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I hate them.

I feel like starting a petition in support of the writers doing whatever the hell they want to do regardless of anyone's feelings.

Or, being REALLY contrary and starting a petition to kill Castiel and keep Gabriel dead and never have any time-travel episodes ever again...who else? Balthazar? He can never return too. And while I'm at it, I'll petition for the "Samulet" never to come back (I actually seriously don't think it should and don't think it ever will anyway.) 

Listen people, no matter what petitions are signed and no matter if the writers listen to them or not, there is always going to be SOME decisions that you don't like in the story. Seriously, for every 10 people who would be thrilled for Gabriel to return, there are probably 10 more who will be pissed off that death has absolutely no meaning on the show. Same with Cas living forever without any character changes.
A television show is not a democracy, nor should it be, no matter how chummy the show creators and the fandom are.
Anyway...yeah, just thought I'd vent about all that. Personally, I think it's a spectacular kind of arrogance to presume you now how to write someone's story better than they do. I mean, Twilight is a misogynistic piece of crap, but THAT'S the story Stephanie Meyer wanted to tell - so more power to her. It was a hit with uneducated 13 year-olds, so yay for her....the rest of us have the option of NOT READING IT. I suggest you do the same with the show.
Because hey, maybe you don't agree with the direction the show is going in, but personally, I'm interested in seeing what story the writers are trying to tell - and I don't want a whole bunch of arrogant chefs forcing them to add more leeks to the soup when they don't want to! I want to have the soup the writers intended to make, then after I've had it, I want to be able to tell them whether I liked it or not or whether it could have used more barley. 

I shouldn't write rants at lunchtime...that sort of took a weird turn into the delicious.
(My apologies if any of you are Twilight fans - if it makes you feel any better, a good friend of mine likes those books too. Thankfully, because she's my friend, she's used to me telling her that she has the literary appreciation of an uneducated 13 year-old.)
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