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2010-10-25 04:48 pm
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Rewatch S5: DVD Extras

It's time for the obligatory DVD extras post!

S5 DVDs come with:
Gag Reel
and Supernatural: Apocalypse Survival Guides - Bobby's Exclusive Video Collection

It has the appearance of intelligence )

And there we go, finito.
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2010-10-24 02:19 am
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Rewatch S5: Swan Song (5x22)

 Alright, after putting off watching this epic sadness all day (by working on VVV, btw, some might be happy about that), I finally buckled down and watched it.

Hang on folks, this is a long one...

Hey Assbutt! )

Thanks for sticking with me through this rewatch! I will try to post my updated timeline tomorrow! And then all that's left is a quick review of the special features :)
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2010-10-23 03:52 pm
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Rewatch S5: Two Minutes to Midnight (5x21)

I'm all excited because I only have two episodes left (now one), so I'm thinking I could actually finish this up this weekend and then post my timeline! Yay! I wish the timeline was better-but it's Show's fault for not giving me any clues at all. They've even stopped putting the date on their newspapers.

End of discussion! This isn't over! )

I'm going to try to do Swan Song tonight, me thinks. It'll be SAD TIMES!
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2010-10-21 10:02 pm
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Rewatch S5: The Devil You Know (5x20)

My plans were foiled! My boss discovered that I had no work and gave me some! Boo!

Anyway, so, this is later than I intended and I'm probably too tired now to work on VVV tonight. Story of my life! Still I'm only two episodes away from finishing the rewatch, which will mean that I can do fun stuff like: A)post my S5 timeline, such that it is. B)Get back to posting If Clothes Could Talk posts (because I know you are all dying to know more about the wardrobe...I can sense these things.)

Surprisingly, I didn't have that much to say about this one either....so let's get on with it!

Fancy a fag and a chat? )

Ok! That was fun! Only two more episodes to go, and then special features time!!!

I should mention that Ghostfacers were on Disc 5, but I'm going to wait until I finish all the episodes before I post about the extras.
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2010-10-21 12:43 pm
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Rewatch S5: Hammer of the Gods (5x19)

 I watched this two nights ago, but I haven't had a chance to type anything yet! But today I have no work! (yay for me, boo for my wallet)

I actually don't have that many notes for this one, so it'll be much more brief than my other rewatch reviews...

why are you guys running around with no hands? )

Ok, I still have the day off, so I'm going to watch another one today, I think...then maybe write VVV tonight. I should probably tell my boss that I need more work assigned, but then she might assign me work...
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2010-10-19 10:16 pm
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Clothing Awesomeness in Point of No Return (5x18)

I was just cataloging the clothes in 5x18, so that I could watch 5x19 before I went to bed tonight, when I discovered that....

The coat Dean picks up in Bobby's basement when he escapes the panic room and runs away to find Zachariah...is the same coat that 2014!Dean wore in The End (5x04)!!

Caps below cut! )
I think that's really neat. Right now I'm calling it the Green Military Utility Coat of Doom, but maybe I should call it Dean's Coat of Bad Decisions...or feel free to offer suggestions :-P

These are the only two times this coat has appeared (so far)
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2010-10-19 12:42 am
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Rewatch S5: Point of No Return (5x18)

Woo! Supernatural's 100th episode, and it only get's more life affirming from here...

Alright! That took forever to type up, so it must be fairly long.

I'm off to bed, before I pass out on my keyboard.
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2010-10-17 01:25 am
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Rewatch S5: 99 Problems (5x17)

I've got 99 Problems and a bitch ain't one...oh wait...

This also happens to be the 99th episode of Supernatural too! Yay! 

Watch me sink into a cranky depression along with the episode! Fun! )

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2010-10-14 07:54 pm
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Rewatch S5: Dark Side of the Moon (5x16)

 Finally on the 5th disc! Woo! 

Now, after the odd non-sequential Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, we return to the story of Dean's complete loss of faith and hope in everything...

like Disneyland, except without the antisemitism )

Until next time...

