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2016-04-24 05:31 pm
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Rewatch S10: Brother's Keeper (10x23)

Woot! Let's finish the season!

Brother's Keeper

You'll never, ever, hear me say, that you - the real you - is anything but good. )



Dean in a bar. The bartender (in an empty bar) tells Dean he has an admirer while handing him a shot. When he looks over, it's a bloodied Castiel.
Dean: "And, you've come to apologize?"
Castiel disappears.
Crowley appears.
Crowley: "So this is how you dream. Really? Stale beer, sticky bar. Ugh, what is this, syphillus? The only thing you got right was the bartender."
Dean: "Well, they don't call them dry-dreams for nothing. Now beat it, this is me time."
Crowley: "Sorry, Squirrel, this is really me. Well, me inside your dream, but that's as close as I'm willing to get, since Moose tried to cash my chips."
Dean: "Really, hm. I'm sorry he missed."

Crowley tells Dean about Sam working with Rowena. Crowley blames Dean rejecting his offer to be his right-hand man.
Crowley: "...at the risk of taking this dream in a totally different direction - we complete each other."
Dean: "Ah, Crowley, I'm nothing like you, I never will be."
Crowley: "Actually, you're much worse - insane man, doesn't know he's insane."

*Dean breaks his beer bottle and threatens Crowley*
Dean: "I'm nothing like you."

Crowley snaps Dean awake.
- Obviously, this scene was supposed to go in before we see Dean wake up on the motel room floor.

Sam is cleaning up the blood and gasoline in the bunke, and finds the picture in the pile of books.
-I think this was supposed to go in before the bullet-making scene, since he had the pictures on the table in that scene.

Castiel questions Rowena wondering why she'd want to kill her own son.
Rowena: "Are you joking?"
Castiel: "No, that would be uncharacteristic of me. Though, I have been told I'm getting funnier."

- Ha, cute.

Rowena tells him that Crowley and Castiel himself have "Winchester derangement syndrome."
Rowena: "...more power than I can possibly dream of, utterly wasted, shattered, at the alter of Winchester. [...] It totally sinkens me to see so much power goes unspent, so much glory unclaimed."
Castiel: "Glory? I've seen glory. I've seen defeat. But I've seen the glory. I have won epic battles and I have reaped vast rewards, and none of it has meant as much to me as the relationships I've formed on earth. Sam and Dean they're like a family to me. Claire Novak, when she smiled at me, nothing, no angelic crusade or victor's bounty, none of that could ever hold a candle to that sweet, crooked smile."
Rowena: "You can't honestly think you're happier now. Broken wings, [suck-up?]."
Castiel: "All I know is that for the first time in a long time, I feel at peace with who I am. Whatever that may be."
Rowena: "A bitch."
Castiel: "Oh, I can assure you, if there is one thing I am not, it is a female dog."

- Oh man, I really like this scene. We get an answer to Castiel's "everyone loves something" comment earlier - Castiel does too! He loves Sam and Dean and also Claire. They're love doesn't even compare to the glory of heaven. It's SUPER SWEET, you guys. I love love.
- It's also insight into why Rowena didn't love Crowley... has rarely loved. She loves power and has chosen to essew love in favour of it.
- Also, this explains why Castiel suggested that Rowena might love Crowley, and then seemed confused when she didn't. Castiel loves a girl who isn't even really his daughter, so I bet he can't fathom someone who actually HAS children not loving them.

And we're done!! Woo!

I'll probaby do another post reviewing the special features, eventually, but yay! S10 rewatch finished BEFORE S11 ends. Good job, me.
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2016-04-23 07:39 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Prisoner (10x22)

Second to last rewatch!! Woot! It's time for...

The Prisoner

Sam, and everyone you know and everyone you love, they could be long dead. Everyone except me. I'm the one that would have to watch you murder the world. )

Woot! Only one episode to go! I might actually do it tomorrow, just to get it done, you know? We'll see though. I might also just sit around and read fanfic all day.
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2016-04-19 08:33 pm
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Rewatch S10: Dark Dynasty (10x21)

Alrigh, after nearly a month away, it's time that I actually accept the fact that I eventually have to watch this episode and I might as well get it over with.


Dark Dynasty

No. This call is pointless. My ride's here )

Sorry this review is more negative than usual. I do generally try to enjoy the things I watch and not be a huge complainy person...but yeah.... I also just have to be honest and this just is one of my least favourite episodes/plot-devices. It sucks, because there are a really good one-liners, and I think Jensen and Jared both do a fantastic acting job... but alas.

