean has 24 hours to try to Bring ‘Em Back Alive, when he travels to the alternate universe in search of Mary and Jack. Meanwhile, Sam and Cas care for Gabriel. We spend 24 hours in this episode, with Dean traipsing around an unknown wooded location, and Sam and Cas staying at the Bunker. 

~May 19-26, 2018
– Rowena is up to something sketchy and Sam and Dean investigate. Meanwhile, Cas travels to Heaven. We spend approximately 3 days in the episode, with Sam and Dean traveling from the Bunker to Portland, OR. (Funeralia)
-When Sam discovers what Rowena was doing in Oregon, he shows Dean and Cas an online edition of The Oregon Tribune that’s dated May 24, 2018, and talks about a woman who died “this Saturday”, which means that 5 days have passed between the opening scene of the episode and the scene in which Sam presents them with the newspaper.
-Rowena must be in the mountains with all that snow on the ground. :P

~June 7, 2018 (2 weeks after previous episode) – Sam and Dean track down Gabriel who has some Unfinished Business with the Norse pantheon. We spend approx. 2 days in the episode, beginning in Central City, CO, and ending back at the Bunker.
- Sam says they’ve been following leads on Gabriel for 2 weeks.
- Gabriel tells us that he was held captive by Asmodeus for 7 years. He narrative places his abduction before Lucifer’s fall in S5, but really 7 years previous (even excluding the jumped years) would be S6, so there’s a little bit of faulty math going on. If we include the jumped years, then 7 years ago would be S7, when Lucifer was well out of the picture, and the only major players were the Leviathan. 

Unknown, 2018 – The Winchesters attempt to Beat the Devil, when they need Lucifer’s grace for a spell to open a portal to the other world. We spend 2-4 days in the episode, with the Winchesters traveling from the Bunker, to an unknown location, back to the Bunker, and then traveling in apocalypse world roughly 2 days on foot from Northern Kentucky to the Dayton OH area.
- We don’t know how long it was between the decision to track down Lucifer and success of his capture. In addition, we do not know if the path through the tunnel made the trip to Dayton quicker or the same as Dean’s estimate.

Unknown, 2018 (immediately following the previous episode) – With only 31 hours until the door home closes, the Winchesters plan an Exodus. They travel on foot and by car in the apocalypse world from somewhere near Dayton OH to Northern Kentucky.
- The final scene may be a little bit past the 31-hour mark.

~September 2018 – At first everyone is like “Let the Good Times Roll” now that the Apocalypse World denizens are safe, but unfortunately it soon all goes to crap when Michael and Lucifer cross back over. We spend approx. 3 days in this episode, with the Winchesters traveling to unknown locations and the area around the Bunker.
-When Sam is giving his synopsis of the current state of the world, he has photo of the March for our Lives on the bulletin board. The March for Our Lives took place on March 24th 2018.
- The cover of Inside America that Sam has is listed as their May 2018 issue, which at earliest would have been released in April.
-In 14x01, Sam claims that Dean has been missing for 3 weeks, in 14x02, Bobby tells us it is October. In 14x03, Sam confirms that Dean has been missing for “week” not months.
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Timeline: S8


NOTE: In S8 there is another one year time jump. Much like S6, the Supernatural team has not actually skipped a year chronologically, even though they’ve skipped a year in the narrative. So, if you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed. Any date marked with two asterisks ** need only have 1 year added. (See note before S6-S7 timeline for more details)

Summer-Fall 2012** – Sam accidentally hits a dog with the Impala in Kermit, Texas. He meets veterinarian Amelia Richardson, who forces him to adopt the dog and happens to be living at the same hotel as him. When they meet, Amelia has been in Kermit for 3 months and it has been 8 months since her husband died. It has been “a few months” since Sam lost Dean. (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Blood Brother, Southern Comfort)

~August, 2012** - Kevin leaves Sam an angry drunk voicemail. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

~November 2012** - Kevin assumes Sam is dead and stops trying to reach him. (We Need to Talk About Kevin).

