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2019-03-22 01:37 pm
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The 15th and Final Season

I don't know how to embed media on here - but I just happened to check twitter right as Jared posted the video announcement....

The 15th Season is going to be the Finale Season of Supernatural! 


I had given up predicting when they were going to end the show. I knew there was a good chance they'd stop after 300, because Jensen had gotten into trouble before for talking about it like it would be the last goal they reached. But, I also thought that they were going to stop after S10, and then after S13, because Jared had talked about stopping when Thomas was old enough for kindergarten.

15 is a good number.

I'm going to have to adjust some life routines! There is going to be a TRANSITION that's for sure.

The final rewatch will carry me into 2021 - and then I'll be able to wrap up the clothing catalog. Maybe I'll revisit some other fan projects that I put on hold as canon just seemed to get increasingly intimidating.

We'll see!

In the meantime, what a historic day in our little-big fandom family. I'm sure everyone is feeling all of the feelings. I know I am.

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2018-04-14 04:43 pm
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If Clothes Could Talk: Now Updated for S12

Season 12 clothing is now listed and accounted for!

Some of you may have noticed that I was working on it, because I forgot to turn off the RSS feed for one of the entries - but that was my only slip-up (I seem to do that once per year).

I'm sorry it took me so long to get it posted. I had finished updating my own files in February, but then forgot about it for two weeks... at which point, my brain kicked in and thought "oh hey, harddrive is not the same as internet" and started the process of updating the website. Then I was NEARLY DONE, I just had to do the charts... and that's when I got sick and pretty much forgot about it all over again.

You can now view it here: Season 12 Clothes!!

And if you want to understand them more in-depth, you can click on the cut below and check out some CHARTS AND GRAPHS! (my favourite part).

Charts and Graphs! )


And there you have it! Enjoy, Curious Clothes Watchers!

S13 will be up around this time next year, I'd promise earlier, but it is quite apparent that life often gets in the way of me being speedier with this project. :)

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2018-02-26 06:07 pm
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Heads-up: Thursday's SPN Quick Reaction

Hey folks!

I'm going to Emerald City Comic-Con again this year, so I'll be down in Seattle living in a hotel come Thursday. As such, my being able to view SPN on Thursday night largely depends on a)if I don't get distracted/delayed, b)I can find it on TV when I'm in a different country than I usually live in.

Basically, I'll try my best to watch it live and post as usual, but I can't make any promises!
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2016-11-09 12:32 pm
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The Present

Someone on Facebook asked me if I could offer historical perspective on these "terrifying times". My short answer was:

My historical perspective is that we are in terrifying times. I mean, the good news is that this happened because we were making social progress, and that eventually we will come out the otherside and make even more progress... But in the meantime we will suffer and people will die.

My long answer is this:

Every time there is progress, there is push back. The 1920s were a time of social freedom and positive cultural advancement, where marginalized communities, for a time, found more social acceptance - that period came OUT of the First World War, which had been it's opposite - men sent to die and countries ruined by a ruling class that did not understand the changing world. And, much like the 20s follows WWI, the rise of fascism was a response to the 20s - in particular fascism's social/cultural policies and the persecution of marginalized communities that became more visible in the 20s.

A Russian History Prof of mine once referred to Russian history as happening like a pendulum - swinging first one way, then that momentum - instead of launching the weight further forward - swings back just as far to the other extreme. I see the same thing now.

We're on a backwards swing right now - and it's important to know that the pendulum will swing forward again. Whether that's in 2 years, or 4... or whether it happens outside of the political process completely.

I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely devastated, as I have basic empathy - and also because the US is a world influence, and this is going to have social, and cultural ripples everywhere (waves, tsunamis). Then there's the fact that a Trump presidency was determined to be something that would destabilize world economies and possibly plunge everything into another recession... which is the last thing we need right now.

But, Germany's response to Hitler was to come up with the strongest democracy in Europe and the most open society. They learned. If that learning happens in the US (preferably without the millions of dead and the country and continent in ruins) - then when the pendulum swings forward again, it might even swing hard enough to shift the clock over an inch, so that it can never swing back as far as before.

This might also be a good time to donate to charities and strengthen your social responsibility networks - keep an eye out for your neighbours who might face increased racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, prejudice, and marginalization, and the intersection of all those.

