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Guys....I love Rory, and he's GOING TO DIE. Did you SEE River's reaction to seeing him in the latest episode?!? Oh god - he's going to die horribly and permanently and I will be sad forever.

Also, Rory and Amy aren't even going to raise their kid, I bet.

ETA: Though (an hour later or so, while I wait for my food to cook) it just occurred to me that maybe River's reaction comes from the fact that she hasn't seen Rory in a VERY LONG TIME. Now - this could be because he is dead of natural causes and she is imprisoned in the future...but, well, I guess that would be SOMETHING. That could be my hope that I won't ever have to SEE him die. 

Also, I was all jazzed, because my current favourite threesome triad (Amy, Rory, and The Doctor) had managed to make a threesome-baby, by having Amy and Rory get it on in the Tardis so that the baby was a portion time-vortex or something...and then they have to go and spoil it all by having the baby be the Doctor's future lover, so now I DEFINITELY can't think of him like her father, even though I want to...and I keep getting squicked out. Mind you, it makes sense, after The Doctor's Wife, we know that the Doctor has a thing for the time-vortex. 

And to top it off, we already know that River dies - now, of course everyone dies eventually, but Geez....now I'm all depressed about it...also, I guess that means that she can't regenerate, because didn't she end up like, permanently in fantasy world in the Library or something? I guess it's kind of like the SPN version of heaven, but geez...

I mean, the good part of the episode was that Rory wore that updated version of a Centurion outfit, and it DID THINGS TO ME. Oh god. It was almost as if I were a healthy adult female of the heterosexual persuasion....but WHY CAN'T HE LIVE FOREVER?! That cold open was DELICIOUS.  
I also liked the way they used language - how words only have the meaning that we ascribe to them, and those meanings can be changed in ways we may not foresee. I'm a not-so-secret linguistics nerd, and my goodness, to have language-evolution as a character-plot point DID THINGS TO ME.
But seriously! STOP RUINING THREESOMES WITH SKEEZY TIME-TRAVEL! AND STOP KILLING PEOPLE! Remember when Companions used to just be dropped off in Aberdeen or some such and the only sad bit was that the doctor had to say goodbye? Or, if that's too easy - the old accidentally-trapped-in-a-parallel-world was a hit before! Do that again!  JUST DON'T KILL THE SWEET HOT NURSE/CENTURION! HE IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE.

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