Nov. 17th, 2012

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Title: Time for a Wedding remix
Author: [ profile] hells_half_acre
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, AU
Word Count: 5,795
Warnings: spoilers for 7x08. References to past non-con (non-graphic). Elements of non-con (basically every non-con element that was in the episode is still in this remix...restraints, drugging, etc.)
Disclaimer: This is a transformative work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.

AN: So, this is sort of an odd experiment. I wanted to rewrite episode 7x08 (Season 7, Time for a Wedding), so that it was...well, more believable and realistic and didn't assassinate any beloved characters. Yet, I wanted to keep the basic premise - in an arrogant attempt to show that it could have been handled better, I suppose.

AN #2: I've also added in some elements that indicate that in this particular AU of S7, Sam's not dealing with his mental-illness as well as he seemed to deal with it in the actual S7. This is mainly fixing a gripe I had about S7 in general and not just in this episode in particular.

AN #3: Because I'm writing what is basically an episode (but in non-script format), it's not my usual writing style and I apologize if it sucks. I tried to keep in as much of the original dialogue as I could, only changing what absolutely needed to be changed. If a scene that was in the episode doesn't appear in this fic, it's either because I cut it out entirely or it can occur pretty much the way it occurs in the episode and I'll just write about the events in broad strokes, rather than write it out word for word and bore everyone. (Small exception made for the opening scene - because I needed to set up the premise just a little differently, even though a lot of the dialogue is the same.)

So, what? People‚Äôs dreams are coming true? Guy wins the lotto, guy gets a cushy job, some girl gets a husband who happens to be my brother? )


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