The only way out is through, and we've all watched enough Supernatural to know that the worst thing would be to split up! So, stay together - look out for each other - and we'll come out the other side of this with a hug. :)

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2016-05-17 12:33 am
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Ah man, now Jenny Klein is leaving...

*clings tightly to Robert Berens*
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2016-05-06 03:32 pm
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Robbie Thompson is leaving Supernatural :(

I keep trying to remind myself of my post when Ben Edlund left - and how the show quality didn't go down, and everything was fine, and newer writers like Robbie Thompson got a chance to shine...

But DAMN IT! Robbie Thompson was my favourite - surpassing even my previous love for Edlund. Edlund was clever, but Robbie Thompson's writing was always so full of love, and he seemed to get fandom in a way that other writers didn't (or maybe I just believe that because he seemed to understand what *I* wanted to see... I'm sure there are other fans out there that might have felt differently, because there's always fans that think differently.)

Sigh... I just don't think there's anyone left that writes to the same calibre. :(

But then, who knows... I mean, Nancy Won's episodes this year have been pretty solid, and she's new. Berens and Dabb both wrote Red Meat, which is perhaps my favourite episode this season.

So, yes, much like with Edlund's departure, I guess I have to remind myself that it's not as dire as it feels... and that someone has just, once again, taken all the sprinkles off my cupcake... but I still have the cupcake.

And if last night was Robbie's final bow, he certainly went out on the highest note possible (in my opinion anyway).

But SIGH....
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2015-06-03 01:45 pm
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Season 10 timeline is up!

I haven't added it to the SuperWiki yet, but I'll try to do that sometime in the next few days (it's a little more labourious in terms of formating).

In the meantime, you can find the Season 10 timeline here, and linked through my Timeline Master Post. Also, I made a few additions to the Pre-series Timeline based on things we learned this year (including how old Bobby was!)

They didn't give me many dates this year, so I do apologize for that - however, it's a bit of a logic puzzle, because I can often tell you how much time has passed between episodes, and how many days are in each episode, so if you really wanted to, you might be able to figure out some dates that I haven't! Or at least approximate them! If you actually want to sit down and try to work it out, and you come up with something with really solid logic, please let me know.

A fun factoid that I discovered while timelining that isn't information I can use on the timeline - Dean's fake IDs have a range of birthdays from 1968 to 1984... meaning that on some of his IDs, he's 11 years older than he is, and on another he's supposedly a year younger than Sam. I thought that was amusing. For the record, the "Freddy Mercury" ID was the youngest, and I think it was the "Lemmy Kilmister" ID that was the oldest.
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2015-04-18 12:04 pm
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Clothing Catalogue updated for Season 9!

You can check it out by clicking the Season 9 entry on the If Clothes Could Talk Master Post.

After I post this I'll put the link on the SuperWiki too.

Now, let's go to the fun bit - Charts and Graphs!

Charts and Graphs behind the cut :) )

And there you have it! Make of it what you will. :)
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2013-06-01 12:48 am
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Ben Edlund has left Supernatural :(

I'm horribly sad now.

He was my favourite... and he and I seemed to have similar thoughts about where Sam and Dean could ultimately end up... and he just writes so GODDAMN WELL.

He's left to go work on Revolution - a show that I don't have any interest in whatsoever.

I know there are still lots of great writers on Supernatural, so don't get me wrong - this isn't me saying that the show is going to suck now and it's all downhill from here. This is just me saying that someone took all the sprinkles off my cupcake and I really like sprinkles, goddamn it!
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2012-06-03 12:17 am
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Edlund to leave Supernatural?!?


Guys...I'm really upset about this. I know I try to keep this journal positive...but...but...Edlund was my favourite. He agreed with me on how the series should end, and his episodes were always the awesomest.

My hopes for the future just diminished, I have to admit. I'm still interested to see what Carver does...but...yeah... sad times.

YAY FOR UNRELIABLE SOURCES! The news ISN'T true: https://twitter.com/BenBlacker/status/209309130949799936

Also, this teaches me not to read/believe news and post to LJ when I've been drinking all day :P

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cordelia_gray for finding the more reliable source of information for me. :)
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2011-09-09 01:17 pm

Apparently there was just an earthquake

This is news to me.

It was supposedly felt in Vancouver, but it must have been very weak, because I didn't notice. 

The epicentre of the quake was actually on the other side of Vancouver Island (in the ocean), so it was a fair distance away from us here in Vancouver. Hopefully the people on the Island are all ok.

