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2017-04-30 10:29 pm
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S11 DVD Special Features

This post is super short!

On the Set with SPN: The Real Fan Contest

cute )

The Winchester Mythology: Shedding Light on the Darkness

shrug )

Digital Magic: Enhancing the Sets with VFX

fun and short )

GAG REEL - always a treat.

Then the Supernatural: 2015 Comic-Con Panel... which I didn't bother to watch, because that's old news. Though, I wish they had that feature back in the early days - my favourite Comic-Con moment to date will forever be Jared mishearing the word "horror" sometime around S2 or S3.

So, not much to say about the features this year. There weren't any real incite that I wanted to talk about... well, maybe just one...

little bit of criticism )

So, that's the DVDs all wrapped up. Yay!

S11 was really good overall, I think. Much stronger than S10. 11x01-11x20 were really what I consider the season, 11x21-11x23, really belong more in the S12 pile, in my opinion...especially 11x23. But we'll discuss that more next year (or in the fall, I guess) when I inevitably rewatch S12. I might switch up the rewatches a bit though and try to do them in a fashion where they take less time. We'll see. It might mean going back to my rewatch S1-S3 format, where I watched the episode straight and then wrote a post afterward, instead of transcribing dialogue and writing the post as I go.

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2017-04-30 07:10 pm
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Rewatch S11: Alpha and Omega (11x23)


Earth will be fine. It's got you and Sam. )

Now I can finish up the clothing catalogue and start getting it posted this week. Woot!

Next up, I'll do a brief post about the special feature.
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2017-04-23 11:29 pm
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Rewatch S11: We Happy Few (11x22)

Rewatches! We only have two episodes to go - I should have just done both of them today, but I got super lazy and watched documentaries on youtube instead.

Ah well, let's talk about this episode - which I can't remember anything about, besides it deals with God and Lucifer's relationship. Fun times!

Let's get into it...

There's a value - a glory in creation - that's greater or truer than my pride or my ego - call it grace, call it being, whatever it is - it didn't come from my hands, it was there, waiting to be born. )
Next weekend, the FINALE! Unless I get super impatient and finish it earlier, but not sure that's going to happen.

But, if that doesn't happen, I'll definitely see you Thursday for the new S12 episode.

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2017-04-09 11:30 pm
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Rewatch S11: All in the Family (11x21)

Okay, now we begin what I remember as an extremely rapid decline in the awesomeness of S11. But! Maybe it's not as bad as I remember, and at the very least, there's going to be nuggets of awesomeness still left in here - given the fact that twe have some good actors on this show.

So, let's talk about the first of our final three episodes.

All in the Family

If my plan doesn't work, then humans will step up - you, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way - that's why I saved you years ago. You're the firewall between light and darkness. )

So, that's that. It wasn't so bad! Some good stuff in there!

I'm crossposting this from Dreamwidth as an experiment. I have fewer icons on DW, which sucks... but you know what DW DOES have?!?! SPELLCHECK! Wow, I haven't had spell check on LJ in years. I'm thinking either it just doesn't work with chrome or I accidentally turned it off somehow. Either way, it's nice to be able to spellcheck my entries before I post them... and I'd like to apologize right now for all the errors that are probably everywhere in my old LJ entries, because there were a lot of them in this one.

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments! Only two more episodes to go, and then I can start getting S11's clothing catalog up! Yay!

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2017-04-02 10:20 pm
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Rewatch S11: Don't Call Me Shurley (11x20)

Okay, now we're down to the meaty stuff (just before it all falls apart).

This is Robbie Thompson's last episode :( And what a great note to go out on... though I do know there are people who don't like this episode. I, however, am not one of those people. I thought this episode was brilliant... so, let's talk about...

One of these days, it won't be long - you'll call my name, and I'll be gone. Fare thee well, oh honey. Fare thee well. )


That's a really sweet story Metatron [...] but it's a little late for a redemption arc, don't you think? )


Commentary is by Robbie Thompson (writer), Rob Benedict (Chuck), and Curtis Armstrong (Metatron).

