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2016-06-25 01:05 pm
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Check out my talented sister!

Hi everybody!

I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a month. I've been taking a little break from a lot of things, mostly because I haven't been getting enough sleep to do anything productive with my downtime - and also because several things have happened this month that point out how horrible the world is, and it has made me retreat like a turtle into my shell.

HOWEVER... not everything is horrible. My sister, for instance, is a very talented singer-songwriter. She hardly ever records her stuff though, and mostly just performs live in various venues in and around Victoria BC. About a month ago, she manages to record a song and posted it on Soundcloud.

I put it up in a locked post then, because I constantly change my mind about sharing things concerning my personal life... but in anycase... those of you who inquired as to how you can buy the song are in luck! She now has it up on Bandcamp!

She's hoping to raise enough money through the sale of this one to help with recording another one. (Recording is expensive, you guys). Eventually, she wants to record an album, but that's a bit of a ways off financially.

It's really good! And I'm not just saying that because she's the Sammy to my Dean.
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2015-02-23 04:26 pm
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I wrote a guest blog...

I have a YA author friend named Tash and she asked me to write a guest blog for her about how great fanfiction is at encouraging writers...

So, you can check it out here: Fanfiction As Encouragement for Novice Writers

Also, if you like young adult sci-fi about cool people with psychic superpowers, you should really check out Tash's books. There's a novella out now called Slam that is a prequel for the first novel, Maelstrom, which will be out this summer.

(Also, the guest blog links my real name with my fanfiction, which is something I've never done before, but times, they are a changing...)
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2013-12-21 05:27 pm
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Update: I'm not dead!

I survived the flu!

I'm nearly back to health now, I just have a slight issue with not being able to eat much of anything. I'm really really hoping this resolves itself in the next day or so... otherwise, I'm going to have to buy a blender and figure out how to make protein shakes or something, because there's no possible way I'm consuming enough calories in a day right now. It's not like I'm throwing up or anything, it's just that my stomach doesn't like food anymore. I have two bites of something and it triggers the same brain response as though I just ate an entire buffet table and will explode any minute.

ANYWAY... while I was sick, I had a rare night of insomnia and wrote (sady, only in my head) so much of the goddamn Merlin fic that I've been working on that my motivation is on that fic right now. I want to get all the dialogue and ideas that I thought of that night typed while they're still relatively fresh.

Originally, I wanted to have it done by Christmas day, which is going to be the one year anniversary of the Merlin finale (which I hated)... even if I work on it as much as I can between now and then though, I'm not sure I'll get it done in time.

There's also the fact that I MIGHT want to get it beta-ed, not necessarily for story, but for grammar, spelling, and using-too-many-words-when-fewer-would-do. That being said, I'm HORRIBLY impatient and since this story is already going to be "late", I highly doubt that I'd be willing to wait for a beta. So, yeah, conflict!

So, we'll see.

And yes, I still have a whole 11 more episodes to go through on S8's rewatch. This is the slowest rewatch I have ever done, and I apologize. I don't know if it's because I'm being way too wordy, if I just don't manage my time as well as I used to, or if I'm actually just busier than I've been before, but... yeah, I wish things were different. The slower the rewatch is, the longer it'll be before the S8 clothing catalog is updated. At this rate, it'll probably be up by the time S9 is over and then people will start asking me when S9 will be up. :P

But hey, could be worse, I never did finish my rewatch of Sherlock S2. :P

Anyway, I hope you are all well!!

Oh, and if you guys weren't aware already Mark Oshiro, who runs Mark Watches and Mark Reads, started watching Supernatural back in October. He just finished S1 (the last two episode reviews will be going up this coming week). I talked about Mark here way back when he was still reading Harry Potter, but he's a really nice guy. His shtick is that he basically comes into books and shows almost completely unspoiled and not knowing what to expect, and then you watch him slowly descend into madness as he discovers the beauty and/or horror of whatever he whatever he is watching/reading. Anyway, I'm having great fun watching him watch Supernatural. (You can download videos of him watching the show). It's all the fun of introducing a friend to Supernatural, with none of them yelling at you to stop looking at them while they try to watch. ;)

If you weren't aware of Mark, and head over there to check him out, please pay attention to his spoiler policy before you comment. Even something as vague as "you'll understand that later..." is considered a spoiler. I think, the only thing Mark is spoiled on when it comes to Supernatural is the existence of angels (he knows there will eventually be an angel character) and the fact that the show can sometimes be problematic and that the fandom can sometimes be absolutely horrible. (Because Mark is active in many fandoms, and not shy in calling out problematic aspects of shows, characters, and writing, I find he tends to come across the worst people more frequently then usual.)

