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2018-07-01 12:36 am

Fic Rec: All The Angels and the Saints by Speranza

I'm supposed to be asleep right now, but I don't feel tired enough, so you get a midnight post instead.

Along with the "favourite scenes" suggestion for what I should post in the summer, a few people mentioned that maybe I could do fic recs, and talk about why I like the particular fic I chose.

Now, of course, the first problem with this suggestion is that most of you read my blog for Supernatural content, and I don't read Supernatural fic anymore (haven't for years). I SOMETIMES, make an exception for an AU, but for the most part, those really don't reach the level of "favourite fics" (sorry, I just, for some reason, am not drawn to SPN-based fics anymore.)

The second problem with this suggestion is that I'm actually not one to reread fics a lot, or to save them forever. It's true, that when fics are REALLY GOOD, I will bookmark them on AO3 and leave myself a little note to remind myself why I liked it (which I will use as the cut-text below)... but even though I do that, I rarely go back and read them again. For instance: when I scrolled through my AO3 bookmarks to pick a fic to rec, several of the fics I have previously bookmarked have since been deleted - which is sad indeed - especially since I have no idea what fics they possibly were, because I only read them once and then moved on with my life. 

BUT, there are a few exceptions to my "never thought of again" tendency, and so I figured if I were going to rec any fics, it'll be the ones that occasionally pop into my head out of the blue months or years later, and have me think "goddamn, that was a good fic."

So, in no particular order, I'm going to start with:

All The Angels and the Saints by Speranza 
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Summary: In which Steve Rogers loses God and finds God and loses God, and also: Bucky.

Gorgeous. Very rich characterizations. Much love. I want to read fanfiction of this fanfiction. )

(and now I'm exhausted, so definitely time to sleep.)
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2017-10-31 01:24 am
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Stranger Things 2

I have broken my rule of not watching horror movies before bed (or videos after 11pm) and I've also stayed up past my bedtime - but I have now finished Stranger Things 2.  My biggest take away was that even though I didn't like it as much as the first season - it was still enough to hold my attention for two binge-watching sessions - something that no other show has done since...um... well, Stranger Things. So, well done. 4 out of 5 stars.

Spoilers galore!!! )

I'm sure I'l think of more things to say tomorrow... I gotta go get a ridiculously small amount of sleep now.

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2017-01-09 08:35 pm

How're things?

Was going to do a rewatch on the weekend, but ended up not... was going to do it tonight instead, but only got 5.5 hours sleep and so am too tired. Perhaps tomorrow!

Jensen & Family

Man, that pic Jensen posted of his family is the cutest! Awww...


So, Sherlock has started back up again - and for those who also watch it, and also follow me here, you might be like - Yo, where be your Quick Reactions? And to that, my answer is...

I haven't been in the mood to watch the show for some reason. I mean, even when publicity started rolling out, I wasn't curious enough to click on any links or anything. And I can't precisely say why, just that... well, no one believes me that I lose interest in things, because of how entrenched I am in continuing to watch Supernatural regardless of plotlines... but yeah, this is me losing interest, I guess.

I might watch it eventually... maybe when it comes out on Netflix and I don't have to pirate it? We'll see. I've enjoyed the few gifs on Tumblr that I've seen.

That being said, I also hear tell that the fandom is imploding in on itself, so maybe it's just as well that my attention is elsewhere and refuses to get enthusiastic about the show.

Check Please!

Ngozi is going to be at Emerald City Comic-Con this year, so I am jazzed - since I will also be there. It's in only two months! Oh man...

What else what else....


Currently slow going on the next installment of the demented'verse. I had a fairly good routine of working on it at least once per week, but that got broken in early december and I haven't gotten back into the swing of it yet. Kinda sucks, because I wanted to start posting it in the fall - but I want to make sure I'm on track not to leave people hanging with a WIP too long, you know? So, yes. Pretty sure this is going to be the final installment of the 'verse - so, I also want to make it fairly good? I mean, I might not manage it - it might suck. It could be that the 'verse has been declining in quality with each installment since the first, and this will be like a final nail in the coffin rather than a spectacular grand finale fireworks show. Either way, I'll be wrapping things up.

Still want to do a Supernatural-set sequel to Men of Legend. But that'll have to wait until after I finish off the demented'verse.

Haven't decided on possible sequels, one-shots, for Unfortunate Brother or I Imagine the Gods... but time will tell, I suppose. I have vague notions... but then I also have vague notions about expanding The Time Traveler into a full-length proper fic, and it didn't even get that warm of a reception.