I'll try to do another rewatch either tomorrow or on the weekend, and then finish up the rewatches before May. 
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2016-03-27 04:27 pm
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Rewatch S10: Angel Heart (10x20)

This will be my last rewatch for a bit, because I'm going away the next two weekend. So, might as well finish off disc 5 while I can.

Angel Heart

Three men and a lady, let's do this. )

Probably won't do another rewatch until the April 16/17th weekend, because next weekend I'm going to visit my sister on the Island and the weekend after that is Emerald City Comic-Con! Woo!
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2016-03-22 06:39 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Werther Project (10x19)

So much for getting one of these done during the week. To be fair, I've had a busy week. Also, I knew this episode would probably take me a bit. Of course, today I'm a little under the weather (ETA: this turned out to be an understatement), so we'll have to see if I can still think coherently.

The Werther Project

No one needs to know, Dean. What happens in Purgatory, stays in Purgatory. )

Yay! That didn't take me as long as I thought, but I still couldn't have done it with whatever degree fever I had when I first tried. It was a good episode, but not as dicussiony as I was expecting. Perhaps that leaves it more open to you guys to be discussiony in comments. :)

New SPN tomorrow, so I'll catch most of you then!
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2016-03-12 08:33 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Book of the Damned (10x19)

I had meant to do one of these during the week - but alas, 'twas not to be. Instead I did a bunch of knitting - you can't knit and type at the same time. It's my one beef with typing, really. Once they perfect mind-type technology, I'll be able to do these rewatches WHILE knitting - best of everything.


Yeah, I guess I really understand now that, this is my life - I love it. But I can't do it without my brother. I don't want to do it without my brother, and if he's gone, then I don't... )

Woot! Okay, no promises to when the next one will bem but I did want to try to get my rewatch done sometime before the end of S11, if only because it'd be embarassing if I didn't...so, I'll try for a double-shot this week. I'm also supposed to be writing fanfic... man, I wish my fanlife earned me money. It's a full time job.
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2016-03-05 03:21 pm
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Rewatch S10: Inside Man (10x17)

Rewatch! This time, it's an Andrew Dabb episode. He's writing the finale this year, as a change of pace - so, should be interesting!

Inside Man

'Family don't end in blood', but it don't start there either. )

Well, that was a meal of an episode.
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2016-02-28 07:39 pm
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Rewatch S10: Paint it Black (10x16)

It's Oscars night!! Instead of watching the Academy Awards, I decided to rewatch a Buckner-RossLeming MOTW episode, which REALLY goes to show you how little interest I have in the Oscars this year.

Maybe I can finish these rewatches before the show comes back on in March - that'd be cool.


I believe there is a God, but I am not sure He still believes in us. )

And that's the end of disc 4! Woot!
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2016-02-16 10:39 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Things They Carried (10x15)

Rewatch time!

The Things They Carried

Deano, would you do me the honour of tying me to this chair? )

See you guys tomorrow for the new episode! :)
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2016-02-11 04:35 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Executioner's Song (10x14)

Sorry for the delay in these! I knew this episode was going to take me a long time, so I was trying to wait until I had a good few hours free - surprisingly hard to find when you're visiting family. In the end, I had to split it up into two day's of work. :P

The Executioner's Song
Look to my example, boy, there is no resisting the Blade. There is only remission and relapse! )


So heroic, running errands all over the US, burning through that rather finite amount of grace, all for a desperate effort to save your boyfriend. )

Jensen Ackles, ladies and gentlemen. He's so good. So good. )

As per usual, please forgive me my spelling mistakes. My LJ spellcheck doesn't work (and I type these things up in notepad, which doesn't have spellcheck either.
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2016-01-24 08:02 pm
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Rewatch S10: Halt and Catch Fire (10x13)

Another weekend, another rewatch - we're one away from possibly my favourite episode of the season... so, that's good. But first, we have to see if there's anything interesting to say about...

Halt and Catch Fire

So this is it. You're just going to give up. )

And there we have it. Good times. Short write-up.

The most interesting thing I learned: I desperately need a Sassy icon. I don't have one. This is a travesty.

Next rewatch probably won't be until February, because I am visiting family next weekend.
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2016-01-17 10:23 pm
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Rewatch S10: About A Boy (10x12)

Rewatch time! It's time for Adam Glass' last episode...

About a Boy

but if it's between being a psycho-rage monster slash borderline demon or a teenager- )

Yay! Okay, new episode of SPN this Wednesday, so I'll have a Quick Reaction up then. Otherwise, next rewatch will probably be next weekend. I had been hoping to get further ahead than I am, but *shrug*.
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2016-01-09 10:31 pm
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Rewatch S10: There's No Place Like Home 10x11

Charlie Episode Time!!!

