Mar. 22nd, 2013

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Last week I read Warm Bodies (the novel) by Isaac Marion... and tonight I went out and saw Warm Bodies (the film).

So, under the cut is a critique of the movie based on having read the book. At the bottom of this entry, I'll put a critique of the movie as though I hadn't ever read the book...

Overview of plot (of both novel and film): The story follows R the zombie, as he eats a man's brain and then falls in love with the dead man's ex-girlfriend, Julie - making the strange decision to keep her safe and alive. In the process of trying to form a meaningful connection with Julie, R ends up causing a chain reaction both in himself and the zombies around him...meanwhile, Julie's recovering from the loss of her ex-boyfriend, dealing with a distant tyrannical father who runs the walled-in human survivors, and trying to figure out what the heck is up with this strange zombie that isn't behaving like zombies usually do.

Book vs. Movie (general non-specific spoilers) )

If you've never read the book....

The movie was really good! Entertaining and actiony. There's very little relationship building scenes between Julie and her father though to make the ending as meaningful as it appears to want to be, but that's really my only quibble. Other than that, it was a fine ZomRomCom, and exactly what I expected (before having read the book). Light-hearted, funny, entertaining, and filled with very good actors.

I also really like how Julie (Teresa Palmer) was betrayed as a hero in her own right. Although she had to be rescued a few times, it was balanced out by the number of times she herself had to come to the rescue of R, or her friends, or an entire community. Not only that, but she runs like a champ... I watched an interview with Nicholas Hoult (R) where he mentioned how she ran fast and it was hard for him to keep up while maintaining his "zombie run" and man, I can totally see that.

Also, fun fact: Nicholas decided that R shouldn't blink, and it's pretty amazing when you actually watch some scenes with that in mind... because he really doesn't blink. It's crazy.

Anyway, all in all, despite not being as deliciously wonderful as the book, I enjoyed the movie for what it was. :)

I would, however, recommend that you read the book - because it is DELICIOUSLY WONDERFUL, like eating someone's brains.


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