Because I'm part of it - as happens in abusive relationships. That's a place I'm comfortable being. It's better being abused than being abandoned. )

Yay! And thus endeth my last favourite episode from S11. :)

information I have, but I can't remember the source of about the end of S11 BTS )

But, I could also be being WAY too harsh - only a rewatch will be able to tell! So, look forward to next week, when I tackle the next Ross-Leming/Buckner offering (le sigh.)

But, if you want to talk about this one, PLEASE DO SO. I love this episode, and I've love to talk about it. If you, for some reason, hate this episode - then don't kill my buzz out of some sort of misplaced superiority complex - you not liking something doesn't make you better than me, MICHAEL.

Seriously though, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. :)
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2017-03-26 05:54 pm
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Rewatch S11: The Chitters (11x19)

Hello! It's rewatch time! It's been a while! (four weeks?!?!)

I guess it's good that I'm getting back into the swing of things with an MOTW.

Let's talk about...

The Chitters

Well, it's more like an old married couple. )

Until next time...
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2017-02-19 07:35 pm
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Rewatch S11: Hell's Angel (11x18)


I remember this one as a particularly weak episode in an otherwise (thus far) strong season. Of course, this was before the last three episodes had aired, which I also think are pretty weak - but we'll get to those! First, let's get through this one... where we see what Lucifer is up to now that he's top-side...

Is this the Winchester's kitchen? )


Imagine the sweet solitude of purest night. Absolute eternal stillness. )
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2017-02-12 09:37 pm
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Rewatch S11: Red Meat (11x17)


This episode is so good... let's just get to it!

Red Meat

After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There's no normal after that. )

So, there we go... I really wasn't expecting some of those comparisons/parallels to come up. Sorry/not-sorry if I offended anyone. We live in interesting times when it comes to morality - but the kicker is that we always have, we're just suddenly sharply aware of it.

As per usual, forgive spelling mistakes (I have no spellchecker), and please let me know your own thoughts in comments!
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2017-01-29 05:30 pm
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Rewatch S11: Safe House (11x16)

Sunday! Sunday! SOMEDAY!

Rewatch time! ...and it's a BOBBY EPISODE! Yay!!

This one I did pretty quick folks, because although it's a fantastic episode, I didn't have that much to talk about, besides loving on it. So, enjoy!

Safe House

...Sam and Dean are right in the middle of this thing. I'm worried about my boys, Rufus. )

And that's it! Next weekend I'm going down to WA to visit my sister, so I won't be doing a rewatch...possibly? It depends what time I get home on Sunday.
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2017-01-22 09:58 pm
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Rewatch S11: Beyond the Mat (11x15)

Hello - I hope you all had a good weekend. I did, though it was fairly unproductive when it comes to exercising and living right... on the plus side, I got a lot of fic-writing done!

Anyway, rewatch!

Beyond the Mat

I mean, think about that, town after town putting your ass on the line for next to nothing? No money, no glory. Wow. )


Hey, Jase, what's your thing? What are kids into these days? )

And there we have it!

Ugh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Weekends are far too short. :(
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2017-01-15 07:35 pm
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Rewatch S11: The Vessel (11x14)

Man, it feels like I just did one of these... but it's Sunday, and I wanted to get back on my Sunday schedule - so here we go!

The Vessel

I wanted to be of service to the fight, and only Lucifer can beat her. )

Good episode!
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2017-01-12 11:04 pm
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Rewatch S11: Love Hurts (11x13)

Thursday! Time for SPN - and since it's not on, we'll do a rewatch! And since Supernatural was just renewed for Season 13, we'll watch 11x13... it's almost like I planned it, and yet, that's just the way it worked out.

Love Hurts

What is it, like, an ironic werewolf? )

As usual, please forgive spelling errors and also let me know what you thought in comments!
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2017-01-02 05:17 pm
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Rewatch S11: Don't You Forget About Me (11x12)

First rewatch of 2017! I would have done this yesterday, but the unusual amount of snow Vancouver has gotten in the past 3 weeks caused several blackouts across the city - one of which included my house. :P

I'll be interested to see the SPN episodes that are filmed around this time. Mind you, they stopped filming for Christmas right when the worst of the snow hit... and this COULD all melt before they really get back up filming again, but I'd be surprised!

Anyway, power is back up now, so it's time to finish off disc 3!