Anyway, um, I guess I'm glad it wasn't "The Big One" that they've been saying is going to kill us all or something any day now.
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2011-08-29 06:40 pm
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Breaking News

Russ Hamilton (the Location Manager for Supernatural) has that music that plays during gunfights in westerns as his ringtone. You know: doalualu do do do do dualualu do do do do.

And that's all you need to know for this scene from today:

I'm on the Official Location Tour, and Russ pauses next to my seat on the bus to answer his phone, which has just rung. I smile at the ringtone.

Russ: Yes? ...It's on fire now? 

And he says it in a voice where I'm not sure if he was perhaps expecting something to be on fire...but I'm not sure, so...

Me: That can't be good.

And Russ looks me dead in the eye, and mouths: THE BACKLOT IS ON FIRE.

I believe I gave him an expression similar to the one Dean is wearing in my icon.

Sure enough, when we were in sight of Burnaby, you could see a large plume of smoke...and when we got to the closest intersection, you could see the extent of the fire. Russ thinks they lost their favourite bar to film in, and the pizzaria that Dean met Death in, and a lot of the brownstones that looked like New York as well. 

Supernatual WASN'T filming there at the time. It was a small production Bollywood film.

Pictures )

I should add that although Supernatural has invested a half a million into the backlot (according to Russ), it does not belong to them.  They are just one of many productions that use it. Though according to Russ, not all productions look after it like Supernatural does. The person who is really screwed is Michael Buble, because apparently he was supposed to be filming a music video there tomorrow or the next day. Supernatural is supposed to film there next week, and may still be able to, but Russ already has his scouts looking for alternative locations just in case.


No one was hurt when a warehouse being used by film crews caught fire Monday afternoon in Burnaby.

Flames were spotted shortly before 2pm on the northeast corner of Byrne Road at Marine Drive.

Burnaby RCMP Inspector Tim Shields says it appears a couple of welders working on some scrap metal sparked an explosion when they tore into a gas line.

Traffic had to be re-routed, but the fire is now under control. (source)

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2008-12-25 01:45 am
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Merry Christmas

I haven't written in here for a month. I apologize. There will be more blogs coming, as I had the following conversation tonight:

Alix: If you hung around me more, you'd know that everything I say is a lie.
Other Person: But we read your blog.

So...are they confirming that I lie? Or are they suggesting that my blogs are honest? By their tone, it seemed the latter, which to me was rather ridiculous.

I do usually tag posts where I lie with the word "fiction"...in this blog anyway...so there is that about it. Though, I'm not sure people read tags.

Last year I had a cute picture of a dog for Christmas, but I do not have a cute picture this year. Instead I will point you to this A Softer World strip, which is quite hilarious.

Merry Christmas or Whatever You Celebrate!

May all your dreams come true, except for the ones where you are attacked by bees.


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2008-10-01 05:13 pm
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My New Car

To make up for the laziness of my last post, here is a picture of my new car:

It is rad.

I have filled it up once since I got it...after driving nearly 700km. Not too shabby, considering the speeds I drive. You can see the van in the background. I was going to write an Ode to The Van - but, it sounds ridiculous even in my head. I think my car is the same colour as my soon-to-be sister-in-law's car. (It is also the same make).

Let's see...what else is new...Gabe is still alive. They didn't know what was wrong with him, but whatever it was seems to be getting better. I still worry, but that is nothing new.

I've felt like writing recently, but I don't know what. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Oh, check out my sneakers in the photo! Aren't they cool?...I know you can hardly see them, but man, I really like my new sneakers. I bought them because I figured I needed good shoes for my trip to China - then I realized that I am going to China in February and my sneakers are summer-sneakers that are mostly made up of thick NETTING....so now I'm worried that my feet will be freezing. That being said, I am also going to Singapore, and I don't think it gets cold in the winter, so I might need sneakers there...same with Vancouver. So, maybe sneakers are best anyway.

I have about a third of the money I need for China saved up.

