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Hey - question for you:


Do you think anyone would be interested in a bunch of old Supernatural magazines. Back when Titan was publishing monthly/quarterly/whatever Supernatural magazines, I bought a couple in the store and then subscribed for a little bit. As a result, I have a small stack of magazines that are taking up space on my bookshelf that I kind of need for books.

Should I just recycle them, or do you think there would be fan interest? It's expensive to ship things, but if someone were willing to cover shipping costs, I'd gladly ship them somewhere... I'm also going to be going to visit my sister in the US in November, so could ship them domestically for less if someone were willing to wait a bit. 

I think I hung onto them because I imagined maybe doing an arts and crafts project or something... but, let's face it, that's not going to happen.

Anyway, let me know if any of you have any thoughts!
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Hello! It's been a while... I'm still settling back in after a busy month!

Before I get back up to regular posts or interesting things though, I need some podcast suggestions...

I used to listen to the Nerdist podcast, that Chris Hardwick did - which in turn became ID10T... which then abruptly stopped when he was accused of being an emotionally abusive douche, which was - needless to say - a disappointment on many levels. 

I really liked the podcast, because he had an easy conversational style and always had cool actors and actresses (and a nice mix of both) on frequently, and it was a good length at about an an hour long.

So, my question is, do you know other similar podcasts that I might be able to move to? I've tried Anna Faris' podcast, but she tends to derail conversations with comedy bits or the advice portion of her show, which I'm not too fond of (despite her really excellent interview with Terry Crews a couple years back.) Likewise, I've listened to a few of Michael Rosenbaum's podcast episodes, but he tends to be a little more on the skeazy-humour side of things and that's just not my jam, you know? Like, maybe Hardwick was a skeeze IRL, but on his podcast he was always super polite and pleasant, you know? I just want someone who is polite and pleasant who is also that way IRL (if that's even possible geez.)

Please let me know if you know of any podcasts you think might fit the bill! Thanks!

Some fun posting theme will begin again soon to get us through September! I just have to decide what it is! :)
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So, I'm NEARLY done with the next (and final) installment of the Demented'verse.

It's about 60k, give or take (like I said, not done yet.)

My question is... when I AM done... 

Who wants to beta it for me?

I just need someone to read it over, tell me what you think, make sure I don't have any homonyms in there... that I spell the Harry Potter words right, stuff like that. 

I know it's the middle of summer and everyone is really busy, but I want to start posting it by the end of the month. So, if I have no takers, I'll probably just start posting it without having someone beta it. BUT, a second set of eyes would definitely be the ideal situation.

Leave a comment if you're interested, and once it's done, I'll send you a link to the a google doc.

LJ Drama

Apr. 5th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Okay, does someone want to fill me in on the sitch with the new terms of service?

I didn't actually read anything, because I never do. (I'm a horrible digital citizen.)

But let me know if I should be jumping ship and reviving my DW page.
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Hopefully I still have some demented'verse readers on LJ - if you haven't left yet for other fandom spaces (such as tumblr, which I am bad at - but if any of you are on tumblr, let me know.)

So, I listened to a plot synopsis/review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and apparently it is very very bad (except for the acting, which was good, the character of Scorpius, and the chemistry between Scorpius and Albus).

Even without the reviewers opinions, I can tell by the plot synopsis that it is basically tropey badfic. Sigh.

So, needless to say, although I considered filtering in facts from it into the demented'verse, I probably won't be. That being said, I DO want to discuss Hogwarts houses....

In The Cursed Child, both Albus and Scorpius are sorted into Slytherin. Rose is sorted into Gryffindor.

We know that James is in Gryffindor and Teddy is in Hufflepuff (Epilogue, JK Rowling tweet) - so, I was going to be keeping those facts in the Demented'verse.

However, I was really torn on both Scorpius and Albus. I definitely wanted Albus to be in a house other than Gryffindor.... and the epilogue heavily implied that there was a good chance he'd be sorted into Slytherin, just because Harry kept reassuring him that it was fine if he were to be. I didn't want to put him in Gryffindor, because I thought that might be too easy - and putting him in Slytherin WOULD be interesting and would go a long way in subverting the "all Slytherins are evil" myth - but, I also kind of wanted to put him into Hufflepuff or even Ravenclaw, just to throw an even bigger wrench in the works of Potter expectations.