May 2, 2012 - Amelia surprises Sam with a birthday picnic! (Heartache)

Summer-Fall 2012 - Amelia and Sam move into a bungalow together in Kermit, Texas. Sam does most of the moving himself. He is still working as a handyman at the motel. Amelia’s father comes to visit and disapproves of Sam. Amelia gets a phone call telling her that her husband is not actually dead. (Hunteri Heroici)
- Sam and Amelia had just moved into their new house when Amelia got the call about Don. We do not know how long the span of time was between the phone-call and Don showing up in town.

Fall 2012 - Sam decides that Amelia should be with her formerly-MIA husband and bows out of the relationship – leaving her the dog. (Citizen Fang)

Fall 2012 – Dean and Sam reunite after (a little more than) a year apart, and decide that We Need To Talk About Kevin. Dean first arrives in Maine. He hitchhikes for 4 days to get to Clayton, Louisiana, and then hitchhikes an unknown number of days to get to Whitefish, Montana. Sam, meanwhile, leaves Kermit, Texas, and makes his way to Whitefish, Montana. Once reunited, Dean and Sam spend at least 5 days together as they locate Kevin in Centreville, Michigan.
- University is in session, which means that this episode has to occur during a major semester/term (ie: not summer term).

Fall 2012 – The Winchesters and Kevin ask ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?’ when they travel back to Neighbor, MI, to check on Kevin’s mom. The crew then travel to Laramie, Wyoming, in the hopes of finding the tablet, only to be sucked into the world of deity auctions. This episode takes place over at least 4 days to accommodate driving times (It’s a day’s travel to Neighbor, MI, and then after they get Kevin’s mother it’s 18 hours to Laramie, WY).
-This episode most likely starts the morning after the events of We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Fall 2012 – Sam and Dean travel between Minneapolis, MN, Ames, IA, and Boulder, CO, when they find a series of victims suffering from severe Heartache when they’re hearts are literally ripped from their chests, thus killing them. We spend approx. 6 days with the Winchesters, assuming one day to get to Minneapolis from their original unknown location. The Winchesters spend 1 day in Minneapolis, 1 day in Ames, and 3 days in Boulder.

Fall 2012 – Sam and Dean hunt college students in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, who have been Bitten. Although we spend a much longer time with the college students, Sam and Dean are only in town for 6 days. The episode takes place in an unnamed town that is most likely Ann Arbor, MI.
- The coroner van says Washtenaw County, the major city and site of the major universities and colleges in that county are in Ann-Arbor.

~November 25, 2012 – November 26, 2012 – Dean travels from Enid, Oregon, to Eagle Harbor (Bainbridge Island), Washington, in order to help his Blood Brother, Benny. Sam follows a day later. The episode itself only covers just ~24 hour period.
- There isn’t actually an Enid, Oregon, although there is an Enid Road in Eugene, Oregon – a five hour drive from Bainbridge Island.
- There’s a location continuity mistake both in this episode and the next one, with references to Dean and Benny are on Prentiss Island (East Coast) rather than Bainbridge Island (West Coast).
- The phone call between Sam and Dean occurs at 4:23am (the phone might say PM and reflect filming times, but let’s just say it’s AM, because that fits.)
- See Southern Comfort notes for explanation of dates.

