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I'm planning to do a post about some thinky-thoughts about our culture based on some stuff discussed that time I had dinner with Kevin Parks, but I haven't had the time to compose the words enough yet...

So, in the meantime, have a funny video about Vancouverites:

(To be fair, the "talk about the weather" thing is actually a Canada-wide phenomenon.)

On an unrelated note: Rewatches of S8 will start going up starting in mid-October. Updates to the clothing catalogue will begin as soon as the rewatches are finished, with the goal of having everything updated by the new year.
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So, here's something that happened last week...

It didn't happen to me though. I, unfortunately, was stuck at an airport for 4 hours and then stuck on a plane for 5 more hours.... but while I was doing that, my friend Kathleen was at a GISHWHES event where they were tasked with making a safety pin chain.

And then Misha told the crowd that he wanted everyone to polka, and then asked if anyone actually knew how to polka. Kathleen, without turning around to actually look at Misha, raised her hand enthusiastically. Kathleen grew up with the polka, loves polka, and did I mention that she loves to polka? (Kathleen: "The polka is the dance of my people :) Thanks to Mom and Dad, I've been doing this dance since before I could walk - so my whole life I've been training for this!...Seriously, I've been doing the polka pretty much since I learned how to walk. If you are wearing Lederhosen, sir, you are guaranteed at LEAST one dance with me!")

The next thing she knew, Misha was tapping her on the shoulder and asking her if she would like to polka with him.

The funniest thing (IMO) is that in recounting it, Kathleen admits that she was so excited about polka that she forgot to be excited about dancing with Misha... or as she put it in an email:

"...at the time I was all like "AW YEAH POLKA" and part way through it became "Misha? Polka? Polka? Misha?" kinda like The Tick and pockets.  Well, exactly like that, as I just wandered around aimlessly after, unable to form sentences. "

(And for those of you who don't know the Tick reference, look it up! You are missing out on one of the greatest moments in comic history.)

She added:  "So glad he was wearing the aviators so I didn't go all "deer in the headlights" when faced with those eyes."

For those who are curious, Kathleen reports that Misha polkas "very well" and she was mostly distracted by how soft his hands were.

Pictures! )
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For the last two days I've been keeping a secret - and I hope those friends who are in Vancouver forgive me, but...

Supernatural held an "overstocked" wardrobe liquidation sale today. Studios do these types of sales a lot after shows/movies wrap (for the season or completely)... usually, I never hear about them and so I miss them. This year, I happened to find out that Supernatural was doing a wardrobe sale.

I think anyone who reads this journal would realize that there was no way I would be missing a SPN wardrobe sale!

Before you get too excited - there weren't many Sam and Dean clothes for sale. I'm guessing it's because the boys aren't going to be naked in S9 (disappointing, I know). That being said, I did manage to get some very cool things...

Pictures :) )

Now, only a couple of hours left until Supernatural airs on the east coast... yay!
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My sister (a musician/artist) is teaching herself how to use video-editing software by making short little piano music videos.

I really like this one. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to ride the skytrain downtown on a rainy Vancouver day - this is the video for you:

In other news: Merlin/SPN fic is written, but I have to edit it for grammar and then send it off to my beta (this will be the first time I ever get a fic betaed before posting... someone offered, so I figured I'd give it a go.) Anyway, right now the fic is sitting at about 35,500 words.

I know I said I'd do a Sassy gen fic next, but I'm thinking that I might want to wait on that until a bit more of S8 goes by. Because, as usual, I want to keep it as close to canon as possible, and I think there might be important information still to come in this season. So, that might be a May project rather than a March project.
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In a previous coincidental "it's a small world" happening, I discovered that I actually did an episode of Falling Skies with Ty Olsson.

Tonight's, coincidental "it's a small world" happening is a little different, and it didn't happen to me...

Today, I was browsing Tumblr, and I found this post with  pictures from when Ty Olsson appeared nude in a play. (And by "appeared" I mean, he was nude on stage for nearly 3 hours.) Naturally, my first thought was "Mustache? Really?" but my second thought was "Hold on a second! That sounds suspiciously like a play that my friend was just telling me about the other night..." So, I did a little bit of googling, and sure enough....

In 2001, my friend saw Ty Olsson naked at a local theatre.