And that brings me to Scorpius... I kind of wanted to put him in Hufflepuff or even Gryffindor to throw a bigger wrench into the Malfoy expectations. If I put them both in Hufflepuff, then they could become little Hufflepuff friends (and spoiler: but there's no way that Albus and Scorpius aren't being friends... and Rose too. I actually absolutely love the AS/S ship, though, thankfully for some, the demented'verse is going to be over before I have to make a decision on whether I want to take the friendship that direction). Now, in the Cursed Child, they were little Slytherin friends, and apparently Scorpius was a sweetheart and it still subverted the Slytherin myth.. but, can you imagine little Hufflepuff Scorpius and confused Ravenclaw Albus? Or timid Slytherin Albus being defended by friendly and loyal Hufflepuff Scorpius?!

Now, it doesn't help that I wrote a LOT about Hufflepuff house (as I see) with Teddy, and I've grown quite fond of that house... so maybe I'm extremely biased.

Rose is going into Gryffindor for sure - I just don't see a possibility for anything else considering the mega Gryffindors that her parents are.

(You could argue that both Draco and Astoria are slytherins - but in the demented'verse, Draco has gone to great lengths to give Scorpius the childhood/raising that Draco never had, in an attempt to nurture differnet qualities in his son then were nurtured in himself.)

Anyway, what do you guys think? If you were sorting the Demented'verse, in which House  would you sort Harry's kids? or Scorpius? 

Spn Stream?

May. 4th, 2016 11:45 am
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Hey guys - so, I'm in Ontario for two weeks visiting my mum. This means that I don't have access to cable tv. And it also means I'm in the EST timezone.

So, question: Do any of you watch the show online on a streaming site? If so, which site? Do you have any recommendations?

You can DM me with suggestions too. I was going to rely on downloads, but that might mean that I won't be able to watch it until 2am or something ridiculous, if I have to wait for the downloads to both a)be available and b)download.

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Man, LJ is kinda dead these days, eh? I can nostagically think back to just maybe 4-5 years ago when I could post an entry saying that I was thinking of writing some fic, and I've have 20 responses with suggestions.

I guess it's a number of things - people on LJ, moving onto different shows and leaving the SPN fandom, while newer SPN fans aren't on LJ at all, but rather tumblr and AO3 combos, or other platforms that I don't even know about. And then there are some who have just moved over to tumblr and left LJ behind.

It makes me wish I was better at tumblr.

A friend of mind recently joined the POI fandom and started, voraciously, writing for their main lesbian canon ship - and MAN, the amount of engagement they get makes me so envious... even though I know I had that back in the day too, here.

Anyway, this is all to say that if any of you ARE on tumblr and want to follow me, I'm at driftwooddragons. And if you have any suggestions on how I could tumblr better, let me know.

Plot Help

So, I kinda want to write a sequel to Men of Legend. But, I can't think of a good plot. I've got specific scenes that I want to write, which can only exist if Arthur and Merlin are summoned to the SPN universe BY THE BAD GUYS. So, any ideas for why? who? Because I have no clue, which is why I've never written a sequel to that fic until now (and possibly not now either.)
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I’m getting itchy to write more fanfic. But I’m not ready to start the next installment of the demented’verse yet.

I’ve been speaking recently with a commenter on Men of Legend who really thinks I should write a sequel, and I’m half-tempted, as I’ve always been with that story to do so… but, maybe I should write something new instead? I don’t know. New, old. sequel, prequel… I’m just itchy to write something fanficcy.

So… any suggestions?

(Note: If I do write something, it probably won't show up for a bit - I'm away this weekend and then my mum is visiting for a week - but, I figured I'd put this post up now, just in case anyone had any good ideas and I could let them rattle around my brain being all delicious for a while.)


Aug. 5th, 2015 11:09 am
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I know I haven't been around much - life is keeping me VERY BUSY in Ontarioland. I haven't had any time to do anything fandom related at all. True to my prediction that I was fooling myself when I claimed I would.

