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2009-04-08 06:24 pm
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Rewatch S1: Random Stuff

My job is deadly boring. Thankfully, I work from home 90% of the time, so no one can see me rubbing my face and saying "kill me now lord!"

Today, out of desperation for SOME entertainment, I popped on Disc 1 of SPN S1 and hit "Play All." Because I was working, of course, I couldn't actually WATCH the episodes, I could only listen to them.

Here's something I missed the first time 'round: In Dead in the Water. Dean once again uses "2 years" as a description of how much time Sam has been away. Specifically, Dean says that he's the one that has been with John for the past 2 years. Now, everyone agrees that the 2-year time for Sam's college years said by Dean in the pilot is wrong; I just thought it odd that they would make the same mistake 2 episodes later too.

Still, it's a mistake...but part of me thought "what scenario would make it NOT a mistake?" Sam definitely has been in college for more than 2 years (more like 4), but what if Dean hadn't been with John for all of those 4 years. It'd make an interesting slight-AU. Sam takes off to college and in the aftermath of "the fight" Dean takes off too...but not with Sam. It'd be extremely out-of-character for Dean, but that's where they AU part comes in, I suppose. Then after 2 years of being away on his own, Sam stops by California and sees Sam, but doesn't meet Jessica, so the visit would have to be a short one - plus one that left the brothers estranged, because Sam wouldn't pick up the phone when Dean called or at least Dean wouldn't think he would. Whatever fight/event happens when Dean drops in on Sam in California, it spurs Dean to return to his Dad's side. Man, it'd be interesting...but I don't think I could ever write it. The more I think about the premise, the more annoying OOC it is for Dean...who really can't stand to be alone and would never leave his father willingly (unless it was to save his father's life).

Ah well, there may have been other stuff I noticed, but now I forget them. 

Oh, one thing I noticed was that I think it's Jared who says "Think, Sam - Think!" in the commentary for Phantom Traveler. I always thought it was Jensen, but Jensen makes fun of himself in very next instance when they show Dean and Jensen says "searching...searching..." Anyway, still hilarious and still makes me laugh.

ETA: I also noticed a continuity error. In Phantom Traveler the boys totally knew that a person possessed by a demon still had that person trapped inside - yet in Devil's Trap, Dean didn't seem to realize until Bobby told him.

I really need to find something to entertain me while I work....or possibly I need a new job, but I DO like the fact that my job let's me sleep in and stay unshowered in my pjs all day.

(Once again, moodtheme is the perfect scene for this post, since I work as a researcher).
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2008-12-21 10:26 pm
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A Rec, A Joke, and Rewatch S1: DVD Special Features

Before I get into the special features, I just thought I would point anyone interested over to "Ends and Means" by [livejournal.com profile] sylvanwitch . It's an episode coda to 1x18 - Something Wicked...and it is beautifully put together, with the way the imagery ties in with the dialog, or the meaning behind the dialog. It is very well done, and actually touches on way more topics than just the events of Something Wicked.

Yesterday I was talking to my friend in China, and I asked him how far along he was in the show so far. I'm hoping that he gets caught up by the time I get there, so that we can watch the new episodes together, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. This is our conversation:

Friend: I've watched S1, but I haven't started S2 yet, I've been playing this new game instead.
Me: Oh...just as well, because, sorry to spoil you, they all die in that car crash.
Friend:  :-P Oh, well good thing I didn't waste my time then.
Me: Yeah, all the episodes in the subsequent three seasons are just hour-long pan shots of their graves while sad music plays.
Friend: HAHAHA

And since I don't have much to say about Special Features, I'm not going to do an LJ cut. So...

DVD Special Features!

There's the customary writer/producer/director interview series about the genesis of the show. It's cool. They emphasis how they are really inspired by movies, not television, and that every week they are basically trying to make an hour-long movie-quality production. I think they succeed, obviously, because Supernatural really does feel like it's movie-quality compared to other shows.

There's the Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen featurette that I've actually seen on YouTube before, so it was nothing new to me. It WAS neat watching it in high quality though!

There's the Gag Reel, which is, of course, also a favorite on YouTube. Nothing new there...I love gag reels.

Then there's a Stills Gallery with concept art for some of the episode monsters, and sometimes pictures of what they ended up looking like too.