Then we had this conversation:
"You've seen more of Benny than any of us (save perhaps Dean, if people on the internet were to get their way :P )"
"And I can confirm that Dean would not be disappointed (he's a show-er, as the saying goes) - Have at'er, internets!"

On a more serious note, she add: "That show was kinda like when a friend and I went to see "Puppetry of the Penis" - the guy (or in the latter case, guys) is just so comfortable on stage that you relax & get comfortable with it, too."

ETA: My friend further states: "The other thing I forgot to mention re: the play is that Ty's character, the dead husband (thus "her two husbands") was really intense, but pretty much the opposite of Benny. He was a womanizer and a drinker and a gambler; basically an all-around party animal. And also, he's an amazing theatre actor (everyone in that play was fairly outstanding, but Dona Flor and her dead husband were exceptional)."

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I am not even taking part in GISHWHES... and yet, I found myself today in the pouring rain in Stanley Park, soaking wet with glue in my hair.

Let it not be said that I am not a good friend... at least on occasion. 

Under a cut for those who don't care... )

And that was my day. I am now wrapped in the warmest sweater I own. (I have also taken an allergy pill, because I may in fact be allergic to the warmest sweater I own, but, goddamn it, I want to wear it!)
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So, I was bored and looking at Ty Olsson's (Benny) IMDB page...

I've worked with him! 

Haha, he was on the episode of Fallen Skies that I did, and I was in one of his scenes...way across the room, but I was there!

Falling Skies 2x09 me 4
That's me circled and that's Ty in uniform on the right playing Sgt. Clemmons.

I did such a fine job as "girl in background wearing ugly sweater" don't you think? Really, I think I should retire on a high note while I still can. ;)
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Does anyone watch The Killing?

It looks like I'm going to be an extra with them tomorrow Thursday. I have absolutely no idea what the show is. Based on the title, I am hoping to be a bloody corpse. Apparently they asked for me specifically, which is flattering...unless they are going to cast me as "ugly extra #2." 
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For those interested, the film I just "background performed" for now has an IMDB page, and also a fundraising page at IndieGoGo.

Because it's all BC based actors, it's fun to look through the cast and see just how many of them have been killed on Supernatural. ;) 

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Well, I can now cross "drag my boobs across Dustin Milligan's back" off my bucket list.

Not that it was there in the first place, but maybe it should have been...

As I mentioned before, I was an extra in an indie film on Sunday, starring Dustin Milligan (aka gay-intern Corbett) and some other people that I vaguely recognized. The scenes we shot were club/bar scenes - so it was a lot of dancing, and a lot of mined dancing (which didn't feel as ridiculous as it probably looked)...and at one point the actors (who were having a conversation in the middle of a dance-floor) said they wanted the background performers to bump into them, so yeah...I did.

It was fun. You gotta love Vancouver - it offers such unique opportunities.

Anyway, Dustin seemed to be a very nice guy.

Also, since it was a club/bar where people were doing drugs and getting wasted, every time I ungracefully tripped in my heels, I would just pretend that I was drunk and it was acting! not clumsiness! 

They are shooting another scene they need extras for on Wednesday, but I actually have to work for a living, so I'm not able to go.


Dec. 14th, 2011 09:55 pm
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Sometimes I feel like I should make a fact sheet about Vancouver for non-AU J2 writers - which is pretty silly of me, considering I don't even read non-AU J2...but I guess it just comes from the same part of me who likes very accurate things...and, in order to confirm that I don't like reading non-AU J2, I HAVE read some, and they can be very factually inaccurate about Vancouver.

I've also noticed, in my time on the internet, that non-Canadians kind of lump Canada together like it's the same everywhere, when it's not really. So, here are some facts about Vancouver:

1. Did you know that there's a cannon that goes off every night at 9pm?

It is called the 9 o'clock gun. It's in Stanley Park, oddly pointed TOWARDS the city, not away from it. No one can remember WHY it's fired every night at 9pm, but it's tradition now, so it goes off every night at 9pm even though no one knows why. I think a lot of traditions are like that. 

There are some theories...I think the most believed theory is that it used to signal curfew for fishing boats. 

