Oct. 24th, 2010

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 Alright, after putting off watching this epic sadness all day (by working on VVV, btw, some might be happy about that), I finally buckled down and watched it.

Hang on folks, this is a long one...

Hey Assbutt! )

Thanks for sticking with me through this rewatch! I will try to post my updated timeline tomorrow! And then all that's left is a quick review of the special features :)
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I've now included S5 in my AWESOME SUPERNATURAL TIMELINE! ...which is, in my humble opinion, THE MOST ACCURATE SUPERNATURAL TIMELINE ON THE INTERNET...please use it for your fics, because if you use other ones, I will get annoyed when I read your fics and it will lessen my enjoyment of them.

I'm making a S6 timeline as episodes air, but I won't put it until the season is over, and then it will be subject to change once the DVDs come out. If you have any question about S6 so far, please just PM me and I can send you what I have.

I've also separated out the pre-series stuff and given it its own post. I just did that to make the post a little smaller, and also to make it easier for me to update things in the future.

Once S6 is over and I post that timeline, it will also get its own post. So, S1-S5 will remain it's own little block, just like in the actual show (this will also make it easier for me to update things)

As always, I welcome any insight or screen-capped information that you think I might find useful for timelining purposes.



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