~November 27, 2012 – November 30, 2012 – Sam and Dean travel to Kearny, Missouri, for some Southern Comfort where they end up hunting a spectre with Garth. This episode covers four days, two of which take place during the hunt (see notes.)
- This episode follows either immediately after Blood Brother or a day later, it is unclear which, but we know that Dean hasn’t said a word to Sam in however long it’s been, so my guess would be that the opening scene takes place the morning after...mainly because I don’t see how Dean could go a whole day without saying a word to Sam, but a couple of hours are believable.
- Sam says “Prentiss Island” at the beginning of the episode instead of Bainbridge Island, where the last episode actually took place. I think this is a writing mistake, because Dean knows Sam is talking about Benny – and I highly doubt that Sam and Dean took the two days necessary to drive from the West Coast to the East Coast, do something on Prentiss Island, and THEN have a conversation about what happened with Benny.
- It takes 30 hours to drive from Bainbridge Island to Kearney Missouri, hence the four day count for this episode, even though we only see 3 of the 4 days. (You’ll just have to suspend your disbelief that a crime that took place in Missouri is being talked about on a police scanner at least a day’s drive away.)
- On the first day of the hunt, Garth says the tomb of the unknown soldier was disturbed “3 days ago” and the police report he is looking at gives the date of the crime as “11/26 2012.” So we know the hunt takes place on November 29-30, 2012.

~December 2, 2012 – ~December 5, 2012 – Sam and Dean travel from Rufus’ cabin near Whitefish, MT, to Salina, KS, to investigate a missing person, along the way, they find their own missing person. Meanwhile, Crowley takes A Little Slice of Kevin when the Trans slip up and get caught. Thankfully, it’s Team Free Will to the rescue when they travel to an unknown location to save the day. This episode takes place over 3 or 4 days, depending on how fast Dean drives. Cas returns on the second day in Salina, Kansas.
- The missing persons report for Andrew Webber says that he went missing on November 22, 2012. This places his abduction 10 days before Sam reads about it – which might sound like a bit of a delay, but it’s either that or we ignore the dates that Southern Comfort gives us. I prefer just to place this episode as close as possible to the previous one and assume that the kid really has been missing for that long.

Early December, 2012 – Sam, Dean, and Cas, travel to Oklahoma City, in order to play Hunteri Heroici and solve a string of bizarre cartoonish cases. The episode takes place over approximately 4 days.
-This episode most likely picks up almost immediately after the previous one. As the episode opens, Sam is on the phone with the Trans confirming that they got to Garth’s safe houseboat and are doing well, also, Dean asks Cas what he is going to do now that he’s back from Purgatory. If there was a large gap between episodes, that conversation would have already happened.

Early-Mid January 2013 – Sam and Dean travel to Carencro, Louisiana, when they get a report that Citizen Fang, otherwise known as Benny, might be killing people. We spend 3 days in this episode, spilling over into the AM hours of a 4th. On the 3rd day of the episode, Sam travels from Carencro, LA, to Kermit, TX – in remarkable time, I must say.
- I’ve placed this episode in Early January because the next two episodes follow on the events and fall-out from this episode in such a way that leads me to believe that not much time passes between the episodes.
- Martin has been out of the mental institution for a month, but Sam only told him to track Benny “about a week ago.”
- When Dean asks for “a couple of hours, tops” he inexplicably actually takes a full day – It’s daylight when Dean leaves a message on Benny’s phone, but it’s night when Benny gets the notification and ignores it, and then it’s day again when Dean finds Benny’s fishing spot.
- On the way to Kermit, TX, Sam tries to call Amelia at 9:16pm, this is shown in the chronology of the show to be after Dean and Benny have successfully killed Desmond. I’m guessing the gumbo shack probably closed at 10pm, Martin attacked Elizabeth, Benny was there by 11pm, and Dean was probably there by 1am at the earliest after Elizabeth called him to deal with the aftermath. When Sam figures out who tricked him and calls Dean from the bar in Kermit, it is 2:24am, and Dean is back on the road.

