Jun. 25th, 2014

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I just finished work for the day and my brain is fried. So let's nitpick things...

Nitpicky Things that annoy me in slash fic:

1. When characters eat a heavy meal and then have sex right away.
- This is how I can tell that the author has never tried to have sex with a dude after he's just eaten... or if they have, they've been with some magical dudes, because in my experience, all attempts at sex are put on hold pretty much immediately because fooling around makes them queasy. Or at the very least, both parties are all like "ugh, so full - I do not feel like sexy-times right now, I mostly just feel sleepy."

2. Kissing someone who has been smoking (when you are a non-smoker) is disgusting.
- I run into this a lot with Captain America fic. People love having Bucky smoke... I don't know if they're trying to be period appropriate, or if they just think it's sexy, but they have Bucky constantly chain smoking and then making out with Steve and all I can think is "Oh gross!!"
- Nitpicking specific to Captain America - I don't care if people in the 1930's thought that smoking was GOOD for your lungs, I'm pretty sure that Bucky and Steve would have found out pretty quickly that smoking made bad things happen to poor Steve's health, and Bucky would probably either quit that shit or at least not smoke around Steve at all. More than that, I definitely think that super-serum or not, Steve wouldn't be cool with Bucky picking back up the habit in modern times - also, I'm not sure why Bucky would feel the need to pick back up the habit... but then, I'm not a smoker, so what do I know. Maybe it's one of those things that you can never escape. I know I have a sister who constantly starts smoking again despite the fact that it's horrible to her health especially. But you'd think the Hydra brainwashing would be good for SOMETHING and they would have stamped out that addiction pretty quickly.

3. I can't remember my third point... I thought I had one, but maybe I don't. I'll probably think of it later and kick myself.

So, what's your weird nitpicky thing that takes you out of fic?


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