Mar. 25th, 2014

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Okay, now that Teen Wolf season 3b is over, I figured I'd do a wrap up post about my thoughts.

For people who want to read my thoughts episode by episode. You can check out my tumblr under the tag "quick reaction".

First off, I like liking things, so I really liked this season!

By 'significant and strange', do you mean 'hopeful and optimistic'? )

Okay, i guess that's it in terms of my "quick reaction". Again, if you want it episode by episode, head on over to my tumblr.

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments... but please keep in mind that I like liking things and I currently have complainy-fandom-fatigue.

(I mean, feel free to tell me what you didn't like, but try to balance it out with also telling me stuff that you did like - if you're going to complain, you also have to give me the reason you are still watching the show. It's the new rule while I'm suffering from fandom-fatigue.)

I'll see you guys later for some SPN Quick Reaction! Yay!

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Yay! Misha directed episode! Sadly, I know nothing about directing or noticing cool things...

Standard disclaimer: Only seen episode once while drinking. All quotes are approximated. Things will be out of order. Nothing needs to be corrected unless I ask for information or I get a major plot point wrong.


Let me fall through your cracks again... )

All in all, a good episode!

Next week looks pretty damn epic. I must say.

As usual, let me know what you want to talk about in comments!! :)


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