Rogue One

I hear Rogue One is good, but I really hate tragedies, so I haven't seen it. "Why are you watching Supernatural?!!??" Someone screams into the abyss. "I don't know!! It just happened!" the abyss screams back.
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2016-09-05 02:18 pm
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Stranger Things

Sometimes I watch shows besides Supernatural! *gasp* I know! It's true!

I just finished watching Netflix's original Stranger Thing's - which is an 8 episode mini-series.... which you have probably already heard about and/or watched, because I am always slightly behind the times when it comes to watching TV. (This is by design, I like to have the entire world vet my viewing options before I commit to anything.)


Major Spoilers )

NON-SPOILERY REVIEW: I liked it! It's a suspense/horror show about how much people love each other and how you shouldn't belittle or abuse that.

I was thinking next I might check out The Get Down, because I hear good things about it too.
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2016-07-16 10:16 pm
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Fic: Men of Legend - The Butterfly Effect (Gen, crossover-in-series-only)

Title: Men of Legend - The Butterfly Effect
Fandoms: Supernatural and Merlin (Sam and Dean are only mentioned, they do not participate in the story at all.)
Rating: PG (Gen/optional pre-slash)
Word Count: 14,660
Setting/Spoilers: This is set between S4 and S5 of Merlin
Other tags: AU-Canon Divergence
A/N: There's about as much merthur slash in this fic as there is in Merlin - which means that technically, it's pre-slash. There's also optional pre-slash Merlin/Gwaine, and pre-polyamory Merlin/Arthur/Gwen
This is a sequel to Men of Legend.

Summary: Haunted by Sam and Dean’s parting words of advice, Merlin makes a decision that could change his and Arthur’s destiny and friendship forever.


(I'm only posting it on AO3, since LJ gets very little traffic these days. If you want to come back to this post to comment though, feel free!)
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2016-04-06 12:42 am
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Daredevil Season 2

In anticipation of seen Elden Henson at ECCC this coming weekend, I binge watched S2 of Daredevil over the past few days.

Here are some random thoughts:

- Last year, with S1, I did a "hero" edit of the show - where I cut out all of Fisk's storyline and just followed Matt, Foggy, Karen, and Ben. I think if I were to edit S2, I would do a "Foggy+Karen" edit. It'd strip the show down considerably... but in truth, those were the only two storylines that I really enjoyed watching. I think I have a thing for my heroes being in the dark... or, my heroes working within society rather than outside of it or something. I haven't figured out yet what I find compelling and what I don't - but yeah, Foggy and Karen's storyline were the only ones that I was actually interested in. (I know that I have no interest in villains - so my S1 edit choices came as no surprise.)

- I'm not a fan at all of Matt/Karen. I didn't even really realize until it was briefly canon - but, just no. I like them as friends, but that's it. It'll be interesting how it moves forward into S3.

- Man, the ending was depressing in terms of the future of Nelsen and Murdock. I LOVE Foggy, and I know that Matt would never actually leave his right-hand man for long - but, MAN, I really want S3 to be one giant reunification fic... and in the meantime, I hope to read a lot of reunification fic.

- Charlie Cox's body is on point. The suit doesn't do much for me, but the rare scenes we saw with him half naked or in jeans... yeah, nice to look at.

- I was thinking about it and I think it would have been really cool if they had genderswapped Frank Castle and Elektra. I just find female superheroes to be kinda cliche - but if you made them a man, they wouldn't be anymore. Likewise, it'd be cool to see a woman go down the Punisher route - just this hench marine woman, taking no prisoners. 100% more compelling. Of course, if you genderswapped Elektra, the whole love-history between her and Matt wouldn't work anymore.. so, FINE. Because Matt could only be THAT stupid for someone he loved (and as much as I love reading Matt/Foggy fic, I don't actually headcanon a queer Matt.)

- And I'm not trying to say that Frank Castle wasn't compelling. I kinda feel like they could have just focused the whole season on him and I'd have been happier.

- Turns out, I'm really not a fan of ninja-conspiracy storylines. I much preferred S1 enemy - gentrification. I could relate more.

- Also, ninja-conspiracy storylines just... it's just more stereotypical asian roles. It's annoying. There's not one asian person on that show that is NOT part of the Japanese mafia or a ninja (or part of the Chinese mafia). It's ridiculous.

