Jun. 15th, 2014

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This is a special June ficlet that covers two days. On June 14th (which is still "today" for me, because I haven't gone to bed yet) the dice told me to use a prompt from yalumesse's list. The prompt it chose was...

Prompt: features a pairing breaking up.

And I thought about it while I ate breakfast, and I realized that I don't like break-up fics, but I also realized that in a certain way, it fit with an idea I had for one of the prompts left in my prompting post... and that I could still fill the prompt without having to break up a couple that I didn't want to break up.

This also works out, because I'm going to be really busy on June 15th (today, even though I still need to sleep). So, I decided that I would use my powers as god of this month of ficlets to veto the dice roll on Sunday, and instead combine today's prompt with [livejournal.com profile] franztastisch's prompt from the prompting post and write an extra long "ficlet" that would serve as both Saturday AND Sunday's ficlets. So...

Prompt #2: Nate/Avengers crossover [specifically Nate/MCU featuring Clint/Natasha]

For those that don't know, Nate is an OC of mine from the Demented'verse. He is one of Teddy's friends from Hogwarts. And again, just in case anyone is worried - this isn't a break-up fic, though it does feature a pairing breaking up.

Meet me in SoHo
Words: 2,424

Clint hadn’t been due to hear from SHIELD that day, so he knew something was wrong even before he decided to answer the call. )

The End.

PS: archery uses the same muscles as rowing.


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