May. 27th, 2018

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Hello! I forgot to post the S13 timeline last weekend, so here it is a week later...

I put it on the same page as S12, so just scroll down - follow this link to view it on LJ or follow this link to view it on dreamwidth.

Season 13 was VERY LOW on dates, and it was also a year without any written time-jumps, so there's a lot of time we don't see, because we start in May 2017 with the first 7-8 episodes happening in May and June, and then we enter mystery time-passage for about 5 episodes then we're suddenly in October, and then it's all a mystery again for 7 episodes until we end no earlier than April 2018, so, that's a lot of time! I actually didn't think I'd be able to date much of anything, but thanks to Sam's corkboard in the last episode I was able to get that approximate ending month.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! I will put it up on the SuperWiki when I am able as well.


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