Jan. 10th, 2011

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January is a hard month to do one of these for, because for some reason Supernatural never wants to give me firm dates for January...but, here we go. Check out my timeline, for more information.

January 10th

1979 - Mary is probably uncomfortable and tired of being pregnant.

1990 - Around the time when John investigates some grave-robbing in Windom, Minnesota, and meets a nurse...and "one gets past the goalie."

2004 - Sometime in early 2004, Sam begins dating Jessica Moore.

2006 - This may be shortly after the boys investigated Bloody Mary - which means Sam might be giving his eyes a rest.

2007 - Sam and Dean give up trying to look for Ava, and instead try to figure out why people keep dying at an old Inn in Cornwall, Conneticut

2008 - The boys hunt a coven of witches who have a very unfortunate book-club.

2009 - Dean recovers from his injuries after being beaten by Alistair.

2010 - Possibly around the time that Sam and a teenage warlock switch bodies.

2011 - Dean is living with Lisa and Ben Braeden in Cicero, Indiana; Sam's soulless body is hunting solo (and making amoral decisions); and Sam's soul is being tortured in the cage by Lucifer and Michael.

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As background to this possible discovery, I should state that my friend got this wicked awesome HD TV and a Blue Ray player - and we decided to celebrate by having a little rewatch of S1!

And that's when I made this SHOCKING DISCOVERY!

Dean picks up the Leather Jacket from John's abandoned motel room! Meaning, that before the pilot, John was actually in possession of it...

Evidence and Screencaps! )

And yes...I realize how absolutely geeky this obsession with the Supernatural wardrobe is...but goddamn it, it makes me oddly happy. (If it makes you oddly happy too, check out my "If Clothes Could Talk" post...I'm partway through posting S3 clothes.)

ETA (months later): I always assumed the leather jacket that John was wearing in Something Wicked (1x18) was THE Leather Jacket, but it's not! Check it out: Different buttons, different seams, different collar:
Of course, Dean says in Dream A Little Dream of Me (3x10) that the jacket used to belong to his father, so that's not in dispute.


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