Nov. 9th, 2017

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 Hello! I am writing this is sunny southern California! Where I have foolishly gotten a sunburn on my first day in town, because I'm a dumb Canadian! 

It also meant that I watched the episode live, on TV, on it's own network! What the heck?! 

Now let's talk about the episode! Because it was really good (IMO) and I'm quite pleased with Steve Yockey's work here...

Under the cut! )

I gotta say, I know not everyone is digging it, but I'm enjoying the season a lot so far - way more than I thought I would. Though, it all hangs in the balance in terms of where they go from here.

Anyway, let me know your version of "the phone call" in comments!

As usual, if you hated the episode, please remember my rule: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. If you need to complain, that's okay, but you HAVE to balance it by also talking about things you like... and even though in the past I've allowed "Jared and Jensen are nice to look at." That's not going to fly, it has to be something of equal weight to the thing that you didn't like... and the positives and the negatives HAVE to balance. You can't give me 10 negatives and then say "I liked Sam's hair" as your only positive.

Quick Reactions are for positive thoughts. You have to wait until rewatches next year to be a complete sourpuss.



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