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I am so exhausted. I got 4 hours of sleep last night, because I'm an idiot... and now it's nearly midnight and I've been awake forever, and ugh...

So, my humblest apologies for the kind of... haphazard fic today.

The dice rolled a 1, I guess to make up for the 11 of yesterday. 1 means that I use a daily-prompt. Since I've been doing a lot of MCU stuff the past few days, and since the today's daily-prompt allowed for it, I figured I'd switch things up with a Supernatural ficlet.

I decided to sort of do a bit of a fix-it for S8, because you all should know by now that I had problems with the front-end of that season, specifically Sam's storyline... now, I have several different headcanons that could explain away the problem, and today's prompt pointed at which one I could write about. (Lord god, I'm tired. I hope these words make sense.)

It’s that time to transform
To come around, I’m changin’
Oh, there’s an angel knockin’ on my window
Tryin’ to tell me where to go next
It’s a small town without you
It feels cold, it’s creepin’
Moving on
I look ahead instead
-Paris; Little Dragon

The Manipulation Theory
Words: 596

The few days, all Sam did was pour over Kevin’s notes, their books, everything, to try to figure out if Dean and Cas were just dead or if they were dead and gone. Only the angel blades and other angels could kill angels, or so they’d always been told, so Sam didn’t want to think about why Cas didn’t answer, couldn’t answer. Because Sam knew that Cas would answer if he could.

If Cas and Dean were dead and gone, then... well, after Sam finished all the liquor in Rufus’ cabin... well then it should be about finding Kevin, because he knew Kevin might still be alive. They’d always had help tracking down Crowley before though – Cas has always found him or Meg... Sam could summon him, he supposed, maybe Crowley would slip up and actually answer, actually allow himself to be summoned. And maybe Crowley would know how to get Dean back... and if he didn’t, then Sam could kill him, kill him for Dean, Kevin, and everyone.

But then every night, it seemed, he dreamt of Dean – Dean telling him to promise that there’d be no more deals, no more desperate attempts at revenge. He dreamt of Dean making him promise to just move on with his life, hang it all up, get a girl and a white picket fence and be happy...

Every night, every night, until it was all Sam could think about. All he could think about what that he had promised and yes, it would mean abandoning Kevin – but even if Kevin was still alive, it’d probably be a suicide mission to try to rescue him without back-up. And so Sam drove – drove and drove – and tried to find a place that didn’t remind him of everything he lost. But it felt like he and Dean had been to every town in America, that there was no place that Dean hadn’t touched, that Dean’s memory didn’t linger – torturing Sam with everything he had lost. The entire US and Sam started feeling like there was no escape.

So, when he hit the dog, he stopped because the dog needed medical attention – he stopped because suddenly there was another body in the room with him at night, making the cold impersonal motel room just a little warmer... and Dean had never had a dog, never wanted one, and dogs didn’t remind Sam of Dean.

And every night, every night, he dreamt of Dean, happy with him for retiring, happy with him for getting out... happy that Sam had a job and a dog, and a girl who to share the liquor with.


“I don’t understand” Ion said, after giving his latest report to Naomi. “Why are you having me manipulate Sam Winchester’s dreams.”

“Think, Ion,” Naomi said. “If he tracked down that demon and managed to learn that Dean and Castiel were in purgatory – it’d only be a matter of time before he found a way to get them out. There are too many rogue reapers out there since the Michael’s defeat – too many willing to help for the right price. And if Sam Winchester rescued Castiel, nothing would change. If *I* rescue Castiel, however, I’ll have a hold over him – he’ll join our side and he could be a powerful tool against the other factions – what’s more, he can watch the Winchesters for us and make sure they don’t interfere with my plans.”

The End.

Sorry that ended abruptly. Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

10 minutes to get this posted before my midnight! I'm determined not to skip a day... or at least, not skip a day this early in the month. :P
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