Okay, so, there's an update from me. Alive, drinking orange juice, and still trying to eat a muffin that I bought 6 hours ago.
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2013-11-08 10:28 am
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Note and little travel meme thingy....


So, I know my rewatches have suddenly disappeared. You can blame the job for that one. The rewatches were much easier to do when I was unemployed. They take about 4 hours, and the last few days I've finished work rather late and haven't felt like sitting on a computer for another 4 hours. So, rewatches might end up being a little slow. Hopefully I'll still be able to get it all done (including the update to the clothing catalogue) before the new year. I'm not working the computer-based job over Christmas (and probably not in December at all.)

Completely unrelated: Here's a fun little map thing of the places I've been:

[livejournal.com profile] raloria did it and it looked like fun... you can fill in the map for yourself.

I changed the legend a little bit:

red for states/provinces where you've not spent much time or seen very much driven through and maybe stopped for food, but have not been off the highway other than to sleep.
amber for states/provinces where you've at least slept and seen some sights.
blue for states/provinces you've spent a lot of time in or seen a fair amount of done multiple short visits or visited only one area multiple times.
green for states/provinces you've spent a great deal of time in on multiple visits or places you've lived.


As you might be able to tell, as a youth I once drove from Ontario to Disney World. ;)

Except for New Brunswick (which I've just visited frequently and seen almost all of), I've lived in all the provinces highlighted green.

For non-Canadians: Although I've lived in Newfoundland, I've never been to Labrador, but it's highlighted green because technically Newfoundland and Labrador is one province.

Vancouver is actually further north than St. John's Newfoundland (eastern most tip of Canada), but you wouldn't know it to look at this map. Vancouver is the furthest north that I've ever lived (I've visited places further north though.)
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2013-04-20 04:49 pm
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Wow, that's a coincidence....

So, the other day, when pressed for time to write my ficlet. I came up with this quick idea that involved evil garden gnomes.

Apparently, myself and the marketing team over at IKEA have similar minds, because I stumbled upon this ad on tumblr today that is pretty much exactly what I was picturing (as far as the gnomes go anyway.)

Crazy! (and hilarious)

In other news, I'm not sure I'm going to get a ficlet up today. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something but nothing's really captured my imagination yet. We'll see... (for those that are curious, the prompt today is: "No, today I work." which is pretty amusing to me since I can't seem to get any work done today.)

(I've also fallen down the rabbit whole of reading fic from a new fandom - so, yeah, for a procrastinator like me, it's basically a paradise of hundred upon hundred of good new fics with which to not get anything else done.)
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2012-05-10 08:24 pm
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AO3 now fully loaded!

I've gotten the entire demented'verse up at AO3 now! YAY! WAIT!!! I FORGOT THE TRIFECTA'VERSE! Arrrg...I'll do it tomorrowit  nevermind, I just got it over with...also, now I'm REALLY hungry...but...

You can check out my vast collection of work.

I combined my Teddy-Nate stories into one chaptered fic within the series, because they sort of stand on their own. 

Now that I see that I only basically have 16 works...I feel...um, kind of non-prolific. It felt like I had much more than that... though, I suppose I shouldn't lose sight of the fact that two of those 16 works are 100,000+ words AND this past year I've been trying to write a novel on top of that.

Anyway, now that all my work is uploaded, feel free to friend/follow/flirt/subscribe/whatever me on AO3. (ETA: I just have to upload two stories tomorrow, and then I'm done. So, it's not like I'll be spamming you.)

The good news is that my Merlin/Sherlock fic is getting a LOT of love on AO3, so I'm happy about that. Also, man, those AO3ers really like their "kudos" buttons. I've gotten 81 kudos on that fic, and only 1 comment. It's really interesting the different types of interactions you have in different fic communities.

Finally: How do you upload an icon? I've just got the default logo thing, which I actually really like and may just keep, but for the sake of knowledge, how would I go about changing it? Now that I have all my fic on there, I should really figure out how to use the thing. :P

So, it's after 8pm and in a bizarre turn of events, I haven't eaten since breakfast...so, I'm going to go make some pasta before I pass out.
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2012-05-08 07:14 pm
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My Archive of Our Own Account

You can now also find me on Archive of Our Own @ hells_half_acre. Same username! Woo!

Did you know that when I first debated joining LJ and actively participating in the Supernatural fandom, I decided that I would ONLY join if I could get the username hells_half_acre? If it had been taken, all this may never have happened.*

I've uploaded only my favourite one-shots so far. I'm going to start on the Demented'verse tomorrow, but that's going to be a job and a half, so don't expect me to be too swift with it. I still have to work for a living too.