Anyway, is anyone a part of any VanCon groups? On FB or otherwise? Has anyone seen any cheap tickets for sale from people reselling?

I'd like to go to VanCon, but I can't afford Gold, or possibly even Silver.... so, I'm hoping that someone will be selling their cheap-seats ticket for even cheaper at the last minute. But I haven't seen anything yet?

If you do see something, let me know!  
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I've been sick for the past week. But I am now feeling better! Yay! I can tell that I'm feeling better because at one point today I was suddenly like "My god, my apartment is a mess... also, why am I still unemployed? And also, why haven't I finished that fic yet?!"

Anyway, once again, this is just me apologizing for the delay...

BUT... if anyone wants to help me with an upcoming piece of fic writing....


1. How do you think the back-end of S9 could have been done differently to both give Gadreel his quasi-redemption (or at least set him on the path to it) WITHOUT killing him?

2. If Gadreel lived, what do you think he would be doing in S10 if anything?

3. If Tessa hadn't been killed, do you think Metatron's plan to frame Castiel for the suicide bombings would have still worked? (I'm thinking yes.... which makes me more pissed off about Tessa, since her death didn't even have a point to the PLOT.)

Okay, I think that's all... let me know your thoughts in comments!
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Hello, British people or anglophiles....or those living in the UK....or just those that watch a lot of BBC shows,

What's the go-to fake phone number on TV dramas? I know that in the US, it's any number that's 555-XXXX. What do British shows do?

I need to put a number in the demented'verse because one of my British characters actually has a phone - but I don't want to accidentally put in a REAL number. So, I need something that looks believably like a regular number, but is fake.

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I don't know how many fans of the demented'verse are still around these parts since the great LJ slow-down of 2012, but I thought I'd post this poll anyway...

The first part of my next installment of the Demented'verse has come back from my betas, which means that I'm going to start posting a chapter per week soon.

Traditionally, I've posted a new chapter of the Demented'verse every Wednesday. But, I'm wondering if I should switch days now, since a)I tend to have busy wednesdays and b)Supernatural is moving to Wednesday nights in March, so maybe people will have enough to do that night (if they still watch the show, that is.)

So, let me know what day works best for posting chapters - or if you care at all!

[Poll #1995237][Poll #1995237]

I will be posting it to AO3 simultaneously this time.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Or don't, whatever. :P
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Does anyone have any really good close up pictures/screen-caps of the stripe that runs along the sides of the Impala?
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I got caught up with Mark Watches tonight - he just finished S5 and has started S6.

It got me thinking about what Canon AUs are out there that have a divergent point at the end of 5x22. It was such a big break for the show, such an end point/beginning point, where they really could have gone anywhere from there in terms of plot and characters...

And it got me curious about what storylines other people came up with.... like, for instance, stories like ratherastory's Fusion'verse - where Sam claws his way out of hell and is left with psychological problems and it's essentially a hurt/comfort curtain fic from there....

But there's gotta be other ones, right? There has to be more people who wrote their own versions of what happened after 5x22....

Of course, the problem is that I don't ship things in SPN, so.. yeah, maybe there aren't any stories out there for me - since I don't want Dean/Cas or Sam/Dean....

Blah, I always forget that bit about how hard it is for me to find good fic in the SPN fandom. Especially good fic post S4, when all the Dean/Cas shipping starts. Sigh.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations anyway, let me know...
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Rolling off my accomplishment of editing the punctuation in Damned Demented Demons 5 years after I wrote it. I decided to give the same treatment to Vile Violent Vacations. Unlike with DDD though, I didn't have an editor going through it for me. So, the editing job might not be as good - but hey, at least I tried.

(also, once again it's only edited on AO3, my LJ version will remain unedited for posterity.)

I forgot to write down the word count before I started, so I'm not sure how much it's changed - which sucks, because that was fun. I DID delete a Canadianism that had worked its way into some unnecessary dialogue, so if anything, it should probably have less words now. Also, I removed a couple of my "and"s, because I tend to use that word way too often. It's okay to end sentences - this is a lesson that I have learned.

Anyway, not sure if I'll go through the other fics in the 'verse - but hey, maybe!