- I found that every episode, Matt was contradicting what he said in the previous episode. "Choose me, not stick! Change who you are!" "You can't change who you are! Go back to Stick" (IT HAD LITERALLY BEEN FIVE MINUTES), "No, choose me AND Stick I know you, and you are secretly a good person!" ... or "We corrupt each other. We're no good together" to "Run away with me!" or... when Matt tells Fisk that he'll only be able to visit Vanessa because Fisk would never leave New York, because he's like Matt and it's in his blood. And then Matt is telling Elektra that they'll run away together, even though he's never been further north than 104th st. I mean, that was probably SUPPOSED to be a parallel... but honestly. I guess maybe it was meant to signify Matt's decent into madness/isolation/confusion... but, it'd have been nice if someone actually called him out on it, even if it was himself.

- So... is Matt really under the delusion that he's never killed anyone? That whole storyline doesn't make sense. YES, he doesn't point blank shoot people in the head - but not everyone in those hallway/stairwell fights are going to survive. And in S1 he once through someone off a roof and didn't actually seem THAT concerned whether he lived or died. Nor did he always call the cops to come get the bodies/injured. The sudden claiming that he doesn't murder people and that he always has to call the police was a little far-fetched. Matt has morals, but not REALLY... I guess he justifies it as self-defense - but in that case, he REALLY shouldn't get mad at Elektra for slitting that kid's throat. The kid knew where Matt lived. But whatever... I guess Matt has to tell himself a lot of lies to sleep at night, what with being catholic and all.

-That's the other thing - why bring fake eastern religious cults into the show when you have the perfect protagonist to explore actual western religions and their consequences. I really liked that aspect of S1 too, and it was COMPLETELY absent this season. Disappointing.

In conclusion - Okay, but not as good a S1. I'm interested to see where S3 goes in terms of the personal relationships in the show, but I have absolutely no interest in the direction that the plot is heading.
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2015-06-10 11:50 pm
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Quick and Dirty Daredevil

In the past few years - well, basically since my one and only vidding attempt back in 2011. I have developed a hobby where I edit shows that I like to make them even more awesome then they are (IMHO) for more enjoyable rewatches in the future.

So far, I've edited Merlin and Leverage... and now... DAREDEVIL!


So, yeah, mainly, I just wanted to talk about how I finished my rough edit of Daredevil tonight. Basically, I cut out everything that wasn't our heroes.

Most episodes still ended up being around 45 minutes long, which tells you both how rich the daredevil story is and how much bang for your buck you get out of Netflix productions where they don't have to cut things down to 42 minutes for commercials. My edited episodes are STILL longer than your average network 1 hour drama.

Only two episodes ended up being more sit-com length. 1x04 came out at about 30 minutes and 1x08 came out at only 20, so I combined it with 1x09 to make am epic 71 minute long episode.

Editing to focus on the heroes, means that I miss the great scenebetween Fisk and Wesley's dead body, but that's really the only scene I mourned. It's not that Vincent D'onofrio isn't amazing, because OF COURSE HE IS. And I know some people absolutely loved the mirror between good and bad guy and the explorations of their similarities and disparities.... and I appreciated the work and thought that went into that... BUT....

But man, bad guys are so much more menacing when you don't know what they're up to. When they're these omnipresent beings elsewhere and you don't know what they know or what they are planning, or if they're onto our heroes, or if they're ignorant of them. They're so much more intimidating when you don't know their weakness, and you don't know how sloppy they're getting, or know that when or when they aren't emotionally compromised.

And man, does the Fisk/Vanessa "epic love"makes so much more sense when you don't know that they just met.

I still have to do the fine stuff, transitions between cuts and stuff - those are really hard this time around, because my editing software doesn't handle .mkv files very well, and that's all I could find. So, because the frames don't load properly in the preview window, I, very ironically, have to do the cuts and transitions by hearing rather than by sight. :P

Anyway, I'm super proud of myself for finishing a project, even if no one is going to see it but me.
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2015-05-03 04:48 pm
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I was housesitting this weekend for a friend who has Netflix, so I was able to marathon the last six episodes of Daredevil Season 1.

It's a good show!

Before I go into it though, I should say that I have never read the Daredevil comics and don't know that much about the character beyond the basics of "Daredevil is blind, has super senses, and works as a lawyer by day. His enemy is named Kingpin."

[I also watched that Ben Affleck movie back when it came out and thought it sucked (made worse by the fact that I watched a bootleg theatre-recording of it, so half of the fight scenes I couldn't see because it was too damn dark.) Anyway, needless to say, the movie didn't make much of an impression. Was Elektra in it? She was - I just looked it up. Like I said, not much of an impression.]

