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I don't normally post about the porny delicious side of fic, mainly because I don't write it, and secondly because my mum reads this journal.

So, I will kindly ask my mother not to click on the cut text, even though she probably will anyway...but at least this way I can pretend that she didn't...

The other day, I read an awesome modern AU merthur story (Merlin fandom, for those who don't know). It's a cross-dressing fic called Wild and Untamed Thing by [livejournal.com profile] magnolia822 (who also, as it happens, writes fantastic threesome fics - which is another kink of mine.) At first I was reluctant to click on it, because it's a Rocky Horror themed fic, which rang alarm bells for me that it'd make the same mistake as all the other cross-dressing fics out there. I was VERY happily mistaken. My only regret about the fic is that it wasn't longer - I'd have happily stayed in that 'verse for a much longer time.

So, what made this fic great? I'll tell you, but first, let me tell you why I don't like 99% of the cross-dressing fics out there...

I have a huge cross-dressing kink. And here's what people don't seem to understand about my cross-dressing kink: I am not attracted to men who can pass as women. If I wanted to date a woman, I would date a woman. I mean, bravo if a dude CAN pass as a woman, but that's just not what I personally am interested in. I don't like breasts, I like shoulders and firm chests. I like slim waists and nicely shaped man parts. I like men. I also happen to like men even more if those men are wearing skirts and/or heels.

I'm not sure when I developed this kink, but I know I became aware of it when I first went to Europe back in 2000. It was our second day in Vienna, and we were on the subway heading towards the Prater. It also happened to be the end of the Love Parade...which, takes place in Germany, but for some reason the Austrians had either done something similar, or were just happy that there was a Love Parade somewhere...because while we were sitting on the subway, a group of 20-something men entered our subway car who were coming from some Love Parade themed event...and one of them was wearing a skirt.

It was leather and went down to his ankles, but it had a slit up the side that went all the way up to his thigh (sort of like this one, but longer)...and if that was my introduction to Europe, it was a damn fine one, because I was immediately in lust. He was absolutely gorgeous. That boy could pull off a shirt. And that's what he was - a boy in a skirt. (And although kilts are lovely, they don't fulfill this kink of mine like other skirts do). Besides the skirt, he was just wearing a t-shirt. He still had a boy's haircut. He still had boy mannerism. He was gorgeous.

So, what I don't like about 99% of cross-dressing fics out there: They aren't about boys in skirts. They are about boys pretending to be girls. And that might be other people's kinks, but it's not mine. I like boys who wear women's clothes as comfortably as a woman would wear her boyfriend's t-shirt. When a girl wears a guy's t-shirt, or guy's shoes, or pants, or jacket - she isn't necessarily pretending to be a guy, she's just wearing the clothes that she wants to wear. I wore men's clothing all through high school...(mainly, probably, because of this cross-dressing kink I have), but I wasn't pretending to be a guy. I was a girl and I was wearing the clothes that I felt comfortable in at the time.

Also, 99% of cross-dressing fics out there are about a one-off event where the guy has to pass as a women...or dresses up as a woman as a joke and hot sex surprisingly ensues...or (and lord I hate these ones) dresses up as a woman because it plays into a humiliation kink. 

The reason I loved Wild and Untamed Thing was because it wasn't a one-off event. The cross-dressing character is a cross-dresser - not only that, but he's not a drag queen. He's, as Eddie Izzard would say, "an executive transvestite." He wears a skirt, fishnets, and a little bit of make-up, but he's still a guy...he still has short guy hair and a flat chest, and he wears combat boots. True, his partner fetishizes the fishnets, but, as the fic points out, that's just gravy. The love story isn't "I suddenly find you hot because you are dressed like the gender that I typically have sex with and it has caused me to realize you also have a nice personality", the love story is "I really like you as person and think you are gorgeous in addition to that, but my finding you attractive is not actually dependent on the clothes you wear."

And maybe that's another point right there: Cross-dressing as a tool in fic to turn the straight man gay...it just...irks me.

Also, corsets - I hate them in cross-dressing fics. Corsets are not sexy unless they are on a woman, in my opinion anyway. I know people get off on the whole restricting-breathing thing, or corsets as a symbol of repression or whatever...and then having the guy go through that is supposedly either revenge or hot or something...but I LIKE the shape of men as they are naturally, thank you. Same goes for tucking the goods away. Cute guy on the Vienna U-bahn didn't feel the need to hide what he had, and I had absolutely no complaints about the way that leather skirt fit.

Okay, rant over...

So, if anyone has any fic recs for stories similar to Wild and Untamed Thing, let me know. 

So, how about you guys? Do you have any really specific kinks that are impossible to find written to your liking?
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