There are two Easter Eggs that I found. When you move the cursor to the Stills Gallery, Dean's eyes turn yellow, and if you click on them, then it shows you two alternative openings to the show - both of them featuring a predominantly isoteric and golden hued theme...and both of them pretty lame. Then if you hold the cursor over the Day in the Life... the house in the background has lights on, and if you click on it, then you get a little personal thank-you from Kripke telling you how important the fans are to the show, and how this is a dream come true for him.

I couldn't really get the CDROM stuff to work, unfortunately. You seem to be brought to a webpage, and on it you can see Hunter Blogs - the only one I could read was Jo's, which ends in June, 2006...but yeah, not that thrilling. I couldn't really get anything else to go, and I didn't have time to mess around with it, since I was borrrowing someone else's computer.

Next I start S2! Yay!

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2008-12-21 06:23 pm
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Rewatch S1: Ep 21 & 22

Unfortunately, because of the CD-ROM content on the disc, my computer screws up whenever I try to watch the 6th disc on my laptop (which was where I've mostly been watching these, given that I don't always have access to the good TV). So, I had to drag out my small crappy TV and hook it up to an old DVD player so that I could watch these episodes (again, because I didn't have access to the good TV). My old crappy TV makes the shows even DARKER, if you can imagine...and the picture quality poorer.

I'm going to try again with the laptop after I post this, because I want to see what the special features are. I'll do a separate post about the special features if I get it working (or possibly high-jack a better computer). Man, I wish I had a better job, then I'd own the good stuff.

On to the final two episodes of Season 1...

Salvation and Devil's Trap )

Now, here's hoping that I can watch the special features on something a little less crappy...
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2008-12-19 03:01 pm
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Rewatch S1: Ep 19 & 20

I just have the final two now to go, and I'm done S1. Pretty snazzy. Today's episodes are Provenance and Dead Man's Blood. One of them is interesting, the other one is not.


Provenance and Dead Man's Blood )


I had completely forgotten about that scene between John and Sam in Dead Man's Blood. This makes me forgive John a little for some of his failings.

Now, the question is...do I wait patiently and save the last two episodes for tomorrow...or do I watch them tonight? Hmm...so tempting...

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2008-12-19 02:29 am
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Rewatch S1: Ep 18

Tonight I only watched one episode. Something Wicked is one of my favorites. Sadly, I don't think I'm as articulate about it as I would like to be. I've had a confusing day....but here you are!

Something Wicked )

On a separate topic: It occurred to me that I've written one fic from John's point of view, one fic from Dean's, one from Jess', and one from Sam's! How unintentionally diverse of me! Sadly, I don't think I could get Bobby's voice down...plus, the next idea I'll probably write up is a Dean POV. Still, I'm impressed with myself.



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2008-12-18 02:34 pm
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Rewatch S1: Ep 15 to 17

Today I set my alarm for PM instead of AM (oh how I miss the 24 hours clocks of Germany), and woke up at 1:22pm. Which would be all well and good, if I hadn't have made plans to give a coworker a drive to work today...if this HADN'T been one of only two days this week that I actually had work.

Anyway, the coworker (who I must say, must have stood out in the cold for a least 45 minutes waiting for me - should I remind you that I live in Canada?) miraculously forgave me when I called her. She said she was just happy that I wasn't dead in a ditch somewhere...and that she had since defrosted, and that she'd see me in the New Year.

Arrrrrrg, I feel like such an idiot...a well rested idiot.

Here are my thoughts on the episodes that I watched last night. Three instead of two. I've got to slow watching these things down. I'm blaming the timeline I'm working on...it's the historical researcher in me, I'm obsessed with making this timeline! It can't be healthy.

Once again, I mention foreshadowy events, but only vaguely.

The Benders, Shadow, and Hell House )

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2008-12-17 04:42 pm
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Rewatch S1: Ep 13 & 14

Last night I watched Route 666 and Nightmare. I'll probably watch two more after I post this too. I posted my bracelet!fic as well. If you read it, let me know if there are any spelling mistakes, or whether it's "He couldn't see past them" or "He couldn't see passed them"...because I can't tell.

I actually have to go into work tomorrow, so there will be a small slowdown to these posts. I'll also be slightly busy with xmas stuff and whatnot starting this weekend...so these posts will most likely be more spread out for a little bit. Though, you never know. My sleeping schedule is still a bit messed up. I don't think me waking up on time in the mornings is a victory when I have to take two hour naps in the afternoon. My life would be easier if I used caffeine like everyone else, but that would be giving into the MAN.