Anyway, let's talk about the new Daredevil Netflix show:

Thoughts behind the cut, not super spoilery but a little... )

To Sum Up: Good show! But brutal. And, due solely to a personality-quirk of mine, if I were to rewatch it - it would be an edited version.
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2015-01-06 10:19 pm
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Agent Carter (and Galavant)

Wooo! Just finished watching Agent Carter and it is awesome!

It is all that I wanted and more.

So, let's talk about it!

Things I Loved and Things I Didn't Love )

So, yay, overall - awesomesauce! Can't wait for more!

I also watched Galavant! I don't have much to say about it besides the fact that it was great fun and I'm looking forward to more! I have got the song "Galavant" stuck in my head now.Also, I loved loved loved how they had repurcussions to Galavant's training. During the whole montage, I was like "If you actually worked out that hard the day before, it'd ruin you for the actual event." And then they had that happen! Awesome and hilarious! Also, I love the fact that Galavant's tragic backstory was getting dumped.

Anyway, 2015 already has two new awesome miniseries, so fun! :)

Now I need an Agent Carter icon, methinks.
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2014-09-12 06:06 pm

Quick Reaction: Teen Wolf Season 4

Season 4 of Teen Wolf came to a close on Monday. As usual, you can read my individual episode Quick Reaction posts over on tumblr.

However, I figured, (also as usual), that I'd blather on about the season in general a little here... since LJ is better for discussion, and some people aren't on tumblr.

Likes, dislikes, ramblings... )

Anyway, I've probably blathered on enough. Sorry if this post is kind of all over the place.
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2014-06-24 01:28 pm

Misc. Updates and Teen Wolf S4 has started...

This is just a reminder that if you want to read my quick reaction posts for Teen Wolf - I post those over at my tumblr, since I don't think there's very many of you here on LJ that are into the show. I've got a quick reaction tag over there that you can just do a little search for.

(And yes, I know my tumblr isn't very nice looking - I really can't be bothered prettying that thing up to much... mainly because I don't know how.)

June Ficlet Month - So, you may have noticed that I haven't written anything for three days. That's not going to change - as well as my brain being fried, I'm also swamped with work until the end of the month (gotta get my days in before the end of my current contract). So, yeah, I've decided that ficlet month lasting 20 days was impressive and I'm going to be proud of myself anyway. So there. I wrote ~19,000 words, btw.

So, what are you going to do on LJ now that you're not writing ficlets and SPN is on hiatus?

Dunno. What do you want me to do? I might just pop on occasionally and complain about things or something? I seriously have no clue. Maybe I'll just put an entry up once a week that says, "Hey guys, what's new?" and you can talk to me in comments about whatever the heck you want. :P

Any projects in the works?

I've been mulling over how to move the demented'verse forward. I'm going to go SPN-AU with it, I think - so far, I'm basically just thinking that I'll rescue people - Benny, Gadreel... maybe Kevin? The plot will still be the same though, I think that's how I'll ground it. So, the same shitty things will happen, except that people won't die.

I've got a non-fic project that I keep working on and then abandoning in cycles... it's been abandoned for the past year, I think, maybe I'll start working on it again? *shrug*

Fantasy novel: It's slow going. I only work on it once a week for about 2 hours. So, yeah, I maybe only have 10,000 words. Still, it's fun.

Okay, I guess that's it! :)
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2014-06-19 08:25 pm

June Ficlet: Melissa's Story (Teen Wolf) Spoilers for S2

Today the dice roll chose [livejournal.com profile] liliaeth's prompt! Yay! I think this month's lesson is that I'm much happier when my prompt is very specific.

Prompt: I just desperately need to read something that deals with how Scott and Melissa regained their close bond after she found out that Scott's a werewolf. The show skipped over this way too quickly and the McCall family relationship is probably my fave interaction on Teen Wolf.

This is another fic written (mostly) in the present tense. Hopefully it's not annoying, but I wanted to do it sort of stream-of-consciousness style and the present tense is best for that. Also, I had the day off work (not by choice, but because of system troubles), so this peace is a little bit on the longer side.

This is actually my headcanon for what happened...