Early-Mid January 2013 (only a couple of hours after previous episode) – Sam, Dean, and Cas, find themselves and their relationships are as Torn and Frayed as poor Samandriel who must be rescued from Crowley’s clutches. This episode follows at least 4 days for Dean, and weirdly, 3 days for Sam, because the writers didn’t factor in driving times. Dean travels from Kermit, TX, to Whitefish, MT, to Hastings, NE, with an angel stop over at Garth’s safe houseboat. Sam only travels by angel, so driving times aren’t a factor.
- Dean shows up in what can only be the early morning of the same day that the last episode ended on, having made the drive from Carencro, LA, to Kermit, TX in just as remarkable a time as Sam did. The boys follow different timelines after the first day.
- Dean drives to Montana, which should take him 25 hours, making Cas appear on his second day. The drive from Whitefish, Montana, to Hastings, NE, takes 18 hours, which means that Dean and Cas most likely did all their Nebraska investigating on the third day, with the rescue of Samandriel occurring the evening of the third day. Dean then drives back to Rufus’ cabin in Montana, arriving on the fourth day. One way we could resolve this time continuity problem is if we assume that Cas has the power to transport both Dean AND the Impala to Hastings, NE. In which case, the investigation would happen on the second day, not the third, and Dean and Sam’s timelines would match up.
-When Amelia shows up after Dean leaves Sam’s hotel room, she apologizes for taking off “last night” confirming that it’s only been a few hours since the previous episode. Amelia and Sam then sleep together, but afterward decide that they’ll either meet up in two days time at 7:30pm or they’ll never see each other again. On Sam’s second day in Kermit, TX, Cas shows up and takes him to Nebraska. On the third day, and therefore the day that he and Amelia are supposed to meet at the motel at 7:30, Sam is at Rufus’ cabin in Whitefish, Montana, which is, I should point out an approx. 25 hour drive from Kermit, TX, so even if he did decide to meet Amelia, he’d actually never make it in time unless he flew.

Thursday, January 24 – Saturday, January 26 or Sunday, January 27, 2013 – Sam and Dean find LARP and the Real Girl when they investigate a strange death in Farmington Hills, MI. We spend 3 days with the Winchesters once they hear about the case (2 days if you are setting this in 2015, see NOTE)
-The first victim is killed after he goes to bed the night of January 23, according to his phone. Assuming one day for the body to be discovered, it would be evening the next day that Sam and Dean hear about the case. They investigate on the 25, and then either attend Moondoor on the Friday (25) or the Saturday (26) it takes them only one day in Moondoor to solve the case, but they stay a second day to have fun, this second day is either the Saturday (26) or the Sunday (27) depending if they first went to Moondoor on the 25th or 26th. (We’re constantly told that the Battle of the Kingdoms is “this weekend” but we aren’t told whether the actual battle – the final scene of the episode - takes place on Saturday or Sunday.)
-NOTE: If you are adding the two missing years, this episode takes place from Saturday January 24- Sunday January 25, 2015. The body is discovered immediately and the Winchesters are driving before sunrise on the 24th when Garth calls them with the case. They arrive immediately and investigate as FBI agents in the morning and then head to Moondoor in the afternoon and solve the case that evening.

~End of January 2013 – Sam and Dean are surprised when their grandfather, Henry Winchester, falls out of their motel-room closet. Over the course of 2 days, they learn what changes and what doesn’t As Time Goes By. The boys are 4 hours away from Normal, IL, when Henry arrives. They then drive to Normal and spend the rest of the day there. On the morning of the second day, Sam drives to Lebanon, Kansas.
- The driving time doesn’t quite work out in this episode. Sam miraculously drives 9 hours, and has time to get kidnapped by a demon, in the span of time it takes Dean to find Henry (who is on foot) at a local shop.
- Dean’s license plate sticker expires on March 31, 2013.
-In order for Trial and Error to happen when it does, this episode has to immediately follow LARP and the Real Girl.