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2008-09-24 10:29 am
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I had plans for posts here, but now I can't think of them. So here are a bunch of random topics:

Sometimes I'll be wracked with indecision for days. I'll wake, eat, and sleep, only considering the possibilities. There will be a sense of urgency, left over, I'm sure, by some instinctual stone-age aspect of my brain. Then, all of a sudden I'll wake up and think "I don't have to make this decision now" and suddenly it no longer matters as much as it did...or at least, the urgency is gone. I can get back to my normal life without the obsession over gathering information for the decision. Of course, by then the insomniac narcolepsy that's a byproduct of "Alix under pressure" has usually completely messed up my sleep patterns...and I'm up until 4am and sleeping 12 hours (at least) a day.

Supernatural started it's fourth season last week. I still really like that show. Usually I'm tired of dramas by their fourth season. I made it half-way through season two of Heroes. The last season of Doctor Who stopped cutting it for me (though, I have yet to abandon the series entirely - it's saving grace is the humour, I suppose).  I'm looking forward to mini-season three of Torchwood, so that's also a winner so far I suppose. I was about to suggest that maybe Supernatural's saving grace was the fact that I watched the first three seasons in one fell swoop over the summer - but I did that with Kyle XY for a while and I lost interest in it too. Though, I've been told I have to watch it again, because my friend's brother-in-law is going to have a bit part on it. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is "Supernatural is a surprisingly good show!"

I did a rough estimate on how much plane-fare alone may cost me for my planned Asia/Vancouver trip in February...it was not pretty. Well, it was about $500 more than I had pictured, and there's no telling if my estimate is high-end or low-end. Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy, then I remember that travelling is awesome and it's the rest of the world that's crazy.

That being said, it surprisingly occured to me the other day that I don't really feel like going anywhere. I mean, I feel like travelling - I'm very tempted fly to Frankfurt, for instance. But I don't feel like moving anywhere. I don't feel like taking off to some other Canadian or international city in order to live there. I sort of just feel like sticking around Ottawa. This is very unusual for me. I am not sure whether it is a sign that I am old, or a sign that I am lazy...or both.

Over on myspace I posted about how much I like my friends and how wonderful they were. Then Gabe hid for over three days. I love it when my friends are marvelous and then turn around and do the things I find most annoying about them. Thankfully, the benefit of having known Gabe for over six years is that this time when he wrote and said "Sorry, I've been hiding and haven't been online in days :S...." My only reply was "*shrug*" because honestly, it's not like I was surprised.

Anyway...anything else random I should cover? The new car is going great. I was going to post a picture of it over here, but I am horribly lazy.

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2008-08-25 04:41 pm
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Avatar: The Last Airbender - IN BLANKET FORM!

Last year, I happened upon this post on an Avatar: The Last Airbender forum. Kim had come up with a brilliant idea of mixing her obsession with A:TLA and her love of crochet. I had not crocheted in a few years, but I immediately fell in love with the Avatar Blanket. It wasn't too cartoony or juvenile - it was able to celebrate what is essentially a cartoon for kids at a level of sophistication that was suitable for adults.

I bookmarked the site immediately, but it wasn't until this summer that I clued into the fact that I should just make the darn thing already. So after spending over $200 on yarn (yes, I know I could have bought a used xbox 360 for that), and a month and a half of crocheting (I actually gave myself a blister and a repetitive motion injury), I completed my own version of the Avatar Blanket:

I say "my own version" because it is different than the original pattern posted by Kim. Firstly, it is a well known fact that I do not like beige, so the border colours needed to be changed. Secondly, I knew that if I was going to invest that much time and effort in something, the colours and texture had to be to my liking...and so, although the original pattern called for only approx. $50 in yarn expenses, I spent around $230. It was worth every penny. Other changes: I don't like grey (almost as much as I don't like beige), so the pattern for Air was changed to light blue; the original pattern called for the designs on each square to be done in cluster stitch - which takes up a LOT of wool - because I was using more expensive wool, I chose to do the designs in the same stitch as the rest of the square. In the end, I liked the more uniform look better anyway.

I should also mention that the variegated orange border was Susan's idea. She marched around the yarn store suggesting this ball of orange wool to me every five minutes, until I realized that it actually did complete the colour pallet quite nicely and was a great idea. (Lesson learnt: Trust the Fine Art major)

I also changed the positioning of the elements. I didn't like the two boldest squares (Fire and Air) being next to each other, nor did I like air being at the bottom of the blanket - it just felt sort of wrong, somehow.

If you would like to see close ups of the squares, click here )
So there you have it! I'm a dork, but an industrious dork! I also have some balls of wool left over, so if anyone has any suggestions for cool projects, let me know. I might just make everyone multicoloured hats for Christmas or something.