I was pretty amazed though, as soon as I uploaded my favourite Sherlock story, it basically got two hits a minute for the first ten minutes, and then one hit a minute after that! Crazyness.

Hopefully my Merlin/Sherlock piece will also get a bit more love. I'm not a member of any LJ Merlin communities, so I couldn't crosspost that one very much.

Anyway, I'll be doing another post when I get the demented'verse up, just in case any of you want to take advantage of the download feature - but I figured I'd at least direct you to site now that I have one-shots posted. 

Also, let me know if you think I should upload the one-shots that I haven't uploaded yet...I left some of my earlier ones out because I'm not as fond as them, but that might be silly of me.

*well, I doubt that. I had the demented'verse plot bunny right from the start, and that thing would have eaten my brain unless I did something with it. But still, you never know! It's a good thing that I didn't first try to join tumblr (hells_half_acre on tumblr is a pornsite, btw...and not even the type of porn I enjoy...sad times.)
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2011-12-09 02:00 pm
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Rec: How To Be A Fan Of Problematic Things (Article)

Joey Comeau just tweeted this link, and I thought it was so good that I needed to share it.

How To Be A Fan of Problematic Things (small spoilers for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Game of Thrones.) 

It's very simple and brilliantly written out.

I don't 100% agree with their "secondly" point, because I think it depends on who you are talking to...I mean, there has to be a limit for how long you have to acknowledge the problem before you are allowed to talk about the giant sand worm. I often end my little entries here with some variation of "and please don't expect me to debate the misogyny issue, because we've beaten that dead-horse to death already elsewhere" and I think that's fair of me to do, because it's not like I'm denying the issues or unwilling to listen to those who want to restate them. I just don't have anything else to add to the debate that I haven't said before.

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2011-11-16 05:25 pm
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Opening that can of worms again...

It's time for another post about everyone's favourite can of worms...Misogyny. 

As you all know, I LOVED 7x08. But, there was that one little aspect (of perhaps many) that threw some people off ...mainly, the fact that Sam was "roofied" and tied to a bed. I thought it was a great send up of the film Misery, and since Becky didn't actually do anything to Sam without his permission (besides kiss him and marry him), I was fine with the scene in general...heck, since male sexual-assault is one of my favourite sub-themes on Supernatural (not in a kinky way), I thought the whole episode was really par for the course.

Now, both the SuperWiki and some other sites pointed out that it was also very similar to a scene in Wedding Crashers (which I have never seen), in which the female actually does rape the man tied to the bed. When I heard this, I thought "weird...I thought Wedding Crashers was a comedy..." 

Two days ago, [livejournal.com profile] katsheswims sent me an blog article -  In Bed With Sexism - about the scene in Wedding Crashers, because obviously, she's gotten to know me fairly well. I was thinking of saving it for a larger meta I'm planning, but then realized that it's sort of off topic, so I'm going to share it with you today.

Basically, it asks the question: How come a female raping a male can be considered comedy? How come rape isn't rape when it is done to a man by a woman? 

I've always wondered this - because there's virtually no support system or even acknowledgment in the world of female against male abuse/rape. One of my theories was that it was because men were supposed to be stronger and not have that sort of thing happen to them (which is ridiculous), but the article actually points the finger at...well, our favourite can of worms: The level of unperceived misogyny that exists in our culture that goes unnoticed.

I thought it was a very interesting take on the subject. And maybe helps to explain why I'm one of the very few people who seem to realize that male sexual-assault is a recurring theme on Supernatural (though, in recent years it's gotten more blatant and more people are noticing, which has been very interesting for me to watch as well.)

Also, I've learned that I should never watch Wedding Crashers, because it would send me into a rage.

I kind of like this example, because it shows that my misogyny test (as opposed to the Bechdel test, which I loathe), actually works! My test is simple: If I genderswapped everyone in the story, would my reaction to the story be the same? Would the characters still be believable? Would I be more outraged or less?  I'm not saying it's a perfect test, but it's better than goddamn Bechdel. I HATE that thing.

Anyway, uh, as usual...sensitive topic...so if you comment, please be respectful. I'm not asking to open up a debate about whether or not Supernatural is misogynistic or not. So, I won't be engaging in any arguments of that sort myself. If you argue amongst yourselves in my comments, that's fine, but again, just be respectful of one another and anyone who might be reading in passing.
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2011-11-09 10:44 pm
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Fun Stuff!

So, still a little depressed tonight, so I thought I would post some fun stuff.

