Nov. 23rd, 2017

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Listen, I have to be honest here. This episode has broken me. I am just not sure I can be positive at all about it. And I know that's a rule around here, I know that's why a lot of you read my reviews/recaps. But...ugh. This episode single-handedly  destroyed everything I was liking about this season.

So.... I might pull a "Bloodlines" here. Meaning, I'm not going to do a synopsis the way I usually do, or talk about each scene in chronological order. I'm going to talk about the episode over all. 

I am, for the life of me, going to try to match every negative thing I say with something positive, in order to set a good example. 

But, as my friend said as I was leaving - I AM going "to pull a full Unikitty on this one."

Let's see if I can pull that last bit off, shall we? )


As usual, let me know what you thought in comments - if you feel similar to me though, try to follow the negative+positive format, just so that we don't all drown in misery. The world is horrible enough, I say.


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