Dec. 30th, 2015

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It's going to be hard to follow up Hibbing 911, which is why I have to admit that I've been putting off doing the rewatch for this episode. BUT, the show much go on and this episode does bring up some interesting themes and points...

...I actually did this episode in 2 sessions. The first, which is when I wrote the above intro, occurred on Dec 22nd. I then ran out of time... and then my Christmas Job happened and I was pretty much run off my feet for six days. Now, this part that I'm writing, and everything that occurs after the 25:50 mark in the episode, is being done on Dec 30th. Hopefully it's not disjointed.

The Things We Left Behind

Hey, uh, tell him about that time in New York )

And done! That only took me two sessions and more than a week. Thanks a lot CHRISTMAS JOB! :P

Next one should be done sooner.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! And I hope you have a great New Years Eve!


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