~ End of January – February 12, 2013 – Some things change over time, but some remain the same, such as the fact that Everybody Hates Hitler. Sam and Dean battle Nazi Necromancers with the help of a non-practicing Jew and a golem over the course of two days after a two week break. The episode takes place over a period of approximately 20 days (SEE SPECIAL NOTE). The boys travel from Lebanon, KS, to a university somewhere in the Eastern US, and then back to Lebanon, KS.
-The boys start the episode by finding the M.L. headquarters, so we can assume that they probably drove there the day after they buried their grandfather.
-They spend at least one night in the “batcave” together. Sam remains for two weeks, but Dean takes time to travel to Garth’s and check in with Kevin. (Day count 15) SPECIAL NOTE: In order for the timeline to function correctly for Trial and Error, the “two weeks” spent in this episode can’t actually be two weeks. At most, the two weeks can only actually be 10 days.
-Assume one day to travel to the Hunt. They then spend 2 days on the actual hunt, and then one day to travel back to Kansas, where they have their final scene of the episode on a fifth day. (Day count 20)

~February 13 – February 15, 2013 – The boys go through some Trial and Error while they attempt to find a hell hound in order to complete the first step in closing the gates of Hell forever. The episode takes place over 3 days, with the boys traveling from the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to Garth’s boat in Warsaw, Missouri on the first day, and then to Shoshone, Idaho, on the second day (which is possibly Valentine’s day.)
- If you are setting this episode in 2015, as it should be, then you’ll have to remember that the Cassitys would have made their deals in 2005 not 2003, as stated in the show.
- The dates come from the fact that the Cassitys struck oil in “February ‘03” according to the article Sam found. Also. Alice inexplicably fell in love with Carl at a Valentine’s Day Dance (which we’ll assume was held on Valentine’s Day).

- The timing doesn’t actually work out that well for this episode and the last two episodes. In order for this episode to take place around Valentine’s day, then you either have to reduce the number of days in the Everybody Hates Hitler, or you have to assume that the “Valentine’s Day Dance” that Carl and Alice met at was after Valentine’s Day. The third option is to have Crowley collecting a few days late on the deals, but that seems unlikely.

~February 16 – ~February 18, 2013 – Sam and Dean meet Portia, Man’s Best Friend with Benefits, when they travel to St. Louis, MO, in order to help an old friend. The episode takes place over 3 days.
- Dean tells us that Sam “just” killed the hell hound, so we know that this episode quickly follows the previous episode. It takes 21 hours to drive from Shoshone, Idaho, to St. Louis, MO.
- Dean and Sam supposedly met James Frampton when he saved their lives, while they were hunting a “lunatic alchemist.” After they met James, James went from rookie detective to lieutenant in 8 months and has a 100% solve rate for the “past four years.” We can guess then that Sam and Dean met him at least 4 years ago. If we use chronological time, four years ago would have been 2010/2011, during most of which the Winchesters weren’t hunting together (Dean was at Lisa’s, Sam was soulless). Therefore, using chronological time, it is more likely that Sam and Dean had their original adventure with James five years ago, sometime during S5. If we use the “soup-opera time” of the show, then four years ago would have been 2008/2009, sometime during S4, more likely in the later part of the season, or perhaps between episodes 4x10 and 4x11 when we know that Sam and Dean were hunting nearly non-stop, although we did not see those hunts.

Early March, 2013 – We’re all asked to Remember the Titans, when Sam and Dean find an amnesiac Prometheus wandering the backwoods of Montana. The episode takes place over approx. 4 days, with Sam and Dean traveling from the Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to Great Falls, MT, to Livingston, MT, and then back to the Bunker. It’s a 15 hours trip between the Bunker and Montana.
- Dean says that they haven’t heard from Kevin in 3 weeks. The last time we saw Kevin was the episode Trial and Error, placing this episode during the first week of March at the earliest.

Unknown, 2013 – Sam and Dean leave the Bunker (in Lebanon, KS) to go to the fictional town of Lincoln Springs, MO, in order to investigate a series of strange deaths. Once there, they are reunited with Castiel and Meg, who are both involved in a hunt for the angel tablet. By the end of the episode they may still be saying Goodbye Stranger to at least one person. The episode appears to take place during one complete day.
- The Winchesters are only Lincoln Springs to investigate the last death in a series. The other deaths (Castiel’s) doing have been scattered all over the Midwest and have been occurring for at least a week. Cas’ timeline puts him in Benton, Indiana; Downers Grove, Illinois; and Novi, Michigan; before reaching Lincoln Springs, Missouri.