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2010-10-13 12:00 am
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Rewatch S5: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (5x15)

Back to the rewatch! This is the slowest freakin' rewatch I've ever done...seriously. I apologize to all those eagerly awaiting my S5 timeline (...let me have my illusions that people care, please).

On with the show...

But the Winchesters will wear the same clothes for 3 days...and also not sleep. )

Vile Violent Vacations will go up in the morning. So, until then...have a good night folks! 

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2010-10-11 10:51 am
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Rewatch S5: My Bloody Valentine (5x14)

I don't actually have much written for this one...not sure why. Let's see if I get rambly anyway.

Wait Your Turn )

Man, the rest of this rewatch is going to be pretty depressing...
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2010-10-08 07:04 pm
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Rewatch S5: The Song Remains The Same (5x13)

In about 20 minutes I've got to sign out of twitter and avoid my flist for fear of spoilers...so I figured I'd use the time to type up my thoughts on another S5 episode...

But I enjoy this song, so I don't mind... )

I'll have my reaction to 6x03 up later tonight! 
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2010-10-07 12:18 am
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Rewatch S5: Swap Meat (5x12)

 Ok, so I actually had time on my birthday to watch this episode...but I didn't. I think this is my least favorite Supernatural episode ever, and I did not want to watch it on my birthday...so I saved it until my older sister's birthday, which just so happens to be the day after mine. Yay!

In which I try not to be negative and fail miserably....and then go a long rant about how we cannot know our alternative realities )

Thankfully it only gets better from here!
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2010-10-04 03:21 pm
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Rewatch S5: Sam, Interrupted (5x11)

I wrote down a lot of notes, but I think it's mainly just me copying out dialog. This episode has some great dialog...

And I think you're crazy, baby... )

Until next time...

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2010-10-03 09:27 pm
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Rewatch S5: Abandon All Hope (5x10)

I must admit, part of me was putting off watching this again...but, here we go...

Ye who enter here... )

Until next time...
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2010-09-30 12:36 am
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Rewatch S5: The Real Ghostbusters (5x09)

Oh man, you guys...I am so busy these days. It's taking me forever to do anything. Usually by this time I'd have all my rewatch done and the season timeline posted - but I'm not even half-way through yet! 

So, let's get down to business...

Like a monkey on the sun... )

Well, that was fun...until next time....
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2010-09-27 12:47 am
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Rewatch S5: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester (5x07) and Changing Channels (5x08)

Two today, because for once I actually had the time (I'm sure there is something that I'm forgetting that I have to do...)

Also, there are two, because for some reason I have surprisingly little to say about these episodes...

It's Old!Dean and the Sampala! )

Until next time...

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2010-09-24 12:33 pm
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Rewatch S5: I Believe The Children Are Our Future (5x06)

I was going to be far more productive yesterday, but my brain broke and I ended up being too depressed to do much of anything. Thankfully, I started feeling better sometime in the evening and decided that doing another rewatch would probably help, not hurt, my predicament. And I was correct! Yay!

Who's looking forward to tonight, btw? *raises hand* I'm going to a friends house to watch it!! Woo! SPN PARTY! That means that my usual "Quick Reaction" will be a couple of hours later than usual...and not so quick, I guess.

Anyway...on with the show....

I was bored, and that nurse was hot... )

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2010-09-23 01:46 pm
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Rewatch S5: Fallen Idols (5x03)

Oh no guys! Jensen used up all the Awesome for 5x04 and now all we have left in stock is Mediocre!

I kid because I love...now, on with the show:

AXE! I love axes. )

The end....

...well, until I rewatch 5x06, anyway.


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2010-09-20 03:53 pm
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Rewatch S5: The End (5x04)

This one has commentary - so it was sort of like taking notes on two episodes. 

This is the end, my only friend... )

Hey, remember back on my first few rewatches, when I would only talk about one or two things in the episode and it didn't take me 2+ hours to type up my notes? Those were the days...