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2018-02-18 01:56 pm

Rewrite: Season 12

Do you ever wonder what a Season 12 might look like if the BMoL made (more) sense and Crowley wasn't suddenly an idiot?

Well, so did I, so I rewrote it.


18 out of 23 episodes changed, to varying degrees, for your consideration... )

I hope you enjoyed my version of Season 12 :)

I may do this again for Season 13...

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2018-02-15 09:05 pm
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Rewatch S12: Special Features

So, this is probably super boring - but just in case you're curious, here are my notes while I watched special features. I didn't really have anything to add to them, as they were all pretty straight forward. 

I DO love how most of the special features are called "The Winchester Mythology" which I like better than "The Winchester Gospels", personally.

Special Features

The Winchester Mythology: Mary Winchester

Talking about how the entire mythology of the Winchesters starts with Mary. )

The Winchester Mythology: A Hunter's Life

it's just a blue-collar gunslinger - a modern American western. )

The Winchester Mythology: Clash of the British Men of Letters

Winchesters are more human, forgiving. BMoL fight evil, but in a way in which they might be evil themselves. )

- Always fun.

And I didn't watch the Supernatural 2016 Comic-Con panel, because I probably already read a giant summary of it after it happened - and I always find ComicCon panels kind of boring when you're not eagerly anticipating the next season.
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2018-02-14 09:26 pm
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Rewatch S12: All Along the Watchtower (12x23)

Last episode of S12! This purpose will be a bit heavy on the rewrites... but I'll try to have a good mix of both, if I can... but I can't make any promises!

All Along the Watchtower

This is a world where you were never born. A world you never saved. )

That's it!

Well, rewatch is done! Wow!

I'll watch special features (maybe tomorrow), and do a short post on them, and then I'll probably get a post together for next week that puts all the rewrites into one place and cleans them up a little, so you can read my version beginning to end and pretend that's what actually happened. :P

Hey, here's a question for you: Where the hell is the gag real on the dvds? I can't find it! Does anyone else out there have the DVDs? I only have three special features on disc 6. And I looked at all the other discs, and it's not there either. Can someone help solve this mystery? It says I'm supposed to have the Gag Reel and the 2016 ComicCon panel, but I don't have those! D:
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2018-02-11 10:42 pm
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Rewatch S12: Who We Are (12x22)

Second to last episode! Exciting times!

Went back to my old style for this one. It took me over two hours, so you better appreciate it! :P

Who We Are

I need you to really look at me, and I need you to see me. Please. )

As usual, let me know your thoughts!
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2018-02-07 08:10 pm
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Rewatch S12: There's Something About Mary (12x21)

Okay, I've put this off long enough (okay, it was just an extra day... but I DO have a schedule to keep here...)

This one is light on the quote analysis and HEAVY on the rewrites folks, so if you don't like the rewrites and prefer the quote analysis, you'll be very disappointed. Next episode is by Berens, so I'll most likely go back to being heavier on the analysis, so I'd recommend coming back for that one.

There's Something about Mary

Easier to hurt people you don't remember loving. )

Alright, that was a lot of work.

Let me know your thoughts in comments!

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2018-02-04 03:39 pm
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Rewatch S12: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes (12x20)

This episode was easy to put off rewartching for the week, because although I like the actors and the director... it is NEEDLESSLY DEPRESSING.

So, this will hopefully be a short one consisting of mainly me rewriting things...

Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Parents always seem smart and strong and perfect, it's only when you grow up that you realize that they're just people. )

Next episode is going to be VERY MUCH REWRITTEN. I don't want to watch that one either. Ugh.

And finished disc 5! Yay! Just three more episodes left and the special features.

*I don't actually have a dog

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2018-01-29 10:04 pm
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Rewatch S12: The Future (12x19)

Second day in a row! This episode is by Robert Berens, so more than likely, there will be a LOT to talk about - especially since this is a mytharc episode, which I'm rewriting... and I have 1 hour and 18 minutes. PROBABLY NOT GOING TO PULL THIS OFF!

So, let's get down to it quickly...

The Future

You really thought he was going to save you? This sad useless fluttering little moth. )

And I made it! EXACTLY an hour and eighteen minutes, except for the last couple of sentences and posting it!

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments...
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2018-01-28 10:07 pm
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Rewatch S12: The Memory Remains (12x18)

It'll be another two rewatch days in a row this week, so, let's get down to business with the first...

The Memory Remains

Cocaine's alright, but you know what would be great? Murder. )

Super short!

Next one will be tomorrow and it's a myth-arc episode with the return of Cas, so is probably going to need considerable rewrites! Oh man...

Anyway, let me know if you have any thoughts on this one.
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2018-01-22 09:38 pm
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Rewatch S12: The British Invasion (12x17)

Okay, rewatch for the second day in a row...

The British Invasion

No one cares )


BuckLeming and Adam Fergus (Mick) and David Haydn-Jones (Ketch)

There is a lurking doom )

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!!