Melissa's Story
Words: 1,880
Major spoilers: S2

Melissa locks herself in her bedroom, the morning after. )
The End.
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2014-05-15 05:02 pm
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3 more thoughts on Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yes, I know I went on AT LENGTH about the movie yesterday, but I actually forgot to mention three things... and it's driving me a little crazy. So here they are:

1. I like how it's suggested that no one actually quite knows just what Steve is capable of.

When Steve dives at least 12 stories through a glass ceiling and then just gets up and runs away - I love how the guy watching the security camera is like "You are kidding me, right?!?!" I like that, because I feel like even STEVE doesn't really know what he's capable of. Everything about Steve is tested when/if it comes up, and never before. And they've never been able to replicate the serum since, not quite the same way, so three's no one else having experiences and telling Steve about what to expect either.

It's a really cool character point that as much as Steve's morality is viewed as rock solid, he's still also a complete wild card, even to himself, when it comes to what he is capable of physically.

2. Humans can't process visual information fast enough to fly like birds.

So, Falcon was super cool, but during the last action sequence, all I could think of was: He'd have to have super human vision to fly that fast along the ground and maneuver that quickly. Birds can processes visual information at a much faster rate than humans, and that's what allows them to see things distinctly while flying. If you showed a bird a movie, it would look like a slide show.

Then I realized that I was complaining about the realism of the human visual cortex while I was watching super soldiers battle on helicarriers over a giant army base underneath a river, and I got over it. :P

3. On my way home from the movie, I had an experience that totally made me empathize with what Bucky much have been feeling... only, with a twist.

So, I was on the skytrain heading home, when I looked over and saw someone, and MAN, I think I knew them... they were SO FAMILIAR, like they were someone I met once and have just completely forgotten. It was SUPER EERIE and disconcerting. What was even MORE disconcerting was that my feelings were: "Do I know that person? Why do I think I know them? Why do I feel as though I HATE them?"

Seriously, I have no idea who they were or if I had ever met them before, but if I had, it wasn't a good encounter. They looked at me too, but I couldn't tell if they knew me, and then they turned around and looked out the window... probably because I was staring at them like a creeper. But seriously, I think I hate them for some reason.

Okay, now I'm done. I promise.
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2014-05-14 10:56 pm

Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Okay, so I promised [livejournal.com profile] katsheswims that I'd do a reaction post about the Captain America movies. So, HERE IT IS!

Now, before I get into the movies, I should explain that I never saw the first movie when it came out. It just didn't appeal to me, probably partially because I judged it from the title - and, well, as a Canadian, movies that appear to be about how great America is really don't appeal to me. But, hey, that was my mistake, because it's really not about how great America is at all, if anything, the franchise is actually about how much America continually disappoints it's own ideals. Yay!

I'm getting ahead of myself, though... back to the narrative of my life...

Somewhere between the first CA movie and the Avengers, I joined tumblr. Now, tumblr is a horrible place full of horrible things... and sometimes these horrible things are gifs and fanart of things that I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH... but I keep seeing these awesome fanarts and these intriguing gifs, and I start getting curious...

Fanart got me to watch Sherlock. Gifs got me to watch Teen Wolf. And the terrible power of fanart AND gifts got me interested in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And then complete spoilers for the ending of CA:TWS got me to read fanfic... because it was the situation that I absolutely love... listen, you all know that I'm a hurt/comfort whore... and basically, there is no kryptonic for me quite like stories about broken people who are never going to get better, but end up being okay anyway.

This is all to say that I was completely spoiled for the plot of both movies - more so The Winter Soldier than The First Avenger. That being said, I wasn't entirely sure what order things happened in.... and actually, my initial assumption about the order of scenes in The Winter Soldier left it with a fare bleaker ending then it actually had.

I just want to point out though that I'm not upset that I was spoiled and I don't think being spoiled hampered my enjoyment of the films - because if I HADN'T been spoiled, then I wouldn't have watched the films. And there were still surprises!

Now...on with the movies...

Captain America: The First Avenger

Short But Spoilery Thoughts )

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Lengthy Completely Spoilery Thoughts )

Okay, I guess that's it. I realize that I just went on AT LENGTH about The Winter Soldier and BARELY touched on The First Avenger, but given what I DID say about The First Avenger, I would think the reason for that is obvious.

So, for those of you who have seen these movies - let me know your thoughts in comments!

I could probably go on much longer, but it's 10:30 and I have not had dinner yet because I came home from the movies and started typing this and that was two hour ago.

For people who don't want to be spoiled:
Captain America: The First Avenger - Good. Not great. Too much plot crammed into too little time.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Awesome. Must see. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a better first movie.
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2014-03-25 03:23 pm

Quick Reaction: Teen Wolf Season 3b

Okay, now that Teen Wolf season 3b is over, I figured I'd do a wrap up post about my thoughts.