Firstly, there's this video from Funny or Die:

I've been a fan of Ryan Gosling since Breaker High (yes, I watched Breaker High, I am not ashamed)...so, yeah...I love this.

Secondly, I got BOOKS IN THE MAIL! Along with Picture of Dorian Gray: An Annotated and Uncensored Edition and Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant and Never Learn Anything From History, I also have John Winchester's Journal and Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting. I am sure John Winchester's Journal will make me cringe with timeline inaccuracies (and so may the Bobby book)...but I am looking forward to reading them anyway.

Let's see, what else is fun? Well on Friday there is another episode of Supernatural! That's fun! And on Saturday, I'm going to a Hey Rosetta concert, and as many of you know, they are my FAVOURITE. 

Here, have their latest video too:

So, see, life isn't that bad. Everything will be fine.

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2011-10-13 12:32 pm

Get me on a plane to Newfoundland...

No one makes me miss Newfoundland more than Hey Rosetta - and they seem to be doing it on purpose. Their latest video is like a tribute to St. John's: 

I only lived in St. John's for a year, but it was such a great city, with such fantastic people...and so very very beautiful. Newfoundland is like it's own secret country hidden inside of Canada. 

The fourth scene of this video is shot inside the university cafeteria, where I used to eat...and there are shots of the harbour, and the narrows, and the old forts that are cemented into older cliffs (one of which I don't think you allowed to go into, but obviously both me AND Hey Rosetta jumped that fence), and the SEALS!...and then the whole thing finishes up with a kitchen party. :)
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2011-06-14 02:33 pm
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Gender Deaths Link and Mark Sheppard is Awesome

First: One of my favourite can of worms - someone did a count of death in Supernatural based on gender! It's VERY INTERESTING. Some of you may remember that I wanted to do something similar a couple of months ago, except with sexual-assault (either real or metaphoric), but decided that I did not want to bring that kind of wrath down on myself. Likewise, I have made a point not to read the comments that these guys received on this lovely death-count. I find numbers interesting, but I know that there is more to interpretation and context than numbers alone.

Second: Mark Sheppard is awesome.

I really hope he gets added to VanCon at the last minute or something, because I would love to meet him....plus he's been on Doctor Who! It's odd, but since Supernatural is filmed where I live, it doesn't feel as...impossible...to meet the actors. To me though, Doctor Who is something that just doesn't intersect with real-life. So, yeah, not that I can ever think of questions at Cons, but if Mark Sheppard did come, I would totally ask him SOMETHING about Doctor Who.

Anywho...what I really want to talk about is how awesome this little speech he gave at RisingCon is. Link here, and I'll also embed it below. I know that a section of it sort of encourages the petitions and everything that annoy the crap out of me, but in general, it's just a very heartfelt speech about how the conventions are just as loved and important to the actors as they are to the fans...

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2011-05-22 03:12 pm
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Can of Worms

There's another article about misogyny in Supernatural that had me all up in arms until it got to the end of the article. Well played author (who happens to be on my flist, I believe). 
Although I do still disagree with some of what is said, (they are my standard disagreements - I hate the bechdel test, I think some complaints actually contribute to misogynism rather than lessen it), I DO agree with the concluding message. 
It also makes a very good point about the visuals that we are exposed to in advertising. In this case, it's very specifically about advertising for TV shows, but in general advertising is the most misogynistic thing we're exposed to in our day to day lives and TV show ads are no different.
UPDATE on Lyric Guessing Game: So far two people are tied for first with 3 songs each. Everyone has successfully guessed the songs for French Mistake and My Heart Will Go On...I'm thinking that I'll have to open it up to "Google-Cheating" at this rate.
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2011-04-29 02:12 pm
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Showing shows you love to other people...

I don't have a tumblr, so I can't reblog this post...so please go HERE and read this gif-story that pretty much sums up what it's like to show any show you are obsessed with to your non-show-watching friends. 

In other news, I've found a job at a library that I'm going to apply to, so there might be a chance that I won't be homeless by June. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also, once again, I'll be reviewing the Supernatural episode once I get home from my friend's place tonight. I make no guarantees on how drunk/sober I'll be - also, the hilarity of my reviews depends on the content of the episode, and somehow I get the feeling that now that we're in the homestretch the episodes might not be as hilarious as they have been recently. So, yeah, review will appear sometime around midnight/1am PST.

Enjoy your day!

Excerpt from the gif-story linked above and HERE:

The Music Starts and I'm Like...

My Friends...
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2011-04-01 11:55 am
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Link, writing, and whatnot...