In case anyone wants to know, the brand of yarn I used was Paton: Shetland Chunky (which is 75% acrylic and 25% wool and comes in 100g/3.5 oz skeins - which meant I had to double the number of skeins called for in the original pattern). Air is done in White and Sea Ice, Water is Steel Blue and Dark Navy, Fire is Deep Red and Black, and Earth is Light Sage Green and Earthy Brown and the main border colour is Rich Burgundy. The variegated orange is a brand called Tosca by Lang, I'm not sure what the colour is called. All yarn was bought at Yarn Forward, who were very helpful when I ran back to the store having realized that the different skein weights meant that I had to buy double what I had originally bought and get them all in the same dye-lots.
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2008-08-15 02:28 pm
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Alix is mad

So, Warner Brothers has decided to postpone the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince until next summer.  That means, that instead of the three month wait that the teaser trailer promised, it will be an 11 month wait. Their reasoning for doing this is that they can make even more money off it that way...and I quote:

"we know the summer season is an ideal window for a family tent pole release, as proven by the success of our last Harry Potter film, which is the second-highest grossing film in the franchise, behind only the first installment. Additionally, like every other studio, we are still feeling the repercussions of the writers’ strike, which impacted the readiness of scripts for other films—changing the competitive landscape for 2009 and offering new windows of opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of."

So, the film is all finished...sitting there waiting to go to theatres...and they decide that although it is a Harry Potter film, and will make billions no matter when it is released, they should hold off and wait until it has absolutely no competition in the box-office.

It's a shame that I can't stand to watch bootlegs, because quite honestly I feel like not supporting the studio at all on this one. The good news is that I have a whole year to figure out how to see this movie for free...who knows what new technologies could develop, which crazed fans will get their hands on the advanced high-quality press-release versions of the films...I could rent a projector, project it on my wall, and it would be just like the theatre, I'm sure.

I wonder what else is coming out next summer? I could pay for one movie and duck into another. It would be quite hilarious if more people did that...the highest grossing movie of the summer turns out to be Underdog 2, Harry Potter makes nothing, yet the theatre is always full :P

Ah, a girl can dream anyway.

In other news, work has slowed down so much that I'm practically on vacation. Nice for sleeping in, but not nice for the Go-To-China Savings account.
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2008-08-11 12:27 am
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Some Reviews


Here are some reviews of things in my life:

Blue Skies: Awesome as ever. I'm not sure there was as much kick-ass variety in this years line up, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. It really felt like a vacation this year (despite the rain of the first two days). It was free from my normal stresses in life, and a nice relaxing place to get some breathing room in amongst my thoughts.

Hawksley Workman's CD "Between the Beautifuls": Man, I've fallen in love with this CD. It's a lot more emotional than some of his previous work, but it is full of some awesomely poetic and non-poetic lines. The sort of lines where you think "It cannot be possible that no one has thought of stringing those words together in that order before...", and it's like he's writing lines that you were carrying around in your chest without even knowing it.

Supernatural: Susan introduced me to this show basically as soon as she showed up at home this summer. I downloaded the first season, and she borrowed the second season from a friend, and we have watched both now. It is a really awesome show. I love it because athought it's kick-assery and demon fighting, it is all character driven...the characters (even some of the ghosts and demons) are fully-rounded and genuine. The two main actors are really phenominal. I must admit, although I have developed a crush on Jensen Ackles, I have absolutely fallen in love with the character he plays (Dean). And no, Gabe, there is no possible way they can kill him off.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: OOooooo....I can't wait. I love the Harry Potter movies.


Naruto: Rise of a Ninja - I went out the other day and bought this, and I'm really glad I did, because they have stopped making them! It's SUCH a fun game! I don't even have an xbox 360, and yet I still bought an xbox 360 game, THAT is how fun it is. I suppose they stopped making it because everyone wants post-time-skip stuff now, but man - great graphics, great interface, good story, AWESOME DOUBLE JUMP ABILITIES, and a full mapped out interactive city of Konoha...what more could a girl ask for?

I guess that's about it. Sherrie is currently motorcycling around Eastern Europe. I am stricken with envy and feeling a little stir-crazy as a result. I'm trying to focus on my upcoming trip to China. This week, it is Operation Renew Passport. Next week will something like Operation Figure Out How Much This Will Actually Cost Me. I have already found a kick ass backpack though...oh....