You can't hear it from all parts of the city. You can hear it really well from my apartment (and I'm a fair distance away), but I'm on a hill, and it's pointed in the direction of my house too. According to my twitter, there are actually vancouverites who don't know about the cannon - which I find amazing. I'm sure you can hear it if you were on the waterfront downtown, or if you were on a hill in East Van (like me), or if you knew to listen for it...

2. It very rarely snows here, and it most certainly doesn't blizzard.

If you want real blizzards, you have to go to the other coast. In Newfoundland, it'll blizzard for 3 days straight and leave 8 feet for snow. It's ridiculous (and I miss it.)

In Vancouver, it only snows occasionally - huge wet snowflakes usually. (See SPN 4x20 and 6x13) It'll maybe leave an inch or so, and then melt the next day. VERY occasionally, you'll get a foot or so - and then no one knows what the hell to do...but that's literally only happened once in the past 7 years. 

So, all those J2 fics where they get snowed in....well, unless you specify that they are living on a mountain, it's just not going to happen.

Also, people will use their umbrellas in the snow. That really made me laugh when I first saw it, because it's SNOW. But then I started using my umbrella too, because the snow is so WET - it's basically like it's raining in white...so, that'll teach me to laugh at people.

3. Sometimes there are animals.

There are always raccoons...they climb on my roof at night. The other day, they tranquilized a bear that had wandered into downtown and was rummaging around in a dumpster in an underground parking garage. There are coyote warning signs in various parts of the city too. It's rare, but, hey - it happens.

As an aside, I never understand people who write about menacing wolves, but not coyotes...coyotes are far more likely to be menacing, in my experience...wolves tend to stay the hell away from people.

ETA: And skunks - there are a LOT of skunks. It's something you have to watch out for when you are walking around at night...especially with dogs.

4. Sometimes people yell "Thank You!" at the bus driver when they get off the bus.

This is happening less and less, but the first time I came here in 2009, it was more common. I arrived from a month spent in Asia, and it was such a *Canadian* thing that I could only laugh and shake my head at it - "yes, I'm home." I don't do it myself, because I have issues with unnecessarily breaking silences...but other people do it. 

5. The Skytrain takes you places. 

Vancouver's "subway" system is called the Skytrain, because it's only below ground when it's downtown - the rest of the time it's elevated.

Anyway, those are the things that I can think of off the top of my head.
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Hey, where'd [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre go? You've been asking yourself. She hasn't posted anything since yesterday, and she hasn't done a rewatch post since Monday - I thought she was unemployed and the only thing she did all day was watch and talk about Supernatural?

Well, let me explain...

Today I was an extra! Now I am sleepy. The end.

There's actually something related to Supernatural in this post )

I also have notes on another rewatch post. I'll see if I get to those tonight, or if I pass out first.
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Russ Hamilton (the Location Manager for Supernatural) has that music that plays during gunfights in westerns as his ringtone. You know: doalualu do do do do dualualu do do do do.

And that's all you need to know for this scene from today:

I'm on the Official Location Tour, and Russ pauses next to my seat on the bus to answer his phone, which has just rung. I smile at the ringtone.

Russ: Yes? ...It's on fire now? 

And he says it in a voice where I'm not sure if he was perhaps expecting something to be on fire...but I'm not sure, so...

Me: That can't be good.

And Russ looks me dead in the eye, and mouths: THE BACKLOT IS ON FIRE.

I believe I gave him an expression similar to the one Dean is wearing in my icon.

Sure enough, when we were in sight of Burnaby, you could see a large plume of smoke...and when we got to the closest intersection, you could see the extent of the fire. Russ thinks they lost their favourite bar to film in, and the pizzaria that Dean met Death in, and a lot of the brownstones that looked like New York as well. 

Supernatual WASN'T filming there at the time. It was a small production Bollywood film.

Pictures )

I should add that although Supernatural has invested a half a million into the backlot (according to Russ), it does not belong to them.  They are just one of many productions that use it. Though according to Russ, not all productions look after it like Supernatural does. The person who is really screwed is Michael Buble, because apparently he was supposed to be filming a music video there tomorrow or the next day. Supernatural is supposed to film there next week, and may still be able to, but Russ already has his scouts looking for alternative locations just in case.


No one was hurt when a warehouse being used by film crews caught fire Monday afternoon in Burnaby.

Flames were spotted shortly before 2pm on the northeast corner of Byrne Road at Marine Drive.

