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I went to Staples to print possible autograph-pics for VanCon. The manager was the one assisting me. As soon as she opened my jumpdrive, she said "I know him! I watched a soap opera just for him!" then she got embarrassed, and added in a small voice, "he was Eric."

During the course of us printing the pictures, I found out that she had tried to watch Supernatural when it first came out, but that she sadly hadn't liked it. I kept my initial reaction (aghast) to myself, and just shrugged and said, "that's too bad, it's a really good show."

Then we got to the picture from On The Head of a Pin, (after several other ladies who worked there walked by and drooled over either Jensen or Jared or both), and she said, "I'm thinking I'm going to have to give this show another chance." So I smiled, and told her that if she starts at the beginning, she should at least give it until episode 9. :)

For $8, here is my bounty:

Now, the problem was that Staples couldn't print on photo paper - so she printed on cardstock. They still look pretty good though. The ones of Alona are the best. Staples also cropped some of them - so the On The Head of the Pin print cuts off the back of Jensen's head...it also came out a bit dark (the curse of everything Supernatural related). So, I might wait until I'm back in Vancouver and print that one off again at the place near me that prints on photo-paper for $1.

I love the black&whites of Jared and Jensen - but Jensen came out a little bit pixely, even with him scaled down. Jared came out a little bit yellow for some reason. But I think both of them would look better if they were on photo-paper. Mind you, I'm still thinking I'll get Jared to sign the poster I got of him last year, so maybe I'll just get Jensen redone in Vancouver.

I think the pic for Guy Bee turned out pretty good (again, a bit dark, but *shrug*). The picture of Jensen in the moonshirt came out WAY too pixely, so that's out. And the one of him from Frontierland is nice, but I'm really digging the black and white now that I see them printed.

Does anyone know who originally took that picture of Jensen? Maybe there's a higher quality version of it somewhere.

I think I'm just going to buy something for Steven Williams, Corin Nemec, Chad, and Colin Lawrence...just because it's so hard to find quality pictures on the internet (or at least it is for me, because I do not have very much time these days.)
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