Unknown, 2013 (possibly immediately after previous episode) – Sam and Dean spend 3 days in Conway Springs, KS, where they discover Krissy Chambers hunting vampires with some local Freaks and Geeks.
- Sam says “Cas dinged you up pretty good back there,” which to me indicates that they’ve driven straight to Conway Springs, KS, from Lincoln Springs, MO.
- Based on the clocks in the house - on the second day, the teenagers are called out of school at 11:30am in order to go hunt the vampire that Victor claims killed Lee Chambers. They return to house at around 7:20pm to find Sam tied up, having only woken up from unconsciousness shortly before... meaning that Sam was knocked out for approx. 7 hours. Dean and Sam leave the next day at around 8:40am.
- Sam and Dean met Victor “years ago” in Spokane, WA, on a rugaru hunt. However, Sam and Dean did not know about rugarus until after 4x04, which means that they met Victor sometime after 2009.

- Josephine’s family was killed 3 months before this episode, and when Krissy’s father was killed Josephine and Aidan helped her in her grief – meaning that Krissy’s father was either also killed 3 months before this episode, or was killed less than 3 months before this episode.

Unknown, 2013 – In order to complete the second trial, Sam and Dean employ a Taxi Driver to take Sam to Hell. We spend at least 5 days in this episode, 2 of which are spent driving between Missouri and Maine.
-In total, both boys travel from Garth’s boat in Warsaw, MO, to Kansas City, MO, on the first day. Dean then spends a day traveling between Garth’s boat and the city. On the third day, Benny meets him in Kansas. Dean then has a ~25 hour drive to Maine, finding Sam, at earliest, the evening of the fourth day. The boys then drive back to Warsaw, MO, in another 25-hour drive, arriving in the evening of the fifth day.
-Sam and Bobby spend an unplanned ~48 hours in Purgatory at the least, a few of those (somewhere around 12, I’d wager) are spent before Benny shows up... this is all based on the assumption that it took less than a day for Benny to drive to meet Dean in Missouri.
-Ajay, the rogue reaper, is killed only 7 hours after taking Sam to purgatory, and “17 hours” before he has to go pick him up. If we use the chronology of scenes, then it appears it took Sam approx. 7 hours to find the door into Hell from Purgatory, probably 10 hours to find Bobby in Hell and escape back to Purgatory, and then 7 hours to walk back to the spot where they were supposed to meet Ajay again.
-The taxi’s plates are Missouri plates, but the fact that they are in Kansas City is information given over twitter by Ryan Curtis, of the VFX department (

Unknown, 2013 – Charlie ends up with Pac-Man Fever when she helps the boys on a Djinn hunt in Topeka, KS. The episode takes place over 3 weekdays, but only 36-48 hours, with the hunt only taking 24 hours from the arrival of Charlie’s email to rescuing Charlie from the Djinn-dream.
- The autopsy report that Charlie found “yesterday” is dated March 3rd, 2013. I’m not using that date though, because it’s A) impossible to fit into the previously established timeline, and B) the production date of the episode.
- At one point, Sam says that the coroner has a two-bedroom house “ten minutes from here”, while he is in the bunker. Unless she has a house 3 hours from where she works, that seems unlikely. Or, perhaps the Winchesters can drive 3 hours in 10 minutes. That would explain a lot.

- Charlie’s nightmare is a video game set on July 12, 1951

Unknown, 2013 (beginning of new month –perhaps May, possibly June (see Sacrifice notes)) – There are many people in this episode who could be The Great Escapist, as we follow Sam and Dean from their home in Lebanon, KS, to Route 34 in Colorado, as they attempt to find Metatron. Meanwhile, Cas tries to escape Naomi, and Kevin tries to escape from Crowley’s clutches. This episode takes place over at least 2 days.
- In Pac-Man Fever we saw Sam’s email inbox and a Mythology Weekly e-newsletter. This episode we also see the inbox and a different issue of the Mythology Weekly e-newsletter. This issue’s subject states that “this month” they will be looking at Inca mythology – to me this indicates that it’s the start of a new month, in which all issues of Mythology Weekly will be about the Incas.