Burnaby RCMP Inspector Tim Shields says it appears a couple of welders working on some scrap metal sparked an explosion when they tore into a gas line.

Traffic had to be re-routed, but the fire is now under control. (source)

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Hi everybody,

I'm thinking of getting a tumblr, just because I'm sick of checking all my favourite tumblr accounts individually...I want to have a dashboard. Also, the egotistical part of me thinks it would be cool to have an ask box. Anyway, something I'm mulling over...

So, I'm not sure if you heard, but last week Vancouver had a bit of a riot...here are a few funny things:

1. A cute conversation between brothers: 
On the night of the riot, we were sitting up on a roof top enjoying the sunset. We saw the smoke start billowing out of downtown and immediately brought out our smart phones to check the news. My sister's boyfriend decided that he better call his younger brother who had gone downtown to watch the game - just to make sure that he was alright. My sister's boyfriend is 6'4'' (like a certain Moose) and his brother is a big guy too - so the concern was that the police/people would see his brother as a threat just because he's big, and not because of his behaviour. So, he gets on the phone, and this is the conversation I hear:
"Hey man"
"I know, it sucks. Where are you?"
"Your brother!"
"Look man, people are burning cars. It's all over the news. The police are going in. I think you should get out of there."
"Yeah, you head to the mountains, Grizzly."
2. Roof Raccoons can riot too:
There's a cute little raccoon that likes to climb on our roof and eat bugs out of the eaves. This morning, I discovered that it had been busy while I slept:
3. This song:
I have had it stuck in my head for several days!
In other news: I've been writing a demented'verse piece for the past month or so. It's currently at 8,000 words and I WANT TO  FINISHED IT! Ugh...I'm so excited to share it, but I'm still a ways off from finishing, so, here's a teaser:
Read it! )
Anyway...I guess that's all that's up with me. I've got about 3 more weeks in Vancouver, and then I'm heading back home to Ontario until VanCon. I'm really looking forward to it! :)
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 Not to harp on about the riot or anything, but this is a very good peace about how the riot did not represent Canucks fans or the people of Vancouver: 


From being there and talking to people all night long, I am convinced that last night was a well planned terrorist attack, pulled out by a few idiots who took advantage of a ripe situation. They wore Canucks jerseys to blend in, as any good terrorist would, but they also brought canisters of pepper spray (used to deter bears) and they brought black scarves to wear around their faces..as no good FAN would.

They brought a truck, with the lone intention to set on fire...win or lose. They had tools to aid in looting. Their intention was clear...to destroy property and make Vancouver Canucks fans look terrible.

And much of the media has bought it. hook, line, and sinker.


I was in a building last night that was full of the most real/die-hard Canucks fans alive....as the clock ticked down inside the building I was blown away by the Canucks fans ability to maintain perspective and stay positive. It had taken them 40 years to see a game 7 Stanley Cup game in their building, but there was no sense at all they would be violent despite watching a very mundane performance by their team at the most critical time. They were chanting "LU" on Luongo saves right to the end. The common refrain was "can't blame it all on Luongo, he can't score."

Where I come from it would have been ALL Luongo's fault. Canadians know their hockey, that's for sure.

Vancouver Canucks fans aren't about violence. They are incredible fans.
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Just a follow up to last night's post....

The city is still awesome. There are a whole bunch of "real fans" downtown today cleaning up, even though they had no part in the destruction (some of them spent last night peacefully watching the sunset with me.) There's also been social media groups started to help the police find the evidence needed to arrest the criminals that broke windows, destroyed public and private property, or used the chaos to steal/hurt people. 

You can check out the links in this article.
Anyway, I think that's pretty cool. Not sure how much the media is going to focus on that though - they tend to like the more sensational 'humans are bad' type stories.
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Sigh...well, my disappointment at not winning the cup was quickly shadowed by my disappointment in my fellow man. Just like I feared, the downtown core broke out in riots after the game. It's always just a small group of crazy people who are able to ruin something for everyone. 

Don't worry about me though - my neighbourhood is thankfully made up of peace-lovin' hippes, Italians, Portuguese, and lesbians (It's a really great neighbourhood, you guys!). So, we went up on a local roof and watched the sunset through the smoke plumes from downtown, while in our immediate area it was all "bicycles, puppies, and children at play" as one of our group said. The most "rioting" we heard was a man who walked by cheering "Go Canucks 2012!" (which is a sentiment that I can get behind).

