Jan. 28th, 2012

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It is time to clear out my bookmarks - so, let's see what I have, shall we?


Here's a J2 vid from 2009. Now, I don't actually wear a tinhat, but I DO really like friendship. Anyone who has read my opinions On Love (and Slash) will know that I actually like real friendship a lot more than imaginary sexy-times. Anyway, I think this vid is cute, just from a friendship point of view: Jared & Jensen - A Love Story by Fated Cinderella.

A similar vid (also from 2009 - obviously I was into schmoopy piano-music friendship vids in 2009) by Melissa: Happy

For some reason, I bookmarked this interview with Jared from the 2011 ComicCon. I don't know why. Maybe I just thought he looked pretty. 


I bookmarked [livejournal.com profile] missyjack's awesome "not a meta" about Camus' Sisyphus and Sam and Dean, because it is awesome. And I have always liked Sisyphus.



The Quiet'verse is my favourite deaf!character fic ever (in this case, it's deaf!Jensen). For those of you helping me out on my Novel Project, you may recognize that I use a similar strategy for writing my deaf character as [livejournal.com profile] glassyskies does in the Quiet'verse. Unfortunately, this 'verse is a neverending WIP that is very infrequently updated (currently at 56 chapters) - that being said, it is adorably sweet and simple and very very beautiful, so I don't mind that it might never be done. I actually lost it for a while, and then rediscovered it and was pleased to find a few new entries that I hadn't read. So, maybe that's the trick - just lose WIPs for over a year, and then you get to rediscover them later.

Fics like Airborne by [livejournal.com profile] insane_songbird are a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm just a sucker for wing-fic (oddly enough, I still can't stand Dean/Castiel fic though). Also, a bit of a sucker for fantasy worlds. So, wing-fic in fantasy-land=pretty awesome. In this case, I like the fact that she made Jensen (with wings) a weird hybrid creature - in that he's not just a human with wings, he comes from a completely different culture and has a completely different brain chemistry. I'm not saying that the fic is perfect - as with most romances I read, I feel as though it could use a bit more emotionality - a bit more explanation as to why the two leads love each other (beyond looks)...she does a good job, I find, of telling us why Jensen loves Jared, but not the other way around. There's this awesome opportunity at the beginning of the fic to show them bonding and being domestic, and she kind of glosses over that in order to get to the action (which is crazy fun, so I don't blame her...I'm sure I have the opposite problem, where I over explain emotions and everyone gets bored.)

Fair Game | Foul Play by [livejournal.com profile] qblackheart. It a J2 Harry Potter Crossover/Fusion! You all know how much I love Harry Potter crossovers! Especially crossover/fusions that KEEP TO CANON! In this case, we have J2 as Hogwarts students - not during Harry Potter's years, but during Bill and Charlie Weasley's years...this way, the author can quite brilliantly give J2 a "normal" school environment, so that their own story doesn't become overshadowed by Harry Potter's story. Even when the war does catch up to them - (and of course it does) - it does so in a way where you aren't reading a plot that you already know.  This fic gets five stars from me. Also, she put Jared in Hufflepuff - and anyone who reads my Teddy and Nate stories will know that I have a strange love for Hufflepuff.

Sherlock (BBC)

Subliminal is a John/Sherlock fic by Speranza. What I love about this little fic is the style that she uses to tell the story from Sherlock's POV. She uses clever little subtext...haha...okay, that sounds weird. Just click on the link and check it out. 

The Theory of Narrative Causality by anon is an epic story told on the Sherlock BBC Kink Meme (which really isn't a kinkmeme as much a fic-meme...just, if you are going by the SPN measure of kink. It's like taking a spoon to a nuclear bomb fight). It's a Sherlock/John AU in which Sherlock is a fanartist and John is a fanfic writer in the Sherlock Holmes fandom....yes, you read that correctly. It's pretty damn awesome - especially because whoever wrote it has a very good idea of how fandom works on livejournal...so it is also a portrait of ANY fandom on LJ and how people relate (or do not relate) to each other. It's epically long, but if you go down to the bottom, people have put links to all the parts...or you can click here

Let's Make a Bed Out In The Rain by [livejournal.com profile] theimprobable1 is bookmarked for some reason, so it must be a good read. It's another John/Sherlock - with John having broken up with Mary, and Sherlock being the secretly-in-love best friend who is there for moral support. I think I liked the way Sherlock was written, even though the Sherlock in the show is actually far too bold to act like this - I kind of like shy, quietly pining, Sherlocks too. On a completely different note, I actually thought the title was Let's Make a Bed Out OF The Rain, which I actually liked better as a title.

The Seat of Reason by [livejournal.com profile] thesardine is a great Gen piece. It's Mycroft and Sherlock as kids, which, in my opinion, is a great thing to explore. At any age, Mycroft and Sherlock are both immensely complex and, fundamentally, heartwrenching figures. This fic is very much in keeping with "Do you ever think there's something wrong with us?"  Also, bonus points for working in Aristotle in such a poetic and meta way.

Down the Pub with the Rugby Lads by [livejournal.com profile] what_alchemy is a coming-out fic, but unlike most coming-out fics you see - it's actually more true to real-life, where it's awkward and people say stupid things, even though they don't really mean to say stupid things - and if they DO mean to say stupid things, it's not happily resolved at the end of the night with the stupid people learning a valuable lessen. It's just awkward and a little disappointing, but fundamentally worth it in the end. (Wow, that sentence kind of describes life in general.) It is, of course, Sherlock/John.

Performance in a Leading Role by [livejournal.com profile] madlorific is probably well known by anyone involved in the Sherlock fandom. It's a Sherlock/John AU in which Sherlock and John are both slightly "washed up" actors (for different reasons) who get cast as gay lovers in a film that is not a gay film. It's a nice fic, because it plays to a lot of the things people like about RPS, but it's not RPS (though there are real people mentioned in it) - and on top of that, it has a great commentary on the state of gay characters in Hollywood these days. In that the only lead gay characters are only found in films that are about being gay.

2 behind the cut, for S2 spoilers )

I know, I know, WAY more Sherlock fic than Supernatural - I apologize to those who don't watch Sherlock. I tend to bookmark more Sherlock for some reason. Maybe because I read more WIPs in that fandom....or maybe because I visit more rec-lists? I don't know. I tend to look for Supernatural-related fic when I actually have time to read, and then read it right away, and then that's that...whereas for some reason I tend to bookmark Sherlock fic and come back to it later to read.

Also, Sherlock is a bit like the new kitten. It's not like I want to ignore the cat I already have, but DAMN that kitten is cute. 


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