(And yes, I'm aware that I'm going to have a LOT of trouble with an episode towards the end of this season - thankfully, we aren't there yet. In the mean time...)

There's No Place Like Home

Is she back from Oz? She didn't call? )

Sometimes you have to do the bad thing to do the good thing. )

Commentary is with Robbie Thompson (Writer), Felicia Day (Charlie), and Phil Sgricca (Director)

That's the iPhone 12, because Supernatural has to take place in the future because we jump so many years. )

And done! See you next weekend for another! In the meantime, I hope Hellatus is going okay for you. :)
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2016-01-03 08:33 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Hunter Games 10x10

Another episode time!

The Hunter Games

Behold the river shall end at the source. )


Just one Cas scene )

Writers, Director, and Metatron )

And there we have it!! Next one won't be until next weekend at the earliest.
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2015-12-30 10:23 pm
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Rewatch S10: The Things We Left Behind 10x09

It's going to be hard to follow up Hibbing 911, which is why I have to admit that I've been putting off doing the rewatch for this episode. BUT, the show much go on and this episode does bring up some interesting themes and points...

...I actually did this episode in 2 sessions. The first, which is when I wrote the above intro, occurred on Dec 22nd. I then ran out of time... and then my Christmas Job happened and I was pretty much run off my feet for six days. Now, this part that I'm writing, and everything that occurs after the 25:50 mark in the episode, is being done on Dec 30th. Hopefully it's not disjointed.

The Things We Left Behind

Hey, uh, tell him about that time in New York )

And done! That only took me two sessions and more than a week. Thanks a lot CHRISTMAS JOB! :P

Next one should be done sooner.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! And I hope you have a great New Years Eve!
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2015-12-14 11:20 pm
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Rewatch S10: Hibbing 911 10x08

Time for some Sheriff Jody and Donna action!

Hibbing 911

want to get blingoed on my minibar and watch pay-per-view? )

Well, that was fun! It also took me four hours, but in fairness, I got distracted by the internet part way through.

We're getting closer to Christmas, so hopefully I can get more of these done, since I'm ditching one of my jobs for the next two weeks. Mind you, the other job is ridiculously busy over Christmas, so that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll have more time... we'll just have to see how it shakes out.
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2015-12-10 07:00 pm
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Rewatch S10: Girls, Girls, Girls 10x07

Rewatch time...

Girls, Girls, Girls

I know how my story ends - it's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun. )

And there we go! I'll try to remember to do one on the weekend - otherwise these will never get done. :P
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2015-11-29 04:00 pm
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Rewatch S10: Ask Jeeves 10x06

Rewatch time!

Ask Jeeves

Sam and Dean Winchester of the Westchester Winchesters? )

Sam playing cards with the girls. Not really that interesting. Kinda weird to include it in the DVD. It was a lot of close-ups of eyes, and then letting you know what's actually going on... maybe it would have been funnier with cheesy western-style music over it, but when it's silent it's like some sort of weird art-house piece.

That was quick! Don't know when I'll get to the next one. POSSIBLY Tuesday, it depends how work goes.
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2015-11-23 10:29 pm
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Rewatch S10: Fan Fiction 10x05

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you! (Okay, I sorta did...)

I did this one in two parts, watching the episode on Sunday and writing down what I wanted to talk about and then actually talking about those things on Monday - so hopefully this comes off like the other ones and not disjointed.


Theatre is about life, you know, truth - truth! Where is the truth in Supernatural? )

"I like hot guys and monsters - mostly hot guys. Mostly Dean." )


SUPERNATURAL THEATRE: Staging the 200th Episode

"I thought it was an opportunity, since we were setting it in a high school anyways, to show a little more diversity in our fandom." )

And there we have the epicness that is the 200th episode!! As usual, tell me your own thoughts and interpretations in comments - and please forgive me my spelling mistakes. My spellchecker doesn't work and spelling isn't my strong suit.
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2015-11-14 11:29 pm
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Rewatch S10: Paper Moon 10x04

So, parts of the world are a very sad place right now - and my heart goes out to the people of Lebanon, France, and, of course, all those fleeing Syria.

Now, let's distract ourselves by watching TV!

Paper Moon

Oh, you were a demon! I didn't realize that! )

The next episode I do will be Fan Fiction, which has some special features associated with it. I MAY try to do it tomorrow, but we'll see.