Oct. 13th, 2011

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No one makes me miss Newfoundland more than Hey Rosetta - and they seem to be doing it on purpose. Their latest video is like a tribute to St. John's: 

I only lived in St. John's for a year, but it was such a great city, with such fantastic people...and so very very beautiful. Newfoundland is like it's own secret country hidden inside of Canada. 

The fourth scene of this video is shot inside the university cafeteria, where I used to eat...and there are shots of the harbour, and the narrows, and the old forts that are cemented into older cliffs (one of which I don't think you allowed to go into, but obviously both me AND Hey Rosetta jumped that fence), and the SEALS!...and then the whole thing finishes up with a kitchen party. :)
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Woo! After a week hiatus - let's get back to rewatching S6, shall we?

When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark! )

Yay! Ok, I've gotta take off to a cafe and kill a few hours soon...so, until next time...or tomorrow night's new episode, whichever comes first!


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