Unknown, 2013 (possibly the day after the previous episode) – Sam and Dean view a Clip Show of exorcisms in order to prepare for the third trial. Meanwhile, Cas recovers from his injuries and then meets Metatron. Sam and Dean travel from The Bunker in Lebanon, KS, to St. Louis, MO, then back to the Bunker, then to Prosperity, IN, then to Indianapolis, IN, and then back to the Bunker. All of this travel seems to take place during the course of one full day (even though this is impossible in terms of driving times). If you factor in driving times, then the episode takes place over 3 days (see notes).
- It’s a 7 hour drive between the Bunker and St. Louis, MO, which adds 14 hours for Cas to go get pie and meet up with Metatron before Dean and Sam return to find him missing. Sam and Dean then review the tapes they found and reassemble Abaddon – in the daytime – which would put them on a second day. Indeed, Crowley’s call comes in at 11:33am (the date on the phone is 11/14/12 which doesn’t make any sense so I’ve disregarded it.)
- It’s an 11 hour drive between the Bunker and Indianapolis, IN., assuming that Prosperity, IN is on the way.
- By the time Sam explains what’s happening to Sarah, its 11:44pm, Sarah is attacked by Crowley at midnight. Sam and Dean then have to drive the 11 hours to return to the Bunker, which, if they left immediately, would have them return home in the early afternoon of the third day.
- The filmed purification-exorcism that the boys find on film in the Men of Letters bunker was filmed on March 8, 1957, in St. Louis, MO.

Unknown Tuesday, 2013 (possibly June – see notes) – While Sam begins the final trial, Cas enlists Dean to help him when Naomi abducts Metatron. Along the way, Dean learns that closing the gates of Hell may require one Sacrifice too many. Not including the teaser between Crowley and Sheriff Mills, this episode takes place during the course of one day.
- The amazing transportation powers of the Impala strike again, as the boys are able to drive great distances in seemingly no time at all. The boys drive from the Bunker to somewhere near Garth’s boat in Warsaw, MO, and then to Bobby’s old salvage yard in Sioux Falls, SD – where they meet Crowley. They then drive to an undisclosed location to make use of an abandoned church. Usually, this would take more than a day’s driving, but Kevin confirms when Dean arrives later that he just saw Dean that morning when he dug up the demon tablet for them.
- Meanwhile, Cas travels to Houston, TX, with Metatron. After Metatron is taken, Cas gets Dean and transports them both to the Bunker and then to Houston, TX, and then eventually back to Sam.
- The bar-owner in Houston, TX, tells us that “it’s 10am on a Tuesday” when Cas starts asking him about his sexual kinks. This is kind of funny, since according to the sign on the door, the bar isn’t supposed to be open until 4pm on Tuesdays. If we were to take the scenes in the show as happening chronologically, than that means that Sam and Dean made it from Warsaw, MO, to Sioux Falls, SD – a 7 hour drive -  between sunrise and 10am.
- Kevin tells us that it took him “6 months” to translate “a piece of the demon tablet.” Since he only recovered the piece of the demon tablet in December, it would place this episode in, or close to, June.
- Castiel must take a few hours to look after the bar-owner, because Dean tells Sam that if he’s not back in 8 hours, to just go through with the final exorcism without him – but if it were 10am (when Metatron was taken) then night wouldn’t fall so quickly once Dean leaves. By the time Sam has given Crowley at least five injections (5 hours), it’s already dark outside. Abaddon shows up just before injection number 6 (if we go by the number of injection marks on Crowley’s neck.)

S9 to come in the summer of 2014, unless I get hit by a bus or something...

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