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I keep trying to remind myself of my post when Ben Edlund left - and how the show quality didn't go down, and everything was fine, and newer writers like Robbie Thompson got a chance to shine...

But DAMN IT! Robbie Thompson was my favourite - surpassing even my previous love for Edlund. Edlund was clever, but Robbie Thompson's writing was always so full of love, and he seemed to get fandom in a way that other writers didn't (or maybe I just believe that because he seemed to understand what *I* wanted to see... I'm sure there are other fans out there that might have felt differently, because there's always fans that think differently.)

Sigh... I just don't think there's anyone left that writes to the same calibre. :(

But then, who knows... I mean, Nancy Won's episodes this year have been pretty solid, and she's new. Berens and Dabb both wrote Red Meat, which is perhaps my favourite episode this season.

So, yes, much like with Edlund's departure, I guess I have to remind myself that it's not as dire as it feels... and that someone has just, once again, taken all the sprinkles off my cupcake... but I still have the cupcake.

And if last night was Robbie's final bow, he certainly went out on the highest note possible (in my opinion anyway).

But SIGH....
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