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I was originally going to go with Merlin, but then an angsty Supernatural idea took over. For those who are disappointed, I'm sure I'll write Merlin again soon... but I'm guessing that the majority of you will be happier with this, seeing as how the majority of you are Supernatural fans. :P

Today's prompt: Quit

(I went with a super imaginative title again...)

(Supernatural, 7x23 coda, 378 words)

Sam went to the cabin. He prayed for Cas - more than once, because he knew Cas didn’t always answer him. He thought this time though, this time for sure...

But there was nothing.

Sam stared at his brother’s duffle bag and tried to think. He thought of Dean being dragged to hell and Sam knowing exactly where he was and not being able to get to him, not being able to save him. He remembered the frustration. The feeling that Dean had been taken just out of Sam’s reach, as though he could nearly brush him with his finger tips but get no closer.

He never thought he would long for those days again.

He read over Kevin’s notes on the Leviathan. To see if there was any warning about the weapon, perhaps a hidden note that would say “If you stand too close, you’ll disappear for a week, and then come back completely fine. Don’t worry, Sam.” But of course there was nothing. Nothing about what that weapon actually did to Dick Roman, what it did to Dean, to Cas.

If it could take out an angel... what hope did Dean have?

Sam thought of the other weapons they had used in the past to end their enemies forever. The colt now lost somewhere in Carthage... it had just killed dead, gone, no more. Neither heaven nor hell, nor anywhere in between... just gone. Like the demon blade Dean had shoved into Ruby’s stomach... like the angel sword that had taken out Zachariah.

“What do I do?” Sam whispered to no one.

And he thought of making Dean promise... promise him, that he wouldn’t try to get Sam out of the Cage... promise that he’d go to Lisa’s.... promise that he’d quit the life.


Where would Sam go? Sam had no one.

Dean was dead. Dad was dead. Jess was dead. Mom was dead. Bobby was dead. Adam, who Sam didn’t even know, would be beyond saving by now.

All that was left of Sam’s family was a car.

And maybe, later, he would realize that he should have given a thought for Kevin; but at the time, Sam only saw the car, the road, and no one else left to live for.

Sam drove.

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