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2018-01-21 08:53 pm
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Rewatch S12: Ladies Drink Free (12x16)

In keeping with the theme of the week, today's rewatch happens to be Claire's episode from last season...let's get to it!

Ladies Drink Free

Maybe some people can control this, but I can barely keep it together on a good day. )

Next rewatch will be tomorrow, because I've got plans Tuesday night.

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments.
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2018-01-16 09:55 pm
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Rewatch S12: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (12x15)

Rewatch Tuesday!

Last one before I re-enter S13 on Thursday and start doing rewatches and new season reactions concurrently.

This is another one that's going to require extensive rewrites - yikes, let's see what I come up with...

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Pup like that out and about, it's not good for business - makes it look like I'm not in control. )

As usual, let me know what you thought in the comments! Next rewatch will be on the weekend. :)
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2018-01-14 11:38 pm
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Rewatch S12: The Raid (12x14)

Supernatural Thursday Sunday! Since we still have a week before the show starts back up again, I'm using it for a rewatch... (starting next week, rewatches will probably be Tuesdays and Sundays - I still want to get two done per week.)

The Raid

Clever clever boy )

Let me know your thoughts in comments! :)

Next one will be up on Tuesday, and then we're back to new episodes on Thursday, yay!

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2018-01-09 10:16 pm
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Rewatch S12: Family Feud (12x13)


So, part of my goal in January was to cut down on social media... and man, is it being effective so far. I mean, I'm still checking at least 4 times per day... but my god, when you're not constantly on there, you realize how boring it is and how none of it actually matters. Anyway, that's an update on me, let's get to the episode....

Family Feud

He's dramatic, as you know. )


He's not so bad. Crowley. He comes to see me from time to time. He gave me money, to live. Until I got hired at the Gas'n'Sip. )


I think that's a great word for it - that intimacy - that even if they don't like you, that somebody knows you )

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments!

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2018-01-04 10:07 pm
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Rewatch S12: Stuck in the Middle (With You) (12x12)

Woo! I remember really liking this episode! Hopefully I still do (I'm sure I will.)

Let's get to it!

Stuck in the Middle (With You)

thank you, knowing you has been the best part of my life - and the things we've shared together, they have changed me. You're my family. I love you. I love all of you. )

I ended up doing that kind of old-style. But it's such a good episode, I couldn't resist.

And now I'm done disc 3! Onto disc 4 and officially halfway through the rewatch!

As per usj, let me know what you though in comments, if you be so inclined. The rewatch marches on regardless of how many comments I get though, so if you want me to stop TOO BAD.

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2018-01-02 08:48 pm
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Rewatch S12: Regarding Dean (12x11)

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! I did, which resulted in me waking up at 2pm on New Years Day with a hangover... fun times.

But, I'm all recovered now, so let's get down to business... (to defeat the huns)

Regarding Dean

What a gift not to recall the things you've done. )
Good episode! 

And I'm half an episode away from being half-way through S12! Woo!
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2017-12-30 07:18 pm
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Rewatch S12: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets (12x10)

I hope everyone has a good New Years Eve tomorrow!!

Lily Sunder has Some Regrets

Is he a hero? Is he a spanner in the works? I don't know. )

If anyone has any thoughts, let me know in comments. If there's anything I didn't talk about, also let me know.
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2017-12-27 09:22 pm
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Rewatch S12: First Blood (12x09)

Hello! I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good Christmas! I did! It was super relaxing and I was in a good mood for some weird reason. Anyway, things are good, so let's tackle another S12 episode...

First Blood

This sad doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get )

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments. And in case I didn't make it clear at the offset of this rewatch, the positive/negative rule is KINDA suspended for these posts. I mean, don't go crazy, but you can also just be critical if you want, you don't need to also be complimentary.

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2017-12-23 04:59 pm
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Rewatch S12: LOTUS (12x08)

Okay dudes, let's get to the mid-season finale before Christmas! Woot!

Also, end of disc 2, which means I've only got 4 more to go.. ouch... I was kinda hoping I just had 3 left, but whatever. I'm still knocking these out fairly quickly, which was the goal. Some episodes I don't exactly look forward to, I gotta admit.


Hello, Darling. This is going to sting a bit. )

Not sure when the next one of these will be, as we float into Christmas Time and I've got meals with friends to go to the next few days. But, hopefully I'll be able to get a couple episodes into the back-half of the season before January rolls around. 

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments.

And I hope you're all having good holidays! :)
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2017-12-17 09:33 pm
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Rewatch S12: Rock Never Dies (12x07)

Ended up with more time to myself this weekend than I thought I'd have, so we get another one of these!

Rock Never Dies

We're not winning, we're just losing slow. )

Commentary with Rick Springfield and Jay Gruska

the music industry is actually much more evil than it's portrayed in this episode - bigger jerks. )

Let me know your thoughts if you have any!

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2017-12-15 10:05 pm
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Rewatch S12: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Trying to do at least two/week of these.

Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Come on, Sam, it's not like we're in the live 'til you're 90 die in your sleep business. This? This only ends one way. )

As usual, let me know your own thoughts in comments!