Oct. 28th, 2011

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Ok, now we get to Castiel. Let's see what he's been up to...

Some notes:
1)Clothing was easy for the Winchesters - the problem was remembering to pay attention to them. :P
2)Man, this episode is HORRIBLY DEPRESSING. I would offer to give Castiel a hug, but it'd be the most awkward hug ever...and I've had some pretty awkward hugs.
You know who spies on people, Cas? Spies. )

Ok! So, that was a heavy episode to take on....

Tonight I'm going to a Halloween party. I'm going to watch Supernatural on the east coast feed first, but then I'm going to go to the party - which means that I'll still be typing up my quick reaction around midnight, but the episode won't be as fresh in my head. So, we'll see how it goes!
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Ok! Back from the halloween party, let's see how much of the episode I remember...

Spoiler: I liked it. )

Ok...uh, that's much shorter than usual, so, yeah, I definitely missed a lot of stuff in there...so, let me know in comments if there's anything in particular you wanted my reaction on!

In other Supernatural news, I met a dude who worked for the show in S4 tonight at the halloween party. It's your same old "good times, great people! Jared and Jensen are awesome!" work experience. :) 


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