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And now we go from laughter back to drama... with a scene from S7, which really makes me start humming that Adele song... we could have had it all...."

S7 - Dean finds out that Sam is suffering from hallucinations

Why I chose this:

This storyline had such rich character potential. Also, this was back in the day when I still liked Lucifer as a character (or, rather, I liked Sam's hallucination of Lucifer, because actual Lucifer was locked away in the cage where he goddamn belongs.)

But, instead of talking about potential storylines that may or may not have been disappointing in the end, let's just focus on the one scene.

One, this scene is amazing because Sam is being honest with Dean about the problem he is facing, rather than trying to hide it. With Sam returned from hell and as well as can be given the circumstances, we're still moving forward having learned our lessons from the mistakes of S1-5 - in that we aren't keeping secrets, and we're both fighting together and staying on the same page about things. Does it lessen the drama? No! Because the drama is in the circumstance and the problems being faced, rather than in familial conflict. 

Two, there are just so many fantastic, and completely heartbreaking, lines in this one scene - "you can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away", "it had to be a mess, Sam, otherwise you wouldn't believe it was your life", and "He says the same thing about you."

Three, just, the PERSONAL relationship that Sam has with Lucifer flows through their interactions here, it tells us so much about the cage - about the trauma that Sam may have suffered therein. There's such a story being told in behaviour, in positioning, in the words and gestures being used. 

Four, Jared just knocks it out of the park with that thing he can do where he makes all 6'5'' of him look small and fragile and on the cusp of breaking, and you just sit there going "oh no oh no oh no..."

Five, I know it's happened before this too, but I love how in S4+ we start getting to things that Bobby doesn't know how to deal with either. Bobby has flaws and knowledge gaps, and he's not necessarily always going to do the right thing, or know the perfect thing to say. And you see that here, where he just LEAVES... like, my goodness, dude, that's your adopted son, but Bobby is just like "wow, I'm out" and leaves Dean to it. I don't even mean that as a bad thing - it's just another example of how nuanced everyone's relationship is with each other, and how the characters are all multidimensional people.

Man, I wanted this storyline to continue with this same level of richness - I wanted to see a seasons where we directly addressed hunting when one has a mental illness, rather than just alluding to it. And it would have been fine and understandable if it set back their growth as characters a little - they could have had familial conflict in Dean treating Sam too gently, or Sam pushing himself too hard, and having to find that balance... and having to find some way to recover, or manage, or just move forward in some capacity. I mean, not to complain too much, but I really think it's here where we start really seeing the problems of not being able to plan for the next season/showrunner early... because if Carver really wanted to start S8 with Sam not looking for Dean, then you had your perfect set-up with this storyline, instead of Gamble giving Sam a magic cure that doesn't make sense - have Sam become incapable of looking for Dean - even if you wanted to use Cas as a cure, at least tie Sam's sanity with Cas's existence, so that when Cas disappears, Sam's ability to manage goes with him. That's seriously what I have to headcanon in order to make S8 (and Sam's "cure" for that matter) make any damn sense. /rant.

Really, I love this scene because it's RICH with character and possibilities, and if you just watched to this point, and didn't know the future - you could right so many different kinds of stories going forward. 

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I was originally going to go with Merlin, but then an angsty Supernatural idea took over. For those who are disappointed, I'm sure I'll write Merlin again soon... but I'm guessing that the majority of you will be happier with this, seeing as how the majority of you are Supernatural fans. :P

Today's prompt: Quit

(I went with a super imaginative title again...)

(Supernatural, 7x23 coda, 378 words)

All that was left of Sam’s family was a car. )

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 It's still April 13th where I am! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] borgmama1of5 for the additional suggestions when I couldn't think of anything for the prompt.

So, this ficlet is based on two prompts:

Prompt #1: On the avenue
Prompt #2: A major character thinking about a minor character.

(Supernatural, 7x12 coda, 418 words)
A/N: I know 7x12 had a deleted scene that negates this coda, but since it was a deleted scene, I can officially ignore its existence for fic purposes.

He liked her. She was nice. )

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 It's still April 13th where I am! Thanks to borgmama1of5 for the additional suggestions when I couldn't think of anything for the prompt.

