Mar. 17th, 2011

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This morning I hit snooze and slept for an extra hour (because my snooze button sometimes decides it's an 'off' button). In that hour, I dreamt that Mary came back from the dead and was appalled at how Sam and Dean were raised...and then Dean got possessed by a tea monster.

That's right - a tea monster. It was just like a demon, except that you defeated it by rubbing tea leaves into Dean's naked skin. 

Basically, my brain went from interesting and compelling character driven Supernatural episode - to violent tea-themed almost-erotica.

And then I woke up, craving tea.
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I just got back from seeing Frankenstein at the National Theatre in London, England....and I didn't even have to leave Vancouver. We live in awesome times, people.

National Theatre Live is this thing they do where they film a live performance of the play and then send it around the world to different theatre on one evening. Naturally, given the time-difference, my version was the live-to-tape version, since I doubt their doing shows in the wee hours of the morning.

Plays always make me nervous. I think because there is more risk involved - will the actors mess up, will something go, the emotion is more immediate, more visceral in a play than it is on the screen somehow. So, yes, I get very nervous before I go to plays - and I don't usually seek them out for this reason. But, this was FRANKENSTEIN - seriously one of the greatest stories ever written...and it was staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee could I pass that up?
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A great night! I'm definitely going to keep my eyes on what other plays National Theatre Live does in the future.
On a side-note, there was a lot of this today:
Person dressed in green and full of revelry: What are your plans for St. Paddy's Day!?! WOO!
Me: I'm going to see a play.
Person: *stares blankly* 
Me: It's at the National Theatre in London, but projected onto a movie screen here!
Person: Um...
Me: It's got Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller in it!
Person: .....
Me: know what, nevermind. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Person: WOO!
So, I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day - those who are Irish, those who aren't, and those who sprang into this world fully formed, nameless, and of unknown creation - May the road rise up to meet you. :)


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