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2012-11-01 10:18 pm
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Rewatch S7: Survival of the Fittest (7x23)


We can't leave it. You let these friggin' things in. So you don't get to make a sandwich, you don't get a damn cat. Nobody cares that you're broken, Cas. Clean up your mess. )


Sera Gamble and Robert (Bob) Singer. Woo!

I swear, if they gave out Emmys for dudes looking at each other... )


Thank you so much for joining me for this S7 rewatch. :)

If Clothes Could Talk will slowly start to be updated over the next month or so, my goal is to have it done by Christmas (which should be fairly easy compared to doing the rewatch in one month.... I swear, it was like having a second far-more-enjoyable full-time job.)

I've also been debating whether I should make my metas/rewatches available in PDF form. So, if you want to weigh in on that concept, please do.

I figure I'll start in on my S2 Sherlock rewatches possibly in January to commemorate them starting to film S3. :P
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2012-10-30 01:42 am
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Rewatch S7: There Will Be Blood (7x22)

Alright...now, the only vampire that I seem to be able to stand....

I think you've got the oldest monster on earth thinking that he can hold his own because he always has. )

Okay, shorter one, because this was more about plot and less about character than the previous episode (I tend to talk way more when the episode is about character, you may have noticed).

I'm hopefully going to finish this rewatch tomorrow - but I also have to put in a full day's work and my sleeping habits are currenly borked so, we'll see.

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2012-10-29 02:34 am
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Rewatch S7: Reading is Fundamental (7x21)

The introduction of Kevin Tran! Yay! And another Edlund script! (I think it's safe to say that Edlund is my favourite.)

(BTW: I hope everyone in eastern North America makes it through the storm okay).


Okay, that was a long one. I'm not sure I do a good job of explaining anything... I feel like someone much better with words and literary analysis could do a much better job of this write up than I did. I kind of have to laugh at myself sometimes when I'm doing these meta-posts, because I'm the girl who consistently got 66% on all my English essays in High School because "hey, you tried and you can spell and use good grammar, but you really suck at analyzing things." :P (Though, I was good at analyzing things through transformative works... one time I wrote a poem about Hamlet instead of an essay [I had a very nice teacher who made a special exception for me]. It was my first A in literary analysis, because I actually hit and mentioned all the major themes without even realizing it!)

So, two episodes left, and two days left to watch them if I want to get this done before November. I also still have to work for a living. SHOULD BE FUN! :)
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2012-10-28 12:58 am
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Rewatch S7: The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (7x20)

Yay Felicia Day episode! :)

Do you do anything else in your free time? Like go out for drinks... Stop laughing, Sammy )

AND there we go... I have three episodes left. Do you think I can do them all tomorrow? Haha. I really only average one a day...and I wanted to have these done by the end of the month... so, I guess, I might JUST make it.
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2012-10-27 12:06 am
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Rewatch S7: Of Grave Importance (7x19)

Okay, back again! I meant to have this up earlier, but I slept in - so it's another day where I'm having lunch for dinner and dinner at midnight. I'll do better on the weekend.

Look it was a while back, we ended up on the same case - she was stressed and I didn't...have a soul. )

And that's that. A shorter one today. More to come on the weekend, since I want to wrap up this rewatch so that I can start doing other things again. :)
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2012-10-23 08:22 pm
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Rewatch S7: Party On, Garth (7x18)

And then, as is S7's wont, we go from very serious episode to funny episode...

Yes, yes! That's smart. Uh, I'm actually kind of drunk. Whatisgthis? Me likey. I miss these talks. )

And there we go! Next up is Of Grave Importance. Unfortunately, I'm super tired tonight, and the new episode is tomorrow...so I probably won't be getting it done until Thursday or Friday...which doesn't bode well for my goal of finishing the rewatch before November! I guess I know what I'm doing on the weekend :P
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2012-10-21 01:17 am
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Rewatch S7: The Born-Again Identity (7x17)

Okay! Huge important episode....

His soul is broken, Doc, can you give him a pill? )

And there you go. Long rewatch for an important episode. I'm sure I missed something, or explained myself ineloquently at some points...but hey, hopefully you forgive me. :)
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2012-10-19 09:51 pm
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Rewatch S7: Out With The Old (7x16)

Okay, Out with the Old... a kind of weird episode that I have mixed feelings about...I think? This one actually turned out to be very short.

... and a vintage gentleman's magazine sold to Peter Yankit 27 Johnson lane. )

Okay, that was amazingly short one.... Um...overall, I like this episode, but I think it could have been a bit more tension filled somehow? I don't know how, honestly though. I mean, it's a good episode, but for some reason there doesn't seem to be much substance to it.
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2012-10-17 12:37 am
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Rewatch S7: Repo Man (7x15)

Okay, time for them to finally come back to the storyline that I had been wanting since 7x02...

Oddly enough, I didn't take many initial notes as I watched this (ie: transcribed less dialogue), so we'll see how long this ends up being after I go through and remember what I wanted to say...

WARNING: I discuss rape.

