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The first June ficlet!

Today's random dice through selected first that I would use on of the prompts you guys provided, and second that the prompt I used would be [livejournal.com profile] borgmama1of5's prompt.

Prompt: Something cracky where the boys figure out that they've lost 2 years and it should be 2016...but it isn't :)

I'm not sure if I made it cracky enough, but I tried!

Angels Aren't Good At Time
Words: 678

“Dean,” Sam called from the library in an odd tone of voice.

“Yeah?” Dean walked into the room, finding Sam glancing back and forth between two open journals , brow furrowed.

“Dean... did we... did we live 2010 twice?”


“I’ve got... I was indexing our personal journals for the library, and uh... I have, I have two journals for 2010 and... and it doesn’t make sense, because they’re different- and both versions happened. I think, anyway, I mean, I was soulless, but I got those memories back and I-“

“Let me see,” Dean demanded, eyeing Sam in concern. The last thing they needed was for Sam to be losing his mind... again.

Sam handed over the journals, and Dean glanced at them... sure enough, there were two entries on the same date, one where a soulless Sam was hunting with Samuel in Rhode Island, and another around the same date when Dean wrote about Death returning Sam’s soul to him.

“This... this doesn’t make any sense,” Dean muttered. He began flipping through the journal, realizing that there were hunts recorded where he knew that he had also been at Ben’s soccer game that day, or celebrating Lisa’s birthday... “

“Shit, Dean,” Sam declared from the other side of the table, where he had yet another journal open. “It happens again – look at this, we’re hunting Djinn with Charlie, right, but I know, I KNOW that that’s also the year that Amelia took me to the park for my birthday – she had a cake, I remember... there was the dog, Amelia, and the cake –“

“What the hell?”

“I don’t know.”

“No, seriously, what the hell?”

Sam just threw up his hands.

“I’m calling Cas,” Dean declared. “This has gotta be... this can’t be anything good!”

Cas arrived and listened as Sam and Dean showed him the journals and recounted their own conflicting memories.

“Oh, that,” Cas said, once they were done explaining. “Don’t worry about that. Most people don’t notice.”

“What? What do you mean don’t worry about it?! Something is messing with time, Cas!”

“It’s just routine adjustments,” Cas explained.

“Adjustments?!” Sam asked in disbelief, “adjustments to WHAT?”

“How do I explain this....” Cas muttered, then nodded to himself. “You’re aware that the earth’s rotation around its axis is slowing down in extremely small increments over time, yes?”

Sam and Dean both nodded.

“So, eventually, in order to sync up your clocks correctly, you’ll have to add an extra second to a day,” Cas continued. “Sort of... sort of like turning your clocks back an hour in the autumn, only it will be universally applied.”

“But that’s a second, Cas, we’re talking whole years here!” Dean argued.

“You also must know that earth is moving around the sun at 30 kilometers per second, and around the centre of the galaxy at approximately 220 kilometers per second. And angels live a very long time-”

“What are you trying to say here?” Sam asked.

“I’m saying that in the mind of an angel, or in the mind of God, a year can sometimes feel like a second. When they add a second to adjust time on earth, you wouldn’t really notice.”

“Are you saying-“ Sam started.

“-This is your version of daylight savings time?!” Dean finished.

“That’s not the best interpretation, but if that’s something you feel you understand,” Cas replied. “It’s just a minor adjustment, to compensate for rotation speeds and gravitational pulls-“

“How often does this happen?!” Sam asked.

“I don’t know,” Cas said. “That’s not really my department. And things have been in a bit of disarray lately, which is probably why they had to do it twice so close together – and also probably why you noticed.  Usually people don’t notice.”

“So... it’s supposed to be...two years from now?” Sam asked.

“No, it’s supposed to be now,” Cas said, looking at Sam as though he were a particularly stupid child. “That’s why they adjusted the calendars.”

“This is, by far, the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Dean decided.

Cas shrugged. "You're the one that didn't even notice."

The End.

Well, that was a fun one to kick off my ficlets month. :P

If you want to leave a prompt in the prompt post and haven't yet, you still can. I'm basically just leaving it open for new prompts for the month, so there's no time-limit. I do roll dice to select prompts though, so there's no guarantees that I'll get to yours.
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