So, this ficlet is based on two prompts:

Prompt #1: On the avenue
Prompt #2: A major character thinking about a minor character.

(Supernatural, 7x12 coda, 418 words)
A/N: I know 7x12 had a deleted scene that negates this coda, but since it was a deleted scene, I can officially ignore its existence for fic purposes.


He liked her. She was nice. )


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As many of you know, I didn't particularly care for S7. I know some people did, and I'm happy for them, but I didn't.

Back when I rewatched S7...because I'm a masochist and I had to catalogue the clothes anyway... I started keeping an outline of how I would have rewritten S7 to make it better. I used one part of this outline to rewrite 7x08, but then never did anything with the rest of it.

So, I thought I would post it for your enjoyment...

(Please keep in mind that this is written in a way that I use to talk to myself and not other people, so there might be places where I just assume you know what I'm talking about because you're me. And any spelling mistakes are because I type all notes to myself in notepad, which doesn't have spellcheck)

The S7 Rewrite )

In other news, I do have an idea for a canon-esque fic that would span the end of S7 to the beginning of S8 (mainly 7x17-8x01/8x03)... it'd be Cas-centric which is something I have never done before. It'd be along the lines  of a fix-it as well, which is why posting this reminded me of the idea. As you can tell from the above outline, I didn't like how Sam's madness was handled in S7, and that INCLUDES when it was transferred over to Cas.

Anyway, we'll see we'll see - I have a few things on the go at the moment that I should be focusing on instead for the time being.
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Title: Time for a Wedding remix
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, AU
Word Count: 5,795
Warnings: spoilers for 7x08. References to past non-con (non-graphic). Elements of non-con (basically every non-con element that was in the episode is still in this remix...restraints, drugging, etc.)
Disclaimer: This is a transformative work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.

AN: So, this is sort of an odd experiment. I wanted to rewrite episode 7x08 (Season 7, Time for a Wedding), so that it was...well, more believable and realistic and didn't assassinate any beloved characters. Yet, I wanted to keep the basic premise - in an arrogant attempt to show that it could have been handled better, I suppose.

AN #2: I've also added in some elements that indicate that in this particular AU of S7, Sam's not dealing with his mental-illness as well as he seemed to deal with it in the actual S7. This is mainly fixing a gripe I had about S7 in general and not just in this episode in particular.

AN #3: Because I'm writing what is basically an episode (but in non-script format), it's not my usual writing style and I apologize if it sucks. I tried to keep in as much of the original dialogue as I could, only changing what absolutely needed to be changed. If a scene that was in the episode doesn't appear in this fic, it's either because I cut it out entirely or it can occur pretty much the way it occurs in the episode and I'll just write about the events in broad strokes, rather than write it out word for word and bore everyone. (Small exception made for the opening scene - because I needed to set up the premise just a little differently, even though a lot of the dialogue is the same.)

So, what? People’s dreams are coming true? Guy wins the lotto, guy gets a cushy job, some girl gets a husband who happens to be my brother? )

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Title: Brains and Bones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,980
Setting/Spoilers: A 7x03 episode fix-it of sorts. 
Warnings: Spoilers for 7x03 of Supernatural. You probably want to be familiar with the demented'verse if you are going to read this. It requires you to be at least a little familiar with an OC introduced in Seers, Souls, and Scandinavians.
A/N: I wrote this back in November 2011. I didn't post it, because it didn't really have an ending. It still doesn't really have an ending, but I realized that if I just kept it in the one episode, then it didn't need one. 

Summary: Till heals Sam, tricks Dean, and enjoys a fine cup of tea.

For a brief second, Till wondered why the Healer kits might need revising, and then he realized what Harry was trying to say. )

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Okay, so, in a rare turn of events, I actually watched this episode twice in a row! (This has the added bonus of me getting the S7 timeline out faster...heck, I'll probably do it this weekend).

So, without further ado...

Carry on my wayward son... )

As usual, let me know what I missed that you desperately want me to talk about!