Anyway! On to the episodes! There is tons of foreshadowing in Nightmare for obvious reasons, but I try not to go into detail too much.


Route 666 and Nightmare )


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2008-12-16 03:32 pm
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Rewatch S1: Ep 11 & 12

So, last night I watched Scarecrow and Faith, went to bed at 5am, woke up at 11am, and now have an irregular heartbeat because that's what happens when I don't get enough sleep.

I picked my Jensen icon, because the man does a fine job.

I don't think I have any general thoughts on these episodes. Thinking about Faith always gets Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen stuck in my head: "Your faith was strong, but you needed proof..." Which, I suppose, is better than getting "Chelsea Hotel" by Leonard Cohen stuck in my head, though I think it's the most beautiful song ever written about a blowjob.

Anyway, there is once again brief foreshadowing mentions in my post, so be officially warned, even though I don't go into detail.


Scarecrow and Faith )


I might have a nap, who knows. There might be yet another post later...or maybe I'll get that thing I wrote yesterday edited up and post it. The possibilities, though not endless, are many.

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2008-12-16 12:47 am
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Rewatch S1: Ep 09 & 10

I wrote up a little bracelet!fic today, but I'm going to leave it another day or so before posting, just to see if it requires any major editing after I look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

I woke up at 2pm today. A little better than 3pm, but it's going to kill me when I have to get up at 8am on Thursday. Tomorrow I'm going to try for 10am and see what happens. Anyway, much like yesterday, I find myself with not much to do but watch Supernatural (and write fanfic!). I like posting these two at a time though, since I can be quite long-winded and I think more than two would be too much for anyone to read :P

Today I watched Home and Asylum, both awesome explorations of the boys' father-issues...or rather, Sam's father issues and Dean's heartbreaking sadness.

Be warned that I do mention things in passing that are foreshadowy elements for later seasons and episodes. I don't go into detail (that much), but I will point them out.

Home and Asylum )

I will most likely watch two more episodes tonight, but wait until tomorrow afternoon to write up my thoughts on them. Though, I do actually have a spot of work tomorrow...yay money!

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2008-12-15 02:26 am
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Rewatch S1: Ep 07 to Ep 08

Because I was at a Christmas party last night until 4am, I slept until 3pm today. This means that I'm going to be up until godknows when tonight. I am wide awake and it is already 3:30am. Fun times! What's the perfect thing to do when wide awake and bored out of your tree? Watch Supernatural!

No general comments to make on these episodes, besides: Yay Dean and Sam family angst! Prepare for me to over-analyze this to death.


Hookman and Bugs )


Further note on accessories: [livejournal.com profile] mara_snh  gave me a great theory on the bracelets in the comment section of my previous post! Thanks! It has inspired yet another fic idea, I fully recommend anyone interested to go check out what she had to say (small spoiler for S4 Ep01, but it's negligible)
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2008-12-14 05:59 pm
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Rewatch S1: Ep 05 to 06

I've already stumbled upon a mistake in the Supernatural Timeline that I usually use, so I'm quite happy with my decision to keep track of days in the series. It means though that there is TONS of unaccounted for time between episodes, also the weather doesn't make any sense. Basically episodes 3-5 take place between November 14th and February 27th, yet we never see any snow (even though episode 5 takes place in Ohio, where I'm pretty sure the leaves wouldn't still be green and there should be snow on the ground :P).

Anyway, I'll explain more under the cut....


Bloody Mary and Skin )


Quick note on Accessories: I've noticed that Dean wears a group of bracelets in the S1 so far. I've also noticed in the promotional pictures for S4 that Sam isn't wearing his leather band (but I haven't gone back and confirmed with the episodes)...so I'm thinking that bracelets are just something that come and go with the boys...and they don't have any meaning besides, oh hey...a bracelet. Maybe it's just because with their lives, they can't have many personal belongings, so they purchase bracelets from time to time because they are small things - but give them a chance to have something that is theirs. It could be as simple as that, anyway. The dudes just might like bracelets is what I am trying to say, I guess.
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2008-12-13 01:07 am
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Rewatch S1: Ep 02 to 04

Tonight I was able to sit down and watch Episodes 2 to 4 (Wendigo, Dead in the Water, Phantom Traveler)! I'm putting my ramblings under a cut, because I figure they will probably be long, but here are general things:

Jared's accent really does come out in these early episodes. Especially in Dead in the Water, when he says "Green. The Light's Green"...there is not a single word in the line that is not said with an accent. I actually sometimes wish they had just made the boys Texan and let them speak normally.