Deuter - Futura: Man, SO COMFORTABLE. It bends AWAY from your back, allowing for a breezing and eliminating sweaty-gross-backpack-back, without sacrificing support. It is especially designed to fit both a woman and a man's body comfortably. It's true, I have not yet field-tested it, but I only expect good things!

Alright, I'm off to watch the Olympics or something
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2008-06-21 04:07 pm
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Back to life...

My trip to New Brunswick was great. The weather was fantastic for the first week I was there. It was nice to see Gabe again. It hadn't actually felt like that long since I had last seen him, but in had been nearly a year. His mother told me that she's really enjoyed having him around for the past year - perhaps as if to say "I know you want him around, but thanks for sharing..." even though Gabe always goes where he wants and I have no say in matter.

Anyway, we hung out and did fun stuff. I really love the countryside around where he lives and the sound of the Acadian spoken there. It was actually sunny the whole drive there - I managed to either stay ahead of or behind the thunderstorms. Once again, it rained pretty much the whole way home. For some reason nature really likes providing me with pathetic fallacies whenever I travel to or from New Brunswick.

Gabe enjoyed his birthday presents. I got him Joey Comeau's zombie shirt and Susan gave him one of her old paintings that he really liked while he was here. On his birthday, it occurred to me that my Year of Being Lost was officially over. Technically, I shouldn't be allowed to be completely lost anymore. Luckily, I'm not really. I have plans for the next year. If this job works out, then I am working at it for at least the next year and saving for my eventual trip to China in March. It's still only plans for a year, not a life...but that's ok, and it's more than I had before. I will worry about the year after next when it arrives. My Year of Being Lost is over, and now it's the Year of Travel Plans...and maybe in the midst of my Year of Travel Plans, I will figure out what to do afterwards.

Anyway, Emily is visiting now with the three kids. So, the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy.

I wanted to write some funny antidotes in here from my New Brunswick trip, but right now it escapes me how to put anything into words. Instead I will be mushy and say that I really feel priveledged to be friends with the people I am friends with.

I'm also going to try out Sunday Scribblings in here on Sherrie's suggestion. I don't think I'll link back to the main site like everyone else does, I'll just use it for prompts. The point of this journal WAS to write and step outside myself a little - and I still intend to do that.
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2008-06-06 07:53 pm
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To New Brunswick!

I'm leaving for New Brunswick tomorrow morning. I've packed up the glassware that Gabe left behind. Now all I have to do is pack my own clothes, and remember to throw his leather coat into the van before I go. I'm looking forward to seeing Gabe again. I'm looking forward to getting away for a bit too, not that there is anything wrong with here - it's just nice to get away from time to time.

I wrote a song. Well, I wrote a poem, that I thought (or rather Gabe thought) could be turned into a song. So, Susan wrote me some music, and we recorded it with me singing. Susan made my voice all echo-y on the track, so that you can't tell how rough my vocals are. I don't like the way my voice sounds, but Susan says that it isn't bad, so I'll just assume that I'm overly critical of myself (which isn't really an assumption). It was definitely an interesting process recording it!

Sue and I went to the Hey Rosetta! concert last night. They didn't play as long a set as last time (they were the second of three bands, instead of the feature attraction), and the sound system wasn't as good, but it was still a really good time! I got mostly all of the band to sign a poster, the new CD rocks, and I have a cute button to go next to the "Being in love is totally punk rock" button that I already have on my purse.

Did I mention that I was looking forward to seeing Gabe? It's funny, about a week ago I remembered how horrible it is when I have to leave New Brunswick, and I didn't want to go anymore. I have such strange ingrained survival mechanisms. The one that causes that reaction is actually, I believe, one of Gabe's pet peeves about me...so yeah, sometimes he reads this, so I'll just say "Sorry man, at least I didn't listen to it this time - I mean, even I admit that I was being ridiculous!"

Now I'm just excited though. It looks like I'll be driving under a thunderstorm the whole way! I love thunderstorms, though, I must admit that sometimes driving in them is a little nerve-wracking. Gabe and I will have fun (and drink a lot - sometimes it is hard to believe he is the same straight-edged guy I met six years ago). Then I will come home and start saving for my trip to visit him (and Sarah) in March.

Eventually I will write little stories in here again, I promise.