Also, there's good news because two members of the Boston Bruins are local BC boys! So, congrats to them! And my goodness, but Tim Thomas really deserved the Conn Smythe trophy. He did an amazing job...I think he may have replaced Antti Neimi as my favourite NHL goalie.
Picture taken by my sister on her iPod at sunset. There is a lot more smoke now. Police have released tear-gas and started making arrests. I know it's part of the national stereotype, but honestly, I don't know what the deal is with Canadians and hockey - it just makes people insane for some reason. It's a dangerous sport whether you play it or not.

ETA: Someone on my facebook just said: "Send in Tim Thomas, he can stop anything!" Hahaha
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I signed up to be an extra today. It pays next to nothing and isn't dependable, but next to nothing is more money than nothing and my current job isn't dependable either, so it's well matched.

We'll see when I hear from them. Apparently, I have a good car for show business! Haha. Good to know...less pressure than having a face for show business, I guess. They pay extra if they use your car, so it's a very good thing...and apparently the TV show Eureka really likes my kind of car.

I also have nice hands (for hand close-ups). I've always admired my hands, I must say. I was careful to hide my slightly wonky finger though, so who knows if that'll come back to bite me. Here's a tip for the kids: If you discover that your finger can do something cool, don't keep doing it - it actually will get stuck that way.

In other news: I actually bought a Sam Hoodie...like, I bought the female version of The Superhero Hoodie. I couldn't resist. It arrived yesterday. It's a little darker brown than Sam's, and they don't make them with the leather label anymore...but other than that, it's just the same. It's also HUGE. I am not as big as Sam - even in lady-form (nor do I want to be).

So, no pictures yet, because I'm trying to decide if I should return it and get a size smaller. The problem is that it fits well in the hips (and alright in the bust), but the shoulders, arms, and waist are all too big. (story of my life...all my junk is in the trunk). Anyway, I was thinking maybe I could just get it tailored somewhere...and then I realized that I was being horribly vain, because I really just bought it for fun and to use when camping, it's not like I have to look like a friggin' supermodel in it...so, yeah...I'm undecided.
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Did you know that, in the BC film industry, Craft Services and First Aid are the same thing? Anyone working Craft Services (not catering, just crafty) has to have a high level First Aid certificate as well as the ability to serve light snacks and refreshments.

If I knew people who wrote non-au J2 fic, I would tell them this so that their fics could be all realistic...but I don't like reading non-au J2 fic, so I don't know anyone who writes it. Still, interesting to know!

As far as the instructor of my course is aware, BC is the only place where this is the case. I think that's both cool - because it's like everyone working crafty is a secret first-aid superhero, and not so cool - because you have to go through all this first aid training if you want to serve light snacks and refreshments on a film set.
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Vancouver is beautiful today. The sun is out. The mountains are beautiful. It's raining cherry blossoms.

You know what's fun? Giving cookies to strangers! They are so delighted yet confused.

It was my turn to take cookies to the monthly meeting, so I bought two dozen at the bakery. There were plenty left over, so I gave as many as I could away. I had to go to the info-centre to ask about buses to Whistler (I have tickets to the Super-G this Friday)..so I gave some cookies to the volunteers there. Then there was a homeless guy with a coffee hanging around the Skytrain stop, so I gave him one too after he told me he liked my smile. (I had just done that thing where you go to pass someone walking towards you, just as they go to pass you, and you end up doing that odd little confused dance, so I was still laughing at that.)

Also, I discovered a fellow Supernatural fan at the work meeting! We were really delighted to find each other, since neither of us have any friends in the city that we can squee with, so I gave her my email address. Now of course, I have the debate of "do I tell her I'm on LJ?" She actually went to the convention last summer, but basically confirmed what I've been thinking about conventions and told me that she wouldn't go again. Though, she did say that a lot of the guest-actors have been trained in Improv comedy, so they are hilarious...so that's nice!

What would be really weird is if she is reading this right now without me even having to tell her, because she already read my LJ without knowing that I worked in the same department as her....I doubt it, I think my flist is all international.

Anyway, today has put me in a considerably better mood than I was in yesterday! Yay!


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