Don't You Forget About Me

As long as everyone wears a condom, we'll be fine. )

As per usual, please forgive spelling errors, and let me know what you thought in comments! :)
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2016-12-23 12:15 pm
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Rewatch S11: Into the Mystic (11x11)

I'm still alive!

Sorry I missed a week there, folks. I had a busy weekend with Christmas parties, and recovering from Christmas parties. I'm officially off work now for a mini-Vacation (just 4 days), but what better way to kick it off then with a rewatch?! Certainly, it helps that I can sleep in tomorrow. ;)

(ETA: And I did! LJ was down when I finished last night, so I'm posting this the next day)

Into the Mystic

Mildred, I have to be honest with you - my partner and I, we're not really FBI. We're brothers and we hunt monsters. )

As per usual, let me know your thoughts in comments, if you should have any. :)

Also, please remember I have no spell check and I type these stream of consciousness style, so forgive any weird spelling or bad grammar, or words that sound like other words that I meant to type instead.
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2016-12-11 09:53 pm
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Rewatch S11: The Devil in the Details (11x10)

Returning to our regularly scheduled rewatches...

When we last left, we were talking about a lot of ideas about consumption, the theology and humanism of SPN, and many such things. I should probably have reread my old rewatch so that I could remember it all, but I didn't... so here's hoping that I'm somewhere in the vicinity of intelligent about this episode...

The Devil in the Details

I hate you because if I didn't, I'd love you. But love, love is weakness. And I'll never be weak again. )

If anyone want to chime in with their opinions on my blatherings, please do so in comments! :)

I'm hoping to get more of these done, now that there's a break in the show. But we'll see.

Also, please remember that I do not have spellcheck and I have a problem with homonyms. So, I apologize for any horrible crimes of spelling or grammar. 
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2016-11-28 11:25 pm
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Rewatch S11: O Brother Where Art Thou (11x09)

Let's see if I can get through a rewatch before I fall asleep... I must admit, I've been procrastinating on this one, so, I guess my subconscious isn't overly fond of this episode.

We shall see though!

O Brother Where Art Thou

It's not easy being a parent - knowing when to hug your child, knowing when to kill him. )

So, surprisingly, I was completely wrong about that episode. It was really interesting and there was a TON to talk about.
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2016-11-21 10:33 pm
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Rewatch S11: Just My Imagination (11x08)

I ended up starting this way later in the day then I wanted to, because my landlord needed to work on the electrical for "20 minutes" that turned into 3 hours and counting...

But, here we are, and I'll fit in as much as I can, while the lights go on and off, before I get too sleepy to continue...

I remember absolutely loveling this episode, so I've been looking forward to devoting time to the rewatch. Let's dive in...

Just My Imagination

Even when he's dead. Sparkle can't stop shining. )


[Jared and Jensen] are so good. I mean, they've been doing this at a high level for over a decard. )

No Quick Reaction this week, because of American Thanksgiving! So, I'll most likely see you again on the weekend for another rewatch. :)
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2016-11-06 03:46 pm
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Rewatch S11: Plush (11x07)

I've got, like, 2 hours to do this - so, let's see if it happens!

Donna episode!! Let's go...


No, Dean, I'm joking. Because clowns are really funny to me. )

AND I FINISHED IN TIME! It's probably short, but that's because I didn't talk about the plot much.
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2016-10-30 11:11 pm
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Rewatch S11: Our Little World (11x06)

Rewatch TIME!

Today, we tackle Robert Berens' first episode from last season...

Our Little World

We're going in to kill Amara. Are you ready for that? )
you're tough one second and then you're compassionate and tender the next and you move so seamlessly from one to the other )

See you guys Thursday for the new episode! (Or in comments, if you have something to say about this rewatch!)

Also, please forgive any spelling errors - this is just your friendly reminder that my spellcheck doesn't work and I've got a mental problem with homonyms.
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2016-10-25 10:36 pm
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Rewatch S11: Thin Lizzie (11x05)

Rewatch Tuesday instead of Rewatch Monday this week, because yesterday I had a mad case of the sleepies.

Thin Lizzie

Dean! You want to be a little more blunt?! )

And there we go! I'll be back next week, sometime between Sunday-Tuesday, with the next rewatch. In the meantime, see you later Thursday night for the next new episode of S12! :)