Firstly, I still love Jay Baruchel...he's constantly cast as these nerdy types, but people don't realize that he grew up in a pretty bad neighbourhood in Montreal and is a bit of a bad-ass who just looks and sounds like a nerd. Anyway, in this interview with George Stroumboulopoulos (yes, that's his name...and yes, I've always had a small crush on him too), he talks about how he really just wants to use his Holllywood money to make low-budget controversial Canadian horror films. Seriously, what's not to love?

Sadly, I can't embed the video, but click here for the full thing...and him talking about how he used to bring a knife to school.

Update on Writing and Various things:

So, a couple of weeks ago, I had a poll about what you guys wanted me to write first, and another demented'verse timestamp won. So, true to your wishes, I started working on that first. It's only half-way done though. Yesterday, in an effort to cheer myself up, I decided to write a Sherlock fanfic...and well, I finished the Sherlock piece....so, now I've got a half-completed demented'verse piece and a complete Sherlock piece.

So, do you want me to finish the demented'verse timestamp before I'm allowed to post the Sherlock piece?
ETA: TOTALLY POSTED THE HECK OUT OF THAT SHERLOCK PIECE. I will try to finish the demented'verse piece tonight or tomorrow, I promise.

I also have various different sample graphs (courtesy of my mother, who is a wizard at Excel spreadsheets/graphs) which I MAY  be able to tweak in order to finally track clothing survivability rates in Supernatural. So, I might spend part of my weekend doing that, if something else doesn't come up.
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2011-03-14 10:13 pm
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Dean's Leather Jacket: SuperWiki Edition

 My second SuperWiki page has gone up! It's Dean's Leather Jacket!


Weekend project finished on Monday night! Not bad.

ETA: Also! I just got an email from my mum with a suggestion on how to make a bar graph for clothing survivability averages! So, look forward to that in the coming weeks! (And yes, I'm well aware that I've also promised you a some fic too, I will try to do that first before I go crazy with more charts).
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2010-10-18 12:52 pm
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Monday Update!

Every Monday I feel like I should be posting something on here, as though maintaining this LJ were my job instead of my actual job being my job. (Wouldn't the world rule if it were? Vile Violent Vacations would be done by now, for one.)

I spent yesterday driving up the Sea to Sky to Whistler and back, in order to experience the remnants of autumn in the mountains and enjoy what will no doubt be one of our last sunny days around here...which means I don't have a rewatch to post. After walking around lakes and down mountain streams all day (plus the 4 hours of driving), I was quite exhausted last night, and couldn't fathom taking the 2+ hours it takes me to go through an episode and type up my thoughts.

So, instead: Enjoy this song that my sister introduced me to on our trip - JOSH RITTER "Girl in the War":

It makes me wish Sam were a girl, because it'd make an awesome Supernatural vid if the dude was singing about a guy.

I guess I'll see you Wednesday...or whenever I can squeeze in another S5 rewatch episode.
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2010-09-21 04:50 pm

Read Harry Potter along with Mark

I have a lot to do these days. I have:

1. My Job (which I hate)
2. My If Clothes Could Talk Series (which is temporarily on hold while I do the next two things)
3. My Rewatch of S5/Timeline work (which is CRAZY FUN TO DO!)
4. Vile Violent Vacations (which is also fun, but dudes, writing is hard sometimes!)

So, yeah, I'm a little stressed out, and when I get stressed out, I procrastinate like a crazy-person, because I'm illogical like that. 

Lately, I discovered Mark Reads Harry Potter

Oh my goodness, this guy amuses me. It's really fun to read the chapter by chapter reviews of someone who is somewhat close to my age and has never read the series before. Not to mention that the guy is intelligent and quite hilarious. I may have a little crush on him.

Anyway, I suggest you read it if you want a good laugh - and the ability to relieve the Harry Potter series vicariously through someone else.

ETA: I should also mention that I've developed quite the crush on Mark (sadly, unrequited), and that he has a tendency to spontaneously use Supernatural gifs to illustrate how he feels...which means that Mark is even more awesome than your average Harry Potter fan. ;)
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2009-11-17 12:05 am
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Vancouver: A Comic

Pictures For Sad Children summed up the weather in Vancouver really nicely without evening intending to:

My favorite is panel 4.
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2009-07-10 10:37 pm
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I'm just posting a link to this here so that I can find it later. I want to show it to my friend, but she's only done the second season....so, I have a while to wait until she can take these spoilers.

Supernatural on Cracked.com!

Haha - some of it is mean, but I love these two lines:

"It remains the only show on television in which the two lead characters have either attempted to kill or succeeded in killing each other with an ax."

"Sam goes crazy and takes it out on his tragically short brother, who seriously had enough crap to deal with without some tall guy trying to strangle him, come on."