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So, I timelined 7x12 yesterday...

...and I noticed that Sam didn't specify AM or PM when he wrote 11:34 and summoned Chronos. Maybe it was in the words he said, because he didn't write down the date either...but still...I'd have thought he would have used the 24 hour clock.

Now, a random comment about Castiel in S6....

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who can see what a giant ass Castiel was to Dean. Everyone is always going on like Dean somehow betrayed Castiel and it's all Dean's fault and blah blah blah...but guys, Castiel=BAD FRIEND. You could argue that he doesn't know any better, because he's an angel, but that doesn't mean that Dean has no right to have his feelings hurt and react accordingly. After all, how else is Castiel supposed to learn that his actions were wrong, if not by Dean being honest.

Anyway, that's just been annoying me recently. I think it's Castiel's puppy-eyes that fool people. He's all "I am full of woe" and everyone is like "Oh noes!!" ..and meanwhile Dean is like "But he ignored me for a year when I was the most miserable that I have ever been in life, he then only came to see me when he needed something, and then he lied to me (by omission or otherwise) repeatedly...and then he wouldn't listen when I kept trying to warn him that his ideas were bad...and what? I'm supposed to just hug him and call it water under the bridge?!!" And Castiel is like "Yes, because you hurt my feelings by your reaction to me hurting your feelings...and you called me a baby twice...and even though that's really true, because I'm basically a five-year old, you should still apologize, and do whatever I say, because I helped you out a bunch of times in the past...before I treated you like shit...remember? Remember when I used to not treat you like shit? There we go. Now, let me open purgatory and then forgive me when I unleash unstoppable monsters onto the planet. And uh, don't pay attention to the fact that I broke your brother either and he'll probably slowly descend into madness. Let's just ignore that bit. Where's my hug?"

In other news: So far today, I have been punched in the thumb by an umbrella, I have sliced my finger open on a take-out container, and I have forgotten the naan. :( I'm really hoping my evening goes better.

I am cat/house-sitting for the next 10 days! Woo! Kitties! Thank goodness for allergy medication. 

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