I'll miss these posts! It sounds like I'll be waiting a good 5 months before I'm able to make another one. Hello Summer! Whatever am I going to do with all this free time? 

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Good episode! Let's go straight to the cut...

Wore my sickness so politely... )

So, as usual, let me know if I missed anything that you desperately want to talk about!
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It's an Edlund-Edlund episode, as I like to call them! 

The salt inside my body ruins everyone I come close to )

Alright, I'm going to end off there. Let me know if I missed anything crucial that you desperately would like to talk about!

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Well, my icon pretty much sums it up...but please, allow me to be long-winded...

Grunt work, somewhere between dream and duty. Poking through with all them shoots of beauty. )

Let me know if I missed anything horribly important that you desperately want me opinion on! 

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Oh man...so, I was going to watch this episode on the east coast feed, but then it was a a sunny day and my sister wanted to go to the bookstore, eat ice cream on Granville Island, and then drink sangria and play ukulele on the roof...and really, who was I to say no to all that?

But, I still saw the episode before it aired in the west, thanks to my friend's PVR (I am cat/house-sitting this week.)

That's a lot of fox holes... )

So, thoughts? Feelings?

Next week looks cool too, but I won't spoil the preview for any of you strict spoiler-phobes out there.

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Hello! Okay, so tonight was another Supernatural+Book Club evening. So, I watched the episode HOURS ago, and only now am able to write about it...so, hopefully I haven't forgotten too much....

Uh, there really wasn't any songs that came on my ipod shuffle on the way home that fit the theme of the episode, so...

Click me if you want to live... )

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I was able to watch the episode after all!! Yay for still-Jet-lagged friends who go to bed early!!

Now...HOLY CRAP...

This is long! And also contained a picture of a filming location )

So, HUGE episode tonight folks! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I'm sure despite this lengthy entry, I have missed out on a bunch of stuff, but I am TIRED....and this has taken me an 1.25 hours to write. 
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Hello! Okay! Later than usual, but before I watched tonight's episode, I went out and saw a Canadian (Vancouver) movie called Doppelganger Paul, which was adorable, hilarious, and awesomely weird. Right now it's only being released in Canada, but they're apparently in talks with US and European distributors...so, yeah, if you can find it, I recommend it.

And then the army has your face... )

In other news: I have friends coming to visit next week (they arrive Wednesday). I do not know how long they are staying, but we might be going away for the weekend...which means that I'll probably be missing next week's Supernatural. I know - I'm missing like THE EPISODE NOT TO MISS...but, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Anyway, if I can watch it, I will, but if I'm not around next Friday, that's why. I'll of course watch the episode as soon as I can and post something, but I can make no guarantees about when that will happen.

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I can't tell the free world from living hell... )

Okay, so I'm a super scatterbrain tonight, obviously. Let me know what I missed that you desperately want me to talk about....or argue timelines with me in the comments, please! :)

Do we really have to wait until March 9th?

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What? You want me to say more?

The kids are all right just unmanageable... )

Okay, so what did I miss that you want to talk about?

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Hello! So, this one is a little later - because once again I had to juggle Supernatural with Book Club...so, yeah, I actually watched Supernatural hours ago and then talked about books for a long time...so we'll see how much I remember.

She was a fast machine... )

Okay, so, I'm sure I missed stuff....but, it's nearly 1am, so please forgive me. 
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So, I timelined 7x12 yesterday...

sloppy spellwork? )

Now, a random comment about Castiel in S6....

Castiel is a douchebag )

In other news: So far today, I have been punched in the thumb by an umbrella, I have sliced my finger open on a take-out container, and I have forgotten the naan. :( I'm really hoping my evening goes better.

I am cat/house-sitting for the next 10 days! Woo! Kitties! Thank goodness for allergy medication. 

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(LJ was down last night when I got home - so I typed up the post and saved it. This way, you still get my slightly-tipsy ramblings...)

Well, I failed my dex roll on the way home  (D&D jokes? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and fell and skinned both my knees...but besides that little hiccup, the rest of the evening was great!

Let's talk about the episode...

I'll write you a postcard, I'll send you the news... )

All in all, a DAMN FINE episode...or should I say "dapper."


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