I've been constructing myself a vague timeline while I watch. I know there are perfectly good timelines out there, but I figured I might as well take the opportunity to verify some things and add some information I think is lacking from the other ones. For instance, I've been keeping track of how many days a single episode spans - it's quite fun, really.

I actually watched these with a little pad of paper and a pen...how lame am I?

To The Episodes! )

And there you have it! I talked to my friend in China this evening (which is why I'm so late writing this up - man I'm tired), and he has finished S1 and is currently downloading S2. I told him I was hoping he was caught up by the time I got there so that we could watch the new episodes together, but hey, no rush :P


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2008-12-11 10:09 pm
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Rewatch S1 DVDs: The Pilot

Speak of the devil! UPS showed up with my DVDs this morning, so this afternoon I was able to dive right in and rewatch the pilot. Now, I must admit, I've seen parts of the pilot several times now, because I watched a few scenes on Youtube while I was writing my last story. The cool thing about the DVD though is that they have deleted scenes and commentary! Yay!

It's really odd to see the boys looking so young. Well, mostly Jared. He's all skinny and lanky, not at all like now - when I like to refer to him as COLOSSUS. (Any guesses as to my favorite X-Man?). Jensen, I figured always looked the same - I was wrong though, mostly I can hear it in his voice...and of course he had a slightly spikier hair-cut then, which I must admit I sometimes miss.

Deleted Scenes Coolness:

One of the deleted scenes from the Pilot is Dean, after he drives away from Sam's place at the end. It adds a further clue for my "Why did Dean go back to Sam's" mystery. In the deleted scene, he's driving away, looks down at his watch, you see the that the time is 2:50am...and then Dean turns the car around and heads back to Sam's. So, now my question is "What is so special about ten to three in the morning that caused Dean to turn that car around?"

Things I Love:

I love it in the Pilot how Dean and Sam have absolutely no sense of time. I mean, Dean shows up in the middle of the night for Sam - fine, that's Dean for you. But then Sam agrees to go and they just leave RIGHT AWAY! Haha...I mean, it makes sense since Sam is on a schedule, but I just love the fact that there's no mention of it. There's just an acceptance. And then when Dean drops him off again, it's almost 3am. Again, makes sense, because if Dean keeps driving he can be in Colorado by morning (or so he says). I just think that it really sets up the character of the show well, without directly pointing and saying "WHEN IT GETS DARK, THE WINCHESTERS GET TO WORK!" It just happens that way. You actually don't see any of the Winchesters in the day until Sam and Dean are at that gas station and Sam is criticizing Dean's cassette-tapes.

Another thing I absolutely love: The fight scene between Sam and Dean in Sam's apartment. Although I rarely enjoy Wincest, there's just something about that move Sam uses to flip Dean at the end (after he recognizes him) that gets me everytime. Maybe I just like watching cute boys wrestle...but damn, that move is pretty frickin' sweet.

Commentary Tidbits:

Kripke said that he played with the idea of Sam coming back to his apartment and finding his Dad dead on the ceiling, and Jess lived but turned evil or something. Man, Kripke has some bad ideas before he has the good ones! That would have sucked. I can't imagine missing out on the glory that is John Winchester as played by JDM.

The conversation between Sam and Dean when Dean first shows up, where Sam is complaining about their childhood and explaining to Dean why he wanted to leave, was actually originally longer and went into more depth about what exactly their childhoods were like. Now, I think in terms of the show, it's a lot better that they shortened it....because it's already sort of an awkward unrealistic conversation that you can tell is solely there to inform the audience...but man, I'm such a wee!chester junkie, it would have been pretty sweet to be able to hear the extended version - but alas, not included in the deleted scenes.

So, there you go. My thoughts on the rewatch (and rewatch with commentary) on the Pilot. Good times were had by all (I'm assuming the dog enjoyed it as much as I did). It didn't inspire any fic ideas, but then, I've already written one Pilot centered fic.


*Special Note to My Lovely, just in case: Don't read these! Watch the show! I don't want to spoil it for you more than I already have! Sheesh...*