Apr. 30th, 2017

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Earth will be fine. It's got you and Sam. )

Now I can finish up the clothing catalogue and start getting it posted this week. Woot!

Next up, I'll do a brief post about the special feature.
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This post is super short!

On the Set with SPN: The Real Fan Contest

cute )

The Winchester Mythology: Shedding Light on the Darkness

shrug )

Digital Magic: Enhancing the Sets with VFX

fun and short )

GAG REEL - always a treat.

Then the Supernatural: 2015 Comic-Con Panel... which I didn't bother to watch, because that's old news. Though, I wish they had that feature back in the early days - my favourite Comic-Con moment to date will forever be Jared mishearing the word "horror" sometime around S2 or S3.

So, not much to say about the features this year. There weren't any real incite that I wanted to talk about... well, maybe just one...

little bit of criticism )

So, that's the DVDs all wrapped up. Yay!

S11 was really good overall, I think. Much stronger than S10. 11x01-11x20 were really what I consider the season, 11x21-11x23, really belong more in the S12 pile, in my opinion...especially 11x23. But we'll discuss that more next year (or in the fall, I guess) when I inevitably rewatch S12. I might switch up the rewatches a bit though and try to do them in a fashion where they take less time. We'll see. It might mean going back to my rewatch S1-S3 format, where I watched the episode straight and then wrote a post afterward, instead of transcribing dialogue and writing the post as I go.


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