For people who want to read my thoughts episode by episode. You can check out my tumblr under the tag "quick reaction".

First off, I like liking things, so I really liked this season!

By 'significant and strange', do you mean 'hopeful and optimistic'? )

Okay, i guess that's it in terms of my "quick reaction". Again, if you want it episode by episode, head on over to my tumblr.

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments... but please keep in mind that I like liking things and I currently have complainy-fandom-fatigue.

(I mean, feel free to tell me what you didn't like, but try to balance it out with also telling me stuff that you did like - if you're going to complain, you also have to give me the reason you are still watching the show. It's the new rule while I'm suffering from fandom-fatigue.)

I'll see you guys later for some SPN Quick Reaction! Yay!

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2014-02-23 08:58 pm
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Fic: I imagine the gods saying, We will make it up to you. (Merlin) (Slash)

Title: I imagine the gods saying, We will make it up to you
Fandom: Merlin
Word Count: 22,841
Genre: Slash
Rating: hand jobs
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Spoilers: Entire series.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] mymuseandi
Note: Title is from "I Imagine the Gods" by Jack Gilbert. It's a very nice poem.
Note#2: I don't write slash often, so... hopefully it is okay.

Summary: Arthur returns to find an old friend, a new world, and a second chance.
(My canon-compliant happy ending for Merlin)

Link to AO3

(Note: I'm only posting this one on AO3, because I don't belong to any LJ Merlin communities, and I don't think very many of my flist watches Merlin... however, if you want to leave me feedback here on LJ, you are more then welcome to! Just comment on this post.)
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2014-02-04 04:27 pm


Does anyone want to beta a 20-25k word Merlin fic for me?

I haven't actually finished it yet... mainly because I'm not exactly sure how to end it. Also, it might be horrible. I'm not selling this well - but at least you understand why I might want a different pair of eyes on it.

Anyway, let me know.... I'd like to get it cleared away by the end of the month. Either published or scrapped - but I've written 20k words or so, so I'm not sure I want to scrap it.

I'll see you later for Supernatural episode Quick Reaction discussion... and next rewatch will probably be on Thursday, if I can swing it.

Oh, also, for those that are interested. I've started doing Quick Reactions for Teen Wolf over on my tumblr (unpredictableevil.tumblr.com) on Monday nights... I'll do a post here after the season is over with my thoughts in general. But, other than that I figured that most of you are probably here just for Supernatural related things, so I figured I keep things Supernatural related as much as possible. I've got more of a multi-fandom thing going on at tumblr, mainly because I can't follow many Supernatural blogs there, since no one knows how to tag their goddamn spoilers.
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2013-09-13 02:19 am
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Teen Wolf S3a

Well, I've now finished S3a! This leaves me in the same boat as the rest of the fandom - waiting for S3b with intrigued curiosity....

But before we get to that, let's see what I thought about S3a...

Okay, judging by how many words I just wrote, I really like this show )

Let me know what you desperately wanted me to talk about that I forgot and I'll talk about it with you in the comments!
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2013-09-06 12:35 am

Teen Wolf S2

Okay, in a fit of crochet madness (that's what I do while I watch TV, because I'm cool like that), I actually blew through Teen Wolf S2 in only a few days.


Unedited Stream-of-Consciousness Blatherings...aka a 'Quick Reaction' post )

Soon, I will start S3a.

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2013-08-31 03:00 am

Teen Wolf S1

I finished watching Teen Wolf Season 1 tonight.

It was good! I liked it. I was talking to someone the other day and they were asking me to compare Teen Wolf to another show - "Is it like Vampire Diaries?' "Uhh...no?" I don't watch Vampire Diaries, because when I have I've hated it - but I enjoy Teen Wolf. Mind you, maybe that's just because of my hatred of vampires and my love of werewolves. Seriously folks, werewolves are awesome and vampires need to die. I've chosen my side on the war, thanks. Anyway, I don't really know what other show to compare it to.

Now, of course this viewing wasn't a clean watch. I had already been reading fic in the fandom and so was spoiled for everything that was going to happen. I was pleasantly surprised by what was canon though.

Blatherings about the show and fandom ships... )

I'm looking forward to S2, which I hear is better/worse (I've had conflicting reports)... and then S3a, which I hear is a clusterfuck.

Thankfully, one of my fears about getting into this show was that I'd have an overwhelming urge to write for it... but so far that hasn't happened. Yay!