If you are wondering, part of the reason I'm doing this is because it's getting to be around a good time in the Harry Potter timeline for me to write a fic that I've had in mind for a couple of years now. The problem is that I'm really not sure how to work it into the current Supernatural timeline... it'd be nice if I could think of a story with even a small relevant plot, but I really can't. So, yeah, that's what my brains been working on.

So, on that note, but almost completely unrelated: What profession do you think Teddy Lupin would want to go into after Hogwarts?
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I need your guys' opinion...  (and yes, that is acceptable colloquial grammar in Canadaland)

So, remember back in Season 5, in the episode Dark Side of the Moon, when two hunters named Roy and Walt totally killed Sam and Dean and Dean was SUPER pissed off about it. And he told Roy and Walt that he was going to kill them when he got back from being dead....

Do you think, all these years later, he'd kill Roy and Walt, if he came across them?

It's been 6 years, chronologically, and 4 years in the narrative... unless Dean went off an killed Roy and Walt in a non-televised adventure, he seems to have forgotten about them, changed his mind, or it's a very very low priority.

So, in your opinion, if Dean were to say ACCIDENTALLY come upon them, what do you think his reaction would be? What do you think Sam's reaction would be?

(I may or may not need this information for a fic, btw... it's an idea that I've been toying with for a while, but the more time passes, the more I'm uncertain what the most believable way to write such a scene would be.)

I know LJ has been a bit dead recently, but PLEASE share your opinion - I'd really really appreciate it. Even if you're a lurker and have never spoken to me before...or even if you hate-read my LJ (do I have hate-readers? don't answer that), please let me know what you think! I don't have anonymous posting turned on, because I kept getting too much spam... but I know you can leave comments through FB, twitter, G+ etc too, so you don't necessarily need an LJ account.

(And obviously, none of us know what the Mark is doing to Dean, so for the time being, you can factor that into your answer if you like, but you can also give your opinion about what Dean would do sans Mark, or back in S8, rather than right now. It's up to you!)
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Are the Impala seats beige or black?

Pictorial evidence would be nice.

I thought they were beige, like the dash and interior walls....but I just saw a screen cap from S5 and they look black. Also, I saw it in person once and I remember them being beige... so I'm like SUPER confused.

Basically, if any of you have pictures of the impala's interior, I would love to see them!


I'm supposed to be doing a rewatch right now, but I've only gotten as far as putting in the DVD, because this is impala interior thing is driving me nuts and I can't stay off google images trying to think of new search terms. :P
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So, I was looking at my If Clothes Could Talk entries tonight and I realized that LJ made a change at some point that hurts those entries...

It used to be that if a picture was wider than the "frame" of my blog, it'd just bust out of it. Now, apparently, LJ is altering the picture and keeping it in the "frame" - which means that it gets squished and looks stupid.

Do you guys know what I'm talking about? I'm really sleepy right now. Basically, look at this entry: http://hells-half-acre.livejournal.com/183585.html and notice the second picture. It's all squishy! I don't want that!

I also don't want to change my LJ "theme" though... so, does anyone know how I can fix this? Any help would be appreciated.
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....The question is: Do I edit The Case of the Unfortunate Brother to better reflect canon?

Decisions decisions, I think I could do it with just a sentence or two, but then the story is AU anyway, so maybe I should just learn how to NOT be a stickler for canon even in my fusion 'verses. :P


(for those wondering what I'm talking about, I would need to edit the story to reflect the fact that Sherlockrevealed to John that he was alive in public, not in private (as in ACD canon)- and I'd also probably have to explain whySherlock's parents knew, but Sherlock's younger brother didn't. In my original headcanon, Sherlock's parents were dead. So, instead of Merlin just being estranged from Sherlock and Mycroft, I'd have to have a line in there about him being estranged from EVERYONE for some reason.)
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Does any one know if there are any good deals in Canada or the US for purchasing the S8 DVDs?

So far the cheapest I've found in Canada is $35, but I know that usually there are places in the States that sell them for half that.

So, if anyone knows of any good deals, let me know! I need them so that I can do the clothing catalogue updates and my rewatch posts in October. :)



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