He said shut-up to me! )

And there we have it. Because tomorrow (today?) is Wednesday and I'll be watching the new episode of S8, there won't be another rewatch until Thursday at the earliest. :)
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2012-10-15 10:04 pm
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Rewatch S7: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie (7x14)

Okay! Funny episode time!! I remember liking this one...

Wait, this isn't about your clown thing, is it? )

Tomorrow, I'll tackle Repo Man, which, I'm sure you might be able to guess, I really like for probably obvious reasons...

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2012-10-14 07:49 pm
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Rewatch S7: The Slice Girls (7x13)

The last resurgence of the Amy storyline...

dude, seriously - one night stand, you're just going to roll the dice- )

Tune in next time for a slightly lighter episode...when Sam is attacked by homocidal maniac clowns....
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2012-10-13 01:23 am
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Rewatch S7: Adventures in Babysitting (7x11)

And now we enter a world in which Bobby is dead....

There's no pill for my situation, sweetiepop. )

Anyway, that's that!

I should stop posting these in the middle of the night, but it's kind of hard to get them done any other time when I work for a living (I had last week off).

Tune in next time for some time travel and Sheriff Jody Mills! (I need a Jody Mills icon.)

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2012-10-11 11:36 pm
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Rewatch S7: Death's Door (7x10)


Ahem, I mean...please join me in this rewatch of Death's Door...

Mother Mary, I've got a messed up fruit-cake. )


This time with Jim Beaver and Steven Williams! They are delightful and well-spoken men, so I actually don't add much to the conversation below, I just quote my favourite bits and write down a few tidbits they give us.

Put all the ingredients together the right way and you can get a nice cake. )

And there you have it... next time, we move back to episodes that aren't as perfect as this one....

I should say, however, that after I typed up "Time for Wedding" I had this wonderful dream where I got to caress Sam Winchester's face a lot (consensual, of course ;) )...so, you know, it's not all bad reviewing episodes that you might not be particularly fond of!

I slept in so late today that I am now going to go make dinner at 11:30pm... oh adulthood, I am not good at you.
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2012-10-08 11:04 pm
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Rewatch S7: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters (7x09)

Oh wow, we're at this episode already...

Well, that's good...we're one off from my second favourite episode of the season... though, that also means that we're one off from the saddest episode ever.

You don't shoot Bambi, jackass. You shoot Bambi's mother. )

Tune in next time for TRAGEDY! 

(Next rewatch might not happen until Thursday or Friday, unfortunately... I have to work tomorrow, and then I have evening plans...and then Wednesday is S8 SPN... so, yeah... and then the next episode is going to be a doosy, because it's also got commentary.)
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2012-10-07 06:12 pm
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Rewatch S7: Season 7, Time for a Wedding (7x08)

Okay, so this episode is a bit problematic for some, so we'll see how I manage the minefield...

Shouldn't she have asked for my permission or something? )

Yeah, in the end, I didn't say much about this episode, did I? Ah well...more time to read fanfiction, I guess. ;)

Just a note on clothes: It's been 8 episodes and Sam has 5 new shirts already. Dean has 1, and he didn't even give me a good look at it.
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2012-10-06 09:11 pm
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Rewatch S7: The Mentalists (7x07)

A short one today... or at least, short in comparison to some of the others.

The Mentalists. This is the one I saw filming - which was loads of fun...

You are a virile manifestation of the divine. )

Anyway, there we go! The Winchesters are back together and hitting the road, which means that next time, I've got to tackle the can of worms that is Season 7, Time For A Wedding... oh dear.

ETA: Oh, I should also add that I had a great birthday! My friends took me out to Hart House for dinner - most of you will know Hart House because it served as the location of the fancy party that Sam, Dean, and Bela attended in Red Sky at Morning back in S3. Sadly, although the food was very delicious, there was no Dean and Sam Winchester in tuxedos at my birthday dinner. ;)
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2012-10-04 03:38 pm
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Rewatch S7: Slash Fiction (7x06)

Woo! I remember liking this one...

there is no such thing as a random series of robbery murders by your evil twins. )


I don't think this was really in the script. )

Tomorrow is my birthday folks! So, I might not be around much - I've got things to do and people to see. But I'm sure I'll be back on the weekend with more rewatches! :)
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2012-10-02 08:19 pm
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Rewatch S7: Shut-Up, Dr. Phil (7x05)

Okay, time for Buffy people. I am one of those very very few people who are not Buffy fans. It's no fault of Buffy's of course. I just really hate vampire-centric shows. I'm racist against vampires really, it would be a huge character fault, if they were real...as it is, it just means that I can't enjoy a very small percentage of pop culture.

Anyway, let's get on with it...

Okay, okay, that's going way too deep there, cowboy. )

Next time is Slash Fiction...with COMMENTARY! Yay!
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2012-10-01 11:53 pm
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Rewatch S7: Defending Your Life (7x04)

Unrelated: On Sunday, I found a restaurant/bar in Vancouver that basically had Ash as a bartender. It's not that far from the hotel where they hold the convention - so I kind of hope that he's still working there come August.

Okay, now we tackle the episode that Jared has decided is his least favourite (according to him at the Dallas Convention, though he didn't say why.)

I didn't want to do it alone. Who does... )

And there we go, I am finished the first disc.